Pop & Drop

Vial 2

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #sub:female #clothing #dom:nb #exhibitionism #fantasy #mental_transformation #mind_alteration #multiple_partners #scifi #solo #TG_Transformation #transformation #Transgender

It is the start of changes as Nanobots begin to transform our Son and Mother. Neither will become younger in appearance than 20 years old. So no one is under 18 in the story. Geraldine is going to have her youth restored, but she is not part of the original programmed experiment. Trevor is changing and the pronouns used for him or them as this chapter begins will reflect this change. Be aware that time may jump as the story goes on. There doesn't need to be tedious descriptions or everyday things that they will do.

Geraldine woke as the first rays of dawn’s light seeped through her curtains. She felt surprisingly good. Usually her old bones felt sore and ached from the stillness of sleep. This morning she seemed to have energy and an ability to move that had long been gone in her life. Feet hit the floor and no numb pain accompanied the action. Geraldine stretched her arms out in front of her and then like she did when a swimmer preparing for a race. They rose above her head and there was no pain. Her body was straight and felt better. Smiling, she grabbed her robe and headed off to cook breakfast, something she had not done in years.

Trevor was awake. It was strange as he usually slept in because of staying up late working. Somehow he was hungry and smells of food was filling the house. He sat up, but felt a bit weak. He was naked. That was not normal either. For some reason his head felt like it was full of wool. He stood and could swear he was not standing as he always did. Still, the thought soon was forgotten as he headed into the bathroom and brushed his teeth. Trevor could see his body in the mirror. He felt like his body appeared softer. His abs were not as defined as they had been. In a daze he went and began a shower. The warm water seemed to sting as his flesh felt tender. Soon that was forgotten as everywhere he lathered began to feel good.

Arousal was flaring as he relished the feel of his hands caressing his naked flesh. He reached down to relieve the growing desires and found a flaccid penis. Soon though he was massaging the supple flesh rolling both cock and balls around rubbing and feeling so good. The release of cum caused a shudder to roll over Trevor. He leaned against the shower wall as his mind returned to him. A smile formed on his face as he finished his shower and then headed to the kitchen to see where the food smells were coming from.

“Good Morning Son!” Geraldine sang as her very naked child came into the kitchen. She paid no heed to Trevor’s lack of clothing. He didn’t feel bothered either. “Morning Mom.” he said, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “So this is different. Usually I have to do all the cooking.”

“I don’t know, I just felt like cooking this morning. Plus I am really hungry.” She replied while piling eggs into a bowl. They were placed on a table with Biscuits, Ham, Bacon, and jellies. “Dig in.” They both sat and ate until not a crumb was left. Soon they became very still as the little machines that were now inside took a moment to turn the food into fuel for the commands to make healthy and to begin a process of transformation.

Trevor and Geraldine both stand robotically. Geraldine begins cleaning the dishes from the massive breakfast. Trevor goes to the hall closet searching through boxes of freebies from companies he had worked for over the year. There he finds a yoga mat and yoga accessories. Then the mat is laid out and Trevor begins running through yoga poses. As his body moves through the poses it begins to reshape and reform. Each muscle area begins to redefine as he moves. Soon he is a form of something between male and female. Trevor’s ass has really become rounder and shapely. After the yoga exercises are done, Trevor cleans the mat before placing it in the corner.

Still under the control of the nanites, Geraldine finishes the clean up of the Kitchen then begins on the rest of the house. As she does her body is undergoing a rejuvenation. Wrinkles begin to smooth and elasticity returns to her skin. Her body is straightening back to her youth where she was lean and tall. The gray of her hair is turning golden blonde. Geraldine is once again the image of an Olympic level Swimmer. As her duties finish she feels the need to shower and go to bed. 

Dictation takes a fraction of the time for Trevor as he speeds through the jobs queued on his system. He was in a semi aware state as he rose and went to place the second vial in the diffuser. He seemed to shudder as he walked back and opened a file on his computer and became entranced by a spiral that appeared before him. Small “Pops” come from the speakers. Tones that only the tiny machines can receive give the instructions for this round of effects and changes. Soon Trevor is receiving his programing before turning everything off except a sound file. He climbs naked into bed as he is lulled by “pops” into a blissful slumber. Two fingers push his shrunken penis into his body as he edges. 

In her bedroom Geraldine is having dreams of being lean and sleek as she cuts through the water of a pool. Her body is nude and hairless except for on her head. As she dreams her slit begins to moisten for the first time in many years. A mind that had long lost interest in being aroused is flooded with need and lust. She begins touching herself as muscles remember how to respond to the growing arousal. She would edge for the rest of the night. When the alarm clock radio comes on she also cums then awakens.

Trevor has a similar night. For them it is a matter of responding to a constant stream of “POP” slipping from the speakers into their mind. Each pop dropping them deeper and deeper into a simple mindless state. They reach down and feel the tiny penis that is left. Taking their pointer and middle fingers Trevor pushes the organ into themselves. Soon pleasure builds as Trevor begins touching and rubbing as their body is changing. In their mind it is a clit that their fingers are responding to so well. The dropping into a space of pure bliss continues. Multiple orgasms explode their mind and body throughout the night.


“Sir,” the technician nods as she stands delivering her report, “I have the results from tonight's data stream. Trevor is transitioning well. We have a strong response to the conditioning. The Nanobots did very well only focusing on Trevor. His mother is developing into a healthy young version of herself. We can assure the Board that we will be able to target individuals.” “Additionally, we seem to be having an even better result in the information that we are receiving about the house and environment.”

“Are they still pretty much isolated?” He asked.

“Yes Sir. Only deliveries so far. Information on a health welfare check is coming up in a few days. The Nanobots are on schedule to be ready to activate the privacy and normalcy aspects of the technology.”

“Good. Carry on.”

The technician does and about face and heads back to the control center. She begins to go blank so that by the time she reaches her station she is ready to sit for hours staring at the data stream that is scrolling over the screen. Nothing more than a drone, surrounded by three other drones.

I took a bit to get this chapter out. I did have some of it written, then just hit a wall of blankness. The story is evolving from where it started in my mind. I will endeavor to update better. I do thank you for reading. This chapter might be a bit small, but it kind of just got to an ending quickly. Truthfully, my own activities of being a Subject for Hypnotist drew me away some. So watch out for the POPS.


I hope you like it enough to keep reading. I am like many out here in that I am struggling financially. I write because the stories are in my head and need to be free. If you have a few dollars and you like my writing, then go to my Kofi page; https://ko-fi.com/alexiarose28642 and help me out.

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