Convention Dreams

Chapter 1

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #D/s #dom:female #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #bondage #clothing #comic_book #exhibitionism #fantasy #furry #Sex #transformation #Transgender #urban_fantasy

Taylor is attending a Convention like always when their deepest desires are offered to them. This is a story that is about choices and transformations.

All characters in this work of fiction are, even after transformations, are 18 or older.

The Comic Book Convention had been open for about an hour when she arrived.  Every head turned, male and female.  She was dressed as a character like so many other persons there that day.  Her full bodied red hair contrasted with her tight green corset.  A covering of vines with small closed flowers encircled her body and almost seemed alive as she walked the convention hall.  She was like a goddess come to life and exuded a sexuality that could be felt by all that came into her presence.  I was entranced.

We both weaved our way around the hall, her clearing a path with her strange effect on the people and me dodging people to keep my eyes on her.  I was attracted for sure, but my secret self was wanting to be her.  I was so jealous of the way her hips curved as she walked.  Her gorgeous pale skin was something I had dreamed of having along with that long red hair.  She was so close to what I wished I looked like.  I wanted to be her as much as I wanted to kiss her.

So I trailed behind in wonder as she seemed to be hunting.  It was then that she suddenly moved toward the back corner and stood by a man in a barbarian costume.  He was very manly with clearly defined muscles where skin showed.  The leather pants he wore were tight enough to show he worked out as did the rippled chest that he proudly displayed.  A silly looking oversized axe was resting beside him as he tried to chat up the girl at the booth.  She had a specialty of fantasy paintings that he could have stepped out of easily.

The woman walked up and with her hands held out toward each person’s face the vines moved and the flowers were now in front of the man and woman.  A pop and a hiss sounded and a fine pink mist covered the faces of the flower’s targets.  I could hardly believe what happened next. The man started to shrink and a shimmer wrapped around his body and clothes.  Hard muscle was changing into soft curves.  The leather pants became tight bikini type bottoms.  Boots were now fuzzy and came up above the calves.  Blonde hair grew and twisted into a long braid that fell below the new woman’s bottom.  The rippling muscles now had become heavy and rounded breasts that were barely contained by the chainmail bikini top.  Instead of an axe she held a wicked looking sword.

It was only after the man finished turning into a woman did I notice the woman at the booth was different as well.  She was no longer the petite brown haired girl next door.  Now she was a tall raven haired goddess.  The white catsuit left nothing to the imagination.  Her nipples were on display as she walked around the booth and took the little barbarian warrior woman in her arms.  They kissed as if alone and the way each caressed the other what was in their future was clear.

Only then did I realize the woman responsible was standing beside me.  She leaned in and whispered in my ear.  “Meet me at booth A-6969.”  Then she was gone.

Standing alone in the crowd of people that was flowing around me I wondered if I was hallucinating.  Then I saw the two transformed people in a very open expression of affection.  The goddess in white was openly groping the bottom of the sexy warrior woman in her arms.  I ran to a corner of the convention hall and slid to the floor as my breathing became ragged.  It was real.  She had transformed them.  Could she transform me?  I grabbed my program and searched the floor map but there was no listing for an A-6969 Booth.

Where is it?  I jumped up and hurried to the info booth.  I asked the girl behind the table, “Where’s Booth A-6969 located?”  She squirreled her nose at me and replied, “What are you talking about?  Our booths don’t go that high.”  From behind her I hear,”Maybe he means the annex that was put up this morning.”  “Oh, yeah...the annex.”  Her speech seemed off.  “Back up the escalator and to the left.”

I left the confused girl and was soon outside a meeting room that had a banner over it with a fancy script announcing Booth A-6969.  After gulping down a breath I step inside.  It was like a different place than the rest of the Convention.  All around were soft couches and bed-like squares that were covered in a silky fabric.  As I walked deeper into the room I saw people engaged openly in sex and some looked strange.  There was a man that looked like a real Minotaur taking a gorgeous woman from behind.  She looked like a female bodybuilder and was so attractive.  Beyond them characters from every comic and movie you could imagine were fucking with abandon.

“Taylor.” a soft voice cooed from behind a curtain.  “Come in my daughter.”  She knew my name, and my secret.  I pulled back the curtain and stepped through and was blinded by the beautiful creature seated before me on a chair that could only be considered a throne.  “Undress and kneel.” she said.  My hands were obeying before my mind could register that I was stripping before her.  I became embarrassed as my fat and ugliness was revealed.  I felt tears run down my face as I was made vulnerable.  As I started to remove my underwear she raised a hand for me to stop.  I froze and felt the fabric change into soft and light material.  I looked down and saw a familiar pair of panties that I knew were at my home hidden.  “That will do Taylor.”  I walked forward and knelt before her.  On my knees, hands on legs, head bowed before her.

“My you are a submissive girl.  I hardly had to use any power to make you obey.”  She stood and walked around me, caressing my back.  Her fingers soon were under my chin and raising my head.  “You may look at me darling.”  She sat back down and studied me.  “Such pain inside you.  It almost overwhelmed my senses as I was having some fun this morning. I come to these events to make the attendees my playthings.  Some will revert back after the last day and others will not.  Reality will shift and everyone is happy.”  I felt the cold of the room stiffen my nipples and I shivered.  “My oh my you are trapped are you not?  I sense you are aroused, stand up, let me see.”

I stood.  She came forward and was inspecting my crotch.  A small bulge was present, but not the hardness of a man.  My penis was small and barely even there.  Looking in my eyes she raised an eyebrow, “You really are mostly a girl.  I think you need help.”  Taking me by the hand she guided me to a room with mirrors.  Along the sides of the room were costumes.  I realized her garb from earlier was hanging there.  I also for the first time realized she was naked.  Her breasts were gorgeous and the way her hips and back met her legs would have made any man rock hard.  I just felt tingles and arousal.

“For you my dear I am going to give you three days of being the real you.  We shall find out who that is by letting you pick three costumes and living the day as that girl dressed up for the convention.  You will be you, mostly.  The personality you hide will be allowed to play.  Each night at midnight you will be transported back here and after a rest you will choose again.  On the last night together we will make you whole.”  She stepped back and motioned for me to choose.

The first one to catch my eye was the first character I ever loved.  I loved her before I knew her name or story.  I took the pink stocking suit down and slipped inside.  Next came the full red corset bodysuit combination that shaped my hips and pushed my breast up into a sexy look under the pink fabric.  Red boots slid easily up my long legs.  I hooked the cape around my neck and placed her pointed head gear on the curly brunette locks that streamed down my back.  I looked in the mirror and a lovely and sexy woman stared back.  Full curves and raw sexuality flowed forth.  Suddenly I was standing in the Convention Hall.

So this is the beginning. I hope you like it enough to keep reading. I am like many out here in that I am struggling financially. I write because the stories are in my head and need to be free. If you have a few dollars and you like my writing, then go to my Kofi page; and help me out. Look for more chapters and I do hope you enjoy the fantasy I dreamed after my own trip to the Comicbook Convention.

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