Pop & Drop

Vial 1

by AlexiaRose

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This is a new story my mind came up with and it does try and include some Hypnosis type text. It springs from my own tendency to drop a bit when seeing the word Pop. It is such a nice word, Pop. I really am not sure where it will go. My mind hasn't shown me that far yet.

Oh, everybody here is over the age of 18. Not sure how young they might get as transformations go, but it will not be below the age of 18. 


Letting out a gust of air and yawning Trevor stretched under the slow glow of the computer set up he had assembled. He was tired. He had been working remotely for a year now. It was okay work. Just listening to audio files and transcribing them into text. He liked working in the evening because the house was quiet. Trevor moved into his childhood home to watch over his aging mother. It was a small sacrifice to make sure she was safe. She had placed a small box on his bed that came in the mail. He had received an email from one of his clients saying it was a gift of a new product his company was perfecting. Since he was taking a small break might as well open it and see what it was in the box.

Inside Trevor found one of those incense diffuser machines. Vials with just labels of numbers 1 through 12 were carefully packaged alongside an instruction book. “So this is supposed to relax and help you meditate, cool.” Trevor said to no one. It made sense that it was something like this since he knew the client ran a company that specialized in Spas and Relaxation Centers. He had transcribed many directed meditations for the Company. In fact it was time to get back to it. 


“So this doo dad is supposed to help you relax?” Trevor’s Mom Geraldine puzzled as she shook and turned the machine over and over.

“Yes Mom!” Trevor sighed as he took the machine and placed it on the table in their living room. “That is if you don’t shake something loose inside.”

“Well, you can try it, but if it stinks up the house it goes out the door. You know I can’t stand any bad smells”

“I know Mom.”

Trevor carefully filled the distilled water in the cylinder that was situated in the center of the Diffuser. He read the instructions again and took vial number 1 from the box and dumped the contents in the machine. A flip of the switch and a quiet hum began. “So I guess we just let this one go as the book says. It is the starter scent. Funny, I don't really smell anything. So Mom I am going to my room and taking a nap before work. I’ll leave my door open so I can hear if you need me. Please only for an emergency” 

“Yeah Yeah, I called you once to see that funny story on the news and I can never live it down.” She squawked. Both settled down, Trevor in his bed and Geraldine watching her TV from her recliner.

Unbeknownst to either of them the house was slowly being filled with nano machines. The tiny water vapor being expelled by the diffuser contained trillions of the small nanites. Each one of them capable of replicating as they used the detritus that would normally make up dust to fuel the process. The machines began covering everything in the house. They were being breathed in by Geraldine first as she was close to the diffuser. The spaces of and inside her body were slowly coated. Each nanite being absorbed and awaiting commands. Trevor slept and never knew just how deeply infected he was with the strange devices. They did nothing but make a home. Only one command was active and that was to be a pleasant smell to any person that was now under the control of the colonies of machines. When the water and vial had been used up the diffuser shut down.

Geraldine felt tired and she decided it was time to go to bed. She got up and made her way to her bedroom. Her thinning gray hair was as lifeless as ever. She disrobed and saw the sagging flesh wrinkled and dotted with liver spots. She had gotten shorter over the years. Her once 5 '11 " height sunk down to a 5' 2” hunch. Once she had been a competitive swimmer. She had led her schools to championships. Falling in love had changed her direction or who knows where she might have gone. She sighed as her memories of days where she was lean and sleek with toned muscles played in her mind. Slipping on her nightgown she settled down wondering why tonight had taken her down memory lane.

Trevor awoke just before his alarm would have jostled him from a very nice dream. It was nice to dream. Even if the details were slipping away as he sat up. Taking care of needed time in the bathroom Trevor moved along before heading to the kitchen to get a snack and drink before firing up the computer for the evening. He heard the TV on and noticed his Mom had left it on and gone to bed. He felt sad that she wasn’t up as usual to show her, sometimes annoying, way of loving him. It was normal that she would ask a bunch of questions as she didn’t understand he was working. Trevor turned the TV off and went to what had been his Dad’s den. Now it was set up with a nice computer system. One that allowed Trevor to be in the world in many ways without ever leaving his house.

He smiled as he saw tonight the client that had sent the diffuser was dominating the work log. Well, he still would just take the assignments as they had queued up. He was bleary eyed when he had worked through nine documents. One more and he would be done for the night. It was a different type of meditation for the Spa Company. It said it was a hypnosis script. “Maybe I will start clucking like a chicken.” he chuckled. “Well let’s get started.”


So this is a directed hypnosis meditation. 

As you listen you should begin to relax. 

Each breath should help you relax and be open to allow your body to rest as your mind travels to a place of peace.

So get in a comfortable position.

You can sit or recline.

Just being comfortable as you hear these words.

Just make sure you feel comfortable.

Make sure there are no distractions.

Now take a deep breath in.

Then exhale.

Take another deep breath.

And Exhale.

Just keep breathing deeply in.

And slowly out.

Each breath helps you slow down.

Each time you inhale you feel calm.

Each time you exhale you feel a release of all worry.

Inhale deeply feelings of calm.

Exhale all the tension and worry.

Now just keep breathing.

You are doing such a good job with your breathing.

Feeling so peaceful and calm.

No worries, just following the words in front of you. 

It is like the words are in front of you.

You see them in front of your eyes.

Reading the words.

Letting the words enter deeply in your calm mind.

Knowing the words are each a pop of feelings.

Feelings that pop like bubbles.

Each pop helps you drop.

Pop Drop Pop Drop Pop Drop.

Drop Pop Drop Pop Drop Pop.

Each time you see the word Pop you feel yourself Drop.


Drop Deeper and deeper and deeper.




Dropping deeper helps your body sleep.

Feeling your mind Drop.




You are now in a trance.

A deep and calm trance of peace.

Let your mind drift.

As he had been typing the words they were working into Trevor’s mind. Twisting and twining around his thoughts. All the while he was typing. Reading and feeling each word as his fingers hit the keyboard. Soon he was just typing on automatic until his mind drifted away.

Trevor, you are now in a trance. You are safe and calm. When next you see the word “Pop” you will open a chat call to the link below. Once the call has been made you are to go back and erase all you wrote after I said “Let your mind drift.” Adding the line “Waking up after a nice peaceful sleep.”


The audio of the file had ended. Trevor erased the extra text and wrote what had been asked of him. He sat there in a quiet slump. The chat call was open and soon a spiral was on the screen and Trevor was drawn to watch. His mind dropped deeper and deeper. Soon a voice came over the call. It was the same voice that always was on the files he transcribed. Trevor felt the familiar voice glide over his being.

“Trevor? Can you hear me?


“Good Good. Now listen carefully. You can stare at the spiral, but listen and take my words into your very being. You will open a call to me after you finish every night you work. You will feel a need to make this call. You will not know why, just that you need to make it. When you see the Spiral you will begin to drop. When you see the word Pop you will know that Pop means Drop. Do you understand?”


“Good Good. You will make sure you use the Diffuser every evening. It is important you use the Diffuser every evening. Slowly you may feel changes of body and mind. This is good. These changes are changes of calm and peace. Do you understand?”


“Good Good. Now it is time to end the call. You will notice an email with an audio document. After ending the call you will open and let this file run. You just need to open it and then go to bed. Hang up the call now.”

A dazed Trevor obeyed and ended the call. Seeing the document he opened it and then got up and went to bed. The file began infecting the computer with a virus. It took control of the system. It now could be accessed remotely. An audio file began playing, using the sound system that Trevor had worked so hard to make sure music could be heard anywhere in the house. Tones and ultrasonic waves flowed out. The devices that were now dormant in the house came alive. They began their work. In the wee hours of the morning the file was shut down and closed. The virus hid itself and Geraldine and Trevor slept.


In the glow of a wall of monitors a figure sits taking in the data that their Nanites had fed back to them. Their latest project has begun. They steepled their fingers as an interesting bit of information filtered across the screens. Trevor lived with his mother. The information showed her advanced age. Her health is in decline, but still not overly in bad shape. Soon the computer had compiled information on Geraldine Summers. Impressive athletic achievements before becoming married and then a mother. This was a boon. Instead of one subject for the Nanite Transformation tests, there were two. A flurry of keystrokes had adjusted the commands that would be sent from now on. Each body would have different set of changes that would happen each night.

Wonder what is up with that mysterious figure? What do they have planned? Well you will have to follow the story to see what happens next. 

I hope you like it enough to keep reading. I am like many out here in that I am struggling financially. I write because the stories are in my head and need to be free. If you have a few dollars and you like my writing, then go to my Kofi page; https://ko-fi.com/alexiarose28642 and help me out.

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