Candy Girls

Candy Girls, Part 18

by All These Roadworks

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #hypnosis #solo

Story by All These Roadworks (2023).
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Niemira left the gang-fuck bruised, dishevelled, with cum on her face and tits, leaking from her pussy, and filling her belly.  They left their clothes behind in the locker room and went to Sugar Kitty’s car naked - or more, precisely, they did not allow each other to dress.  
Sluts deserved shame.
A car full of naked teen girls did not go unnoticed, and there were hoots and jeers from adjacent cars whenever they stopped at traffic lights.
As they drove, Niemira’s mind tried to process being raped by an entire football team.  It occurred to her that a normal girl - a nice girl - might be traumatised, if she let her mind dwell on it, absent the endorphins of arousal.  But she wasn’t a nice girl.  She was a slut.  And so she made a decision to play with her pussy in the back seat of the car while remembering her abuse, convincing herself it had been an erotic experience.  If she could just cum while thinking of it, she knew, it would all be all right.
Halfway back, Caity stopped the car in a parking lot behind a bar, and instructed them to get out and lick each other clean.  It wasn’t a private space - there were many men here, who watched the naked girls as they climbed out of the car, and proceeded to lick the sperm from each other’s faces and tits and cunts.  But they were unlikely to be arrested for their lewd display here.  What was far more likely was that they would be raped again - but the girls got lucky, and were able to climb back into the car after no worse than some degrading comments, and the knowledge that several of them men had filmed their slutty lesbian display.
Shortly before reaching home, Niemira’s phone buzzed, and she checked her notifications to see that the payment for her gang-fuck had reached her account.  $40,000.  It was more money that she had ever owned, and she knew that instead of using it responsibly, she was going to spend it all on Candy Girls.  It would be more than enough to play the game through to its final level… she hoped.
Sugar Kitty dropped Niemira off at her home, and she ran straight to her bedroom, avoiding her father.  She couldn’t close her bedroom door - Candy Girls no longer allowed her privacy - so she left it wide open, took a long drink from her “nutrient juice”, shoved her Candy Girls dildo into her cunt, and lay down on the bed to play the game.
As the app came up, she stared at the little image of Sherbert Giggles on the screen.  The slutty cartoon avatar was naked, collared, with traces of cum on her, and she was crying.  What did Sherbet Giggles have to cry about?  She wasn’t a real person, she was just a ridiculous sex cartoon.  She hadn’t just been gang-raped by an entire football team.  She was just a pair of tits and a cunt that existed to make the Candy Girls game work.
Niemira began to play the game, but as she did, she felt herself getting angrier at Sherbet Giggles.  It was Sherbet Giggles who had lured her into playing this cursed app.  And it was Sherbet Giggles who had opened the door to every bad thing that had happened to Niemira.  Niemira hadn’t started flashing her tits and cunt to the world until after she’d seen Sherbet do it.  Niemira hadn’t been raped until she’d seen Sherbet be raped.  
It was all the fault of Sherbet Giggles, really.  If Sherbet Giggles hadn’t been such a disgusting whore, none of this would have happened to Niemira.
When she hit Level 19, the game offered her a choice of “presents” for Sherbet Giggles.  Niemira briefly considered a tit vice and a flogging frame, before settling on a cattle prod.  To her delight, a masked man immediately appeared on screen and forced the cartoon slut to her knees, before jamming a long cattle prod into her pussy and discharging it.  As Sherbet Giggles screamed and writhed on screen, Niemira felt herself orgasming with delight.
Sluts deserved pain.
At Level 20, the game asked her an unusual question.
“You are going to select which of the following things Sherbet Giggles deserves,” it told her.  “You may select as many or as few as you wish, without penalty.  Whatever you choose will happen to another girl playing Candy Girls.”
And then:
“What does Sherbet Giggles deserve?”
The list that followed was long, and she had to scroll the screen to see all of it.  A few of the items on the list were positive - “freedom”, “rights”, “dignity”, “love”.  Most of them were sex acts, almost all abusive, humiliating, painful or degrading.
Niemira stared at the list.  Was it a trap?  She knew that a nice girl would say that Sherbet Giggles deserved freedom and love and rights.  And the game had told her there was no penalty for doing so.  And if she chose the other things - the rapes and abuses - the game would make them happen to another player - an innocent girl, just like Niemira had been.
Her thumb hovered over “freedom”.
But it was a lie, wasn’t it?  Sherbet Giggles was a disgusting little slut.  She didn’t deserve any of those good things.  She had gotten Niemira into all this trouble.  Niemira hated her so much.
And so Niemira went down the list and chose all the worst options.  Sherbet Giggles *should* be raped - and gang-raped.  She should go nude.  She should have her tits beaten and her pussy electroshocked.  She should rape her female friends, and have them rape her, with an audience.  She should fuck her father.  She should fuck dogs.  She should be someone’s property, and live in a cage.
She pressed the “submit” button.
There was no reward, or punishment.  No sign of any consequences whatsoever.
And Niemira was level 20.
She had vaguely hoped that would be it - that 20 would be the last level - but apparently there was more.  So she kept playing.
Some time in the next level her father walked down the hallway, and stood in the doorway, watching her.  She could see the bulge in his pants, but he made no move to satisfy it, and eventually he moved on.
She wondered what he made of how his precious daughter had turned into this wanton slut.  He wondered what he thought of her.  But she suspected she knew what he would eventually think, if this continued long enough.  He would stop thinking of her as a daughter at all, and start seeing her as a sex toy - a thing that he could ejaculate into whenever he wanted, not really a person at all.
And she deserved that, she knew.
At level 21 she “won” a breast augmentation.  She found herself tabbing out of the game and ringing a plastic surgeon, and booking herself in to get her breasts upsized into “slutty pornstar fuckmelons” that would make her “look like a porn-doll that no man would respect” (her words).  It would cost her $12,000 - which made her panic that she would no longer have enough to complete her run at the game.  The cost to play was getting higher with each level.  But the appointment wouldn’t be for three weeks, and she didn’t have to pay until afterwards, which gave her plenty of time to get free of the game, and then cancel it.
She pictured herself with giant fake tits, and shuddered.  And yet it seemed right.  It would make her feel so ashamed, all the time, of what an obvious fuckslut she was.
And sluts deserved shame.
She fell asleep at some point with the dildo still buzzing inside her, and was woken up by her father shaking her.
“Time for school, sweetie,” he said.
She looked up at him, eyes bleary.
“Daddy, I need to stay home from school today and masturbate,” she said, blushing but truthful.
He looked at her, his eyes roaming over her naked tits and her cunt.
“Okay, honey,” he said.  “Just this once.  And, uh, I might stay home too.  Your friend Sugar Kitty is coming over, and we’re going to… spend time together.”
He meant that he would fuck her.  Niemira didn’t care, as long as she was allowed to keep playing the game.
“That’s okay,” she said.  “Have fun, daddy.”
He left her, and Niemira immediately went back to Candy Girls.
At level 22 she won a cattle prod.  The game told her it would be mailed addressed to her father, with instructions to him on how to use it to discipline her, including shoving it up her cunt and discharging it, just like what Niemira had made happen to Sherbet Giggles.  And she knew that if he was hesitant to use it in that way, she would encourage him.  

Sluts deserved shame.  Sluts deserved pain.
At level 23, she earned a forfeit.  The game told her that the three most extreme and humiliating sexual acts she had ever performed would now be what she automatically fantasised about whenever she was horny.
It didn’t tell her which acts those were, but Niemira knew immediately.  Being gang-raped by a football team.  Raping Caity while a boy watched.  Sucking her father’s cock.
She tried to resist these fantasies, but she couldn’t.  Her cunt was wet, and they filled her mind.  God, she wanted the gang-rape to happen again - to have a crowd of men treat her like an object, and slap her and punch her and pass her around and shove their cocks into her holes without the slightest interest in her enjoyment or consent…
And raping crying girls, while a boy watched, and stroked his cock.  Was there any greater goal she could have?  Lezzing off with a non-consenting slut, just to fulfill a man’s perverted fantasies?  She moaned and writhed on her bed.
And her father.  She wished he would come back, and pull the Candy Girls dildo out of her cunt, and replace it with his dick.  It had felt so good in her mouth - how much better would be in her pussy?  And even as she thought this, it revolted and ashamed her.  What kind of girl fantasised about this?  Only a slut.  And sluts deserved shame.
Level 24 was another forfeit - but the game offered her a choice:
You will not be able to orgasm for 30 days or;
You will believe absolutely that you are the kind of girl who deserves everything that has happened to you.”
She stared at it.
She was so wet, and horny, and the images of rape and humiliation were filling her mind.  Not orgasm?  It was crazy.  She couldn’t not orgasm.  She had to cum.
And as for the other - she felt that she had tricked the game.  Because she *already* believed she deserved what had happened to her.
She clicked option B - and felt the hypnotic conditioning take hold.
She had thought she believed - but she hadn’t understood the depths of her reservation.  Now she *knew*.  She was suddenly, absurdly *grateful* to Candy Girls, because what if she’d never discovered it?  What if she had gone her entire life deserving all this humiliation, and never receiving it?  What kind of fake, hypocritical life would that have been?  What sort of guilt would she have carried?
After that, the next level was frustrating slow to come.  She played all day, and she was still playing and masturbating when her father came to tell her it was dinner time.  She begged for more time to play with her pussy, and got it.
And then, a little after 8 pm, it came.
“Congratulations!” said the game.  “You have completed the final level of Candy Girls!”
She had done it.  She had really done it.  She felt tears form in the corners of her eyes.
“As a successful player, you have the opportunity to now be freed of all forfeits and obligations,” said the game.
It was true.  There was really a way out!  She stared at the screen in joy, watching the words roll past.
“So only one question remains, successful player.  Considering that everything that has happened to you - and considering what kind of slut you are, and considering the question of whether you deserve what has happened to you - do you want to be free?”
She stared at it.  Her hand hovered over “yes”.  
She should press it.  She knew she should press it.  Her life was a slutty mess, and this was the only way out.  
But those words stuck with her - “the question of whether you deserve what has happened to you”.
She did deserve it.  She knew she did.
Maybe she would believe it less if she hadn’t made a choice only last level.  If she had been able to accept 30 days without an orgasm, and not voluntarily choose to have her belief confirmed.  But she had.
And she knew she deserved it.  The game hadn’t made her prostitute herself into a gang-bang for money.  That had been *her* choice, to raise money for her addiction.  It hadn’t made her rape Caity.  She had done that to satisfy the needs of her cunt.  It hadn’t made her suck her father’s cock.  She didn’t know *why* she had done that.
It was her fault.  She deserved it.
And so she looked at the two options on her screen.
This was her last chance, she knew.  The only time she would ever get a chance to escape.  She had to pick “yes”.  She *had* to.
Her finger trembling, she reached out - and pressed “no”.
And that was it.  The screen went dark.  There was no more Candy Girls.  She didn’t need it.  Everything it had taught her was lodged within her.  She didn’t need an app to make her behave like a slut.  She *was* a slut.  She had always been a slut.  And she would behave accordingly. 
“My name is Sherbet Giggles,” she said to herself, experimentally, and then giggled.  It was true.  
There had never been a Niemira.  Niemira was just something she had pretended to be, until Candy Girls had shown her the truth.  She was nothing but a giggly fucktoy.
She closed the now-dark Candy Girls app, and looked at her phone.  She looked through her contacts.
There were many girls there who had never played Candy Girls.  Many girls who were still hiding the truth about themselves - that they were sluts, and sluts deserved shame.
She picked one out, from among her contacts - a friend from her primary school years, who now lived in another country - and sent her a message.
“Hey - I found this great new game.  Have you played it?”
And a link to Candy Girls.
Good Candy Girls made more Candy Girls.
And Sherbet Giggles intended to be a very good girl indeed.
This was the final chapter of "Candy Girls".  If you've enjoyed this story, please show your appreciation and support its creation with a purchase of the e-book edition from!  (Click here to view in store.)

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