Candy Girls

Part 9

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #hypnosis #solo

Candy Girls, Part 9
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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There was a man on the far side of the ice cream parlour, staring at Niemira and her friends.
It wasn’t surprising, really.  All of the girls were wearing their Candy Girls pyjamas - the ones with tops that didn’t button up in the middle, so as to expose their stomachs and everything between their breasts, and the pants that were too large and threatened to fall to their ankles if they didn’t keep them clutched around their waists with one hand.
And the look in the man’s eyes was one of *hunger*.
The girls had rebelled when Geoff explained his new game.
“The Bitchmaster app says that all you little sluts have special Candy Girls pyjamas, and that you’ve brought them here tonight,” he had said.  “I want you to get dressed in them, and then walk down to the Flavourways Ice Cream Parlour at the local shops.  Go inside, order sundaes, mix some of your nutrient juice into them, and then sit and play Candy Girls while you eat.”
They didn’t understand at first, although Niemira was already alarmed at the idea of wearing her pyjamas in public.
“You’re all going to play until you level up.  And the first girl to level up gets to fuck me when you all come home again.  I *will* cum in your pussy, and you *might* get pregnant.”
He looked at Caity witheringly.  “And no, I *don’t* care if you’re my sister.  I just care that you’ll hate it, and that’s good enough for me.”
“We can’t do that!” protested Niemira, panicking.  “Those pyjamas barely cover our tits!  They’ll fall off if we don’t hold them up.  And Candy Girls - when we level up, we space out.  We go into a trance - we don’t know what’s happening around us.  And it makes us do things - take photos.  We’ll be in public!  We can’t…”
Geoff stepped towards Niemira, and slapped her hard across the face.
It was the first time Niemira had ever been slapped.  It hurt.  It shocked her.  And… it felt so *right*.  Like something that was supposed to happen.  Like something she needed.  
Her mind flicked, and for a moment she *was* Sherbet Giggles.  She had refused to dress as her controller had instructed.  She needed to be slapped until she obeyed.  The slaps hurt, and they made her cry, but they made Sir happy, and that was what was important.
Then Geoff smiled, and put his left hand around the back of her neck, almost caressing her, holding her, supporting her.  And with his right hand, he punched her hard in the tit.
She gasped.  She felt tears in her eyes.  She felt a sudden gush of arousal in her cunt.
“I’m a dumb slut,” she heard herself whisper.  “Thank you, sir.”  
And she knew that she would offer no further resistance to this plan.
The other girls didn’t like it either.  Baby Doll (Dawn) was unhappy, but didn’t dare to resist.  Milky Treat (Ichika) was shocked enough by Niemira’s treatment to keep her mouth closed.  But Sugar Kitty - Caity - started to argue with Geoff as well, and Geoff had to slap his sister twice and use his knee to kick her in the cunt to gain her compliance.  And Niemira could see in her eyes that it wasn’t just the pain and fear of further abuse that made her stop objecting - it was the hypnotic Candy Girls conditioning.  Being slapped compelled obedience.  Good sluts did as Sir wanted when they were slapped.
Rowena (Cinnamon Tickles) was still weeping from losing her precious virginity to Caity’s brother, and humiliation of orgasming from her violation, and then the shame and confusion of having her pussy licked by Milky Treat.  She just kept moaning, “No, no, no,” as Geoff told the girls to get dressed, and eventually Niemira couldn’t take it anymore.  She went across to where Milky Treat was lying on the ground, and slapped her across the face.  Then she pulled apart Milky Treat’s legs and slapped her once, twice, thrice, on her pussy, making Milky Treat squeal with pain each time.
“Sluts deserve to be humiliated,” Niemira whispered to the crying girl.  “Good sluts obey.”
Ichika’s eyes focused, and her sobbing slowly stopped.  “I’m a silly little bitch,” she whispered back.  “Thank you, Sherbet Giggles.”
And that was the last of their resistance.
The girls changed into their pyjamas - in front of Geoff, who filmed it all “for his private collection”.  Niemira had never been completely nude in front of a boy before, let alone one as hateful and disgusting as Geoff, and she found this to be almost more degrading than taking his cock into her mouth earlier.
Geoff demanded that the girls’ undressing and re-dressing be “sexy” - and also that they should look at and enjoy each other’s naked bodies.  He made Caity and Rowena start by re-inserting their shock-control dildos, and whenever he thought a girl wasn’t being sensual enough in her behaviour, or wasn’t showing sufficient lust for the other girls, he issued a disciplinary shock to their twats.
Finally they were dressed - if one counted the ill-fitting pyjamas as “dressed” - and Geoff ushered the girls out the front door, waving as they set off stumbling down the street.
It occurred to Niemira that she could just run, and not come back to the house, or to Geoff - but Geoff still had the Bitchmaster app.  And Niemira had no card or money or ID for transport.  And anyway, sluts deserve to be humiliated, and good sluts obey.
The pyjamas were difficult to walk in.  The girls had to use one hand to grip the waistband of the pants, or else the oversized garment would simply fall straight to their ankles.  And they had to use another to hold the buttonless front of the top closed, or else the wind would blow it open and bare their tits.  And one of those hands had to also be holding their phone, which they needed to play Candy Girls.  And the other had to be holding a bottle of nutrient juice.  They had headphones, too, but these hung easily around their neck, ready to be used for the game.
It was difficult - and to Niemira’s humiliation, the awkward pose needed to hold the clothes in place only drew more attention to their state of dress.  It was early evening, and there weren’t many people on the street, but the few they did pass turned to stare at the girls as they waddled uncomfortably down the footpath, clutching at their chests and waistbands.
Holding the clothes while also holding the phones and bottles was tricky.  Twice, Niemira lost her grip on her shirt, and the wind flicked the cloth aside to briefly expose her tits to the street.  Milky Treat and Cinnamon Tickles had similar experiences, and once Caitlyn (Sugar Kitty) lost her grip on her pants, and they dropped to the ground, exposing the blushing girl’s ass and snatch to the world.
Every time another girl was shamed in this way, Niemira felt only a dull bloom of pleasure and satisfaction inside herself.  Sluts deserved to be humiliated.
When they eventually reached the ice cream parlour, they were relieved to find it almost completely empty.  A lone boy, about their age, was behind the counter.  An older man sat in a booth in a corner, drinking a soda of some kind.  
The girls shuffled gratefully up to the counter - and then realised their problem.  They hadn’t brought wallets, or cards, or money.
They looked at each other, blushing.
“Can I help you?” asked the boy behind the counter.
“Um,” said Caity, “we really wanted sundaes, but we don’t have any money.  I don’t suppose you could help us out?”
Caity hadn’t meant to imply anything other than that the boy might be generous, but with the way she was biting her lip and blushing, she couldn’t help but sexualise the proposition, and the boy’s eyes immediately dropped to her chest, where Caity was holding the pyjamas closed over her pretty teenaged tits.
It was clear what they needed to do.
“If you give us sundaes,” said Caity, “we’ll let you see our boobs.”  She bit her lip again, ashamed of herself.
The boy stared at them, and didn’t say anything at first.  Niemira thought he might laugh at them, or tell them to get out.
Filled with anxiety, she heard herself say, “And our pussies too.”
The other girls looked at her like she was a traitor - but it worked.  The boy suddenly made a decision, and nodded, eagerly.  “Okay,” he said.  “I’ll make that deal.”
The girls glanced around.  The man in the corner booth was watching them, and that couldn’t be helped, but at least there was no one else present.  One by one, the girls pulled open their pyjama tops, and let the boy behind the counter stare at their breasts.  He was clearly aroused by what he saw, blushing and leering in equal measure.  
Then the girls lowered their pants slightly, and let him see their pussies.  Caity put her phone and bottle on the counter so that she could use her fingers to spread her pussy lips to give him a better view, and the other girls followed her example.
Niemira realised that she was sinking to a new low here.  She was voluntarily baring her body to a stranger, in a public place.  She was trading her nudity for commercial favours, which she supposed made her technically a prostitute, or at least a stripper.  It was a level of sluttiness that she never would have contemplated only a few months ago, and if her younger self had heard about a woman doing this, she would have said it was disgusting and whorish.
But the boy was satisfied with their display, and he made their sundaes, and the girls took them and shuffled over to a booth on the far side of the restaurant from the older man.  They crammed into the seats, with Dawn and Rowena near the walls, Niemira and Caity on the outside, and Ichika sandwiched in the middle between Dawn and Niemira.  Each girl tipped a little of their nutrient juice into their sundae, stirred it in with the plastic spoon, and began to eat.
Niemira had to admit that the ice cream tasted better with nutrient juice.  Everything tasted better with nutrient juice, these days.  She had no idea why she had to slap Sherbet Giggles so many times to make her drink it.
And when the ice cream was gone, the girls got out their phones, put on their headphones and started to play Candy Girls.
They knew that Geoff was going to rape the first girl to level up, and if they were acting tactically, they might have all done their best to progress slowly.
But Candy Girls didn’t leave them that kind of latitude.  Once they started playing, nothing mattered but clearing rows of candy and hearing the app call them a good girl.
Niemira hadn’t really played alongside other girls before, and she was delighted to discover there was a kind of multiplayer.  The avatars of the other nearby girls were visible at the bottom of her screen, alongside Sherbet Giggles, all of them dressed in slutty outfits.  The girls were stroking each other and kissing, and as she watched, Baby Doll knelt before Milky Treat and began to lick the cartoon avatar’s pussy.
They looked like good girls.  They looked like good sluts.
She focused on her phone, dedicated to clearing candy and earning points.  Levelling up was slow now, and it took her multiple unsuccessful sessions to fill her XP bar.  The first time she failed, the screen showed a photo of Ichika licking Geoff’s cum out of Rowena’s pussy.  It must be one that Geoff had taken and uploaded to the app.  And there were two sets of words superimposed over it.  “DISGUSTING LESBIAN WHORES” read the top set, and “GOOD GIRLS” read the bottom.  Niemira felt the conflicting messages settle awkwardly in her mind.
And then more words on the screen, timed with painful zaps and pleasurable buzzes from her dildo.
“Do my opinions matter?”  ZAP.
“Do I deserve clothes?” ZAP.
“Should I rape my girlfriends?” Buzz.
She was aware that her shirt had fallen open while she was playing.  Her tits were bare to the world.  The man in the corner booth was staring at her - staring at all the girls, who Niemira now saw were looking similarly undressed.  She thought to herself that she should close her top - but instead she felt her traitorous hand moving downward and dipping into the waistband of her pants.
Her eyes widened.  She couldn’t masturbate here, in public!  She wasn’t that much of a slut!  She should take her hand out of her pants immediately.
But her eyes were drawn back to the Candy Girls screen, and she started a new round, and then she forgot what her hand was doing entirely.
Soon the screen was overflowing with candy again, and the failure sound played.
An image of Niemira, nude.  FUCKDOLLS DON’T LIKE TO THINK HARD.
And then:
“Should I disobey?” ZAP.
“Should I argue?” ZAP.
“Should I be a good little fuckdoll?” Buzz.
Every painful electric zap to her cunt made Niemira jerk, but her whole body clenching that way felt a little bit like cumming, and it made Niemira feel very confused.  She was definitely masturbating now.  She knew she was a whore (brainless little fuckdoll) but the pleasure of masturbating was more important than the shame of doing it in public (sluts deserve to be humiliated).  Besides, thinking about stopping was difficult, and fuckdolls didn’t like to think hard.
She started a new round.
“Brainless cunt,” she heard herself whispering.  “Slutty bitch.  Stupid fuckdoll.”
And then the words she had been waiting for came through her headphones.
And Niemira felt herself orgasm.  She didn’t stop fingering her pussy, though.
“You are now Level 8,” said the voice.  “Sluts deserve to be humiliated!  Pick a boy from Sherbet Giggles’ phone contacts to send her nude photos to!”
Niemira was delighted to humiliate her bratty little avatar.  Sherbet Giggles *deserved* humiliation.  She scrolled through the list of options - and as she did so, she was completely unaware that what she was looking at was *her own* phone contacts, the people that Niemira actually knew in real life.
Jeffrey Pak.  He was a boy in Niemira’s school - the one who had maybe seen her photographing her pussy in Mrs Fenwick’s class.  He would be perfect.  She pressed his name, and her phone obediently messaged him with multiple nude pictures and videos of Niemira, including the one where she begged to be raped.  Niemira was oblivious, focused only on the blushing, humiliated face of Sherbet Giggles, getting exactly what she deserved.
And then the app gave her more of the magical words she craved.
“BONUS ROUND APPROACHES!” it declared.  “Take a video of you kissing another girl, with both of your tits exposed, and say ‘We want to be raped!’”
That was *easy*!  Milky Treat was right next to her, and her breasts were already on display.  Niemira set her phone to record, then turned to Ichika, and put a hand on her cheek.  Ichika was reluctant to look away from her phone, and Niemira had to force her a little, but when Niemira placed her lips on Ichika’s, the other girl immediately melted and became submissive.  Niemira pushed her tongue into her friend’s mouth, enjoying the taste, before breaking off the kiss, looking at her phone, and cheerily declaring, “We want to be raped!”
She heard the same declaration from across the table, and saw Caity and Rowena with their arms around each other and their tits out, having just finished their own kiss.  Niemira wondered who had levelled up first.  Had it been her?  The thought that she might now be raped both terrified and thrilled her.
But it didn’t matter, because she had uploaded her video, and Candy Girls had her attention again.
“GOOD GIRL”, said the app.  “Watch the Candy Girls video, then enter your reward code.  30% chance of success, 70% chance of forfeit.”
Niemira stared at the static on the phone screen, and felt her brain go blank, and then for a while there was nothingness.
She awoke to the feeling of something in her mouth.  It was warm and felt good.  It tasted like nutrient juice.  She sucked on it happily.
Then her consciousness returned further - and she freaked out.  She was staring at the belly of a man.  It was the man who had been in the corner booth.  And she was staring at his belly because he was standing in front of her, with his fly unzipped, and his cock was in her mouth.
His cock!  She was sucking a stranger’s cock!
Her eyes went wide.  Her hands flapped in a panicky way at her sides - but she didn’t pull away, or push the man.  
Sluts deserve rape.  Good sluts obey.  
She looked up at the man as best she could with his cock in her mouth, her eyes pleading, but all she saw in his eyes as he looked down at her was amusement, cruelty, and lust.
“Hey!” came a voice from the counter.  “You can’t do that here!”  It was the boy who had served them sundaes.
“Sure I can,” said the man.  “Who’s going to stop me?  You?  Besides, they were literally asking for it.  You heard them.  They’ve been sitting here with their tits out, rubbing their cunts and saying how much they want to be raped.”
He gestured at Caity, who was still staring blankly at her phone.  She had pulled her pants all the way down to her ankles so that she could spread her legs further and get her fingers deeper into her cunt.  She was masturbating furiously, and whispering, “Dumb bitch.  Slutty little cunt.  Good little rapedoll.”
“Why don’t you come over here and use this one?” the man said.
The boy behind the counter dithered.  Part of him clearly wanted to protect the girls.  Another part wanted to back away and avoid conflict.  But the part of him that won was the part the girls had cockteased with their slutty displays - his cock.  And so he hesitantly came over, and stood before Caity, and took out his dick, and pressed it against her mouth.
Caity opened her mouth and accepted it like it was the most natural thing in the world, and began to suckle on it happily.
Niemira thought Caity looked ridiculously pretty like that - blank faced, flushed with arousal, tits exposed, masturbating, sucking on a cock like it was the most delicious thing in the world.  She tried to emulate Caity’s brainless, contented expression as she rubbed her own pussy.
The other girls slowly came out of their trances.  Caity jerked when she realised what she was doing - but just like Niemira, she didn’t stop sucking.  The other girls kept masturbating with one hand, and used their other to point their phones at Caity and Niemira to film their violation.  They all looked a little scared and humiliated, but none of them raised any objection to what was happening.
Their silent, slutty submission must have pleased the man, because soon Niemira felt him buck, and his cock twitch, and soon her mouth was filling with spurts of hot, salty, sperm.  It was delicious.  It tasted a lot like nutrient juice.  Niemira swallowed eagerly.  And when it was done, and the man pulled his cock out of her, Niemira remembered what the app had taught her.
“Thank you, sir,” she said, gazing up at him submissively.
The man laughed, and tucked his cock back into his pants.  A moment later, the boy was cumming too, and Caity was swallowing convulsively, and then likewise thanking him for violating her mouth while she had been in a trance.
The older man looked down at them all, still masturbating, half-naked.
He laughed again.
“Dumb fucking teenaged sluts,” he spat, before turning to walk away.
And as they heard those words, all five girls, together, felt themselves orgasm.

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