Candy Girls

Part 16

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #hypnosis #solo

Story by All These Roadworks (2023).
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There was a time when Niemira had thought she might be a virgin on her wedding day - that the first man to explore her naked body would be her husband, and she would stand blushing before him on her wedding night, sharing her chastity for the very first time with someone that she would love forever.
Or, if not, that her sexual experience might still be only moderate - blushing fumbles with boyfriends, groping in the dark, followed by awkward intercourse accompanied by tender kisses and declarations of love.
But now Niemira could hardly imagine how she had dreamed of such an unspoiled life.  In the short time since she had begun playing Candy Girls, Niemira had sucked more cocks than she could count.  She was now swallowing sperm on almost a daily basis - not counting the addictive sperm-based “nutrient juice” that Candy Girls continued to ship to her house.
And she had had so many cocks in her pussy.  So many men had discharged their cum into her womb that it was a wonder Niemira wasn’t pregnant.  She had fucked her schoolfriends, she had fucked their fathers, she had fucked her teachers, and she had fucked unrelated men, to the point where it honestly felt strange for Niemira to be in a room, wearing clothes, with a man who *wasn’t* going to fuck her.
She had realised how far she had come when she first received a phone call from a man she had never met, who was interested in paying to fuck her.  He had heard about her from a friend who Niemira had fucked, who himself was a friend of the father of Cinnamon Tickles. 
Men were talking about Niemira.  They were talking about *fucking* her, swapping stories of what it was like to ejaculate inside her, and recommending that their friends fuck her too.  It probably wasn’t the case that *everyone* in town knew that she was a teen whore, but it was certainly no longer a secret.
On one trip to the mall, while using a unisex public toilet stall, she discovered graffiti written on the inside of the stall door.  
“For a fun cunt to rape, call Sherbet Giggles.”
And the phone number below it was her number.
She was desperate to accelerate to the end of Candy Girls, and obtain the escape she was increasingly certain was concealed there, and yet no matter how much she fucked and sucked she couldn’t seem to earn enough to keep up with its new pay-to-play format.
Finally, Sugar Kitty delivered her the solution.
“It’s the state football team,” she told them, as they played with each other’s naked bodies in the special lesson room at school.  It’s the semi-finals this weekend, and after the game they’re going to have an orgy.  They want five attractive teens for a gangbang, and they’ll pay us $200,000 as a group for the experience.”
Two hundred thousand?  That was 40K per girl.  It made Niemira’s head spin.  It would be more than enough to play to the end of Candy Girls - maybe even with some left over.
“What’s the catch?” asked Cinnamon Tickles.  Looking at the naked redheaded slut, her pussy still wet from where Baby Doll had just been licking it, Niemira found it hard to believe that she had ever been called something as normal as “Rowena”.
“It’s no holds barred,” said Sugar Kitty.  “We sign disclaimers.  We never talk about what happens, we don’t go to the police no matter what’s done to us.  Any sexual act is on the table, we do what we’re told, and it may get rough.  They can film us and use the film however they like.  The only promise to us is that we don’t get permanently harmed.”
Niemira shivered.  Anything was on the table?  It might get rough?  
But she had already been raped and degraded.  How much worse could this be?
“I’m in,” she said.
“I’m in,” said Baby Doll.
“I’ll do it,” said Cinnamon Tickles.
“Obviously I’m in,” said Sugar Kitty.  
They looked at Ichiko - Milky Treat.
“I don’t know,” said Milky Treat.
“It’s all of us, or the deal’s off,” said Sugar Kitty.  “You have to do it.”
“You have to,” said Niemira.
Milky Treat looked frightened.  She looked like she might cry.
“Milky Treat,” said Niemira.  “If you don’t say you’ll do it, I swear I will rape you so hard that you scream for me to stop, except I won’t stop, until you agree to do it.”
“Me too,” said Sugar Kitty.  “Sluts deserve shame.  Sluts deserve rape.”
“Fine,” pouted Milky Treat.  “I’ll do it.”
That night, Niemira’s mother was out with friends for a hen’s night.  Niemira did her slutty exercise on the dildo bike as her father watched, and blushingly licked her juices from the seat afterwards, under her father’s gaze.  
Afterwards they watched TV on the couch.
“Why don’t you come here and sit on my lap like you used to, sweetie?” her father asked.
It was a strange request, but Niemira couldn’t refuse her father anything these days.  Her ability to continue acting in the slutty ways that Candy Girls required of her depended on his goodwill.  She came and sat on her father’s lap.  She had on a shirt and skirt again after exercising (the shirt was the one from Candy Girls that said “RAPE ME”), but her cunt was still bare - she couldn’t wear panties, after all - and, for that matter, her cunt was still wet.
As they watched TV, Niemira became uncomfortably aware that her father had an erection.  She could feel it pressing against her cunt through his pants, and whenever she shifted - even a little - she felt it twitch against her.  To make matters worse, the awareness of his stiff cock, and the resulting humiliation, were making Niemira even wetter.
At the end of the TV program, Niemira decided enough was enough, and declared that she was going to bed.  She got up - but then made the mistake of looking back at her father.
There was a wet patch on the crotch of his pants.  It was the wet patch her cunt had left there.  Her slut juices had soaked into her father’s pants.
Lick it up, said a voice in her head.
She made a little involuntary gasp, and tried to ignore it, and go to her room.  But she couldn’t.  It had an iron grasp on her mind.  It grew louder and louder with each second.
Lick it up.
She made a strangled sound, and fell to her knees in front of her father.
“I’m sorry, daddy,” she said, and she didn’t know if she was apologising for making him wet in the first place, or for what she was about to do.
She leaned forward and began to lick her father’s crotch.
Her father gasped - but made no move to stop her.  He watched as his daughter licked her own sex juices from his pants, her tongue pressing against his erection through the thin material.  With each lick, his cock twitched again.
And then, just as she was almost done, her father’s cock twitched one more time - and suddenly the wet patch was much bigger, and darker.
Her eyes went wide.  She didn’t look up at her father’s face, but guessed he must be blushing too.  He had just ejaculated into his pants.  He had come from the feeling of his own daughter licking his crotch.
She wanted to pull away.  But she stared at the wet patch of cum, and…
Lick it up.
She kept licking.  She could taste it now, soaking through the material.  Her father’s sperm.  It tasted good.  She licked and licked.
And she realised she couldn’t lick it all up.  Not from the outside.  The mess was on the inside - the mess she had caused her father to make.
With trembling fingers, she unzipped his fly, and pulled back his trousers.  Beneath were his underpants, with his cock tenting them, and they were even wetter than the pants.  She began to lick at his underpants too.
It became clear to her that the best way to get the cum out was to really *suck* on the fabric of the underpants, so she started doing this.  Her lips moved up, until eventually the tip of her father’s cock was poking between them, and she accepted it into her mouth and sucked on it through the cotton underpants.
Her father gasped again.  His hands twitched, as though he might want to pull his daughter’s head down tighter against his dick, but he held still.
Niemira licked and sucked at her father’s underwear until she had done as much as she could.  And yet she still wasn’t done, because she hadn’t licked up all the mess.
She made a mewling, humiliated sound, and pulled her father’s underpants down.  His naked cock sprang into view.  Niemira looked at it - and then leaned forward and began to lick it.  And after a few moments, she gave in, and just took the whole of her father’s dick into her mouth and sucked.
Her father sighed.  “Good girl,” he breathed.
And to Niemira’s embarrassment, it felt good.  It felt right.  Having her father’s cock in her mouth felt natural.  She sucked, and ran her tongue over it, catching every drop of cum.
Her father had only just ejaculated, and even with Niemira’s ministrations his cock slowly softened in her mouth.  When Niemira was sure it was clean, she finally pulled back and looked up at her father.
“I’m sorry I made you make a mess, daddy,” she said in a small voice.
“It’s all right, baby,” said her father.  “You cleaned it up afterwards, didn’t you?  You’re a good girl.”  He paused, and then said, “Do you want me to tell you when I have other messes for you to clean up?”
And she heard herself say, “Yes, daddy…”
She told herself afterwards that it was a one-time occurrence.  It wouldn’t happen again.  On the weekend she would fuck the football team, and allow them to gang rape her, and then she would lock herself in her room and play Candy Girls until she reached the final level, and then it would all be over.
She could tell her father everything that had happened to her, and explain the slutty nightmare she had been through.  She would pour out all the humiliations and degradations, and her father would stroke her hair and tell her that it was all okay now, and that she was safe, and things would go back to normal.  
Once she wasn’t being a slutty cocktease, he wouldn’t get erections from her anymore - and anyway, he never would have said anything, and certainly wouldn’t have ejaculated, if Niemira hadn’t started licking her own father’s crotch like a disgusting whore.  It was Niemira’s fault he had gotten hard, and if Niemira stopped behaving like a bitch in heat then their relationship would go back to how it had been before.
But as she lay in bed, she found herself thinking of how her father’s cock had felt in her mouth - how right, how natural it had seemed - and before she realised she was doing it, her hands found their way to her pussy, and began to pump her fuckhole and rub her clit.  
And if her father wanted her to lick his cock clean *one* more time before this was over, that wouldn’t make it so much worse, would it?  Or maybe even have her suck him off?  She couldn’t be blamed for being curious what it would feel like to have him ejaculate into her mouth, could she?  Or to want to bring him that pleasure?  After all, she had gotten *good* at sucking cocks, these last few months (or at least, she hoped that she had).  Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to hear her father tell her how good her lips felt on his cock?
And with that thought in her mind - her father stroking her hair and telling her that she was daddy’s perfect little cocksucker - she began to orgasm, and then orgasm again, and she knew it was slutty and disgusting, and to her horror she could no longer even tell whether this was something that Candy Girls had trained her to think, or something that had been inside of her all along…

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