Convention Dreams

Chapter 2

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #D/s #dom:female #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #bondage #clothing #comic_book #exhibitionism #fantasy #furry #Sex #transformation #Transgender #urban_fantasy

Taylor gets their first costume.

All characters in this work of fiction are, even after transformations, are 18 or older.

I was giddy.  So many times I wanted to cosplay as a female and now I was.  So many men were stopping me to get pictures.  I was becoming flirty as they gave me more attention.  The best was the little kids.  It was easier now than before when I was in the wrong body.  I felt free and that freedom was making me more extroverted.  There were real world drawbacks, but truthfully they were worth it.

My back hurt a bit as I sat down.  The corset was not really supportive of my new breast.  The heels had been something the magic took care of so I walked without twisting my ankle.  Still, I had sore feet from being on my heels all morning.  I had retreated to a back table in a rest area that had been set up.  I had just closed my eyes when I heard her.  “How is my darling doing?”  I snapped to attention and looked at the goddess dressed as she had been when I first saw her.  “I am very happy Mistress.” I beamed up at her.

She laughed and caressed my cheek.  “Sweet Taylor, you instinctively knew what to call me.  Such a good girl.”  Her praise made my body respond in a nice way.  “I have been having so much fun Mistress.”  I blushed.  “Good,” she replied, “now you can watch me have some fun.  Maybe even help.”  

“Watch and see how your Mistress relaxes.”  She motions across the way to a woman in an anime style outfit.  She was like a cross between a school girl and a cat girl.  A simple and cute cosplay.  “I think she needs those ears to be real.  Also, every kitten needs some fur.”  Her hands made a few motions and I watched the woman walk towards us.  As she did I watched her get younger.  Her head morphed to that of a cute cat girl and those ears now moved like real cat ears.  Her fur was a soft orange with black stripes.  I was shocked when the tail appeared twitching from under the short pleated skirt.  “Mistress, she is so cute.”  She smiled and replied.  “I think double d breast in that white blouse.  Probably starting her cycle, that means she will be in heat.”  She laughed.  Soon the cutie cat girl was sitting on the floor beside me as I petted her.  The purrs were very soothing.

It was then we saw the group of young men harassing a poor girl coming from the artist area.  She was a pretty girl with glasses and a body that was hidden behind her plain clothes.  The blonde girl was a knockout that was hidden.  The guys were just being rude.  One was trying to grope her since her hands were full.  I looked over and Mistress was different.  A rage had come over her and I wondered the fate of the three young men.  All four people froze and the changes began.

The young girl stood straight and I watched her hair form a very high and tight ponytail.  

Her clothes were now latex and a mix of catsuit and corset.  Red and black clung to her like a second skin and she was in very high heels.  The men began to change.  The two less offending were turning into twin girls.  Short black hair in a bob cut framed pale skin.  Deep red lips stood out as did the spiked collars around their necks.  One wore a black shiny vinyl bikini top and short skirt.  The other wore a red version.  High heels completed the look.   The aggressive man was different in his changes.  He was taking on a different look, compressing into a blobby body.  His clothes melted away and I realized he was transforming into a pot bellied pig.  He was on a leash and the group walked into the crowd.

It was more of that for a while.  I was in awe of my Mistress.  I had accepted that this woman was my Mistress and I should always stay on her good side.  “Okay Darling, If you wish I can have all your things moved to my booth.  You have fun and then come home to me.  Does that sound good?”  “Yes Mistress.” I replied.  “What about her?”

“Your cat girl?  She is yours.  Take good care of her.” and she was gone.  Looking on her collar tag I saw she was named Sara.  “Come on Kitty, let’s go explore.”

Sarah was a hit.  People were blown away by how realistic her cosplay was, if they only knew.  Her speech was gone, she communicated in different ways.  We were like two silly teenagers as we walked the hall.  So many pictures and so many guys.  One young man that was slightly overweight and standing away from his buddy that was trying to get in my panties was standing to take a picture for that friend.  I remembered being the one on the outside of the group, always wanting to be touched and have intimate connections.  I walked over and took the phone from him.  “Yours?”  I asked.  “Y-y-yes.”  he stammered back.  His buddy even expected him to send the pics, hell no.  I turned and looked at his friend, “So you wouldn’t mind taking some pics of us would you?”  His stunned buddy took the phone and looked like he was a deer caught in headlights.  “I began leaning against the fellow and rubbing my hand on his back at first.  I whispered to him, “Relax cutie, just let me give you a real convention memory.”

I began making all the cheesecake poses I could think of as the poor guy’s heart hammered in his chest.  I felt the beats when my hand rested there during one pose.  I ended the pictures with a deep kiss.  Then I guided him to a table so he could lean on it.  Sarah was hopping up and down clapping her paws together.  She was adorable.  I took back his phone to make sure his friend did not delete any pics and off me and my kitten went.

More fun was had as we walked to the exit.  I saw some really wild and sexy cosplays and figured Mistress had been busy.  Sarah was purring so loud now and I wondered what had gotten her so revved up.  When she began licking my ear I kinda figured.  She pulled a hotel keycard envelope out of her….well I am not sure where she had it on her.  It didn’t matter as she led me to the hotel and soon I was opening her door.

Sarah was pawing at her clothes the moment we entered.  I pulled the blouse off of her and realized she had no bra.  Those breasts of hers were magnificent and furry.  I hurried with her skirt and panties.  Free she began stretching and walking around me on all fours.  Soon her head was against my newly made groin and the purring began vibrating me in a really good way.  I began taking off my costume.  Any fear that the spell would disappear when I removed my clothes were unfounded.

I ran my hands up my legs after removing the boots.  The softness of the stocking suit felt so wonderful.  Sara was pulling at my corset and I had to shoo her away.  “Hang on Kitten, I am new to being a girl.”  She gave me a puzzled look and then curled up on the bed.  I went to the mirror and began removing each item of the costume until I was in a very sexy red bra and thong panties.  I cupped my breast and was grinning.  I felt so good and so silly.  I began posing in the mirror.  I was blowing kisses and giggling.  My voice was so lovely.  I tussled my long curly hair and was really just having fun.  Sarah had become interested and was now rubbing against my legs.  Her tail began swishing between my thighs.  “Meow….meeeeeroooowww.”  “Okay sweetie.” I reached down and rubbed her behind the ears.

When I did the weight of my breast pulled down and I saw the two round globes wobble.  Tears began to come as I felt so right.  Soon I was out of the underwear and had a very enthusiastic catgirl licking my new flower.  I had been able to push my tiny cock inside my body and masturbate like that pretending it was a slit, but this was something so different.  There was a building of emotion that came from deep inside and then was like a wave crashing.  Before that one ended another one came.  It was a constant feeling of everything good.  That tongue inside me, on my new clit, her paws caressing me, I was losing myself to the pleasure.

“Oh Sarah.” I moaned as I moved so we were each able to give the other pleasure.  I probably was not very good, but with her being in heat the purrs and meows were fast and furious.  I would recommend having sex with a catgirl.  The vibration on my clit as she licked was so good.  We were hands and mouths for hours until finally falling asleep.  I woke up at midnight I guess as I found myself on the soft carpet of my Mistress’ bedroom.

“Hello Taylor.  From the look of you I guess Sarah was a good companion.” she grinned.  Naked I assumed a submissive position on my knees with hands palm down on legs.  My head bowed.  “I do so love your submissiveness.  Raise your head my dear.”  I obeyed, it just felt right.  I knew I was born to be like this, to be this girl.  “Sadly, you have to become a boy again.”

My body reverted and I know I was crying.  The loss of womanhood was too much.  I vaguely remember Mistress picking me up to my feet and placing a silky nightgown that fit perfectly over my male body on me.  I was just a mess of tears.  She placed me in her bed and held me as I cried myself to sleep.  “Shhhh hush now my darling.  In the morning you get a new body to try out.  Just relax and sleep.  Relax.”  She repeated the words as she stroked my hair.  I was soon asleep. 

I hope you like it enough to keep reading. I am like many out here in that I am struggling financially. I write because the stories are in my head and need to be free. If you have a few dollars and you like my writing, then go to my Kofi page; and help me out. Day 2 coming soon.

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