Convention Dreams

Chapter 3

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #D/s #dom:female #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #bondage #clothing #comic_book #exhibitionism #fantasy #furry #Sex #transformation #Transgender #urban_fantasy

So yeah, Chapter 3 is Day 2. If you are still reading then THANK YOU! This chapter is pure fantasy that I wish I could experience. 

All characters in this work of fiction are, even after transformations, are 18 or older.

Light assaulted my eyelids as I became awake.  I blinked and stretched my arms and found a sexy harem girl holding a silver tray with a drink on it.  She had her head bowed and I took a sip of the drink and was shocked.  It was Diet SunnyDew, the drink I had every morning.  “Do you require anything else Miss?” asked the harem girl. “No thank you, this is fine.”  “As you wish, Miss.  When you are ready, the Mistress will meet you through that door.”

Soon I was finished with my drink and I hesitated at the door.  Yesterday was amazing.  I was excited and nervous.  My hand slowly turned the knob and then I stepped through the threshold.  As I did, the night gown disappeared.  I felt relaxed and at peace.  When I saw my Mistress turn and stride toward me I was aroused and felt the need to obey.  I sank to my knees and was kneeling before her.  “Sweet Taylor, my submissive little girl.”  She said as she used her fingers under my chin to lift my head up so my eyes were staring into hers.  “What will you choose today?  What part of you will be highlighted.”  Mistress guided me to the mirror and I saw not my reflection, a sexy athletic woman with really short black hair.  I slowly rubbed my hands along my long toned legs.  I shivered with excitement.  I turned my head and saw the perfect costume.

It was one of the most well known cosplays.  She was a character I would never have dreamed of being able to pull off, but now, I felt confident.  This body was so sensual.  I moved like living sex.  My fingers caressed the strange fabric.  It was soft and stretchy.  Instead of the “Wet'' look most of this cosplay’s catsuit had, this one had a shift of contrast and an oily look.  I felt a hand at my hip.  It was the harem girl and she was powdering my body.  Each touch made my clit throb.  Soon an even covering of powder encased my body below the neck.  The girl helped me begin to slide a leg into the suit.  The feet had built in shoe pads and were really flexible.  As the tight fabric slid up my leg I felt a wave of erotic pleasure run through my body.  The next leg began its own journey and I felt like I was going to explode.  The farther up the catsuit moved, the more pleasure assaulted my body.  My hips were nice and the fabric felt so good.  “Mmmmmmmm,” I moaned, “that feels so wonderful.”  Mistress laughed as she enjoyed the show we were performing.  

When my arms slid in I expected to fall over from the bliss I was experiencing.  I also did not expect my fingers to have sensations and dexterity as if they were uncovered.  The suit was over my shoulders and the girl reached under my crotch to grab the zipper which was behind my ass.  As she zipped me up the seam appeared to disappear.  I was beginning to climax and did when she completed the task and my boobs were encased.  As I shook from my orgasm the girl pulled the hood and mask over my head.  Once I could think and see straight I admired myself in the mirror.  I loved the cat ears on the hood.

I thought of Sarah and remembered the fun we had.  I was horny as could be, but somehow it felt right, like an old friend visiting.  I pulled the harem girl to me and kissed her deeply.  Her body melted into mine and our tongues explored.  When I released her she almost fell.  I caught and lowered her to the floor.  I turned to my Mistress and asked, “How do I look.?”

“Sexy and fuckable my darling.” she replied.  She walked to me and my breath caught from her proximity.  “Just one thing.” She started to unzip the suit and brought the zipper to just above my navel.  My breast hung high and proud with the right amount of flesh showing.  Suddenly I was in the Convention Hall.

This time was different.  I was aware of the effect I was having.  Guys of all ages seemed drawn to me.  I must have been photographed hundreds of times before I moved away from the entrance.  I felt so sexy and powerful.  My walk was almost indecent as my ass swayed and hips moved with each step.  I was also more aware of the men around me.  I saw each in a different light.  It was more of a primal response.  I began to realize I did have a type.

Every man of color I saw was soon sized up.  It wasn’t long before I saw a gorgeous hunk of a man in a yellow open shirt and tight green pants.  He had arm bands and a silly metal headband.  His chocolate skin was so beautiful.  I could see he was in good shape and the bulge along his leg was a clue to what he hid in those pants.  I had to meet him.  I walked up and leaned in close with my hands on his bare chest.  “Hello gorgeous.” I purred.  He eyed me up and down before wrapping his arms around me and resting his hands on my ass. “Hello yourself.”

We chatted, me being a slutty flirt and him the sexiest gentleman.  We walked arm and arm along the aisles.  His name was David.  He actually owned a comic shop and volunteered at a local boy’s club where he taught boxing.  His deep voice made my insides tingle.  Soon we were heading to lunch.  I was hoping that before the check came he would invite me to his room.  Sadly, he had to get back to his booth.  We parted and I gave him a kiss on the cheek as I squeezed that steel hard ass of his.  I waved goodbye knowing that when the Convention closed for the night I had a date with David.


I wandered about the Con floor for a bit.  I stopped many times to pose for pics with people.  I browsed the prints and realized I hadn’t bought anything yet.  So for a bit I went on a shopping spree.  I found gorgeous prints and like my usual inclination tried to buy from young women who were set up at the Con.  I bought from men as well, but I always felt a desire to support the gender I wanted to join.  There were some trades, including the final volume I needed in the BDSM romance comic, SUNSTONE.  I loved that romantic tale of the fanfic writer finding a Mistress and then slowly they fall in love.  The thing was that the fourth volume had a big cliffhanger.  So finding that book was heavenly providence.

I found a seat at an unoccupied table and dropped my arm load of loot.  Why had I not brought a bag to carry these books?  I was sorting through the stash when I sensed Mistress.  It was a feeling of submission and desire rolling over my body.  My nipples hardened as I saw her.  She was striding down the aisle in a video game style suit of armor, it just had more skin and conformed to her perfect body.  Walking in front of her in a crouched position were two gorgeous girls that were covered in a scale like green skin.  They were really naked if you looked hard enough.  They opened their mouths and long forked tongues tasted the air.  I imagined those tongues licking my soft treasure and shivered.

Mistress commanded her dragon girls to sit and she sat beside me grinning.  “So my darling, I think I saw you with a very handsome gentleman earlier.”  I blushed at her comment.  “Yes Mistress, his name is David and he is so wonderful.”  She smiled and laid her hand on my arm.  Suddenly I became very aware of her closeness and began to feel my heart racing.  “I guess you will need these taken care of and this to help you this evening.”  With a wave of her hand my purchases vanished and a black backpack that seemed to match my cosplay suit appeared.  “Your things are in the room you slept in last night.  The pack contains some essentials for your date.”  I grinned and turned red thinking of David.  “Thank you Mistress.”

She looked over at two young women standing around nearby booths. It was clear that they were not together, but seemed to be checking each other out.  “I think you will like this one.”  She made a motion and chanted something and I saw the women begin to change into the characters from SUNSTONE.  One in tight red latex and a collar around her neck.  The leash was held by the other woman in the black dominatrix get up.  They came close and walked away hand in hand.  I sighed as I watched them go.  “Okay Sweetie.  Remember to do whatever you need to do before midnight.  The suits automatically come home and that is what brings you as well.”  She then stood and cracked the straps holding her dragon girls and sauntered away.

I checked the time and realized it was almost time for the Convention to close for the day.  I hurried to David’s booth and leaned over some long boxes.  I knew he kept checking the bare skin of my chest as I did this and loved seeing him flustered.  He finished and left his workers to finish up and we left the floor.  “Where do you want to go?” he asked.  “Anywhere is fine with me.  I just need a place to change.  Can we use your hotel room?”  “Of course.  I can change too.”  He took my arm and we walked to his hotel.  On the elevator ride up he slipped his arm around my waist and I leaned into his body.  He smelled so good.

He offered to let me shower and I figured it would be good to wash the sweat and powder from my skin.  I took a quick one and came out wrapped in a towel.  He looked me over as he sat on the bed.  “Next” I giggled.  He slowly walked past me and I felt tingles from his appreciative stare.  Soon he was in the shower and I had the room to myself.  I laid the catsuit aside and opened the bag.  I pulled out a frilly lace thong and strapless bra.  They were red and very sheer.  I pulled the thong up my legs and felt so sexy.  I hooked my bra in the front and shifted it around to get my breast inside.  Next I pulled out a pair of red leather pants.  I had to pull and pull to get them on, but once they were on it was like a second skin.  I looked at my ass in the mirror on the door.  Next was a pair of red leather high heel boots.  They fit perfectly.  Last was a corset like leather bustier.  It gave my modest breast great cleavage.  I put on the deodorant and then put on the makeup I found in the bag.  Somehow I knew how to do my face like I had always been doing it.  

I had just leaned back on the bed when I heard the shower door open.  My breath caught and I gasped when David strolled out wearing just a towel.  His body was very fit and I became lost in burning every line of his chest and arms and everything in my mind.  He smiled and I melted.  “Uh, Taylor, do you mind turning your head?”  I blushed and did so.  I heard the towel hit the floor and was dying to take a peek.  I closed my eyes and hummed trying to distract myself.  I heard David laugh.   “You can look now.”

When I turned my head I saw the tight white t-shirt he had on.  It made his skin so sexy as it contrasted with his sexy skin.  He was in a pair of black denim jeans and just putting on his socks and shoes. I smiled and he just grinned that sexy and goofy grin of his.  I reached in the pack and found a purse with ID that matched my form and all a gal might need for the evening. 

He took me to a very nice restaurant uptown and afterward we strolled the sidewalks taking in the city nightlife.  We stopped in a park near his hotel and he pulled me into his arms and gave me a long and passionate kiss.  I leaned into it and our tongues explored.  His strong arms encircled me and I was falling into him.  Each kiss made my head spin more and more.  I felt him squeeze my ass and something else pressed against me as we embraced.  I looked in his eyes and he knew I was his.

Back in the room it was a flurry of action as we tripped and fumbled through the door.  I pulled his shirt over his head and began kissing his chest.  He picked me up and tossed me on the bed.  I laid back as he pulled my boots off.  He then kicked his shoes away and began pulling my pants.  They were tight and it took some effort.  After I was just in my thong.  He kissed a trail up my legs and I worked to unhook my top.  I was in my bra and panties when he towered above me in only his jeans.  I moved up to meet him and we kissed, and kissed, and kissed.  Every touch from him felt electric.  I felt scared just a bit, but even though it was intense, David was gentle with me.  He undid my bra and started to suck on my nipples, alternating and driving me crazy.  I pulled him around and pushed him back on the bed.  I looked and could see the bulge in the jeans.

I slowly unbuckled his belt and then his jeans.  As I unzipped him his cock swung up and free.  It was huge and getting so hard.  I pulled his jeans off and just stared at it.  I had only had a tiny penis as a guy.  Never had I seen one so large in real life.  I slowly reached out and let my fingers run along it and jerked my hand back when it moved.  David laughed.  I then wrapped my fingers around it, well, almost around it.  Somehow I became entranced by his shaft.  I slowly began stroking it.

Not really knowing why I started to lean down and then I swallowed the tip of his cock.  Slowly I slid my hot wet mouth down.  The more I did the more I wanted to suck.  Soon I heard him moaning and felt his hand on my head.  Soon he pulled me up and off him.  I looked at him with a pout.  As he put me on my back I felt him pull the thong off me.  He was over me and I knew he would make love to me.  My heart was racing.  I wanted this so much.

He slowly eased into me.  Lifting my legs.  As his cock advanced I felt a tight pressure and saw a puzzled look on his face.  I felt a tear and I suddenly knew that like myself, this body was a virgin.  He eased all the way in and as he did the pain subsided.  My wetness helped him slide in and out of me in such a wonderful way.  Then he was out of me.  I saw him reach into his suitcase and slide something over himself.  It was a condom.

Then he was back inside me and I was feeling so high as his shaft moved inside me.  My clit pulsed as he rubbed it.  His speed picked up and he would kiss my breast and then me and then pull my ass up high as he got a better position.  I was riding a wave of hormonal bliss.  I also was experiencing multiple orgasms.  We made love for hours and then exhausted, cuddled in each other’s arms. As we ended up with him behind me, those strong arms holding me, I began to cry.  “Oh honey, what’s wrong?”  I took his hand and kissed it.  “Nothing David.  Thank you for being my first.”  We fell asleep and at midnight I found myself on the floor in the bedroom Mistress had given me.  She lifted me up and put me in my nightie.  Soon I was asleep in her arms dreaming of David.  “Oh my darling Taylor, I think you might have fallen in love.”  She whispered in my ear.

I hope you like it enough to keep reading. I am like many out here in that I am struggling financially. I write because the stories are in my head and need to be free. If you have a few dollars and you like my writing, then go to my Kofi page; and help me out.

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