Candy Girls

Part 15

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #hypnosis #solo

Story by All These Roadworks (2023).
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Niemira knew that she was running out of time to escape from Candy Girls.  With every level she gained, her life grew more sexual and humiliating, and soon she feared that she would be able to think of nothing but degrading herself and being raped.
It was bad enough that her parents called her “Sherbet Giggles” now.  Sugar Kitty had convinced Niemira’s father that it was what Niemira wanted to be called, and her father had convinced her mother, and now they were trying their best to use the name they thought she preferred.  
But Sherbet Giggles was the little slut that lived on Niemira’s phone, the whorish little bitch who needed to be slapped and raped to make her obey.  And when people called Niemira “Sherbet Giggles” it made her feel like *she* needed to be slapped and raped…
And to make it worse, her father was trying to *bond* with her, to make sure she was okay.  This was partly out of genuine love and concern for Niemira - but also partly out of guilt, because he was fucking Sugar Kitty behind his wife’s back, and he was scared Niemira would rat him out.
And so he would try to talk to Niemira, and hug her every morning and night, and ask her to sit on his lap as they watched TV, and prompt her to tell him about her day.
Which was hard, because Niemira was unable to wear panties, and her pussy was *always* wet, and hugging her father with a wet cunt, or settling her naked groin on his crotch as he held her around the waist, felt slutty and wrong.  And she couldn’t tell him about her day, because every day now consisted of nudity, public humiliation, prostitution and rape.
Her father knew that she was “exploring her sexuality”, though - that was the excuse Sugar Kitty had given for Niemira’s strange behaviour - and so he prompted her on this topic, refusing to take silence for an answer, and Niemira found herself forced to give him edited versions of her actual behaviour.  She confessed to licking the cunts of her female friends, and offering blowjobs to boys at school, and her father asked if licking pussy felt good, and whether she liked the taste of cum, and then told her it was all a perfectly normal way for a girl like her to behave, and there was nothing wrong with what she was doing.
The combination of arousal, shame, and her father’s affection was intensely confusing to Niemira, and on one such occasion, without realising what she was doing, she began to grind her ass against her father’s groin as she spoke to him.  And when she realised that there was something pressing back at her from within her father’s pants - that she had given him an erection - she felt even more confused.  She turned to him, intending to apologise - and then before she knew what she was doing, she was kissing him, pressing her tongue into her father’s mouth and crushing her tits against his chest.
She squeaked with horror and shame, and almost immediately pulled away, and fled to her bedroom.  She was such a slut.  She didn’t want to fuck her father.  It was just all so confusing now.  She burned with shame and guilt, and the only way she could make it go away was to play Candy Girls and masturbate, but when she orgasmed it was the feeling of her father’s cock poking against her ass that filled her mind.
At level 17, Niemira won a prize - an exercise bike - and it was delivered to her house the next day.  At first Niemira was ambivalent - she didn’t really need an exercise bike, but at least it was something positive rather than a degrading new rule.  But when it arrived, she saw how evil it truly was.  And, to make sure she understood how to use it, Sherbet Giggles received an identical device in the app, and promptly demonstrated for Niemira how it was to work.
The bike had a dildo on the seat, which was clearly designed to go into Niemira’s cunt.  It had straps on the pedals and handles, that would secure Niemira in place, and it would not operate unless the straps were cinched.  That meant that Niemira needed another person to help her onto the bike, and release her when she wanted to get off.  There was a ball-gag, which Sherbet Giggles showed her she was supposed to wear while riding.  And there were long elastic straps attached to the pedals, which Niemira learned were intended to be attached to her nipples with clamps - which, combined with the dildo, meant Niemira had to be basically nude to operate the bike.
It arrived while Niemira was out fucking Cinnamon Tickles’ father for money, and she almost died of shame when she got home and saw that her father had installed it in the lounge room, in full view of the entire household.
“It’s an unusual device, sweetie,” he said, awkwardly, “but we support you in losing weight, however you want to do it.  Do you want me to help you onto it now?”
Niemira did not, and said so, but upon further inspection she found that the bike also had a little internet-enabled counter.  By riding the bike, she could earn “Candy Fitness Points”, and an hour worth of points would earn her an hour of time with Candy Girls.  She wanted to avoid humiliation - but the addictive lure of the game was more powerful still, and the next day she found herself blushingly asking her father to help her onto the bike.
Riding the bike was intense.  The motion of rotating the pedals caused the dildo to fuck in and out of her pussy as she exercised.  It also rhythmically tugged on the elastic connected to her nipples, producing pain, and a sensation not unlike being milked.  She would have moaned at this stimulus, except the ball gag kept her nice and quiet.  
She also learned that if she slowed down while on the bike, or failed to maintain a decent speed, the dildo would discharge an electric shock into her cunt.
Her father watched her that whole first hour that she worked the bike.  She could see the erection in his pants, and there was nothing she could do about it.  And given the kind of slut she had become since playing Candy Girls, she orgasmed twice before the exercise was over.  She didn’t know what kind of slut would orgasm in front of her own father, but obviously it was the kind who deserved the humiliation and degradation that Candy Girls was providing to her.
When she got off the bike, the seat and dildo were wet with her cunt juices, and despite the fact that her father was still watching, Niemira felt compelled to lick them clean with her tongue.
Niemira’s mother was horrified by this whole business, as much as she wanted to support her daughter to express her sexuality, and she was on the verge of putting a stop to the whole business when Milky Treat came to the rescue.  Niemira was never quite sure what the girl she had once known as Ichika did, but she intimated that she had had some sort of embarrassing encounter with Niemira’s mother that meant that her mother would no longer cause a problem.
Had Ichika seduced Niemira’s mother?  Blackmailed her?  Raped her?  Niemira didn’t know, and she didn’t know which option was worse, but to her shame and horror her next orgasm was accompanied by thoughts of her mother having her cunt licked by Niemira’s naked Asian friend.
In any case, her mother no longer complained when Niemira orgasmed on the slutty exercise bike in the lounge room, or licked her cunt juices off the seat, and made no comment on her husband having an erection as he watched Niemira degrade herself.
It was just as well, because at level 18 of Candy Girls, Niemira lost her privacy.
She moaned when she understood her newest hypnotic compulsion.  It came to her, as usual, while she was in her bedroom, naked, blanked out, staring at the staticky screen of a forfeit, and as usual, she had no clear memory of what had happened to her in that time, although she suspected she had masturbated, and maybe orgasmed, while staring at her phone screen.
Her head was full of the usual noise that Candy Girls put there - “sluts deserve shame”, “girls are for raping”, “good little fuckdoll” - but she also had a sense that something was wrong.
She looked up.  Her bedroom door was closed.  Of course it was closed, because she had been naked and masturbating.  And yet… she could suddenly not abide that barrier.  It filled her with anxiety.  
Not caring that she was still nude, she sprang up, and opened her bedroom door.
Her father was outside.  He stared at his daughter’s nude body.
Niemira blushed.  “Uh, hi, dad,” she mumbled.
And from then on, Niemira found it impossible to give herself privacy.  She couldn’t shower unless the bathroom door was open.  She couldn’t use the toilet unless the door was open - whether at home, or at school. She should have been used to humiliation by now, and yet Candy Girls had, if anything, made her even more ashamed to have people see her nudity.  Sluts deserved shame, after all.  
And when she got away with it - when nobody *did* see her nakedness, despite the open doors - Niemira found she felt guilty, like she deserved to be punished.  
She knew her new behaviour was cockteasing her father.  And she was spending more and more of her free time fucking men for the money she needed to play Candy Girls.  She knew if this kept up, she was going to end up having sex with her own dad, and becoming nothing but a rapetoy for everyone she knew.  She would forget her name had ever been Niemira, and she would answer to Sherbet Giggles, and dress up in pretty clothes for her rapists and drink their cum and be a brainless little Candy Girl forever.
She had to get out.
She broached the subject with the other Candy Girls at school the next day, as they played idly in the principal’s special classroom.
“I need to level up in Candy Girls,” she said.  “I mean, a lot.  I want to get to the end.”
She had chosen these words carefully.  She couldn’t say she wanted to escape the game.  The other girls would do everything they could to stop her.  Sluts deserved shame, after all.  Their condition would make them eagerly rape her and force her back into the game. 
But there couldn’t be anything wrong with just playing more of the game, could there?  That was what the game wanted her to do.
And yet she was increasingly certain that there *was* an end - a final level - and that if she reached it, she would be released from the game’s humiliating hold.  She didn’t know why she felt so sure, but she did.
The other girls looked at her (except for Milky Treat, who was currently licking Niemira’s pussy).
“Me too,” said Sugar Kitty, quietly.  “It keeps showing me cages and collars, and I think it’s going to make me literally my brother’s pet.  I’m scared it will make me forget how to make human sounds or stand upright.”
“It made me get my mom addicted to the game,” said Baby Doll, tears in her eyes, “and now she won’t let me wear anything but a diaper at home and I breastfeed from her each night while my dad watches.”
“I think it’s going to make me fuck our pet dog,” said Cinnamon Tickles, “and film it.”
“We need to get to the end,” said Niemira.
“It costs so much to play now,” said Sugar Kitty.  “Even with all the fucking I’m doing, I can only play it a few hours each night.  I just can’t put enough time in to advance.”
“We need a lot of money,” said Baby Doll.  “Then we can just play and play, until it’s over.  Take a week off school, if we need to, and do nothing but play.”
The thought of playing Candy Girls uninterrupted for an entire week sent a thrill through all of them.  Even as they hated the game, it felt so good to play.  It made their cunts throb to think of so much Candy Girls.
“We need something that pays an epic amount,” said Sugar Kitty.  “Thousands and thousands of dollars, all at once…”
“We could steal something,” suggested Niemira - but she couldn’t think of what she could steal.  Even if they robbed a store, they would need to convert the cash to electronic funds in order to pay Candy Girls.
“No,” said Sugar Kitty.  “We just need to fuck more.  We need someone who will pay us a lot to use us - and we need to be willing to do whatever it takes to earn that money.”
And her face suddenly brightened.  
“I think,” she said, smiling, “that I have an idea for who might give us that opportunity….”

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