Candy Girls

Part 11

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #hypnosis #solo

Candy Girls, Part 11

Story by All These Roadworks (2021).
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Niemira had worried that Geoff might continue torturing and raping the girls all night, but after he ejaculated in Niemira’s non-consenting pussy he appeared to be satisfied.  He told the girls that they were allowed to sleep now.
But “allowed to sleep” turned out to come with conditions.  Geoff vanished briefly and returned with a box under one arm and a computer monitor in the other.  He placed the monitor on the far side of the basement from the TV that was already in place.
From the box, he extracted a roll of duct tape, and used it to bind the hands of each girl behind her back.  Niemira knew that she should be alarmed, but the first thought to cross her mind was that being bound would prevent her from playing more Candy Girls.
Then he took a collection of vibrators out of the box.
“I buy one of these for my sister every time she flashes me her tits or pussy,” he said.  “She has to keep them in her panty drawer so our parents don’t find them, and they remind her what a slut she is every time she goes to get out underwear.”
“I don’t flash you my tits,” objected Caity.  “You’re just a perv.”
“Shut up, you little cunt, or I’ll make you taste my cock,” said Geoff.  He walked to each girl, forcibly spread their legs, and then nestled a vibrator between their cunt lips.  He used tape to secure it in place, resting tightly against each girl’s clitoris, and then turned them on.  Niemira moaned as the device began to pulse distractingly against her pussy.
“These will run all night,” he told them.  “And here’s something to dream about.”
He did something with his phone, and both screens in the room began to play a video.  It was the video Caity had filmed of Niemira’s rape.  She must have already uploaded it to Candy Girls, which had made it available to Geoff.  Niemira watched herself being raped on the screen by Geoff, marvelling at how stupid and lustful her facial expression was.  
Geoff turned up the volume, and suddenly the basement was full of the sound of Niemira’s slutty moans as Geoff violated her cunt from behind.
When the video reached the end, it looped back to the start and began again.
Geoff turned off the basement lights and left.  They heard the door lock behind him.
Niemira tried to look away from the video of herself being fucked, but when she turned from one screen, she found herself staring at the same video on the other screen.
She could either watch herself being raped, or close her eyes and listen to it, but either way the vibrator would keep humming persistently against her cunt, making her wetter and wetter.
The other girls were in the same position, and Niemira knew that each of them would orgasm again to her rape before the morning came.
Niemira closed her eyes, listening to her moans fill the room, trying not to focus on the sensations in her pussy.  She wanted to sleep, and make the whole night’s humiliation vanish.  In the morning it would be better.  She would go home, and be normal and… play Candy Girls, like a good girl.  Like a good slut.
Her eyes opened, and fixed on Caity, who was lying a short distance away, facing away from Niemira and intently watching her friend being raped on the screen.
She wiggled close to Caity until she could whisper in her ear.
“Sugar Kitty,” she whispered, using Caity’s Candy Girls name.
Caity rolled over to face Niemira.  Her eyes were glazed and lustful, her mouth half open.  Her gaze fixed on Niemira’s face - and then suddenly she leaned forward and kissed Niemira on the lips.
Niemira was shocked - but at the same time, it felt good.  Caity’s tits were pressed against Niemira’s, and there was nothing Niemira wanted to do than rape her friend…
Wait.  That was the game talking.  She could feel it in her mind, the hypnotic phrases she had internalised.  YOU SHOULD RAPE YOUR GIRLFRIEND.
And other ideas, too.  
She moaned, in lust and frustration.  Her whole body and mind were telling her to just kiss Caity back - and it did feel good to kiss her.  She wanted to rub her fuckbags against Caity’s, and grind her body against Caity’s, and kiss Caity and watch herself being raped on the screen until the vibrator gave her an orgasm.  And she could tell that Caity wanted that too.
But with some effort, she pulled away.
“Sugar Kitty,” she whispered.  “I needed to know.  Back at the start of all this, you were going to tell us something about the nutrient juice.”
‘You don’t want to know,” whispered Caity.  “Let’s just kiss like good little fuckdolls.”
“No,” said Niemira.  “Tell me.”
Caity made a noise of slutty frustration.  “Not like this.  You need to hear it in the right circumstances.”
“And what are those?” whispered Niemira.
“You need to be about to cum,” said Caity.  “Come on, just rub against me.  Let my vibrator buzz between your legs, and when you’re about to orgasm, let me know, and I’ll tell you.”
This didn’t make sense to Niemira - but her remaining willpower was gone.  Caity’s body felt so good against hers. She closed her eyes to shut out the video, and leaned forward and kissed Caity, and then nothing mattered except pressing her body against Caity’s as best she could and pushing her tongue eagerly into Caity’s mouth.
Whenever she opened her eyes, she saw that Caity was looking at the screen.  She knew that Caity was getting off from her rape. She realised that she was effectively acting as a masturbation aid for Caity - an object to aid her pleasure as she consumed the Niemira rape porn on the screen.  It made Niemira feel dirty and humiliated - and yet she couldn’t stop herself.
The vibrator buzzed and buzzed as she listened to herself being raped.  She couldn’t believe how slutty she sounded - like the only thing that mattered to her was her cunt, and she was delighted to have it violated by Caity’s brother.  
She felt her orgasm approaching, and quickly broke off her kiss with Caity.  “I’m going to cum,” she whispered.  “Tell me.”
Caity looked at her searchingly - and with no little frustration at the interruption to the kiss - and then pushed forward violently.  Surprised, Niemira yielded, and suddenly Caity was on top of her, pinning her to the ground with her weight, her legs spread to either side of Niemira’s hips.
She bent down towards Niemira until she could whisper in Niemira’s ear.
“It’s cum,” she whispered.  “Sperm.  Semen.  We’re drinking cum.  Not even just from men.  From animals, too.  Pigs.  Dogs.  And they mix drugs into it, to make us a little stupider, a little more suggestible, a little hornier - and to make it addictive.  We’re addicted to cum.”
Niemira’s eyes widened in horror.  She felt nausea.  She was going to throw up.  She had drunk the nutrient juice every day.  She had mixed it into her meals.  And all this time it had been cum?  From anonymous men - and animals?  She felt her gorge rise.
And then Caity pressed her groin down hard against Niemira’s.  The vibrators pressed against each of their pussies touched, and were forced harder against their clits, and the mutual vibrations multiplied…
… and suddenly Niemira was cumming, cumming powerfully with her mind full of the knowledge that she was addicted to semen.  The wires in her brain crossed and suddenly she no longer wanted to vomit - the disgust was just making her cum harder and harder.
“See, I told you that you needed to cum to properly accept it,” whispered Caity.  “Hold still a moment.”
She rolled away from Niemira towards one side of the room.  Niemira was barely able to focus, but she thought that Caity had managed to reach a bottle of nutrient juice on one side of the room, and was sucking from it through a straw.
Then she returned to Niemira.  She leaned in for a kiss.  Niemira opened her mouth to receive it - and discovered that Caity’s mouth was full of the nutrient juice.
Full of cum.
Niemira had nowhere to pull away.  She tried to use her tongue to push the sperm back into Caity’s mouth…
… but did she really want that?  The taste on her tongue triggered good associations in her.  It was the taste of happiness.  It was the taste of being a good girl.  She *liked* it, even knowing what it was now.
And so she stopped resisting, and let Caity share the cum with her.  And she discovered to her shame and pleasure that as erotic as kissing a girl was, sharing a mouthful of sperm with her was even better.  Even though she had only just cum, she felt an eagerness for another orgasm.
They kissed until Niemira accidentally swallowed the cum, and then they both wiggled to the bottle so that Caity could have another sip, and Niemira took one too, and then there was so much in their combined mouths that they accidentally drooled a little on their tits, and that felt good too.  Caity began to lick the white sticky liquid off Niemira’s breasts, and when she was done Niemira returned the favour, and then they were kissing again with another mouthful of cum.
Niemira orgasmed twice more that night and fell asleep against Caity with nutrient juice - cum - splattered over her face and tits, and the sound of her rape filling her dreams, and the vibrator still humming incessantly against her pussy.
To Niemira’s relief, when morning came Geoff seemed to have tired of tormenting them.  He freed them from the duct tape and removed their vibrators, and they each took the opportunity to escape Caity’s house as quickly as possible after waking up - except, of course, for Caity, who lived there.  
Niemira wondered what life would be like for Caity now that the sexual barriers between herself and her brother had been broken down.  Probably it would involve more sexual harassment and rape than before.  Niemira tried to summon a sense of horror and sadness at that fact, but she found it perversely difficult to care.  Sluts deserved shame, after all.  Girls were for raping.
That was, in fact, what her shirt said - GIRLS ARE FOR RAPING.  It was the change of clothes she had brought to go home in.  She pulled it down over her bra-less tits, with a little dismay at how clearly her nipples were visible through the fabric, and put on her skirt without any panties beneath it.
Caity kissed her goodbye with another mouthful of nutrient juice, and Niemira was still able to feel shame at how it made her pussy wet to share a mouthful of cum with another girl.
As Niemira travelled home on the bus - once again ensconced in the middle of the back seat - she thought about how much her life had changed in one night.  She had sucked a stranger’s cock and swallowed his cum.  She had lost her virginity - been raped, in fact - and orgasmed from that rape, and orgasmed again to watching a replay of that rape.  Her friends had cum from watching her be raped, too - even as Niemira herself had cum from their own violations.  She had lezzed off with a girl - did that make her a lesbian?  And she had discovered she had been eating cum for weeks, and shared a slutty mouthful of it with her friend.  
If Niemira had ever thought she was a nice, innocent girl, she now knew that she wasn’t.  She was a disgusting, dirty, cum-eating slut.  Normal girls didn’t do any of those things.  Normal girls didn’t wear shirts that said “GIRLS ARE FOR RAPING”.  And she knew, too, that if any of her friends tried to escape from this cycle of degradation that she would eagerly work to stop them, and assist in having them humiliated and raped.
In the face of such knowledge, there was only one thing that a slut like Niemira could do. Only one way to turn her brain off and stop thinking about what a dirty little fucktoy she was.
She got out her phone, and began to play Candy Girls.

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