Candy Girls

Part 17

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #hypnosis #solo

Story by All These Roadworks (2023).
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On the afternoon of the big game, Niemira dressed in her cheerleading outfit, as all the girls had agreed to do.  Her short skirt was complemented by neither spanks nor panties, of course - the Candy Girls app compelled Niemira to go wet-cunted - and her make-up was a little more sexually suggestive than would normally be the case for a cheer session.  She did her hair in a ponytail - all the better for a man to grab her.
She was dressing up to be gang-raped.  She was deliberately making herself attractive so that men she didn’t know would want to gang-rape her.
When she thought of it like that, it was scary, but Sugar Kitty had given her advice.
“Play with your cunt,” she had said.  “Stay wet.  When you’re horny it doesn’t seem so bad - you know that.  It can even be fun.  When your cunt is wet, it turns off parts of your brain and makes it easy.”
So when Niemira was dressed, she pulled up her skirt, lay down on her bed, and started to finger her pussy.  It didn’t take long until her concerns started to melt away, replaced by the warm, pleasant feeling in her groin.  It wasn’t so bad to be gang-raped.  It was what a slut like her deserved.  Hadn’t she, just that morning, deliberately chosen for Sherbet Giggles to be gang-raped in the Candy Girls app, so that the little slut would behave herself and give Niemira the score multiplier that she needed?  Hadn’t she felt her cunt get wet as she had watched men appear on the screen, and slap Sherbet, and pull her clothes off, and force their cocks into her?  Hadn’t Sherbet’s tears and distress seemed sexy to Niemira?  Hadn’t she thought to herself that Sherbet Giggles deserved to be raped multiple times a day, just like all sluts?
She was getting close to an orgasm when she realised she was no longer alone.  Her door was open - she was unable to close doors or give herself privacy these days - and her father was standing in it, staring at her cunt, watching her masturbate.
Her first instinct was to jerk her hand away from her cunt and pull down her skirt - but she was so close to cumming, and if she just played with herself a little more - and so she pretended she hadn’t seen her father, and kept furiously rubbing her clit, her legs splayed, and allowed her father to watch.
But after a few moments she realised she couldn’t do this.  Not just because of the shame of her father watching - although that shame was intense - but because she couldn’t allow herself to cum.  Tonight wasn’t about satisfying her own slutty needs.  It was about being wet and pleasurable for her rapists.  She would do better if she didn’t cum.
And so she pulled her hand away, and tugged down her skirt, and sat up, blushing.
“Hi, dad,” she said, eyes down.
“It’s okay, sweetie,” said her father.  “If you need to keep doing that…”
She felt a little catch in her throat.  “I’m sorry,” she said.  “I’m such a slut now.  I know this isn’t how you wanted me.  I can’t help it.  I’m so sorry…”
Her father came over and sat down next to her.  His nearness was also comforting - but also alarming, because every part of her was still tingling with arousal and sexual need.  Her recent experience had told her that when she was this horny, and a man was this close, she was about to be pushed down and raped, and that she would deserve it.
“Honey,” said her father, “your friend Sugar Kitty told me that you’re exploring your sexuality… and it may seem slutty, but it’s normal for girls of your generation and your age.  I want to support you…”
He sounded sincere, but Niemira knew that Sugar Kitty had also implied that if he didn’t support Niemira’s every slutty decision, that she would tell the world that he was fucking Sugar Kitty for money.  Was this genuine love speaking - or the result of blackmail.
“Thank you, daddy,” said Niemira.
“So where are you going tonight, dressed like a cheerleader?” asked her father.  “I know it’s not to cheer practice.”
Niemira felt small and shameful.  “I guess Sugar Kitty told you that sometimes I do… the same sort of work that she does with you.”
Her father’s voice was flat.  “You mean prostitution.”
Niemira nodded.
“Yes, she implied that,” said her father.  “Is this really something you want to do, sweetie?”
“Yes,” said Niemira in a small voice.  “And tonight I’m going to go see some guys who… want to fuck a cheerleader.”
“Are you going to be safe?” asked her father.
“The other girls are coming too,” said Niemira.  Which wasn’t a yes, but her father didn’t pick up on the distinction.
“I can’t say I’m happy about this, honey,” said her father.  “But if you feel this is something you want to do…”
Niemira nodded again.
Then she looked up at him.  “Do you think men will want to fuck me, dressed like this?”
He stared at her.  She felt his eyes pass over her tits, and rove down to her groin.
“Yes, honey,” he said.  “I think they will.”
“Do you think they’ll want to *rape* me?” she asked.
There was a long pause.  Then her father answered.
Niemira blushed a deeper red.  She should stop here, she knew.  But part of her wanted to know - *had* to know.
“Do *you* want to rape me, daddy?” she asked, in almost a whisper.
“Honey, I would never hurt you, or do anything you didn’t want me to do, you know that,” he said.
And Niemira felt her heart relax, just a little.
“But looking at you like this,” he continued, “and seeing you… playing with yourself, the way you just were… it does put certain fantasies in my head.  And it has certain effects on my body.”
She looked across at him, and saw that he had an erection tenting his pants.
“I’m sorry, daddy,” she said.  She felt tears at the corners of their eyes.  “I’m sorry for being a slut, and I’m sorry for cockteasing you.”
“It’s okay, baby,” he said.  “I’ll take care of it after you go out.”
He meant it to reassure, but it struck Niemira in the gut.  After she left the house, her own father was going to masturbate to the fantasy of raping her.  He was going to ejaculate to the idea of holding her down and forcing his cock into her wet, cheerleader cunt.
This was her fault.  For being a slut.  And slut deserved shame.  Sluts deserved rape.  
“I don’t want you to masturbate after I’m gone, daddy,” she said.
Her father looked uncomfortable.  “Well, I’ll try,” he said.  “But sometimes a man needs to let out some pressure…”
“No,” said Niemira.  “I mean I want to take care of it now.”
And she slipped off the bed, moving to kneel in front of her father.  With her hands, she unzipped his fly, and extracted his cock, and a moment later she had it in her mouth, feeling its warm hardness filling her, tasting his pre-cum, hearing her father gasp with pleasure and love.
This was right.  This was what she was for.  Girls were for raping.  
She sucked, and she sucked, her entire world focused on pleasing her father’s cock, and in the fullness of time she did indeed make him cum, and she swallowed the sperm that had created her, she realised that nothing she had ever done in her entire life had made her father as happy or as loving of her as this one act of sexual service.
Sugar Kitty arrived to pick her up a half-hour later, and she ran out to her friend’s car with her belly full of her father’s cum.
Each of the girls in the car looked like a complete slut, and they were all visibly aroused.  Sugar Kitty was driving, and Milky Treat, Baby Doll and Cinnamon Tickles were in the back seat.  Cinnamon Tickles and Milky Treat had their skirts pulled up to their waist so they could idly rub their wet cunts.
They drove to the stadium, more or less in silence, where they were met by an attendant in the colours of the football team, and taken to a locker room that smelled of deodorant and male sweat.  Outside, they could hear the sounds of the game in progress.
The attendant had each girl sign a piece of paper, which waived away all their rights in relation to what was about to happen to them.  Then he took out his phone and filmed each girl, and had them speak a particular phrase in an excited and happy tone of voice.
When it was Niemira’s turn, she put a fixed, ditzy smile on her face, and read from the card she was presented with.
“I hope I get gangbanged tonight!  I love it when men are rough with me, and I don’t want them to stop fucking and abusing me, no matter what I say or do!”
When they were all done, the attendant said, “You’d better hope they win the game tonight.  If they win, they’ll be in a good mood, and they’ll share it around.  But when they lose, they get nasty.”
The girls were then locked into the locker room, and left to wait for nearly half an hour.
The team did *not* win their game.
They came in looking sweaty, frustrated and angry, although their faces brightened when they saw the five girls.
Their coach gestured at the females.
“That was bad luck out on the field, boys - but you can take out your frustrations with these beauties.  It’s the usual arrangement - you can do anything you want with them, as long as you don’t leave them damaged.”
He turned to the girls.
“How about you cunts introduce yourselves?” he suggested.
The girl who had once been Caity bounced flirtily.  “I’m Sugar Kitty,” she said.  “I’m super excited to meet you.”
“I’m Sherbet Giggles,” said Niemira.  “I’m looking forward to fucking you.”
The other girls introduced themselves too, and their names found favour with the team.
“I know those are just, like, stripper names,” said one player, “But I love them.  It’s like they’re not even people - just sex toys.”
“That’s all they are, for you, tonight,” said the coach.  “Have fun.”
“Fuck yeah,” said one player.  “I’m absolutely in the mood to rape a cunt.”
He advanced on Baby Doll, and, before she could react, he slapped her twice across the face, first one way, then the other.  Then he grabbed the front of her cheerleader costume and pulled.  The fabric ripped almost immediately, exposing her large tits.
“Thank me, bitch,” he snarled.
“Thank you, sir,” said Baby Doll, frightened.
“Beg me to make you cry,” he said.
“I… I want you to make me cry, sir,” whispered Baby Doll.
He laughed, and slapped her face again, and then pushed her backwards, lifting her slightly and pinning her against a row of lockers with a metallic bang.  He had his cock out of his pants now, and he pushed forward, spreading her legs with his own, until his cock slid into her wet twat, making Baby Doll gasp.
“Dumb slut,” he grunted.  And then he began to slap Baby Doll’s tits as he fucked her.  He supported her whole body against the wall with one hand as he pushed his cock deep into her teenaged fuckhole, and with the other hand he slapped first one tit, and then the other, trying to hurt her, wanting to see her tears.
Niemira was entranced.  Her pussy was sopping wet.  This was how sex should be.  This was what sluts deserved.  All she could think of was how good this discipline was for Baby Doll, and what an agreeable pleasure multiplier she would deliver for the man fucking her, given how much this was hurting and abusing her.
And she could see Baby Doll knew that too.  Even as she was experiencing pain and violation, Baby Doll knew this was right, because it was exactly how she treated her own Candy Girls avatar.  Her cunt was wet for her rapist’s cock, and when she moaned, it was with as much pleasure as pain.
And then one of the footballers was grabbing Niemira, and bending her over a low bench, and laughing as he lifted her skirt to expose her panty-less cunt.  She felt him push his dick into her wet snatch, and she opened her mouth to thank him for raping her, but before she could say anything there was another man standing in front of her, forcing his cock into her open mouth.
Across the room, she saw another man grab Cinnamon Tickles.
“I want to fuck your ass, slut,” he said.  “Lube it up.”
And Cinnamon Tickles was forced to rub her own wet pussy to transfer juices from her cunt to her anus, crying as she prepared herself for her first anal rape.
Sluts deserve shame, thought Niemira.  Girls deserve rape.  
Someone was dragging Sugar Kitty across the floor by her tits, taking her to another bench where they would lie her on her back so one man could fuck her pussy while the other stood over and fucked her cleavage.
And in a corner, a man had his cock in Milky Treat’s mouth.  At first Niemira thought that he was receiving a blowjob for her, but then with a shock she realised that he was pissing into her mouth, and she was swallowing.  
The look on Milky Treat’s face as she realised that she had become a human toilet - and that she would carry the knowledge of that for the rest of her life - was so erotic that Niemira orgasmed against her rapist’s cock immediately.
“What a slut,” laughed the man fucking her pussy, and he idly slapped at her tits, before continuing to rape her cunt.
She hoped someone was filiming.  This violation, this degradation was so perfect.  It was what she deserved - and she knew that after tonight she would want to masturbate to the footage of her own rape, and the rape of her friends, many, many times…

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