Candy Girls

Part 10

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #hypnosis #solo

Candy Girls, Part 10
Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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I was raped in public, Niemira thought to herself as she walked back to Caity’s house from the ice cream parlour.  I was raped in public, and I orgasmed.
Admittedly, it had just been her mouth.  The man had put his cock into her mouth and ejaculated.  It wasn’t like he had raped her pussy.  And Niemira had neither protested nor resisted - but that was because the hypnotic conditioning of the Candy Girls app had prevented her… wasn’t it?
I was raped, she thought again.  In public.  
It felt like it should be a major event in her life.  It felt like it should divide her life into “before” and “after”.  But instead it was just another increment on the endless slide into degradation and humiliation that had begun when she first played the evil, addictive game of Candy Girls.
Sluts deserve rape, she thought.  And I’m a slut.  I deserve rape.  I deserved to be raped.  I deserved it.
She could still taste the man’s cum.  It tasted delicious.  Surely a rapist’s sperm shouldn’t taste so good?  Did other girls enjoy cum so much, or was it just Niemira, because of what a slut she was?  Had the app made her like the taste of rape-cum, or was that just Niemira?
She wished she didn’t want more.  She settled for a sip of her nutrient juice, instead.
“Who do you think won?” asked Baby Doll nervously, as they walked.
It took a moment for Niemira to understand the question.  She meant who had won Geoff’s game.  He had promised to rape the “winner”, being whichever girl was first to earn a level-up in Candy Girls at the ice cream parlour.
Niemira was pretty sure it was either her or Caity.  But Caity looked traumatised already by having her mouth fucked at the ice cream parlour.  Niemira was worried that if she reminded Caity that she might be about to be raped - and possibly impregnated - by her own brother, that she might do something rash, or even just draw attention to the girls and their barely-clothed state.
So she just shrugged.
“We should escape,” said Rowena - Cinnamon Tickles - suddenly.  “We need to get away from this.  If we keep playing the game, we’re going to…”
She didn’t finish the sentence, but Niemira could finish it in her head.  They were going to become fuckdolls.  Slaves.  They were going to lose their identity.  They were going to be degraded, humiliated whores, unable to control their own actions.  They would become toys for men to rape.
“What would we do?” asked Milky Treat.  
“Run away,” said Rowena.  “Throw our phones away, and jump on a bus or a train and go where nobody could find us.”
“If we stop playing the game,” said Caity - Sugar Kitty - “it will send all our photos and videos to everyone we know.  Everyone we know will see what disgusting sluts we are.”
“I don’t care,” said Rowena.  “They won’t be able to do anything.  They won’t know where we are.  We can start a new life.  It’s better than… what the app is going to do to us.”
There was a long silence, as the girls thought about it.  Then Niemira spoke.
“I don’t know about you,” she said, “but if I saw one of you girls trying to escape, trying to stop playing Candy Girls, I would restrain you, and slap you, and get you a new phone, and force you to go back to playing the game.  That’s what you do when a Candy Girl is difficult - you slap her and humiliate her until she obeys.  I don’t think I could help myself.”  She paused, then added, “I might even rape you.”
The other girls blushed - and then Caity admitted, “I’d do that too.  Sluts deserve humiliation.  Sluts deserve rape.”
“I don’t think I could throw my phone away anyway,” said Baby Doll.  “It was so hard to stop the first time, and then Sherbet Giggles made me play again anyway.  I think I’m too addicted to stop now, even if I want to.”
Niemira twitched slightly at hearing herself referred to by her Candy Girls name.  She was Niemira, not that little slut Sherbet Giggles.  Sherbet Giggles deserved to be slapped and raped and…. but didn’t Niemira deserve those things?  Wasn’t Niemira a silly little bimbo, just like her avatar?  Hadn’t Niemira betrayed Dawn and slapped her and forced her back into degradation?
She had.  She was.
Caity spoke up.  “I think… I think there’s a way out inside the game,” she said.  “It’s like a tickle at the back of my mind, like something the game suggested when I was in trance.”  She shook her head.  “I don’t know, maybe it’s just a lie the game put in my brain.”
“What do you mean?” asked Cinnamon Tickles eagerly.  “Like, there’s a way to beat Candy Girls?”
“I think you can win it as a reward,” said Caity.  “Freedom.  Like, it’ll turn off all your programming, and delete your pictures and videos.  But… I think you have to do something special to unlock it.”
“What?” demanded Cinnamon Tickles.  “What do we have to do?”
Caity clutched her head.  “I don’t know,” she moaned.  “It’s just like a dream I had, or something I’ve half forgotten.”
“Maybe if we play more Candy Girls, we’ll work out what it is,” said Milky Treat.
That was a terrible idea, and they all knew it - but they also knew that they were going to play more Candy Girls anyway.  They couldn’t help it.  And the idea that doing what they were forced to do anyway might unlock a solution gave them a sliver of hope.
When they arrived back at the house, Geoff led them all back down to the basement, and then made them strip back out of their pyjamas, until they were all nude.
It felt strange to Niemira be completely naked with four other girls, when Geoff was completely clothed.  It made her feel like an animal - like cattle.  Not a person, but just a set of tits, ass and cunt, to be herded, leashed, and controlled.
“Play with your cunts for me, like the dumb little bimbos you are, and tell me what happened while you were out,” said Geoff.  And the girls obeyed.   They *wanted* to obey - good girls obey, after all - but also they found it hard to resist.  They looked at Geoff and fingered their pussies, and told their stories.
Niemira knew she should resent being forced to masturbate while describing her own rape, but somehow it felt right.  Like being horny while describing her violation was re-contextualising it, making it something she had wanted and enjoyed.  And that felt… correct, somehow.
Geoff laughed at their stories of having their mouths fucked by strangers.  He took out his cock and pumped it as they spoke, aiming at their faces, occasionally pausing to wipe the tip of his cock across a girl’s face, leaving a smear of pre-cum.  He laughed even harder when Rowena kissed the tip of his cock - the cock that had raped her earlier that night, taking her virginity - because it was clear that the reaction was instinctual from Rowena, something she hadn’t even thought about until it had happened.
“Well?” asked Milky Treat when they were done.  “Who won?”
“According to the app, it was Sherbet Giggles,” said Geoff.  “Help me hold her down, won’t you, bitches?”
And suddenly Niemira was being grabbed before she even had a chance to react.  There was a girl holding each of her arms and each of her legs.  At Geoff’s instruction, they dragged her into a standing position in front of him.  He looked at her, smiling, and then slapped her across the face, once, twice, three times.  Then he punched her in her left breast, then her right, then her left again.  Then he kicked her in the cunt with his knee.
The violence turned off Niemira’s brain.  A part of her stopped thinking, and the rest just said to her that this was right.  This was exactly how she should be treated.  This was how to get a Candy Girl to behave - slap her and hit her and hurt her.  Sherbet Giggles was a stupid little bitch who wouldn’t play nice for boys, and this is what she needed.  This was normal.  This was good for Sherbet Giggles - good for her - because it would teach her to behave and stop being such a difficult little cunt.  
She thought that she had never felt so strongly like her life was on the right course.  She had never had such a powerful sense that this was where she belonged, and that everything she needed in life was happening, and taken care of, and that everything was right in the world.
The girls then dragged her to a couch, and bent her over the end of it, so her face and tits were pressed into the cushions, with her ass pointing outwards and her legs hanging down.  Geoff stepped up behind her, and a moment later she felt his cock slide into her cunt.
Her *wet* cunt.  She hadn’t realised how wet she was.  She was practically drooling on the furniture.  
She moaned, and instinctively began to buck against his cock.  She wanted him deeper inside her.  She wanted to please him.  She wanted to be fun to rape.  And anyway, this was just how Candy Girls behaved.  They were stupid little sluts, at heart, and they couldn’t help but think with their pussies. 
“You girls should keep masturbating,” said Geoff.  “And watch.  It’s sexy to watch a girl being raped, isn’t it?”
“Yes, sir,” said Cinnamon Tickles quietly, and the other girls chimed in with their own “yes, sirs” afterwards.
Sherbet Giggles saw that Caity was filming her.  That was good.  There *should* be a record of her first vaginal rape, to share with the Candy Girls app - and maybe share with other people who knew her, if the app wanted that to happen.  She tried to smile for the camera, as best she could with her face pressed into the couch cushions.
She thought about strange men watching her get raped, men she had never met.  She thought about them masturbating to her violation and degradation.
She orgasmed.
Geoff laughed as he felt her bucking, and her cunt spasming around his cock.  “Good girl,” he purred, and Sherbet Giggles thought there were no two more erotic words in all the world.
A moment later she heard Cinnamon Tickles (Rowena?) make a choked sobbing sound, and she realised that Cinnamon Tickles had cum too.  Cum from masturbating to Niemira’s rape.  
And then Geoff was cumming, shooting his sperm into Niemira’s womb.  Niemira had thought she would feel the cum, when a boy came inside her, but all she could feel was a vague warmth and wetness in her cunt.  She only knew he was cumming at all by the way his dick started to twitch in her pussy, and by the long, satisfied gasp that he gave voice to.
“Thank you, sir,” she heard herself saying.  “Thank you for raping me.”  Good girls thanked their rapists, she knew.  And when he pulled out of her, she clambered up from her awkward position so that she could lick his cock clean, sucking the combination of his semen and her cunt juices from his warm, hard shaft.
He just laughed, and slapped her across the face again - but it felt like an affectionate slap to Niemira.  A slap of approval.
The disconnected part of her brain started to wake back up again as she licked at his cock, and with it came horror at what had just happened.
I was raped, it thought.  I was raped by my friend’s brother.  I was raped in my pussy.  My rapist ejaculated in my pussy.  I might be pregnant.  I was raped, and maybe impregnated.  And I orgasmed.
I’m such a slut, she thought.  Such a dumb, disgusting slut.  
And she didn’t know which part of her it was that was thinking those words.

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