Candy Girls

Part 14

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #hypnosis #solo

Story by All These Roadworks (2023).
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Niemira and the other Candy Girls were doing very little with their days now, other than masturbating, raping each other, and servicing men’s cocks.
From time to time Geoff would call Niemira, and demand to fuck her, either alone or in combination with the other girls.  He would always make a point of cumming in her unprotected pussy, leaving Niemira to frantically take a pregnancy test upon returning home.  So far she had been lucky.
At school, the girls spent all their time in the Principal’s “special class”, an unused classroom with heavy curtains over the windows.  Here they would strip naked, and spend the day as degraded sluts.  The principal spent his spare time in here, when he didn’t have other work to do, fucking their mouths or pussies, and the rest of the time he watched them in his office via a webcam.  
He did set them “schoolwork” to do - writing essays on why they were whores, or watching hardcore porn and explaining why they were sluttier than the girls in the videos.  He’d have them rape each other for his entertainment, assigning punishments such as spankings and breast whippings to the girls who were least entertaining.  And the rest of the time he’d let them just play Candy Girls on their phones.
Nothing mattered to Niemira now except Candy Girls - the addictive thrill of pleasure it gave her for succeeding, the panicky fear that came if she didn’t play it enough… and the remaining hope that if she reached the game’s highest level she might be freed from its degrading clutches.
Whenever she interacted with other girls - normal girls - she found herself encouraging them to play the game.  The more girls were enslaved and humiliated in the game’s hypnotic trap, the more normal it felt for Niemira to act like the helpless slut that she was.  And besides, other girls deserved to feel the same humiliation as Niemira.  Sluts deserved shame, after all.
She was level 13 now.  The game had introduced a new mechanic over the last few levels - and given her a new compulsion.
The mechanic involved her phone’s microphone.  If she chanted the words, “I am a slut.  I am a cunt.  I deserve to be raped,” while playing the game, it unlocked an additional score multiplier, and Niemira had quickly become used to repeating those words out loud, until she was doing it entirely without thinking.  It had earned her strange looks on the schoolbus as she played the game, but she was becoming accustomed to public humiliation now.
And the new compulsion was simple - she could no longer do anything to Sherbet Giggles in the game that hadn’t happened to her recently in real life.  The buttons were there in the game, but she just couldn’t bring herself to press them.  
Without discipline, Sherbet became more and more of a brat in the game, refusing to give Niemira the score multipliers she needed, until Niemira became so desperate to teach the little slut a lesson that she found herself begging the principal to slap her across the face.  He did - and Niemira promptly took pleasure in repeatedly slapping her cartoon avatar.
The slaps weren’t enough to discipline the little cartoon brat, though, and so at lunchtime Niemira found herself awkwardly approaching Daniel Kilcullin, who she knew was attracted to her from the way that he always stared at her tits, and whispering to him, “Would you like to slap my breasts?  And my pussy?”
It turned out he did want to do that, and so she led him to a secluded stairwell in the school and undressed for him, and encouraged him to spank her udders and her groin.  And then, scared that even that wouldn’t be enough to secure Sherbet’s compliance, she whispered, “Would you like to… to rape me as well?”
“You mean fuck you?” asked Daniel.
“No,” whispered Niemira, blushing.  Mere *fucking* wouldn’t be enough to punish Sherbet.  The little slut would probably *enjoy* it.  “Rape me.  Use me.  Make it humiliating.  Make it hurt.”
And Daniel did.  He slapped her, and pushed her up against the wall, and forced his cock into her unprotected cunt, and raped her, just as she had asked for.  He even choked her a little, and Niemira felt herself cumming from the violation.  
She knew that this was wrong, that she shouldn’t be asking to be raped, but her mind was a confused mess of thoughts - erotic images of her abuse by Geoff, of helping him fuck the other girls, of servicing the principal, of playing with the other girls as the principal watched.  Her sexuality was all confused - and behind it all was the knowledge that she *needed* this.  For Candy Girls.  And Candy Girls was all that mattered.
At the end, Daniel let her fall to the ground, and then masturbated to ejaculation, splattering her face, hair and tits with his cum, before kicking her in the cunt and walking away.
It was everything Niemira needed, and she orgasmed again when she made Sherbet have the same experience in Candy Girls, moaning with satisfaction as Sherbet was brutalised and violated, feeling her cunt pulse with lust as Sherbet started to cry.  That would teach the dumb little slut what she was good for, she thought.  Rape, and only rape.
That night Niemira lay awake in bed, playing Candy Girls, the vibrator humming in her pussy, her mind addled by lust and shame and addiction, the taste of nutrient juice in her mouth.  And a little after midnight she finally reached Level 14.
The fanfare played.  “You are now Level 14!” declared the game…
… and then text followed which made Niemira scream in disbelief and horror.
“You have reached the end of your free trial of Candy Girls.  Visit the Candy Girls store to buy additional play time.”
Niemira frantically clicked through the link, to see a store offering additional play time in exchange for money.  And the prices!  A single hour of time with Candy Girls was going to cost her nearly $100.
It was ridiculous, and were this any other app, Niemira would have deleted it on the spot rather than pay the exorbitant prices.
But this wasn’t just any app.  The thought of not playing Candy Girls was intolerable.  Niemira needed it, for her addiction - and in any case, regardless of cost, she was certain the game would punish her if she stopped playing.
And so Niemira crept from her bed, naked, and made her way through the darkened house to the lounge, where she found her father’s wallet.  She took his credit card from inside, and used it to buy herself another two hours of play time.
And even as she returned to bed to continue playing, she knew that this was only a short-term solution . Her family weren’t poor, and it was *possible* her father might not notice a single $200 transaction on his credit card.  She didn’t know what she would do if he asked her about it.  But in any case she was going to need money from somewhere else to fund her addiction.
And she had a good idea where the app expected her to get the money.  After all, it had been telling her exactly what she was since she first started playing.
And so she began making lists in her head - of who might pay to fuck her, who might pay to see her naked, and who might pay to watch her rape other pretty girls….
She started by fucking boys at school.  But she soon learned that schoolboys generally had limited funds.  She found it easy enough to earn $50 for a blowjob, but getting a boy to pay $100 to cum in her pussy was harder.  She was soon fucking multiple boys a day, before class, at lunch, and after school, just to afford a measly couple of hours with Candy Girls in the evening.
It was Sugar Kitty (Caity) who corrected Niemira’s behaviour. She was further along than Niemira - level 16 now - and she had been prostituting herself for some time.  She had said nothing of it to the other girls, prevented by the app from “spoiling their surprise”, but when she realised that Niemira was whoring herself out now, she struck up a conversation in a quiet corner of the slut classroom while Cinnamon Tickles and Baby Doll were licking each other’s cunts in front of the webcam.
“Don’t waste your time fucking schoolboys,” she whispered, in between stroking Niemira’s hair and kissing her.  “Fuck their fathers.”
And Sugar Kitty was right.  When Niemira began slutting up against the fathers of her classmates at school fetes and sporting events and any other chance she had, she found that they were willing to pay exponentially more than their sons for the chance to fuck a pretty schoolgirl.  She started charging $400 a fuck, in hotel rooms, or the backs of cars, or sometimes even at the men’s homes.  It actually felt good to know men would pay so much to fuck her - and by looking online she saw that many sex workers made significantly more.
She also learned that men would pay even more for a double booking with her and Sugar Kitty.  If both girls worked together, they could earn $600 each, or more, for fucking each other, and then fucking the man, and honestly Niemira liked this better, because it was fun and normal to treat other girls like whores.
All of this money went directly into Candy Girls.  Niemira saved none of it.  If she made more money, that just meant she could afford to play Candy Girls for longer.
Her biggest worry was that her parents would learn what a slut she had become, or work out that she was working as a whore.  She was worried not because of how humiliating that would be - although the thought mortified her - but because she was scared they might stop her from playing Candy Girls.
She explained this fear to Sugar Kitty one day as they were leaving a double booking with the father of one of the school cheerleaders.
“I have Geoff covering for me,” said Sugar Kitty.  “He tells our parents what they need to hear so he can keep fucking me and the other girls.”
“I don’t have a brother,” said Niemira.  “And I wouldn’t want him to fuck me even if I did.”
Sugar Kitty bit her lip and said, “I’d like to see you get caught, honestly.  Sluts deserve shame.  It would be so sexy to see you humiliated like that, with your whole family knowing you’re a disgusting whore.”
She leaned and kissed Niemira, and then added, “But it would be wrong if they didn’t let you play Candy Girls.  So… maybe I can do something about it.”
Niemira didn’t ask what Sugar Kitty had in mind.  She didn’t want to know.
But she found out anyway, that weekend, when Niemira’s mother was away on a business trip.  There was a knock on the door - and when she answered it, there was Sugar Kitty, all dressed up in her cutest whore outfit. 
“I’m here for your dad,” said Sugar Kitty, smiling.  And when Niemira’s father appeared in the hallway, Sugar Kitty went over and hugged him, and kissed him on the mouth.
Niemira’s father at least had the decency to blush.
“You won’t tell your mother about this, will you, Niemira?” asked her father.  “Sugar Kitty here says she’s your friend.  You wouldn’t get her in trouble?”
There was nothing Niemira could say.  If she kept her father’s secrets, she could trust that he would keep hers, if it ever came to that.
“No, daddy,” she said, blushing and looking away.  “Have fun.”
The two vanished away to her father’s bedroom.  And for the rest of the night Niemira had no choice but to listen to the sound of her father fucking her schoolfriend, in the bed he normally shared with her mother.
She tried to tune it out with Candy Girls, and soon the addiction and lust had control of her, and she was thinking of nothing but degrading Sherbet Giggles, and scoring points, and cumming.
Some time after midnight, Sugar Kitty came into her bedroom, naked, and lay down next to her, kissing her on the lips and caressing her breasts.
“Your father has agreed that girls our age need to explore our sexuality,” said Sugar Kitty.  “If he catches you doing anything… slutty, he won’t say anything.  And he’ll stop your mother from doing anything either.”
She kissed Niemira again, and then said, “Oh, and good news.  I told him that your preferred name was Sherbet Giggles - and he’s going to call you that at home from now on.  And get your mother to do it too.  It’s so important to validate the identities of young women, don’t you think?”
And Niemira burned with shame and horror, but she kissed Sugar Kitty back.
“Thank you for fucking my father,” she said.  “And thank you for humiliating me.  Sluts deserve shame.”
And the girls kissed, and humped their cunts against each other’s knees, until they had both reached release.

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