The Silver Leash

The Silver Leash, Part 7

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #multiple_partners #sub:female #mind_control

Story by All These Roadworks (2024).
Author's Note: I'm fully financially supported by my writing, and I depend on your support to keep the bills paid and the lights on.  If you enjoy this story - and want to see more like it - please consider the purchase of an e-book or membership at my creator site,!  (Click here to view the shop.)
A new fetish for Linda.  Jake watched the buxom girl jogging down the field, her ponytail swinging with each movement, and decided that he liked the idea of it.
“What fetish should we give her?” he asked Madison.
Madison grinned at him.  “I don’t know,” she said.  “What are you into?”
Jake blushed.  At the age of 18, his hormones were raging so strongly that it was hard to identify particular specific kinks that obsessed him.  The mere thought of a girl’s tits was enough to make him hard; the concept of what was between her legs could drive him wild.  To some extent, his wildest fantasy was a naked girl eager to please him.
And yet he was beginning to have some idea.
“Well… this,” he said.  “Having control over girls.  Making them do things.”  He looked away from his cousin, feeling guilty about the admission, sure that it would further cast him in Madison’s eyes as an irresponsible villain.
But she just laughed.  “That’s called being a dom, Jake,” she said.  “Dom - dominant - get it?  Tons of people are like that - they like having control in sex.  Just like tons of people are subs, who like to submit, or be submissive.”
She saw he was still shy, and reached out and tugged his chin, turning his face back towards her. 
“Hey, you don’t need to be embarrassed about that,” she said.  “There’s nothing wrong with it.  You’re a good looking kid, and I think you’re going to find there are tons of girls out there who’d love to submit to you - consensually.”
Jake blushed deeper.  The idea of girls willingly offering themselves to him was overwhelming - and sexy.  And hearing it from his stunning, buxom redheaded cousin made it even hotter.  
“What about you?” he said.  “What are you into?”
“Never you mind,” she said, poking him in the belly.
“No, that’s not fair,” said Jake.  “I told you.  You should tell me something.”
She looked at him.
“You may be a dom, Jake, but you’re not going to get very far whining like a little kid,” she said.  “I’m not telling my fantasies to someone who sounds like they’re fourteen.  Why don’t you try that again, and see if you can do it in a voice I can respect?”
He blushed - and then took a deep breath.  He looked away to compose himself, then looked back at his cousin.
“Madison,” he said, finally, affecting a somewhat deeper voice than usual, and using a slow measured tone, “you’re going to tell me one of your fantasies.  Because you know you should - and because you want to be a good girl.”
He felt sure that she was going to laugh at him.  He wanted to laugh at *himself*.  It felt ridiculous, playing a commanding authority figure to his older cousin.
But to his surprise, she seemed taken aback, and her face coloured a little.
“Well done, Jake,” she said, blushing.  “Okay.  Fine.”
She looked away now, and Jake realised he had been holding her gaze, unblinking, until it had made her nervous.
“Well?” he asked.
“I… uh… well, I guess I could be a submissive, sometimes,” she said, still not looking for him.  “Consensually.  In the bedroom.  For the right guy.”
“You want a guy to control you?” Jake asked.
She looked back at him, and slapped him on the knee.
“NOT like that!” she protested.  “Not with mind control.  Just, like… because he’s someone I *want* to submit to.”
She took a deep breath.
“Anyway, shut up,” she said.  “I never told you that.  Don’t get ideas.  I’m still the adult here, got it?”
Jake smiled a mischievous smile, and looked back at the soccer pitch, towards Linda.
She had just taken possession of the ball, and she was dribbling it up the field, looking for an opportunity to pass.  Her tits were bouncing prettily beneath her jersey with each movement.  
Jake mentally ran through the preconditions for using the Silver Leash.  One, he was attracted to her.  In fact, those bouncing tits were immediately occupying a good part of his imagination.  Two, she was aroused.  He could still sense that ember burning in her groin from his previous manipulation of her.  And three, she was insecure.  Of course she was - she’d almost just had an orgasm mid-game, her cunt was still soaking wet, and she didn’t even understand why.
He reached out with his mind and touched her arousal.
It hurt a bit to do so.  He’d only just used his power, and for all that the headaches were getting smaller, he’d never before tried to use it twice in close succession like this.  But he pushed the pain away and focused.
What would he do to her?  How would he punish her for her academic cheating?
“Nothing too extreme, Jake,” prompted Madison, as if she could read his thoughts.  “We just want to mess with her, not fuck up her life.  No fetish that she might not have had anyway, right?”
What he wanted to do was give Linda a fetish for *him*.  He pictured the fit, buxom girl coming up to him and confessing that she was desperate to fuck him - in much the same way that Amy had developed a fixation on having Jake play with her breasts.  He liked that idea a lot.
But there was a fourth condition for creating a fetish - that it had to be in the subject’s mind to start with.  He couldn’t link Linda’s lust to himself unless she was thinking about him - and she was down there on the field, playing soccer, while he was some distance away, behind the spectating crowd, sitting atop a playground fortress with his cousin.
So what could he do?  The only things on her mind were soccer - and a lingering embarrassment about her arousal.
He could use that, he supposed.  One or the other.  Make her get horny every time she played soccer.  Or make her aroused by her own embarrassment.  
But just then another girl, from the opposing team, came out of nowhere, kicking the ball out from between Linda’s feet, stealing possession - and Linda, distracted, was suddenly stumbling, then falling, then crashing to the ground.  Through his link, Jake could *feel* her take the impact, first on her knees, and then on her hands - and on her left tit, which crushed against the grass with painful force.
The pain Jake felt was only a shadow of what Linda felt - and yet it still made him tighten his hands into fists, and wince.
“Fuck, Jake, did you feel that?” asked Madison.  “Are you okay?”
But Jake didn’t reply - because something else was happening.
Gwen Love, the gorgeous redhead who was part of Catriona Weatherwill’s bitchy “Cat Clique”, had trotted over to stand over her fallen teammate.  At this distance, Jake couldn’t hear what Gwen was saying - except that he *could* hear it, through Linda’s ears.
“What the fuck was that?” she was shouting at Linda.  “I know it must be hard for you to see your feet over such enormous whorish fuckbags, but at least *try* to use your brain instead of your cunt on the field.  Get the fuck up, you disgusting skank, and stop lying on the ground with your legs spread like a slutty baby!”
Linda’s humiliation and embarrassment were intense - and they were mixed with her pain - and as she looked up from the ground, she was looking directly up Gwen’s skirt, at a pair of think satin panties over Gwen’s cunt, and all she could think about was how *vulnerable* she was down here, and that if Gwen kicked her, then…
Acting purely on instinct, Jake took that feeling, and *leashed* it.
Breast pain - shame - being dominated by a woman - arousal.
The headache was so sudden and so powerful now that Jake’s body physically jerked, throwing him backwards against the wooden barricades at the top of the play fort.  His connection to Linda vanished immediately - he could barely think, let alone explore another person’s mind.  It took everything he had not to scream - and he only did that because he instinctively recognised he couldn’t explain what was happening, and he was likely to end up in hospital if a passer-by saw his distress.
“Jake, are you okay?” asked Madison.  She was on her knees beside him, her arms cradling his back and head.
“Three things,” mumbled Jake.  “Leashed three things at once.  Too much.  Especially after the last one…”
“What’s five times four, Jake?” she asked him.
It hurt to think.  “Twenty,” he said.
“And my name?” she asked.
“Madison,” he said.  “Stop it.  My brain’s okay.  It just… hurts.”
Madison let out a sigh of relief.  “This is my fault,” she said.  “We went too fast.  We should have stopped after that first thing.”
He almost shook his head, before realising it would be a painful mistake, and instead settled for gripping her arm with one hand.
“No,” he said.  “I wanted it.  But…I think we’ll have to be more careful.  Until I get better at this.  Not twice in one day.  And not so many things at once.”
His head still hurt like a bitch - and he thought it would for at least an hour - but he was beginning to feel clearer.  He could see clearer - which made him realise that the pain had initially been blocking his vision.  He sat up a little straighter against the play-fort wall.
“What did you do to her?” asked Madison.
“I made her subby,” he replied.  “Like you.  Except… I think only for women.  I don’t know if she was bisexual already so… it might be confusing for her.  And she wants them to humiliate her and… I think she’ll want them to hurt her tits.”
Madison was trying to be serious, but this made her snort with laughter.  “Oh fuck,” she said.  “That poor girl.  Jake, you monster.”
But it was said affectionately, and the note of approval in her voice felt good.
“I should have just made it the first thing,” said Jake.  “The subbing to women.  But… I kind of grabbed everything at once.  I did it without thinking.”
Madison ruffled his hair.  “You’ll learn,” she said.  “You’re already getting the hang of this way faster than I expected.”
She smiled.  “Do you like that?  The thought of Linda calling some girl ‘mistress’ and begging her to slap her tits?”
Jake’s cock twitched in his pants.  “I like it a lot,” he said, truthfully.  “Only I wish I could be there to see it.”
“I’ll bet you do,” laughed Madison.  “One thing at a time, though, right?”
She turned to look back at the soccer pitch.
“Who’s the redhead cunt who was yelling at her?” she asked.
“Oh, that’s Gwen Love,” said Jake.  “She’s a real bitch.”
“Why?” asked Madison.  “Did she turn you down for a date?”
Jake flushed.  “No,” he said, a little primly.  “No, she’s genuinely awful.”  
Then an idea occurred to him.
“Why don’t you come along to the school parents and teachers meeting tonight?” he said.  “My mom and I are going.  And I think you’ll see exactly what I mean about Gwen - and her friends.”
Madison looked dubious.
“You said we were only going to use this power on people who deserved it, right?” said Jake.  “What was it you said? ‘Evil little bitches.’  Well, I absolutely know who deserves it.  And I want to show them to you.”
“Okay,” she said.  “Call me curious.  I’ll come.”  She got up and dusted off her jeans.  “Now, are we done here?”
“I suppose so,” said Jake.  “I’ve got to rest up before I do any more of this, I think.  But… thank you.”
“You’re welcome,” said Madison.  “It was fun.”  
She turned to leave, then turned back.
“That voice you did before, Jake,” she said.  “Can you do that - whenever?”
He looked at her.  She looked at him.
He lowered his voice, slowed down the pace of his words, looked her in the eyes, and said, “Madison, be a good girl and show me your tits.”
She blushed - but this time she *did* laugh, and turn away.  He laughed too.  It was ridiculous.
But then she turned back.  “Fuck, you’re good at that,” she said.  And, quickly, before he could react, she unbuttoned the top of her shirt, and pulled it open.  
Underneath, she wore no bra, and the smooth, pale flesh of her breasts was exposed to him.  Her areolae were soft and brown, and her nipples were hard.  It was a far better view of her breasts than the quick flash she had given him a week ago, and Jake was dumbstruck by their beauty.
“Do they please you, sir?” she said, in an exaggerated, sultry voice - and then she giggled, and pulled her shirt closed again.
“Keep dreaming, Jake,” she said, in response to his flushed, embarrassed face.  “And I’ll see you at the meeting tonight.”
And she climbed down from the play fort and strutted away, leaving Jake staring at her shapely jean-clad ass, and thinking of nothing but his aching head and his rock-hard cock.

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