The Witch's Price

Chapter 2

by Aiden

Tags: #cw:incest #dom:male #f/m #sub:female

Author's Note: I have previously stated that only one chapter of this commissioned series would be posted for public viewing. The series has received so much positive feedback, that the client has commissioned another chapter. A five year time skip, along with a sequel. No spoilers, but it's spicy ;)

In celebration for the release of the finale and a bundle for the entire series, we have decided to allow chapter 2 out for viewing. Please enjoy.

Chapter 2

“Oh, Master.” The voice of my mother filled the master bedroom, her moans a high pitch mix of pure pleasure and uncontained lust. 

I grunted a reply, driving my cock back into her pussy, feeling her walls clamping around my hard length. The rhythmic slap of my heavy balls smacking into the lower curve of her ass echoed around us.

“Master! Oh!” Her moans grew louder, and she raised her neck towards the ceiling, moaning me out. I could tell she was gritting her teeth by the tightness of her jaw. She wanted to orgasm but couldn’t.

Because the rules stated she couldn’t cum without my explicit permission.

I smacked her ass, enjoying watching the waves rippling across her cheek while I rode her from behind, doggy style. “Slave, repeat the rules back to me.”

Like the obedient pet I made her become, she did as she was told, although she was having some trouble talking.

“I must be—fuck… I must be naked…around the house at all times.”

I rammed my cock into her, deep, and I hit something hard. “What next?”

Mom groaned from the impact, her chest heaving in and out, her body slick with sweat. “I’m not allowed to…to…” A gasp escaped her, and she sucked in air. “Fuck… I’m not allowed to orgasm unless—ohhh unless I’m…allowed to.”

“What next?”

“A French kiss…must be given…to Master every time, fuck, every time I leave for work.”

My nails dug into her thighs as my orgasm teetered on the edge. I gritted my teeth like my mother had been doing. “What next?”

“I have to…” A cry escaped her lips, and she bit down on her lower lip. “Master, please, I have to cum. Please.”

I slammed a hand down onto her right cheek, causing her another cry, this one full of pain. “What next?”

She was sobbing as she managed the last words out, every breath strained. “I…have to…send naughty selfies for Master…for Master to enjoy himself while…while I’m at work.”

I sped up as I came undone, spurting my hot seed into her pussy. My mother writhed in front of me, her body squirming and twisting, fighting to stray off her own orgasm. She grabbed a pillow within reach and sank her teeth down onto it, her screams of despair and frustration muffled.

I sighed happily when I was done. Wiping the sweat off my brow, I pulled out of my mother, went around her, and settled myself on my back in front of her. 

She was a sobbing mess. Tears were still rolling down her cheeks. I raised a hand and took her chin in between two fingers. She released her teeth from the pillow, and it fell onto the mattress.

My mother looked at me, her emerald eyes filled with pleading. She parted her lips to say something, and although no sound came out, her message was clear.

Please let me cum.

Releasing my grip on her chin, I skated my thumb up, then dragged it across her bottom lip. 

“One more,” I told her, inserting my thumb through her parted mouth. “There’s one more rule. What is it?”

Her words were slurred with my thumb pressing against her tongue. I withdrew my hand away and cupped her cheeks. 

“What did you say?”

“Master.” Along with her entire frame, her voice was shaking. “You didn’t mention a fifth rule.”

“I didn’t?” I let my hand fall and rubbed my chin. “Hmm. Oh yeah, I didn’t.” I met her gaze and smiled, drunken over the power I had over her. “Fifth rule, when we go out for dates or for whatever reason, you must always wear slutty outfits.” I gestured for her to turn around. She did with trembling knees and presented her ass to me.

“Along with dressing like a slut you are, I will insert toys inside you.” I reached for her cheeks, her flesh hot under my palms. “So, you will always have something jammed in this big ass of yours when we go out.”

A sob escaped her, and she started shaking more.

“Don’t cry,” I said, holding back a laugh. I clicked my tongue to get her attention. She looked back at me with tear-stained eyes. I motioned her to turn back towards me, which she immediately did. 

I didn’t know which sight I liked better, her pretty face or her big ass.

“It won’t be that bad,” I assured her, my hands on her wet cheeks. “It will never be as bad as what you did to me.”

“Please…” my mother sobbed in between heavy sniffs. “Can I please cum now?”

I couldn’t hold the laughter back anymore. It escaped me, reduced to a few chuckles. “Why should I let you cum? You couldn’t even repeat the rules back to me.”

“But you—”

I slapped her. Not enough to cause any real pain, but enough to shut her up.

“Never talk back to me,” I warned. “I will punish you for that later.”

“I’m sorry, Master.” Tears dripped down her chin. “I’m so sorry.”

“Now you’re sorry,” I muttered. I sighed and hopped off the bed, clapping my hands together once my feet hit the ground. “Okay, mother,” I boomed. “Time to clean ourselves up. Come.”

I walked into my mother’s bathroom with her trailing closely behind.

“Nice,” I said as I looked around the en suite. It was my first time being here, and I marveled at the marbles around me. The place smelled amazing, freshly scented with a hint of lemon.

Why did my bathroom not look like this? I knew I had the worst room in the house, but my god, the difference was insane.

“You must spend a lot of time here,” I commented, my gaze on the products lining up on the massive vanity. There were more bottles inside the shower room, which was surrounded by enormous glass walls. I noticed a fancy-looking bottle of pink body wash in the middle of the stack. It must’ve been the source of my mother’s delicious strawberry scent.

My mother’s gaze was cast down on the marble tiles. “Yes, I do.”

I looked at the enormous mirror in front of us, studying our reflections. We had just woken up not even an hour ago, so I was looking scruffy with my hair all messed up. But my mother, she looked like an angel, all perfect, her skin glowing.

If only people ignored her outside and knew what a devil she was inside.

“Well, I’m going to spend a lot of time here too,” I muttered. There was plenty of room to migrate my toiletries. Not that I used a lot. I had only the basics, and judging by the mountains of products in here, I used less than a fifth of what my mother had. “Get used to it.”

“Yes, Master,” she agreed solemnly, sounding defeated and broken.

I stepped into the glass shower, and my mother entered with me, one hand crossed, the other hanging limp by her side.

Turning on the faucet, a sigh escaped me as warm water pelted my skin. My bathroom wasn’t connected to a water heater, so this was an enthralling experience. 

My mother didn’t move. The water spread was big and wide, so the rain covered both of us nicely. I brought her hand around her hips and edged her closer to me. She didn’t resist.

“A slave’s duty is to clean her Master,” I informed her. She was still staring at her feet, so I gave her ass a nice smack, making her look up in shock. “Clean me up, slave.”

My mother was unsure about what to do. Slowly, as if in a daze, she raised her hands towards my front. I stopped her.

“Not with your hands,” I snapped. Squeezing her cheeks, I brought her even closer, our lips brushing. She looked so anxious. “With your tongue.”

Even more hesitantly now, my mother extended her tongue just halfway out. I took a quick swipe to her tongue using my own and then stepped back, nodding. She leaned forward and down, and a second later, I felt warmness on my neck. 

Her licks were slow. Robotic, even. I said nothing, just breathed. She licked around my entire neck first, then went down to my front. Eventually, she had a rhythm going, and I closed my eyes, feeling the laps of her smooth tongue all over me, my back, my ass cheeks, my legs. When she saved my cock for last, I placed a hand on her shoulder, stopping her.

Opening my eyes, I looked down at my slave kneeling in front of me, water pelting all around us. 

“You missed a spot,” I reminded her, tapping my ass, and dismay fell on her expression.

She knew what I meant.

“Make sure it’s clean,” I said, closing my eyes again when my mom shifted around to my back.

It was a strange sensation, having something in your ass, but her tongue was flexible and soft, so it was a delightful experience. She cleaned my asshole nicely, albeit a bit quickly, then returned to my front, her lips inches away from my cock. It was hard and ready, and to be honest, I think I had been permanently erect ever since enslaving her yesterday afternoon. Even while I was sleeping, because I had woken up hard like I haven’t felt in so many years.

My mom looked up at me, waiting for my instructions. I nodded curtly, and she went to work. Her hands made first contact, pumping my length, my veins visible and protruding. Then her wonderful lips came into play. She took me into her mouth completely with one quick bob of her head. 

My fingers gripped her nape, then dug into her hair. I dictated the pace. She allowed me to, and soon, I was pushing her head in and out, hard and fast. I came seconds later, spilling semen down her throat. 

I grunted as the last wave of pleasure pulsed through me and then let her go, my chest heaving in and out.

“Did you swallow?” I asked after I regained my breath. 

“Yes, Master.”

“All of it?”

“Yes, Master.” She opened her mouth wide and extended her tongue. 

I nodded my approval. “Good.”

I gestured for her to stand up, which she did so shakily. Her knees were red and slightly bruised from all the kneeling I had made her do.

I handed her a mouth wash. “Clean your mouth.”

I watched her clean her mouth and then had her brush her teeth. Once that was done, she stood in front of me with one arm crossed, the other limp, nervous and afraid of what I might make her do next.

Stepping forward, I brought a hand to her neck and applied the tiniest amount of pressure. “This is going to be our daily routine. Two times a day, you will clean me like this. Do you understand, slave?”

“Yes, Master,” she whispered.

“Good girl,” I said, my hands still on her neck. Leaning forward, I kissed her. She kissed me back, our lips molding together nicely.

I had thought she might be hesitant to make love with me with all the embarrassing things I had made her perform. But her hands, lips, tongue, even her legs, were alive and full of energy as they brought me to heights of pleasure.

Fuck. This was the life.


Twenty-four hours ago, if you had told me I was going to eat home-cooked food, I would have laughed in your face.

Yet here I was, munching on scrambled eggs and cutting into piping hot beef sausages. And best of all, my mother was giving me another blowjob.

“I don’t know why you never cook,” I commented in between mouthfuls. “These are delicious.”

My mother tried to say something, but with my cock shoved halfway down her throat, it was gibberish.

“Slow,” I said, sipping on the cup of coffee my mother had so kindly freshly brewed for me. “I want to enjoy the meal.”

She slowed down the bob of her head, her tongue twirling around my entire length in lazy strokes. Her tongue must’ve been extremely sore, the pink organ being put through so much today.

I browsed through my phone, enjoying the best Sunday in my life. The only sounds were the birds singing outside and the sounds of sucking and licking as my mom dutifully fellated me.

I grunted my release, closed my eyes, and sighed long, my muscles tensing, then relaxing. Mother swallowed my entire load, then licked me clean. I heard her crawling from under the table.

Fuck, I was getting sore too. My cock was overworked, and my balls were overproducing. 

I opened my eyes and saw green staring back at me.

“What?” I said to her, almost a snap.

“Can I...” She had her fingers interlaced, and her hands were squeezed together, knuckles white. “Can I eat now? I’m starving.”

“Your breakfast every day will be my cum,” I told her. I didn’t know why, but my blood simmered with anger, and my vision turned red.

I stood up and slammed a hand on the dining table, making the plates and my mother jump.

“You have talked back to me twice now,” I snapped, pointing a finger at my cowering mother. It looked humorous seeing her show fear. Normally, I was the one scared for my life. “Get up on the table. On all fours. Now!”

I was all fired up.

My mother scrambled to obey. Seconds later, she was on full display on top of the table. Since we were living on the sixth floor, I doubt anyone could see her from outside the window, but if someone was enjoying the show, I wouldn’t mind. 

I circled my mother, touching her in multiple spots as I did so. A hand on her ass, a pinch on her nipples, a slap on her thighs, a tickle on her stomach. It was just to keep her guessing what I was about to do and retain the tension high.

I pecked her on the lips after I had circled her twice, just to savor that exotic fruity taste before I headed towards my room. Well, it wasn’t really my room now since Mom and I would share the master bedroom from now onwards, but I hadn’t had time to migrate my stuff yet. 

Inside, the place was a whirlwind, with my belongings all over the place. The last time I had been here, my mother had disowned me and tried to kick me out of the place. 

I located what I needed through the mess before heading back outside.

My mother gasped as I came into view, a belt in my hands. Her green eyes were wide with uncertainty and fear, and her body twitched when I gave her ass a playful smack with the belt. I could still see marks on her flesh from the wild spanking yesterday. 

“Remember, Mother?” I asked. “You used to belt me when I was a kid. Time to get a taste of your own medicine.”

“I’m sorry, Master,” my mother whimpered. “Please don’t.”

In response, I pulled back and whipped the black leather onto her right cheek, the one that was more pink, causing a loud cry to escape her lips. The force of the whip cut through the air with a satisfying ‘whoosh’.

I didn’t wait for her to recover. With an exhale, I brought another pelt into her reddening flesh, and her entire frame jerked forward in pain.

“Master!” she sobbed, looking at me with tear-stained eyes, her greens wide. “Please stop! Please!”

I went around and grabbed her pretty chin. Her skin was hot, almost feverish.

“A slave shouldn’t talk back to her Master, and you have done that three times now,” I warned. “Don’t talk. Is that understood?”

“Yes,” she whimpered in a little girl’s voice. “I’m sorry. I’ll not talk back to you again. I’m so sorry.”

“Oh, I bet you are,” I chuckled and leaned closer so that she was just inches away from me, her hot, heavy breaths heating my skin. “What does a slave do?”

“She obeys her Master,” my mother squeaked.

“Yes, what else?”

“She pleases her Master.”

“Who owns your body?”

“You, Master.”

“That’s a good girl.” I released her chin and went back to her ass. There were two vivid red lines from the whipping, one on each cheek. I brought another two down in quick succession, the sharp hiss of my belt snapping through the air. My mother half-cried, half-sobbed after each strike.

An idea came to mind as I saw her shaking like a leaf. I left my trembling mother on the table and went back into my room. I took out the jade I had kept safely under a book in my drawer and headed back to her. My mother froze when she saw the jade, her whimpers dying from her lips, replaced by silence.

“Slave,” I said. “You’re going to love the pain when I punish you. You’ll think it’s so hot to get whipped and humiliated like that, and you will have an irresistible urge to orgasm when you feel the pain. Do you understand?”

A complete monotone. “Yes.”

I went back to my room to place the jade back to its hiding spot before stalking back out. My mother’s whole expression was different when I came into her view, belt still in hand. A smile formed on her lips, and she wiggled her red ass at me suggestively.

“Master,” she purred, her voice all low and hot. She batted her long eyelashes. “Please punish me, Master.”

I pulled back and whipped her ass as hard as I could. Her skin almost split at the impact, and I was certain one more whip and I would see blood.

My mother both moaned and cried at the impact. She was so primal and loud, I wouldn’t be surprised if our neighbors had heard her. 

“You like that?” I asked, tracing my fingers at the bright red lines on her flesh.

“Oh, yes,” she breathed. She wiggled her bottom. “More, Master. Please.”

I let the belt drop from my grip, and it hit the floor with a clang. With my hands on her luscious bottom, I rubbed my fingers over the tender flesh before slipping one into her soaking cunt, drawing another loud moan from my mother.

“You’re so wet, Mother,” I commented, watching her juices drip out from her cunt and onto the table. “So goddamn wet.”

I rolled over a finger over her throbbing slit, and she jerked up. My mother was whimpering now.

“Please,” she begged me. “Please, please, please, please.”

Leaning forward, I blew on her clit, and she jerked again. She groaned, her thighs flexing and her hands gripping the sides of the table until her knuckles turned white.

“Please what?” I asked, faking ignorance.

“Please let me cum,” she breathed, a voice so low it was little more than a whisper.

“I can’t hear you,” I told her, slipping another finger into her dripping cunt. My mother gasped loudly, and she wiggled her hips, driving me deeper into her.

“Master, please! PLEASE!”

“Please what?” I slipped a third finger inside her, all the while my thumb rubbed her clit.

She lost it. Moving her hips back and forth, she rode my fingers with wild passion. She dropped her jaw low, and her eyes snapped shut.

“PLEASE LET ME CUM!” She was screaming, all composure lost. “PLEASE, MASTER! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASEEEEEE!”

If I had doubted if the neighbors could hear her, I was certain they could now.

I chuckled at her suffering. What I was doing to her was basically torture, but it was still nothing compared to the hell she had put me through.

Still, I felt a tingle of guilt. I had denied her from orgasming the moment I had woken her up today by forcing my cock down into her pussy. She might actually go insane if I kept this torture on any longer.

“Cum,” I issued the order with a grunt. I thrust my fingers in and out of her sex faster, with more ferocity. I didn’t even know if I was fingering her right. “Cum for me.”

It didn’t seem to matter. My mother melted into a puddle of pleasure.

“MASTERRRRRR! OH YESSSSSSSS,” she screamed in pure ecstasy. She rode me hard and fast, and her pussy clamped down onto my fingers, soaking them with her juices. More wetness squirted out of her as screams and moans shook the entire building.

Using my free hand, I reached over to grab her breasts, so big and plump. Big mistake. In her madness, she ducked her head and drove her teeth down into my flesh, biting the back of my hand.

It wasn’t that painful, so I didn’t stop squeezing her breasts as hard as I could while I finger-fucked her.

Her orgasm was long and fucking loud, lasting minutes. Her cries finally faded to soft whimpers, and she slumped down on the table, limp.

She turned around to look at me, her eyes red and watery. Parting her trembling lips, she spoke to me in a quivering voice.

“Th—thank you, M—Master,” she breathed, and I could tell she meant it. She started crying. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

I carried my mother off the table. She was heavy but also fragile. I brought her to the couch a few feet away and laid her there before heading to the kitchen to fish for a pint of Häagen-Dazs.

I turned on Netflix and chose a random film. Without knowing what the hell I had picked, I settled beside my shivering mother and handed her the opened pint.

“Feed me,” I instructed her.

My mother hated watching me eat ice cream. In her mind, if I was enjoying something, then it was banned from her house.

She nodded and wiped the tears from her eyes. With no spoon, she tried to use her fingers, but I clicked my tongue.

Understanding what I meant, the edges of her swollen lips curled upwards. She scooped the ice cream with her lips and tongue, then leaned over, passing the dessert into my mouth with a kiss.

The taste exploded in my tastebuds. Chocolate-flavored ice cream combined from the frozen yogurt, mixed with fresh strawberries from my mother. 

Fucking delicious.

She fed me like that, pressing her lips against mine and passing the freshly bitten ice cream using her tongue. I played with her tits and ass while I enjoyed the premium feeding service, the film playing in front of us nothing more than a background blur.

We kissed like that until the pint was half-finished. With a grunt, I stood up, took my mother in hand, and led her to the master bedroom. 

I fucked her slowly, and for the first time, tenderly. My cock was sore, and my balls were drained, so I didn’t want to do anything crazy. There was lots of foreplay before I fucked her. Long, sweet kisses and delicate touching and groping. 

Eventually, I entered her with a hiss of my breath. I didn’t orgasm until over thirty minutes later while we slowly made love, with all the time in the world on our side. I fell asleep with my head resting on her soft breasts. Best pillows in the world.


I awoke to the best feeling any man could wake up to. A morning blowjob.

I lay there, content, a smile on my face as my mother worked my cock like a pro. I finished fast. After licking my dick clean, she crawled up to me and showed me her mouth, proving that she had swallowed my load.

We went to the bathroom, and she cleaned me exactly like she had yesterday, quicker this time. It was a Monday, so we both had to be somewhere else.

I could make her quit her job right now, but she had an important position in the company, and I didn’t want to raise any suspicions. She would resign sooner or later to work full time as my personal cumdumpster, but patience was necessary.

I also didn’t mind attending classes five times a week, now that I had something to look forward to when I came back home.

Propping my elbow on the bathroom vanity, I watched my mother blow-dry her long, dark auburn hair, then styled it into a pretty ponytail. I waited for her to finish applying her makeup before we headed towards the walk-in closet.

I surveyed the many suits she had, eventually coming to a stop in front of a light blue blouse that had a nice frill in the chest area. 

“This,” I told her, then picked up a short gray pencil skirt with a long slit on the side. I passed the skirt to her. “Wear these now and go.”

My mother looked towards the undergarment area. “But, Master—”

“No bras or panties,” I interrupted. “You go to work bare underneath like the naughty slut you are.”

I could tell she was nervous, but she nodded anyway. “Yes, Master.”

She changed into the outfit I picked for her, and I couldn’t help grinning at how fucking sexy she looked in them. All her curves were pronounced, her breasts looked amazing under that blouse, and the large slit on her skirt really showed how amazing her toned legs were.

Nodding my approval, I smacked her on the ass, and she let out a little yelp, her cheeks no doubt sore from yesterday.

“Go,” I motioned out the door with a jerk of my chin. “Pick me up when I’m done with classes.”

“Yes, Master,” she breathed. Cocking her head, she kissed me.

The kiss was slow. Her lips met mine, our breaths mixing as we pressed our lips together. Her hands came up to me, one grasping my arm, the other my thigh. I gripped her ass and the small of her back.

She brushed her lips against mine tenderly, then parted them and started sucking on my lips. I moaned out my pleasure, and she swallowed my cries. When I thought it couldn’t get any better than this, her tongue came forward, brushing and licking my lips, then edged its way through the slit.

I murmured something I couldn’t recall, then parted my mouth, allowing her in. Excitement heated my skin as she played with my tongue, shifting between fast and sensual licks.

Finally, she withdrew, retracting her tongue from our dance, then bit down softly on my lips, causing me to moan again. She brushed her lips against mine one more time before she took a step back, a smile playing on her face. She knew I loved it.

“See you soon, Master,” she purred at me, then exited her room, her hips swaying seductively. She turned the corner and disappeared out of sight, but her strawberry perfume lingered all around me, teasing my senses with its delicious fruitiness. I cursed my decision to make her leave, the feel of her addictive pussy and orgasmic lips a distant memory.


The first text message came when I was sitting on the train, staring blankly at the scenery rolling past me.

Taking my phone from my jeans pocket, I glanced at a message from my mother. She had sent a picture, and from the image preview in my lock screen, it was something I needed to see.

Quickly, I fumbled for the pin code. Opening the test revealed a selfie of my mother. She was posing in front of a bathroom mirror, her ass sticking out, her cheeks disappointedly confined under the gray pencil skirt. Her blouse had three buttons undone, revealing a delicious portion of her breasts. 

The caption was a winky face followed by a red heart.

“Fuck,” a voice to my right cursed.

I turned to see an older gentleman glued to my phone screen, unembarrassed at his bold intrusion.

“And how does someone like you snag someone like her?” he said, glancing between me and the selfie, his eyes wide with disbelief. “You’re a lucky bastard, aren’t you, son?”

He frowned when I pocketed my phone away. An alert pinged around us, announcing that we were arriving at the next station soon. It was where I had to get off for school, and I did, giving the old man a departing scowl as I exited the train.


Classes were a drag, and I was seriously considering whether it was worth continuing my degree when I could be at home, my balls buried deep inside my mother.

As the lecturer, a tall man with a severely receding hairline, started talking about principles of finance, my phone buzzed in my jeans.

I knew the text would be from my mother because I was in contact with no one else. This time, I made sure no one was looking. The people at my side were listening to the lecturer, laptops in front of them, and the people behind me were doing the same. 

I took out my phone, leaned forward until my forehead was touching the edge of my desk, then peeked at the message.

This selfie was naughtier. My mother was in a pose in the same bathroom. This time, her short gray skirt was ridden up so high, her pussy was in full view. The pinkish flesh of her sex was swollen and glistening wet. The caption read, thinking of you, Master ;)

I had never received texts from anyone, much less getting naughty selfies from a woman. It felt hot and exciting, and I was really loving the way I was feeling.

Grinning, I dialed her number and pressed the phone close to my ear. 

She picked up on the first ring.

“Master?” Her silky voice sent tingles running through me.

I spoke quickly and in a hushed volume. “Change the call to video. Start masturbating. Make no noise. Now.”

Pulling the phone off my ear and holding it in between my thighs and under my desk, I watched, my breaths ragged, as my phone illuminated brighter and the vision of my mother came into view.

She smiled once she saw me. She bent down and squinted her eyes to place her phone in front of her, steadying it, and I could see exactly how hard her nipples were. After making sure the phone was stable and that I had a good view of her in the frame, she stepped back, pulled down her pencil skirt, and sat down on the toilet seat.

I took a quick peek around to see if anyone had spotted what I was doing. Nobody was even looking in my direction. Everyone was minding their own business, treating me as if I was invisible, and for the first time in my life, I was glad about that. Being the nerdy loser in class had its benefits.

And I didn’t feel like a loser anymore. I would bet money that none of my classmates, even the popular jock that was always obnoxious and loud at the back, was fucking a woman as hot as my mother. And I didn’t even need to deal with the typical relationship bullshit. If my mother wasn’t in the mood for sex, well, the decision to strip and get fucked in the pussy wasn’t up to her.

I could get the best pussy anytime, anywhere, at any place, and any position I desired. What loser has that kind of power?

I focused back on my phone, just in time to see my mother slip her fingers inside her glistening cunt. Her thumb stimulated her clit, and her lips were pressed together tightly. She stared directly at me as she started fingering herself.

Realizing that there was no way I was going to last while watching the scene unfolding on my phone, I grabbed my backpack with my free hand and placed it on my right, blocking my thighs, and then positioned my laptop on my left. It wasn’t the best way to hide my cock as I unzipped my jeans and fished it out. But, it would do.

I pumped myself up and down, watching, in a trance, as my mother pumped her own fingers, in and out. She increased her pace, her actions becoming enthusiastic and wild. Her lips parted, her mouth an ‘O’ as she let out a silent moan.

I watched, my eyes wide and focused, my heart sprinting in my chest and pounding in my ears.

My mother undid her ponytail with her free hand. Her dark auburn hair cascaded down and around her face in a mess, making her look even wilder. She didn’t bother swiping her hair to the side. She could still see me in between untamed strands, and I could see her eyes, full of lust and determination as she pleasured herself into rapture.

She came at the same time I did. She made an ‘O’ with her lips again, bigger and wider, and her eyes rolled to the back of her head, showing whites as an orgasm hit her. I had to give her credit. She was silent, not even making a squeak of a moan, but her movements were the most erratic I had ever seen from her.

She trashed around the bathroom. My own orgasm was consuming me, but I continued watching, entranced at the scene unfolding on my screen. My mother got up with her fingers still in between her thighs. She wobbled around, her movements jerky and feral. Holding up an arm against a wall for support, she bit down on her wrist as she screamed into her skin. Even with so much energy, no sound came out of my speakers.

I made a mess under my desk, but my mother was still going long after my orgasm had died down. She twisted and squirmed against the wall, her hair moving with her, a complete mess, her fingers thrusting in and out so fast it was a blur on my screen. Finally, she dropped to her knees and looked at the phone. 

There were tears at the corners of her eyes, and she was breathing heavily, practically gasping for breath as her glazed eyes steeled into mine.

I nodded, and a drained smile appeared on her pretty features. Without saying a word, I killed the call, pulled my cock back into my jeans, zipped it back up, then leaned to my right to retrieve a pack of tissues from my bag.

As I cleaned the mess I had made, my mind drifted to the long schedule of classes ahead of me. It was a dull thought to have, but no matter how boring my day was going to be in school, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to be kept entertained by the messages on my phone.

On cue, my phone vibrated.


I felt the stares behind me as I opened the door and ducked into the obsidian black Mercedes.

“Master,” my mother greeted me as I closed the door and breathed in her strawberry scent. I eyed her hair in amusement. The last time I saw her, her hair was in a sexy disarray, but now it was styled up into a neat ponytail.

I grunted a reply and then pointed to a spot. “Park over there for a second.”

My mother didn’t question me, but I received a raised brow when I told her to get out of the car after she pulled us to a stop.

I exited the vehicle and went around the car, sitting myself in the driver’s seat. My mother stood outside for a brief second before making her way to the seat beside mine.

My mother’s car was her pride and joy, so it must have been painful for her to know that I was going to drive it. But that wasn’t all I had planned. A scene from Wolf of Wall Street drifted into my mind while in class, and I was going to reenact the scene, or rather, have my mother do it.

“Not there,” I told her as she closed the door.

“Master?” she asked, uncertain where I wanted her to sit. Her gaze followed mine as I looked in between my thighs.

I didn’t expect her to object outright, but I had assumed she might be hesitant. I was wrong on both counts. She seemed eager as she nodded and then shifted herself to where I sat, struggling to maneuver herself in her tight outfit. Soon, she was on my lap, facing me, our lips just inches apart.

I nodded downwards, and disappointment flashed in her eyes briefly. She lowered herself to her knees, trying to get comfortable in between my thighs.

I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down. Yet again, my cock was rock hard as it had been for the majority of the day.

“Get on sucking,” I ordered, putting the car in reverse and driving off into the main road. 

I didn’t have a driver's license, but her Mercedes had an auto-drive feature, so it wasn’t hard to figure it out, though it was difficult moving my legs with my mother taking most of the space. She was now lubricating my cock with her tongue as I navigated my way to the mall. I didn’t mind the slow start, since driving to the mall I had in mind was going to take a while.

By the time I had found a parking space in front of the shopping complex, I had orgasmed twice down my mother’s throat. There was dry semen on the edges of her lips, her face, and even some on her hair. I waited for her to clean up and reapply her makeup in the passenger seat before I hopped out of the car.

I wanted her to look as hot as possible while we held hands and browsed the mall. I wanted people to stare at us and feel jealousy.

I wanted to show my bitch off.

Leading my mother into the mall, we went into a deep section on the second floor of the shopping center, until we came to a halt in front of a store at the very end. I had seen this store several times while passing by, but I have never been in it.

The sex shop smelled of lavender and looked more fancy than it was. Vibrators, dildos, fleshlights, collars, chains, and more were stacked high on shelves. There was a lot to take in, especially for a newbie like me, and I was relieved when a store assistant came up to us. 

“Hi, may I help you?” she asked. 

The voice took me off guard. It was all sweet and innocent-sounding. And when I turned to look at her, I just couldn’t fathom how a girl so young could be working in a place like this.

She looked younger than me, someone who should be a freshman in college. The girl would be the embodiment of innocence if it wasn’t for the piercing in her lip, nose, and ears.

Her gaze flitted between Mom and me, not sure who she should be addressing. My mother looked exactly like someone who would have a sugar daddy, and I looked too young and nerdy to be one.

“We’re looking for, um.” I inhaled and tried to collect myself. Saying what I wanted to say to a random stranger, especially someone like her, was super awkward. “Um…some butt plugs?”

I didn’t know why, but the thought of inserting one inside my mom sounded extremely hot.

“Yeah, okay,” the young girl said dully, as if she had been asked that question thousands of times. Her gaze was now on my mother, expecting her to say something.

When she didn’t, she turned around and beckoned for us to follow, her shoulder-length golden blond hair swaying behind her. 

“Here,” she said as we made a turn to a section I hadn’t seen when entering the store. Rows of tear-shaped objects were lined up in the top row. The middle row had a line of beads, and in the bottom row sat huge prostate massagers. 

They all looked intimidating.

With a disinterested look, she disappeared out of sight, leaving me fidgeting.

My mother must have noticed my nervousness, because she leaned into me and whispered hotly in my ear. 

“Which of these would you like best inside me, Master?”

Her voice…all silky and smooth, and her tone…all low and submissive…

Still holding her hand, I led her along the rows of toys, studying the top section, until I stopped at the most expensive one. I took the butt plug in my hand, feeling the steel cooling my skin.

“This one?” I held up the metal butt plug for my mother to see. I didn’t know why I was asking her. Slaves don’t make decisions for their Masters.

The edges of her rosy lips curled sexily. “If you want, Master.”

Nodding, I placed the item in the basket she was holding, then snatched a line of black anal beads. This one felt like silicone. With a shrug, I dumped it into the basket, and then added a matching black gag ball I spotted while heading towards the collar section.

They were huge leather collars, medium-sized ones, and tiny chokers. As I browsed through the extensive selection, chains came into view.

“Hmm,” I muttered, picking up a golden collar that had a matching golden circular tag attached to it, along with a gold chain that was three feet long.

Visualizing my mother wearing a chain like this, while walking around the house nude like a good bitch she was…

I had to get it.

Mom paid for us, and I was a little annoyed that the store assistant kept looking at my mother and not even bothering to hide her long gazes and battering eyelids.

Why was I annoyed? Wasn’t the whole deal to show her off? Or was I annoyed at the girl’s interest in my mother, and not me instead? 

It just seemed unfair that my mother had all the attention everywhere she went because she was smoking hot, and I was treated like an afterthought.

“Do you want anything engraved on the chain?” she muttered to me, finally leveling her gaze to mine, and it was the first time I noticed that she had blue eyes, so vivid and bright. It reminded me of the strange lady, except the lady’s blues were much darker.

“Yeah,” I told her. I thought for a few seconds before coming up with a line. “Write on it, ‘sexy pet’.”

She nodded curtly before heading to the backroom, the gleaming chain clattering behind her.

Five minutes later, she appeared with the words written in cursive on the tag. I smiled with satisfaction. 

That would indeed look amazing around my mother’s neck.

The items were placed in a discreetly black plastic bag, and I had it stored inside my mother’s purse as we exited the store.

“Master,” my mother said as we took a step down the escalator. She handed me a small, folded slip of paper. 

Frowning, I straightened the piece. Written in cursive and in light pink ink was a phone number and a cute heart drawn at the end. I rolled my eyes and handed the paper back to my mother. 

Was this how it felt to be hot? You could get a one-night-stand as easy as snapping your fingers?

Next up was the clothing store. But we weren’t going to any ordinary women’s clothing shop. We headed towards the branded stores and into the slutty section.

Everything was going to be charged to my mother’s card, and I knew she was loaded. So, why not go crazy? 

After all, I deserved nothing but the best after everything I was put through.

I was the only man in the store, so I took my time looking at everything there was and picked out the sluttiest outfits I laid my eyes on, not caring for the ridiculous price tags.

Once I filled the basket to the brim, I squeezed my mother’s ass to get her attention. 

“Go to the changing room and try them on,” I ordered. “Show me your new dresses. Go, I’ll be waiting.”

My mother nodded and headed towards the dressing area, her heels clicking on the tiles and her hips swaying that seductive sway of hers. I took a brief moment to wonder if she was doing it on purpose for my own enjoyment or had she always walked like that?

It didn’t matter.

I sat on a couch that was situated near the changing room and fumbled with my phone while I waited for my mother. I knew she would look good in literally anything, but it would be a nice tease if I could get a sneak peek at her new slutty style. Eyes were already nailed on her whenever she went out in modest dresses, and I was curious how people would react if she showed off the full potential of all those sexy curves and that delicious ass. Eyes would burst from their sockets.

I knew when the first time my mother came out, walking to me like a supermodel would in a runway fashion show, I knew I wouldn’t last long.

The black halbert neck crisscross dress sat nicely on her body. Way too nice. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so her hard nipples were semi-visible through the thin fabric, making me and the other women in the store glued to her as she came to a stop in front of me and did a slow turn.

Her upper back was almost completely bare, showing off her lean muscles and tanned skin. As I gawked at my mother, I had to wonder if this was better than seeing her naked. Both were glorious sights.

“How do I look, Master?” my mother said after she did one more turn, her voice all heated and low.

I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t talk.

She cocked her head to the side. “Master?”

“Yeah, yeah.” I shook my head, snapping out of my daze, but whenever I looked at her in that slutty outfit again, my mind just drifted off to dreamland. I coughed into a fist and pointed back to the changing room. I was shaking. What the fuck?

“Go,” I told her in a throaty voice. I sucked in air. “Next dress.”

She nodded curtly before walking back to the changing rooms, her delicious ass swaying again, even more alluringly in that dress that covered less skin than it revealed.

I was hard, and my cock was throbbing, begging to be inside that tight pussy of hers that molded so perfectly around me, like a key to a lock.

Next up was barely a dress. Hell, I didn’t even think what she was wearing would be legal in public. I didn’t remember picking it out, but fuck me, I was glad I had. 

The previous outfit had barely covered her skin. She was almost naked in this one, her important body parts covered by just a black lace strap. They were basically just a thong and a bra, except without any of the materials you would expect them to come with.

The only thing that stopped her from revealing everything was the black fringe that hung down her nipples and crotch. 

And the best part?

Whenever she moved, or made any tiny movements at all, for a single enticing second, you could see everything. Then, just as quickly, the fringe would settle, and it would all be hidden once more.



I was going to fuck her in that outfit once we got back home. I didn’t care how sore I was or how drained of energy I felt… I was going to fuck her and fuck her hard.

As I stared, and as everyone in the store gawped at my mother, her phone rang. She fished it out from her purse and frowned when she saw the caller ID.

“Master,” my slave uttered, closing the distance between us, seemingly undisturbed by all the attention she was getting. “It’s my sister.”

I frowned. Katherine was the last person I wanted to deal with right now.

As her phone vibrated and rang, an idea formed in my mind.

“Come,” I said, leading the way towards the changing area, away from the eyes that were, no doubt, nailed on our backs.

We entered a changing room, which was the largest changing area I have ever been in. It could fit both of us and even gave us lots of room to maneuver. We were surrounded by full-length mirrors, on all sides. It was a little disorienting at first, but I eventually got used to it.

“I want you to repeat whatever I say back to her,” I instructed as her phone continued ringing. “Is that understood?”

My mother nodded, clutching the basket full of clothing in her hand. I took the phone from her hands and gestured for her to put the basket down. Once she obeyed, I barked out an order for her to bend forward and grip the small couch that was sitting at the edge of the changing room.

She knew what I was implying, making her bend over like that. In response, she parted the fringe at her bottom, revealing her ass, her flesh on her cheeks pink and tender, before bending forward to grip the couch.

My mother was learning.

I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down, along with my boxers. Stepping forward, I pressed my hard cock past the black lace fringe, against the crack of her ass, and tapped the answer button on the buzzing phone. I switched it into loudspeaker mode and tossed the phone in front of us. It landed on the couch, just in time for my aunt’s voice to fill the room.

“Hello? Mia?”

Gripping the sides of my mother’s thigh, I shifted forward close enough so I could whisper in her ear, but not before taking a lick from her earlobe, tasting her flesh and the metal of her fancy earring.

“Hi, what’s up?” I whispered.

“Hi, what’s up?” my mother repeated.

“Umm…” my aunt sounded stunned. “I’m okay? Are you okay, Mia?”

“Yeah,” I whispered into my puppet’s ear. “Why?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I mean…” my aunt trailed off. “You never say ‘what’s up’. We’re kind of old for that, don’t you think?”

I took my cock and guided myself into her pussy, feeling her familiar walls squeezing around my length, accepting the intrusion.

“Hello?” Aunt Katherine asked. “Mia, are you okay?”

I whispered into my mother’s ear.

“Yes, why?” my mother said, her breathing now audible. 

“I thought I heard you moan.” My aunt paused for a beat. “Is this a bad time? Are you with a guy?”

I whispered. My mom answered, her voice throaty. “No.”

“Okayyyyyyy. You’re definitely with a guy. No one sounds like that unless they’re getting fucked.”

I started thrusting in and out, my hands coming around to her tits. My palms passed the thin material covering them, and I played with her nipples for a while before I squeezed the enormous globes of pure sex. A low moan escaped my mother.

My aunt talked fast. “Anyway, I just want to let you know that I’m still in town for another few days. I’m staying at Hotel Belova, room 313. I’m hoping you could come over before I head back, and we could have lunch or dinner or whatever.”

While my aunt talked, I nibbled on my mother’s ear. She seemed to love that because she started squirming underneath me. 

“Okay,” I murmured, my voice low. “Will tomorrow at noon be okay?”

“Okay... Will… Will t-tomorrow at noon be okay?”

“Yeah, sure,” my aunt replied. “Okay, I will leave you at it. If you’re seeing the guy and it’s not a one-night stand, care to bring him over for a chat too? It’s been a while since you dated.”

I pumped my cock in and out at full speed, really relishing how her tits felt under my palms. “Yeah, okay,” I whispered.

“Yeah…” my mother was having trouble breathing steadily, never mind talking. “O-okay.”

“Okayyyyyyyy,” my aunt drew out, her pitch high. “Okay bye.”

The line clicked off just as I came over the edge and finished inside her.


As I drove the Mercedes, my mother licked my sore cock, occasionally planting tender kisses onto my reddish foreskin.

Orgasming ten times a day was not sustainable. Either I had to control my sex craving, or I had to figure out a way to numb the pain that was rushing through me.

The first option was definitely not going to happen. Hell, sex ten times a day with mom felt too little. With the body of a goddess and the face of a supermodel, she was born to be used. Even with my body aching and my cock screaming for a break, I still had an irresistible desire to push through the pain and continue fucking her till I dropped dead.

I had to do some research when we got back home. Maybe some drugs could help with my performance. Unfortunately, for now, there was no way I could orgasm without pain, so my mother had to be demoted to the job of cock licker. But, god, if I was not careful, I might cum with just that tongue of hers.

When we finally reached Jung, my cock and balls were dripping wet with her saliva. I slipped on my jeans and exited the vehicle. My mother hopped out a second after me, brushing her hair, which I had her let down to flow freely. She looked much sexier that way.

I knew where to go. With my mother in hand, we walked towards familiar sights until we reached a large circular gravel clearing. I could tell she was confused about where we were heading, but she didn’t question me. Impressive. It had only been two days, and she had already learned how to behave around me.

We walked deeper into the area, past the stalls and crowd. I saw the woman before she saw me.

The lady looked up as we neared the stall. Everything seemed the same as I remembered. Rows of strange-looking items lined on tables. This time, I knew they were not worthless junks.

“James, James, James.” The lady tutted at me, her smile growing wilder as she spotted my mother. Her French mix accent still sounded eccentric. “So, this is her?”

“Yeah,” I confirmed, smiling too. I was happy to see her again. After all, she had changed my life.

The lady did a wolf whistle as she looked my mother up and down, her gaze pausing on her breasts, then on her hips, before shifting back to me. “May I?”

“Huh?” I looked between her and my mother, then understood that she wanted to have a closer examination. I nodded. “Sure.”

“She won’t come unless you give the order.”

“Oh.” I looked at my mother, who was looking rather uncomfortable being examined like an animal. “Go to her.”

My mother obeyed, but she was hesitant, taking slow steps. When they were finally close enough, with just a table between them, the lady reached forward and cupped my mother’s cheek. 

“Such beauty,” the lady muttered, her gaze trailing back to her chest. Moving her hands south, she groped my mother’s breasts as if it was a normal thing to do.

I shifted, uncomfortable at what she was doing, and took a quick glance around. Like the last time I was here, nobody was paying any attention to us.

“Your mother is a fine specimen,” the lady spoke, letting her hands drop to her sides. She took a step back, but her eyes were still fixated on my mother. “I can see why you have an obsession with her.”


The lady finally shifted her gaze back to me, her deep blues mesmerizing. “You came back here for a reason, I assume? Not to just show off your prize?”

“No,” I said. “Last time, you mentioned I might be back for a second stone?”

There was a twinkle in her eyes. “Everyone does. Then a third, and then a fourth. It never ends.” She sighed, as if she didn’t like the repeat business. “You would have to pay for the second stone, though.”

I stilled. “How much?”

She didn’t miss a beat. “Three million.”

“Three…” I didn’t know what to think. “Three million? Like, three mil?”

“Yes, and I insist on all cash. It’s easier for me that way.”

My mind was still reeling. Three million…

But then, it made sense. Three million dollars in exchange for a sex slave. And for life, too.

I turned to my mom. “How much do you have in the bank?”

“In the bank, Master?” she thought for a while. “A million.”

“And if you liquify all your assets and stocks?” I asked, the hope that had bloomed in my chest fading fast. I half-wished she wouldn’t answer me.

“Maybe I could get up to one and a half,” my mother replied after more thinking.

Fuck. Maybe we shouldn’t have gone on that shopping spree.

The lady seemed to find our back-and-forth amusing. Chuckling, she asked me. “For whom is this second stone for?”

“My aunt. Her little sister.”

“Is this aunt a beauty like she is?”

I thought of Katherine. Along with being a lawyer, she was a sports freak. Jet black hair, breasts that, although weren’t as big as my mother’s, were nothing to scoff at. A bubble butt that would sweep bikini shows… Long and tanned legs…

The figure of a top athlete. 

Fuck, yeah, she was as hot as my mother. I preferred my mom, but I wouldn’t blame someone if they thought Katherine was the sexier sister.

I looked at my slave. “Show her a picture of Katherine.”

Another wolf whistle when a picture was shown of my mother and Katherine standing together, posing at the beach with skimpy bikinis.

Blue eyes stared at me. With effort, I leveled my gaze at the lady. I had a feeling I wouldn’t like what she was going to say next.

“I have a proposal,” the lady offered, studying my eyes, looking into my soul. “I will lend you the second stone today. Right now, if…”

I sucked in air. “If?”

“If you can bring the money within seven days. One hundred and sixty-eight hours from today.”

Fear struck through me. “And if I don’t?” 

Her smile was wicked. “If you don’t…” She glanced back at the picture of my aunt, and then her gaze flitted to my mother. “I get to keep both of them.”



“Your mother and aunt. You’ll forfeit the stones to me, and I’ll keep both of them as my own.” Her eyes cut back to me, sharp as a blade. “What say you, James?”

I had to think fast. 

I could just say yes, and then never return…

Seemingly reading my mind, she shook her head. “It wouldn’t matter if you decided to not return to me after failing. I’ll come for you with force after a hundred and sixty hours.”

My heart was pounding in my ears. I felt dizzy. “Is there another way?”

“Not unless you have three million in cash right now.”

Risk enslaving my aunt for losing both of them. It wasn’t worth it.

I should be eternally grateful for what I had right now. I had received a slave for free that would forever please me until the day I die.

But it wasn’t enough. I lusted for more.

I deserved more.

I needed more.

The lady’s smile never wavered. “I’ll give you five minutes to think—”

“I’ll take the deal.”

She shook her head, chuckling. “Of course you would.”

Before I could ask what she meant by that, a jade appeared on her palm. Gesturing for me to take it, I reached towards the gemstone, clutching it in my palms like it was worth a fortune, which it was.

“One six eight hours, James, my dear,” the lady reminded me in that accent of hers. Then she was gone, disappearing behind a tall shelf.

One hundred and sixty-eight hours. 

How the fuck was I going to get three million in that amount of time?

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