Pop & Drop

Days Three, Four, & Five

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #sub:female #clothing #dom:nb #exhibitionism #fantasy #mental_transformation #mind_alteration #multiple_partners #scifi #solo #TG_Transformation #transformation #Transgender

This story started as an idea about covert hypnosis. It has turned into an evil corporation story. Somehow this Director I created has taken the story from me and it is moving in a different direction. I am determined to complete the story so I at last was able to see the way it will go forward. I have some short glimpses of three of the days vials were used. I am hoping now the story will progress in a better way.

The Director was pleased with the report he had read. It charted the progress of the new test for the nanomachines the company was developing. He had chosen a capable young man that had been doing remote work and was isolated in terms of life. It was easy to use the mind control processes that had been developed to set things in motion. As a bonus the subject lived with an aged mother. That gave them two subjects to target the nanomachines upon. 

On day three, Trevor’s transformation into a healthy and very fit young woman was complete. She was doing advanced yoga and spent most of the day naked. The remote work was now being handled by drone technicians the company employed to keep up appearances as Trevor was now just obeying programming that advanced their transformation. Geraldine had also undergone significant changes as well. She was now like she was when in her early twenties, only she was more fit and robust. 

The nanites had also begun changing the microscopic structure of the house. The company could now see and record everything that was happening inside. Surveillance was easy now. Access to every machine was complete. Day Three had been very productive. Preparations for the wellness check had been activated and a supply of goodies was also shipped to the home.

Day four was eventful as Trevor and his mother were each opening and using the items that had been shipped to them. For Trevor an extensive array of yoga and exercise outfits had been sent. She was in heaven as she tried them on. Also make up and other personal hygiene items were in the box. Trevor used them as well. She practiced doing her makeup in different ways. There were also dildos, anal plugs, and vibrators. Trevor had a very tiring day by the time they went to bed.

Geraldine was sent an offering of Swimsuits. Some utilitarian and many that were risque. She settled on a blue rubber one that showed her body off nicely. She spent the day doing chores before heading to her room and spending time with her own assortment of sex toys. Neither her nor Trevor saw anything abnormal about their lives, they just accepted the changes. The nanites had total control now.

The wellness check came on Day Five. The nanomachines had been released and were focused around the door. As the young nurse entered she was covered and infected by them. Soon she froze as the machines took hold of her. Dawn Yeager was being cataloged and adjusted. She was told that everything she saw was normal. Trevor now being a sexy naked young woman was normal. Geraldine now being a young version of herself was normal. The Black haired beauty was then allowed to go through the motions of her exam on Geraldine. Trevor watched admiring the hairstyle Dawn wore. It was simple and a short cut around her head. Some might call it boyish. The woman had modest breasts and a tight ass that showed even through the nurses uniform she wore. 

As she worked, Dawn was being adjusted to also want to come and just visit the women more often. She felt a strong attraction to both women. It helped that Dawn was already a lesbian. Her mind was easily moved towards feelings of lust towards Geraldine and arousal as she watched Trevor run through her yoga poses. Dawn took some time chatting with Trevor about yoga and had set up a day to come and run through some poses with them. She soon finished and left the house.

The director was pleased. This had been a great success. He had decided that soon, upon the completion of the test, all three women should be relocated to the company’s upscale resort and spa. They each could be used in the natural ways the changes had been directed. Trevor would make an excellent fitness instructor as well as being useful as a computer worker. Geraldine would easily fit into the pool staff. Dawn would be useful as an onsite medical professional. Yes, that would be what he would do once the project was complete.

Again, short but it now has made a direction for my mind to see the story better. Trevor also needs a better name. I have an idea on that as well. Thank you for sticking with this story.


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