Convention Dreams

Alternate Ending to Convention Dreams

by AlexiaRose

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So I finished the romantic and lovely ending to Convention Dreams. Still there was more. I had a feeling of what if the ending had a darker edge to it. So Taylor has all that happened up until one point, then the story takes a turn. 

For the final time, all characters, even once transformed, are 18 or older. This is fiction. The world would be really different if it were not fiction.


(This ending takes place just after Taylor leaves the transformed Goth Girl.)

It was lunchtime and I headed out to a local restaurant to get a bite to eat.  The Con would soon be over and I had to think of some way to convince Mistress to change me permanently.  There was no way I could go back to the life I once had after experiencing the joys and the struggles of being a woman.  I felt right for the first time in my life.  I was happy.  It could not end at midnight, it just couldn’t.  I looked over across the room and saw David.  He was so dreamy.  The way his smile was just so subtle, his eyes so bright, his body so perfect.  I couldn’t help but listen in on the conversation he was having with his friends.

“Yeah man, I saw you with that smokin’ hot woman in the catsuit.” his friend said.  “So what I want to know is did you tap that?”  “Oh, yeah,” David replied, “Get this, that gal was a virgin.”  “ALRIGHT! Virgin pussy at the Con, you one lucky mofo bro.” his buddy grinned. The other man had a sour look and said, “Just make sure that Melody never finds out.  You know I always figured your wife would cut that dick off and feed it to you if she ever found out what you did on these trips.”

What?  Wife?  Tears began to fill my eyes and I laid down more than enough money for the bill and the tip.  I just needed to get out of there.  I was moving fast and bumping into people as I fled the scene of my humiliation.  How could I have been so stupid.  He didn’t care about me, just the sexed up fantasy I had been.  What an idiot I had been.  I wasn’t special, just a pussy for him to fuck.  Why?  Tears came fast and heavy as I slumped on a bench outside the event.  I heard the sound of running water as the fountain nearby flowed.

In her Booth Mistress watched me in one of her mirrors.  A sad look on her face turned into dark fury.  She was leaking magic from her eyes and fingers as she seethed with rage.  In a flash of power she was gone and transported to a hotel room.  Once there she made some motions with her hands and a gorgeous woman with chocolate skin stood in the room.  She had apparently been at the gym as she had on a white sports bra and navy blue tights.  Her skin glistened with sweat and before she could utter a word Mistress froze her in place.

David was shocked when he entered his hotel room to find his wife Melody standing frozen with a shocked expression on her face.  He then saw the woman sitting on the bed and started to say something when her gaze froze him as well.  Mistress stood and placed a hand on David’s shoulder and all his clothes disappeared.  “Well, at least I can see why Taylor was attracted to you.  Too bad your mind is not as pretty as your body.”  She then walked over and placed a hand on Melody.  “Now listen my dear.  You will remain calm and do as I say.  I know that you are innocent of your husband’s sins, but I will not have you being wild and crazy on me.”  With that Melody was also naked but could move.

“I have transported you here because your husband took advantage of a sweet innocent girl I have grown very fond of and he hurt her.” Mistress flicked her wrist and David doubled over in pain.  “You don’t know, but he apparently fucks many a girl at these Conventions and cheats on you.”  Another flick and David was on his knees kneeling in agony.  Melody had a stunned and hurt look on her face.  Then Melody became angry.  “David, is this true?” she asked.  He looked at her and said nothing.  Mistress flung her arm down and a whip of energy cracked across his back.  “Answer your wife!”  

“Y-y-yesss, dear.” he said through tears and pain.  Melody slapped him hard enough to leave a hand print on his dark skin.  “You bastard!  How long?  How long has this been going on?” she asked.  “Since we were married five years ago.”  Melody sank to the floor, her world shattered.  All the energy drained from her body and she began to cry.  “Why?  I love you so much, I love you…..” she trailed off.

“That is the second woman you have made cry today” Mistress said.  She walked over and began stroking Melody’s hair and the young woman clung to her leg as she continued to cry.  Mistress just stared at David.  “What will I do with you?” she sighed.  Suddenly they were all back in the booth Mistress had created.  David stood against the wall and was chained.  Melody stood by the Mistress and seemed broken.  “Melody,” Mistress said softly. “Go and get David very hard.  When you think he is about to cum, pull at his cock and balls.”

That is what she did.  It didn’t take her long to stroke him into his full length and with a mighty pull his member and balls pulled away becoming a realistic looking dildo.  Melody held it and was confused.  She was in her hotel room at the convention on the last day.  Before going to her area and finishing up sales for her shop she needed to relieve some stress.  She lay on the bed and began pleasuring herself with her former husband's cock.  As she did her new reality set in.  David however started to change.  As he felt every thrust.  He changed a bit until he was a version of one of Mistress’ harem girls The sexy new woman began shuddering as the dildo was thrust into his former wife. Forevermore she would feel the effects of her former manhood as if she were being penetrated.

Taylor sat on that bench until the sun set.  When midnight came she was transported with the costume to Mistress.  She ran to Mistress and cried in her embrace.  “There, there, my pet.  All you have to do is submit and I will love you forever.  Taylor slid to the floor and was in her kneeling position.  As she fell her body and clothes changed.  Long red hair in a tight pony-tail flowed from her head.  The face she had was angelic and her lips frosty pink.  A pink collar formed around her neck and the diamonds along it spelled out “Pet.”  She was naked.  Her porcelain skin glowed and the modest breast stood proud.  No hair below her neck except a bit of hair over her treasure that was shaped like a rose.

Pet looked up at Mistress and smiled.  “Thank you Mistress.”

That is the end of this tale. Someday The Mistress may return, so far she has not been in my mind. What I found interesting, was the comments when this was published on another site. People there liked the alternate ending better. Please let me know what your favorite ending was if you would. 

 I am like many out here in that I am struggling financially. I write because the stories are in my head and need to be free. If you have a few dollars and you like my writing, then go to my Kofi page; and help me out.


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