Candy Girls

Part 7

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #hypnosis #solo

Candy Girls, Part 7
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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Caity’s “Candy Girls” party was a sleepover party, for a small, select group of girls, and when Niemira learned that, an alarm had sounded somewhere in the back of her brain.
But it was an opportunity, she knew - to get advice from other girls trapped in the same cycle of addiction and blackmail as she was, to combine their efforts, to maybe escape from their humiliating predicament.
The “Strip Forfeit” bar in Candy Girls filled just before Niemira was due to go out, and she found herself selecting the last of her comfortable bras to destroy, cutting it up with scissors and dropping the pieces in a bin.  She tried to resist - the bra was pretty, and it had not been cheap - but it was that or one of her shirts, and she could go out in public without a bra, but not without a shirt.
She dressed for the party in a short skirt, and her new shirt - the one that said “I”M NOT WEARING PANTIES”.  She put her pink sparkly “CUM SLUT” bracelet on her wrist - and then reached between her legs to attach the bell-clamp to her clitoris.  It hurt, and she winced - and then blushed, as she took her first steps with the device attached, and heard the small bell jingling between her legs with every step.
She packed an overnight bag, containing several bottles of nutrient juice, a change of T-shirt (“GIRLS ARE FOR RAPING”), her Candy Girls dildo, and her slutty new Candy Girls pyjamas.  Plus her phone charger, of course.  She pictured being without Candy Girls because her phone had run out of batteries, and shuddered.
She had thought about asking a friend to drive her to Caity’s - maybe Dawn - but she knew the reason she was thinking about that was to avoid the humiliation of catching public transport in her whorish outfit, and as soon as she thought that, the words SLUTS DESERVE SHAME appeared in her brain, and she knew that she couldn’t wimp out just because she was embarrassed.
So she found herself blushingly boarding a public bus, and sitting up the back of the vehicle, knowing everyone could see her T-shirt that advertised her panty-free state.  She got out her phone and played Candy Girls to take her mind off her embarrassment.  She was getting closer to level 8 - she thought she might reach it soon.
She looked up at one point to see a man openly leering at her.  He was turned all the way around in his seat to stare up at her.  Niemira blushed, and wished she could vanish.
This embarrassment was her natural state.  It was what she deserved.  What would she make Sherbet Giggles do in this situation?  She would make Sherbet Giggles show herself off.  The little bitch wouldn’t want to, but Niemira would slap her, and then Sherbet would obey.  She would show her cunt to this stranger.
Niemira felt her legs parting.  She tried to fight it - but the part of her that was in control didn’t want to.  Her legs spread - giving the man a perfect view of her nude pussy, with its little jingling-bell accessory.
The man’s smile widened.  Niemira blushed, and went back to her game - but she didn’t close her legs.
She felt herself getting wet.  Was exposing herself to this stranger really turning her on?  Apparently it was.  What kind of a slut was she?
She paused her progress in matching candy to slap the little avatar of Sherbet Giggles across the face.  Then she slapped her across the tits.  Then the face again.
It felt good.  This was Sherbet Giggles’ fault.  Niemira was having to spread her legs because Sherbet was such a slut.  She remembered Sherbet being raped by the masked cartoon man, and wished she could make it happen again.  She slapped Sherbet in the tits again, and Sherbet started to cry.  It made Niemira feel good.
The bus stopped abruptly, and Niemira realised she was at her destination.  She jumped up, and exited quickly, breezing past the man with haste to avoid the possibility that he might grope her as she went by.
Caity lived in an impressive two-storey house with an extensive basement.  When Niemira knocked at the door, there was a long pause before the door opened, and when it did, Caity was hiding behind it, clearly not wanting to show her body to the street.
“Come in,” said Caity - and when Niemira did, she immediately knew why Caity was embarrassed.
Caity was wearing a cute pink cat-collar that said “PET”, and a cat-ear headband that looked pretty against her blonde hair.  She was wearing a pink-and-white T-shirt that tightly hugged her tits - clearly Caity was also going without a bra - and which bore the words, “Bimbo Fucktoy”.
But below the waist, Caity was naked.  Her shaved, nude pussy was completely exposed, as was her pert ass.  There was something lodged between Caity’s ass-cheeks, and Niemira realised it was a pink fuzzy cat-tail, attached to a butt plug that was lodged in Caity’s.
A white name-tag sticker had been affixed to Caity’s shirt.  It read “SUGAR KITTY”.
Caity passed a sticker to Niemira, and a black pen.  “Here, write your Candy Girls name on it, and follow me to the basement,” she said.
Niemira balked for a minute.  Sherbet Giggles?  That was her *avatar’s* name.  It wasn’t Niemira’s name!  Sherbet Giggles was a slut who deserved to be slapped, and Niemira was…
Niemira experienced a moment of dizziness.  Her cunt was so wet.  She shouldn’t have shown it to that man on the bus.  What had she been thinking?
Caity was already vanishing downstairs, so Niemira quickly wrote SHERBET GIGGLES on her sticker, affixed it to her shirt, and followed her.
The basement space was large, and cosy.  It was Caity’s bedroom and private space, away from her parents, with only one door that accessed it, which Caity could lock from the inside.  It held her double bed, a TV, a computer, and a pile of beanbags and cushions that now held her friends and fellow Candy Girls.
Dawn was there.  Her ash-blonde hair was in pigtails.  She wore a tight blue shirt that read “CUNT”, and which only came down to just below her nipples, leaving her underboob and midriff exposed.  She was wearing a short skirt, which puffed up oddly, and Niemira realised that Dawn must be wearing a diaper underneath it, as she had been in the humiliating photo that had done the rounds at school.  Her name tag read “BABY DOLL”, but Niemira immediately thought of Dawn’s nickname at school - “Sex Baby”.
Redheaded Rowena was on another cushion. She was wearing tights, and her shirt was the same as one that Niemira had recently received from Candy Girls, with transparent circular windows over the breasts.  She was buxom, and the shirt was tight.  Niemira blushed - somehow Rowena looked even more nude with her tits squashed into the shirt and her nipples pressed against the transparent plastic than she would have if she had been entirely topless.  Her nametag read “CINNAMON TICKLES”.
The last girl was a dark-haired beauty with a Japanese background.  Niemira had never spoken to her before, but knew that Caity was friends with her.  Her name was Ichika, and she went to an expensive private school uptown.  She and Caity were friends through a shared love of some obscure boy band.
Ichika was wearing a skirt and shirt made of transparent plastic.  They were completely see-through, and she had nothing on underneath.  Niemira noted that even in such a cheap and whorish outfit, Ichika somehow managed to look elegant and graceful, and she had a sudden moment of jealousy.  Ichika’s nametag read “MILKY TREAT”.
Niemira felt a surge of conflicting emotions as she stepped into the room.  On one level, seeing these other girls humiliated was a relief.  She wasn’t alone.  There were other girls going through what she was going through.  She may not know why this was happening to her, but it wasn’t because she, and she alone, was a disgusting slut.
But on the other hand, seeing these girls in costumes that they would never have chosen to wear of their own volition just made Niemira realise how she, too, must look to others - like a whore, a bimbo, a fucktoy who wanted to be raped.  She wanted to cry, and apologise to everyone for being so whorish.
Instead, she let Caity lead her over to the beanbags and sit her down.  She noticed that Caity shut the basement door behind her - but didn’t lock it.  
“Hi, Niemira,” said Rowena shyly.
“No, her name’s Sherbet Giggles,” corrected Caity.  “This is a Candy Girls party.”
“Hi, Sherbet!” said Ichika.
Dawn said nothing.  Niemira thought Dawn was probably still upset at her from when Niemira had slapped her and made her keep playing Candy Girls when Dawn had wanted to stop.  Or maybe just because Niemira had posted nude photos of Dawn online.  If she was, it was probably fair.
Niemira mumbled a greeting in response, and settled herself in the beanbag, trying to find a position that didn’t spread her legs and show her pussy to everyone.
“Is this everyone?” asked Rowena.
“Yes, just the five of us,” said Caity.  “If there are other girls in school playing Candy Girls, I don’t know about them yet.  But this is a good group, right?”
The girls signalled their agreement.
Caity paused, as if thinking what to say, and then began.
“So my name is Sugar Kitty,” said Caity.
“Hi Sugar Kitty!” said Ichika, enthusiastically, and the other girls, not knowing what else to do, joined in as a chorus.  “Hi, Sugar Kitty!”
“Hi, everyone,” smiled Caity.  “And thank you for coming to my party.  So, uh, as you all know by now, Candy Girls is kind of addictive and, uh, a bit embarrassing.”  She blushed.  “I’m really sorry to those of you who I got hooked.”
Niemira bit her lip.  “A bit embarrassing” was an epic understatement - and it had been Caity who introduced the game to Niemira.  She wanted to be angry at Caity - but she also knew that if Candy Girls told her to get another girl hooked on it, Niemira would do exactly that, to avoid the humiliating consequences of disobedience.
“So - what level is everyone up to?” asked Caity.
‘Level seven,” said Niemira.
“Eight,” said Ichika - Milky Treat - and Niemira winced, wondering if she would be required to be basically nude in only one more level.
“Seven,” said Rowena - Cinnamon Tickles.
“Ten,” said Dawn - Baby Doll.
“Well, I’m at thirteen,” said Caity.  “A little further along than you, and the game asked me to throw a party for my Candy Girls friends so we could all get closer.”
Niemira felt the first stirrings of unease.  The party had been the *game’s* idea?  Why?  
“So you’re all past level six, so you’ve all received your vibrators, right?” asked Caity.  She held her own vibrator up as she did so - it was bright pink, but otherwise looked exactly like Niemira’s.
The girls blushed - but agreed that they had.  Rowena held hers up - it was a dark red.  Ichika’s was black.  Dawn’s was blue.  Niemira’s own was purple.
“And you’ve all been good Candy Girls and worked on keeping Sir’s approval topped up, right?” Caity continued.
They nodded that they had.  Niemira herself was careful to regularly slap Sherbet Giggles and feed her nutrient juice, to keep her nude and crying, so that Sir would approve.
“And we all know - as we wish we’d known before we started - that the game is hypnotising us, and changing our thoughts, and obtaining nude photos from us, and progressively making our lives more embarrassing?” Caity continued.
They definitely did know that - although Niemira gasped a little to hear someone say it out loud, and heard the other girls gasp too.
“So, uh…” continued Caity.  “Do you know about the nutrient juice yet?  I can’t remember what level I learned that at.”
“What do you mean?” asked Ichika.  Rowena and Niemira were similarly confused, but Dawn just looked unhappy and said, “I do.”
“Okay,” said Caity.  “And then, I guess, the thing i wanted to tell you about is the thing I just learned about when I hit level 13…”
Just then, the door to the basement banged open, and a man walked through.  He looked to be about 20 - a couple of years older than the girls - and he had short-cropped hair, a stubbly chin, and a smug shit-eating grin on his face.
The girls squealed.  Ichika and Rowena tried to cover the parts of their body that were exposed.  Caity just squeezed her legs together and put her hands in her lap, hiding her pussy as best she could, and looked down at the ground, embarrassed.
“What the fuck?” Niemira swore, backing away from the door.
“This is my brother, Geoff,” said Caity.
“That’s right,” said the man.  He closed the basement door behind him - and locked it - and then, very deliberately, unzipped his pants, and extracted his cock.  It was hard, and the end was glistening with pre-cum. 
The girls made faces, and looked away.
“Caity, what’s going on?” asked Niemira.
“My slut sister was just about to tell you a little secret of your slutty candy game,” said Geoff, approaching the group, his naked cock twitching in front of him.  “You see, you’re all playing the regular version of the game…”
He took a phone out of his pocket, and held it up to them.  It was running an app, a little like Candy Girls - but the title screen was different.
“... but a few lucky guys got invited to install a *better* version of the game,” he continued.  “Candy Girls: Bitchmaster.”
He swiped the screen, and a video appeared.  It was of Ichika, nude, masturbating, and saying, “I’m a silly little slut who wants to be raped.”
“In Bitchmaster you get sent photos and video and you play games with them,” said Geoff.  “And a few days ago, I got this video, and it asked me to work out who the girl was.  And I recognised her straight away as my sister’s whore friend Ichika - or should I say, ‘Milky Treat’.”
“What?” gasped Ichika.  “You saw that video?  Please - you have to delete it!”
Geoff ignored her.  “And because I identified her so quickly, I won a prize - in this case, a harem party.”
“Noo....” moaned Rowena.
“That’s right, sluts,” laughed Geoff.  “My prize is you.  And my slut sister here helped bring you here as my reward.” 
He was now standing so close to Niemira that if she turned her head, his cock would bump her face.  She looked down, and tried to pretend that her cunt wasn’t pulsing with sudden, slutty need.  She was humiliated - but sluts deserved to be humiliated, didn’t they?
“I’m sorry, everyone,” said Caity.
“Shut up, sis,” said Geoff.  “Now, get out those vibrators, bitches.  It’s time for you all to play some Candy Girls.”

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