Candy Girls

Part 8

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #hypnosis #solo

Candy Girls, Part 8
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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The girls were outraged to have Geoff standing there, grinning at their humiliating outfits, his cock exposed, erect and twitching.
“This is ridiculous,” objected Dawn.  “You can’t do this.  Get out of here.”
“Maybe you should take a look at your phones first,” said Geoff, still grinning.
Niemira took out her phone.  Candy Girls was live on screen, with a pulsing message demanding her attention.
“CANDY GIRL SPECIAL BONUS ROUND,” it said.  “Win big prizes by maximising Sir’s approval!  Go all-out to please your Bitchmaster!  But if you fail - watch out!  Who will see your slutty photos?  Your parents?  Your friends?  The entire internet?”
And then - “To begin play, insert your Candy Girls vibrator!  Make sure your Bitchmaster can see you do it”
“I can’t…” wailed Rowena.  “I was saving myself for marriage.  I can’t fuck a boy.”
“Maybe if you’re a good little Candy Girl, you won’t get fucked,” said Geoff.  “There’s five of you, and I only have one cock.  Maybe you can keep me happy enough that I leave your pretty little pussy alone.”
Their phones flashed.  “You have three minutes to insert your vibrator - or suffer the consequences of a forfeit!” read the text.  On Niemira’s phone, Sherbet Giggles was looking incredibly anxious.  The little avatar was holding a vibrator in one hand, and pointing to her nude pussy with the other.
Ichika moaned - and then pulled up her transparent skirt to her waist, spreading her legs to Geoff’s gaze and giving him a perfect view of her hairless twat.  She was visibly wet, and when she put the tip of her vibrator against her pussy lips, it slipped inside her without resistance.  She kept pushing until it was almost all the way inside her.  Then she did something to the base, and a little flap unclipped from the butt end of the vibrator.
“What’s that?” asked Niemira.  She looked at her own vibrator, and realised it had one too, that she had never noticed.
“It’s the clip to hold it inside you,” said Ichika.  She clearly didn’t seem happy about it - and a moment later, Niemira understood why.  The little flap had a small clip on the end of it, and Ichika clipped this to her clitoris, wincing.  Now when her pussy muscles tried to expel the vibrator, it would tug painfully on her clit, but be prevented from falling out of her.
Geoff’s cock twitched as he watched Ichika humiliating herself in front of him.  “Hurry up, bitches,” he said.  “Follow the lead of Milky Treat.  Stuff your cunts for me.”
“Fuck you, Geoff,” muttered Caity.  “I hate you.”  She leaned back on the beanbag, spread her legs for her brother, and stuffed her own vibrator into her wet fuckhole, using the clip to connect it to her clitoris.
Niemira knew she had no choice.  Even if she had been willing to risk the game showing her slutty photos and films to other people, she found it difficult now to disobey the game anyway.  So she raised her skirt to her waist and spread her legs to let Geoff see her pussy.  She flushed at his lascivious leer, and cringed as she saw his cock twitch, but nevertheless she parted her pussy lips, and slowly pushed her vibrator up into her fuckhole.
It felt good having it in there, to be honest - although it did *not* feel good to clip it to her vibrator.  It hurt - and as soon as she felt the pain, her cunt spasmed, trying to expel the vibrator, and that just made it hurt more.  Each squeeze of her cunt caused pain in her clitoris - and yet that pain somehow just made her wetter.
Dawn had to take off her diaper to push the vibrator into her pussy.  (Niemira was relieved to see the diaper was clean.)  And then she left it off once the vibrator was inside her.
Last was Rowena, who clearly hated showing her cunt to Geoff - but she had no choice, and soon her rapehole was plugged just like the other girls.
“Good bitches,” said Geoff.  “Now line up on all fours, in a line, like good little piggies, with those pretty little cunts aimed at me.  And then put on your headphones, look at your phones and press ‘continue’.”
The girls were slow in responding to Geoff’s orders.  Caity didn’t immediately understand what position he wanted them in, and Rowena was hesitant to comply - but then Geoff pressed the touchscreen of his phone, and all five girls jumped as they felt their vibrators discharge an electric shock into their pussies, and they raced to comply.  (Niemira winced as the shock made her cunt spasm again, with each squeeze tugging agonisingly on her clitoris.)
Soon they were all lined up in a row, hip to hip, their asses pointed up at Geoff.  They put their phone headphones in their ears, looked down at their phones, and pressed “continue”.
One of the Candy Girls videos began to play.  The hypnotic videos.
With every video she watched, Niemira found it harder to resist slipping into a trance.  No, that was wrong - not harder to resist.  She didn’t *want* to resist.  She wanted to see the messages in the static, more on each occasion, and it was becoming easier to do so.
Her mind went blank.  She watched.  She listened.
She didn’t know how much time had passed, but when she was aware again, she realised that the vibrator in her pussy was buzzing.  Had she turned it on during the trance?  Had the app done it?  Or had Geoff reached down and flicked the switch?
It didn’t matter.  The confirmation phrase was on the tip of her tongue - the phrase that the game required to confirm that she had entered the trance and seen the messages in the static.
She said it out loud, and heard the other girls saying it along with her.
“I want to serve your cock, Sir.”
“Good bitches,” laughed Geoff.  “Now look at me.”  His voice came from in front of them.
Niemira looked up - and immediately felt dizzy.  A rush of emotions swept over her.  The first was an intense reaction to the sight of Geoff’s cock.  It felt hyper-real, like the entire world was focused on it.  It was the most important thing in the room - so important, that Niemira herself barely even existed.  She felt the weight of it settle in her mind, and knew that for the rest of the night she would be constantly aware of Geoff’s cock, its location, its state of erectness, and part of her mind would be thinking about how to *please* it, and feeling guilty if she wasn’t pleasing it.
She also knew, instinctively, that she was at Geoff’s mercy.  She would not try to flee from him.  She could not even contemplate fighting him, or hurting him.  No matter what he did to her - or the other girls - she would never, ever tell anyone about it, or complain, or seek help.
None of that actually changed her feelings for Geoff.  She had already disliked him.  Now she hated him.  She hated that he was doing this to them.  She hated that she was under his control.  
But it didn’t matter.  Her emotions were irrelevant.  The only thing that mattered was whether she pleased Geoff’s cock.
She glanced down at her phone.  It now showed the “Sir’s Approval” meter - and to Niemira’s horror, the meter was dangerously low.
“Now, I want you to come over here, and introduce yourself to my cock.  I want you to rub all three holes against my cock, and also your tits, so I can see which bit of you is the most fun.”  He pointed at Ichika.  “Let’s start with Milky Treat.”
Ichika looked mortified - but she crawled across to Geoff on all fours.  Rising to her knees, she leaned forward, and kissed the tip of his cock lightly.  The cock twitched again, flicking a drop of pre-cum onto Ichika’s cheek.  
Then Ichika pulled up her transparent top to gain access to her petite tits.  She rubbed these back and forth across Geoff’s dick, leaving a sticky smear of pre-cum on each nipple.
Next, she stood, facing Geoff.  She took his cock in her hand, and rubbed the tip across her pussy mound.  Then she turned around, bent over, and pushed her ass up against his cock.
“Good girl,” said Geoff, swatting Ichika’s buttocks affectionately.  “Sir approves - a little.  You were acceptable, but only just.  Next girl.”
The girls looked at each other, none of them volunteering to go first.
Geoff sighed, and touched his phone.  All five girls - including Ichika - jumped as their vibrator shocked their pussy.
Niemira looked at her phone again, and the low approval meter.  She decided she may as well get her turn out of the way.
She crawled over to Geoff, and put her lips on his cock.  It was the first time she’d ever even touched a boy’s cock before, let alone kissed one.  She was surprised by how warm his cock was, and how soft his foreskin felt.  Plucking up her courage, she deliberately licked at his cock as her lips rested on its tip, and she felt her body shiver with unexpected pleasure at the taste of his pre-cum.  
Then, with another burst of courage, she pushed her lips forward, taking his whole cock briefly into her mouth, before pulling back and releasing it.
Geoff grunted as he did this.  His fists clenched, and for a moment Niemira was afraid he would grab her head and force it back down on his cock.  But after a moment, his hands relaxed.
Next Niemira exposed her tits, and nestled his cock between them as she had seen in porn videos.  She let it slide up down in her cleavage a couple of times, enjoying the feel of the wetness it left behind - partly the saliva from her mouth, partly Geoff’s natural lubrication.
Then she stood as Ichika had.  She turned, bent at the waist, and rubbed her ass up against his dick.  She held her breath as she felt the tip slide across her anal sphincter.  She didn’t want to get fucked at all, but she particularly didn’t want her anus penetrated, which she imagined to be painful and degrading.  
Then the tip moved down.  With her pussy this sopping wet, her labia were naturally parted, and the tip of Geoff’s cock slid between them easily.  She felt it bounce off the butt of her vibrator, and knew that if the vibrator had not been inside her, she would have let his cock push all the way into her fuckhole.  She was a slut.  She couldn’t help herself.
Then it was done, and she crawled back to her position.  
“Good girl,” said Geoff, appreciatively - and to her delight, Niemira saw the approval meter on her screen go up by a significant amount.
Dawn went next.  By now, Geoff was having difficulty controlling his own arousal.  Dawn clearly didn’t intend to take his whole cock into her mouth, the way that Niemira had done - but when she put his lips on Geoff’s cock, Geoff humped his hips, driving his cock deep down her throat - and then he grabbed her hair, and held her there for three long seconds as she struggled, before letting her go. 
He behaved himself through his “introduction to her tits”, but when she stood to rub her ass and pussy against his cock, he wasn’t satisfied with a brief grind.  He pressed his phone, and all five girls felt their pussy get shocked.  “Keep grinding, bitch,” he told Dawn, and she unhappily kept wiggling her ass against his cock.  A moment later, she gasped in shock, and everyone knew instantly what had happened.  Geoff’s cock had penetrated her anus - only slightly, but enough for Dawn’s face to turn red with humiliation and violation.  Geoff just sighed with happiness - and then pushed her away.
“Okay, sister - or should I say ‘Sugar Kitty’,” said Geoff.  “It’s your turn.”
Caity looked away.  “Fuck you,” she said.  “I’m your sister.  I’m not doing this.  It’s gross.”
“I don’t want to fuck you, you stupid bitch,” said Geoff.  “You’re right, it’s gross.  I just want to humiliate you - and the fact you don’t want to do is exactly why I’m making you do it.  This is for when I had to miss Jack’s birthday because I had to stay home and babysit you.  This is for when you blamed me for dad’s whiskey being missing when it was you who drank it.  This is for every time you’ve used up all the hot water in the shower.  Come here and kiss my dick.”
“No!” said Caity again. 
Geoff pressed his phone.  All five girls got a shock.
Caity still did nothing.
They got another shock.  
On Niemira’s screen, “Sir’s Approval” dropped slightly.
Niemira suddenly knew what she had to do.  Caity was behaving just like Sherbet Giggles.  She was being a bitch.  She crawled over to Caity, and slapped her hard across the face.
“Do as you’re told,” she hissed.
Caity looked at her in shocked betrayal.
Geoff zapped their cunts again.
Ichika came over.  “She’s right, Sugar Kitty,” the pretty Asian girl said.  “You have to obey.”  And she deliberately lifted up Caity’s shirt to expose her breasts - and then slapped those breasts hard with her hand.
“You’re a dumb slut,” Niemira heard herself say.  “Boys should see your tits.”
“Girls are for raping,” agreed Ichika.
Caity tried to pull back and protect their tits - but when Geoff shocked their cunts yet again, it was too much for Niemira.  She grabbed a handful of Caity’s hair, and began dragging her friend towards her brother’s cock.  Ichika grabbed Caity’s shoulders, and helped.  Kicking and struggling, they pulled her over to Geoff.  Then Niemira had to slap Caity’s face three times to make her mouth pop open - and when it did, they pushed her down on her brother’s cock.  
No teasing kiss for Caity.  She took the whole cock in her mouth - and they held her there, as Geoff, unable to control himself, humped her face for a full twenty seconds.
Then they pulled her off him, rubbed his cock on her tits, and then stood her up.
“Take out her vibrator,” said Geoff.  “I want to *really* see her cunt.”
“No!” squealed Caity.  “You fuckhead!  I hate you!”
“You other girls who haven’t had a turn can do the same,” said Geoff.  “Vibrators out.  They can go back when I’m done.”
Ichika unclipped Caity’s vibrator, and pulled it out of her cunt, glistening with cunt juices.  Then they turned Caity around and backed her up against her brother’s dick.
There wasn’t even a period of teasing.  Geoff’s cock slipped straight into his sister’s cunt, balls deep.
Caity screamed, and Niemira had to stuff her hand into her friend’s mouth to muffle her.  Geoff didn’t fuck his sister - just stood there with his cock inside her - and then a moment later he pulled out.  His face was flushed with arousal, and he had a conflicted expression.  He genuinely didn’t want to fuck his sister - and yet this was an intensely erotic experience, his cock was rock-hard, and a cunt was a cunt.  Niemira knew that it was a near thing, and he had contemplated just raping his sister until he ejaculated inside her.
They let Caity go, and she fled back to her beanbag, breathing heavily.  Then it was Rowena’s turn.  She made a face as she took the tip of Geoff’s cock into her mouth.  She was tasting the cunts - and asses - of all her friends,  plus copious amounts of Geoff’s own lubrication.  She then smeared that lubrication all over her own tits.
But when she stood, and turned around, and presented her ass to Geoff, Geoff’s face twisted.  He reached out and grabbed her hips.
“*Fuck* your virginity,” he grunted, and pushed his cock into her pussy.
Rowena gasped, and attempted to struggle - but the hypnosis stopped her from really resisting, and Geoff was able to easily keep her in place, as he raped her pussy.
Ichika had her phone held up.  She was filming this.  She was filming Rowena’s rape.  Niemira suddenly felt like she should, too.  She pointed her phone at her friend.
“Look at the phones,” instructed Geoff.  “Say what you’re thinking, Cinnamon Tickles.  Say it out loud.”
Rowena moaned - half a sob, half a noise of lust.  “Girls are for raping,” she whispered.  Then, louder, “Sluts deserve shame.  I’m a dumb cunt.  All boys should see my tits.  My opinions don’t matter.  I don’t deserve clothes.  Girls are for raping.  Girls are for raping.”
And then, suddenly, Geoff was grunting and shuddering, as he orgasmed and ejaculated into Rowena’s virginal womb.  And as he did so, Rowena began to orgasm, too, bucking wildly against his cock, her whole body shivering - until finally, Geoff released her, and Rowena fell to the ground, Geoff’s cum leaking from her pussy.
“I’m giving Cinnamon Tickles a 50% increase in approval,” said Geoff, staggering back to find some place to sit.  “And whichever girl licks her pussy clean for me will get the same bonus.”
A 50% increase in approval.  That was half a bar.  Niemira had never wanted anything more in all the world.  She looked at Rowena’s abused cunt, and the trickle of sticky white fluid emerging from it, and pictured sticking her tongue into it.  She had never done that before.  It was gross.  But for a 50% increase in Sir’s Approval?  
What would Sherbet Giggles do?  And Niemira realised it didn’t matter what Sherbet Giggles would do, because Niemira would *slap* Sherbet until she did as she was told - which in this case would be licking her friend’s pussy like a good girl.
Niemira rose up to move towards Rowena….
… but she was too late.  Ichika was already there, pushing apart Rowena’s legs, licking eagerly at the cum in Rowena’s snatch.  Rowena was half-heartedly attempting to push Ichika away, but Dawn grabbed her arms, and then slapped her face until she stopped.
Niemira contented herself with filming Rowena’s cunt-licking - and she noted that Rowena orgasmed again, from Ichika’s tongue.
And when Geoff rose from his seat, and walked over to his sister, and motioned that she should clean his cock with her mouth, this time she didn’t fight him.  She just opened her mouth and licked, like a good little Candy Girl.
“All right girls,” said Geoff, as his sister sucked on him.  “Vibrators back in.  It’s time for us to play another game…”

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