Convention Dreams

Chapter 4

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #D/s #dom:female #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #bondage #clothing #comic_book #exhibitionism #fantasy #furry #Sex #transformation #Transgender #urban_fantasy

It is the last Day of the Convention. Mistress takes Taylor as her Pet just after her return. Then it is on to Day 3. How will it end for Taylor as the day ends?

As always in this work of fiction all characters, even those transformed, are 18 or older.

I seemed to wake up but was still asleep.  I heard Mistress speaking to me, like a gentle song in my head, I could not make out the words.  I felt a need to be hers, to obey, to give myself to her.  I moved out of bed and slipped the nightie off.  I stood there naked and fat and male.  Yet, I was ok.  Mistress came over and slowly rubbed her hand along my body.  Where she touched I began to change.  My fat was melting away and I had become almost gender neutral.  Only the small nubby penis and balls gave away my sex.  She caressed my head and I felt hair grow and thicken.  A mirror across from me showed just above the shoulder red hair.  Eyebrows and hair near my little cock were red as well.  She molded me like clay.  Pulling on my nipples she made small puffy breasts.  Just enough to make me seem female.  I felt a collar go around my neck and could see it in the mirror. It was a pink collar and had a leash attached which was in my Mistress’ hands.

“Now Taylor,” She said, “You are what you have dreamed of in many ways.  You are not a boy, not a girl, you are a Pet.  Pets obey.  Pets love.  Pets are taken care of and used.”  I soaked it in and as she spoke I knew she was right.  I had always wanted to let go and just belong to someone.  I wanted to love and obey.  Instantly I knelt before my Mistress. I felt the tingling of my small cock.  I was so aroused I felt my body blush.  “Such a sweet girl.  What are you, dear?”  “A pet Mistress.” I replied.  “Who do you belong to?  “You Mistress.” Each answer let my mind go free.  “Good Girl.”  

When she said that I shook with pleasure like I had never felt before.  Cum leaked from my soft penis.  I looked up and watched in awe as Mistress’ clit began peeking from her folds.  It grew and widened.  Soon a very large girl cock was directly in front of my face.  It smelled so enticing and I wanted to just devour it.  I looked up at Mistress with pleading eyes.  “You may Pet.”  That was all I needed to swallow it completely.  I began bobbing back and forth over that amazing shaft.  I made sure to really suck the tip and lovingly caress with my tongue.  I was working her girl cock so hard.  I felt it hit the back of my throat as she began thrusting along with my movements.  Her hand was gently on the back of my head.  I began humming a bit as I sucked her.

My penis was the same small size, but hard.  It pulsed and I knew soon I would cum.  Mistress grabbed my head and held me to her as she released a flood of her nectar into my willing mouth.  I swallowed what I could and the excess dribbled along the side of my mouth.  I shivered in orgasm as my little cock let loose its cum.  Soon my belly was full and Mistress released my head.  She was still rock hard as she took the leash and guided me to the bed.

On my hands and knees I followed.  I climbed on the bed as she patted it.  “Good Girl.” she cooed.  I shivered with lovely tingles and my imperfect clit throbbed.  I was facing away from her and knew I should spread my knees out to better show my ass to her.  She caressed my backside and I felt it grow some, get curvier.  I whined as the cold lube was smeared around my little hole.  She laughed as I felt her fingers enter me and I instinctively rocked back on them.  “Such an eager Pet.  Do you want Mistress to fuck your little asshole.”  “Yes Ma’am.” I squeaked as I felt a wave of arousal.  “Okay Pet, here it comes.”

Ever so slightly she pushed her tip inside.  I was panting as she would push and then stop.  It hurt, lots. Each time the pain hit as she inched in it soon became pleasure. Then she was completely inside me.  I soft moan escaped my mouth as I felt her begin to withdraw and then with more force push in again.  She got into a groove and soon she was fucking me like the little Pet I was.  There for her pleasure.  I squeezed my ass and tried to hold her in.  “OOOOhhhhh, that is very good my Pet.  Good Girl.”  My clit spewed a bit as I shivered to her praise.  She had stamina and fucked me for a long time.  She came hard inside me and as she pulled out, her nectar ran out and down my legs.  “You may rest Pet.” I crawled down and to a human sized pet bed in the corner.  I curled up and was sleeping when my Mistress placed the small blanket over me.


The bright light of morning brought me awake.  I tried to stretch and found I was in a small dog bed on the floor.  When I sat up I saw that I was somewhere between a male and female.  I had a small cock, yet there were no balls.  That felt nice in some way I couldn’t place.  I had very small puffy cones on my chest.  My body was fit, yet I had very curvy hips.  I stood and saw a face in the mirror that was soft with green eyes.  My red hair was in a bob just above my shoulders.

Naked, I walked to the door, eager to get the day started.  I felt a bit sad.  This would be my last day as a woman.  I scanned the walls and just didn’t feel like being a flashy and camera attracting cosplayer today.  I then saw it, the look for my last day.  There hanging before me was a nice pair of jeans, a red tank top with a stylized eagle, red short topped high heels, wrist bracelets adorned with stars, and a blonde wig.  I began dressing and my body shifted to that of a young lady in her twenties if I had to guess.  She was gorgeous and very fit.  I could hardly believe it was now me.  I fixed the wig and its wavy look made me feel like a bombshell.  So much for this being low key.

I noticed a braided gold rope I had missed.  When I touched it I felt power, just not the kind this character possessed.  Instead I was brought to my knees as intense arousal engulfed me.  It subsided once I hooked it to my belt.  “WOW!” I gasped, “Better be careful with that accessory.”  I flung the large shoulder bag on and suddenly I was in the middle of the Convention Hall.  I went hunting for treasures with a nice wiggle to my hips that unbeknownst to me was drawing many eyes.

My walking around had me meeting so many cool people.  I seemed at ease and with a confidence I had never known.  I posed for and took a few pics, but all in all the cosplay gals showing more skin attracted more attention.  I was in the restroom touching up my makeup when a cute goth chick walked in and cut a dark look at me.  I was puzzled.  When she left I heard her mumble “cosplay slut.”  A rage seemed to fill me, not sure why, but I needed to teach her a lesson.  I followed her out and to the back far corner where a booth with a horror theme stood.  They had a large drape that blocked the back of the Con Hall corner.  I walked up and started to look through the artwork.

“Pretty creepy, but nicely drawn.”  The Goth Gal ignored me.  “How much for this naked succubus?”  Her head shot up and looked at me funny.  “What’s the matter sweetie?  Confused that a woman like me knows what a succubus is or is it that a Cosplay slut knows?”  That had her, she was like a deer caught in the headlights of a semi.  Before she could even move I had my rope wrapped around her.  Mouth open and eyes rolling back in her head, I guided her behind the drape.  I leaned her against the wall and repositioned the rope around her waist.  I felt a power inside, I knew her sexual kinks and desires.  “You are pretty vanilla for a goth.  Never even kissed a girl.  OH, you are a poser, during the week you are a secretary in a law firm. So you are cosplaying as well.”  She squirmed as I drew more info out of her.  The art was her sister’s and she was in the hotel sick from food poisoning. She hated being here, but had promised her sister she would help her sell her artwork, even dressing the part.”

“How can poor sis earn any money if you are going to be such a stick in the mud?”  I leaned in and kissed her while sending thoughts that now she was bisexual.  Kissing a woman was a thrill.  My tongue wrapped around her tongue and I felt her starting to slide down.  “No, no pretty girl.  You dressed as a sexy goth and now you need to  act like it, be a slutty tease when trying to sell the art your sister worked so hard on.  When you earn your keep, then you may have fun.  Find a girl, find a guy, hell sweetie, find both and then go suck and fuck them silly.”  I made her strip and found some different clothes.  She now wore some tight boyshorts undies and a wicked lace bra under a sheer fishnet dress.  Long thigh high leather boots completed the look.

Before I left I had also made it so she would be conservative looking at work, but underneath her clothing piercings and tattoos would adorn her body.  She would become kinkier every week until finding a sexy Mistress or Master to submit to and be loved by forever.  When I left that booth she was now attracting many men and women that were eager to meet the sexy goth girl.  I sure hoped her sister made lots of money.

It was lunchtime and I headed out to a local restaurant to get a bite to eat.  The Con would soon be over and I had to think of some way to convince Mistress to change me permanently.  There was no way I could go back to the life I once had after experiencing the joys and the struggles of being a woman.  I felt right for the first time in my life.  I was happy.  It could not end at midnight, it just couldn’t.  I looked over across the room and saw David.  He was so dreamy.  The way his smile was just so subtle, his eyes so bright, his body so perfect.  I was getting very aroused.  I left money and a tip and rushed to the restroom.  I closed the door and locked myself in a stall and soon was fingering myself with the rope around my arm.  I imagined David inside me and tried to stay quiet as I came over and over.

In her Booth Mistress watched me in one of her mirrors.  She smiled and then had a sad look on her face.  “Dear Taylor, I will give you a choice soon, but instead of me I fear you will pick your true love.  Fate is funny bringing those two together at the right time for love to bloom.”


My breath was ragged as I came down from the climax high.  Being female was way better than being a male when masturbating.  I cleaned up and slipped back out to see that David and his friends had left.  I paid my bill and headed back to the Con.  I felt so confused and mixed up.  My thoughts were heavy as I saw a future with David and knew that it was a dream.  I was a fake girl, just a dressed up doll.  How could I ever be loved?

The Convention was just background noise as I wandered up and down the aisles.  The clock was ticking.  When it became midnight I would be back to boy Taylor.  Alone and sad living a life I hated.  Why had I met Mistress?  Was this one of her games?  All I could think about is the way she liked playing with people.  Was I just a plaything to her?  I found a place to sit and began to cry with my head in my arms down on the table.  I cried myself to sleep.

“Miss, Miss, wake up.  Time to move along.”  I awoke to a security guard gently waking me.  I looked around and saw the Hall being broken down.  The only people left were working at packing away stuff and moving tables.  I slowly ambled toward the exit.  I walked up and to the area my Mistress had her “booth.”  What I found was an empty meeting room.  It was all gone.  My luggage and stuff was on a cart by the door.  I took it and went outside.

I sat alone by a fountain and just stared.  What would happen now?  I had nowhere to go and it was a long way until midnight.  The clothes would be gone and I would be back to my mundane life.  I felt like crying again.  I reached down and placed my hand on the bench.  I almost forgot it was the side the rope was on.  I looked down to make sure I did not accidentally have a sexual meltdown.  That was the last thing I needed.  The rope was gone.  Where?  I felt dizzy and sick.  What would happen if someone got ahold of that rope?

“Hey pretty lady.” a deep voice caressed my ears.  “Don’t you think it’s time to go?”  I looked up and it was David.  He was smiling at me and I felt my heart melt.  “Come on, let’s go home Taylor.”  He took my hand in his and suddenly a flood of memories came rushing into my mind.  I was his wife.  We met in his comic shop two years ago where he courted me until we got married.  I looked at my hand and saw the wedding ring.  My clothes had changed.  I was in a similar outfit, just more like normal cosplay clothes instead of the realistic stuff Mistress had.  I reached up and pulled my Blonde wig off.

“There’s my girl.” he said as he was pulling me into a kiss.  He grabbed the cart and I slipped my hand around his waist and we walked away towards our hotel.  I knew now my life was what it should always have been.  As we walked my memories began to merge and although I remember being Taylor the guy, I had better memories growing up as Taylor the girl.

From the upper floor of the Convention Center Mistress watched us walk away.  She smiled as it hit her that we were walking into the sunset.  “Have a good life Taylor my darling.  My magic was not as strong as true love.  You just needed to be who you really were to activate that magic.”  She sighed and walked away, being trailed by the cutest catgirl ever.

Thank you for reading. This is the final chapter of the story, as it went. There is one more chapter. It contains an alternate ending. So hope you come back for that part of my very much what I would want if magic reality altering Women were real. I am like many out here in that I am struggling financially. I write because the stories are in my head and need to be free. If you have a few dollars and you like my writing, then go to my Kofi page; and help me out.

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