The Witch's Price

Chapter 1

by Aiden

Tags: #cw:incest #dom:male #f/m #sub:female

Author's note: This entire series (5 chapters) is written from a commission. The client has kindly allowed it to be a Smashword Exclusive. Only Chapter 1 will be posted. You can purchase the full series here. 

A slight warning. This series is pretty dark. It contain steamy incest scenes between a son with his mother and aunt. Threesomes, orgies, spanking, whipping, bdsm play, and anal included.

Chapter 1 

Watching the trees and mountains and all the beautiful nature go by should have been an enthralling experience. After all, all I saw every day were buildings, cars, and more buildings.

But I could never enjoy the sights rolling past me. All I could think as I was sitting on the dimly lit train, clutching my Kindle in one hand and my phone in the other, was how crappy my life was.

Opposite to me, a young child was chatting animatedly with his mother about dinosaurs. He was saying how he was going to be a paleontologist one day when he grew up and it made me want to throw up.

Lucky bastard. He does not know how blessed he is.

I tried to focus on the story I was reading, ‘Man of the House Gets An Early Christmas Present From Mother,’ but no matter how much I tried to force myself to read the steamy erotica, more bitter thoughts pushed their way into my mind. Finally, I had enough. The kid was talking too loud, and he seemed too happy.

“Can you shut up?” I snapped at the kid.

The young boy looked at me in shock. The mother too. Several people turned their heads in my direction, and I knew I had made a serious mistake.

Putting my head down, I stood up and walked over to the next carriage, where I found an empty row of seats at the very end.

“Fuck me,” I said to myself when I was out of earshot. “Fuck my life. Why do I have to ride this damn carriage every day? Why can’t my fucking mom ever support me?”

I was twenty years old, still in college, finishing my degree in business administration. People would say I was heading on the right path in life. Except there was one major issue.

My mother.

Mia Ward was not your typical mom. In fact, she might be the best candidate for ‘worst mother in the world’. She had always been frigid and uncaring towards me, and living with her my whole life was a constant reminder that I was an accident from a drunken one night stand.

My mother had never once given me an ounce of support. She had a well-paying job, a cushy position as the personal secretary to a tech CEO, but every single cent I had spent, I had to earn myself.

At the age of eighteen, I had to take out a loan from the bank just to afford my college tuition. And to feed myself, I also had to spend what little free time I had and work part time as a librarian assistant. 

It was not like my mother hated the idea of me going to college; it was just that she hated me.

So, I had to commute on this shitty two-hour train ride every day just so I could get to and from college. Most of my classmates had their own cars, all thanks to their parents. But me? No such luck.

There was a loud ping from the train speakers, and a second later, the automated message played.

“We are arriving at Jung Station. Please don’t forget your personal belongings.”

Jung station. I had never visited the area before, but I recognised it as the place where people go for cheap eats. 

My stomach growled at the thought. I should hop off to have a quick bite. However, I was tired and angry and I didn’t feel like walking. Especially when I still had to sit through an hour and a half to get back to the city.

My stomach rumbled again, louder this time. 


Standing up, I rushed towards the train door as it was closing and made it out before it snapped shut. I stood outside awkwardly, watching the train start moving forward, rolling past, then disappearing into the distance.

Sighing, I made my way out from the deserted station. The sun was setting and the heavy clouds overhead indicated that it was going to be a depressing evening.

Signs of life showed as I continued my way forward into a large circular gravel clearing. Jung was a small rural town, practically in the middle of nowhere, so the last thing I had expected to see were crowds. I looked in amazement at my surroundings. Stalls were scattered everywhere, and the air was lively with chatter and smoke as people gathered in front of their favorite food vendors.

I wandered around, looking for anything I fancied. I only had a small wad of cash stored in my right jean pocket, enough to survive for the week if I spent conservatively. 

There was an extensive selection of choices. Chinese, Mexican, Korean, Japanese, it seemed they had it all. And from the prices they were advertising at, I could afford a good meal.

Maybe I should come here more. The city food I was accustomed to having was almost triple the prices here.

“Young man.”

I perked up at the feminine voice. It sounded like it came from right behind me.

I turned around and saw an attractive woman in her thirties hovering a few feet away. She was looking directly at me, as if she was staring deep into my soul.

Was she talking to me? 

I looked at my sides. Nobody seemed to be paying attention to her.

“Are—are you talking to me?” I asked her.

The woman smiled at my inquiry, and her deep blue eyes twinkled. With a manicured red nail, she beckoned me to follow her, then turned around and walked away.

I stood there for several seconds, contemplating what to do.

Why was she really talking to me? Did I know her? Should I follow her? Was this some kind of scam?

Fuck it, I finally decided, moving my feet. No harm done if I do follow her. There are many people around, so I should be safe. I just need to be on my guard.

I pushed through the dense crowd, trying to keep up with the strange woman, occasionally catching glimpses of her long, flowing hair just past the mountain of shoulders and heads.

Finally, we made it through the crowd and into a section of the clearing where there were much fewer stalls.

The woman looked back, saw I was right behind her, then gestured to a medium-sized store at the edge of the area.

“What are you selling?” I asked her as I neared her store. There wasn’t food of any kind in sight. Instead, rows after rows of strange looking items sat neatly on white-clothed tables, and there was an aroma of incense in the air.

“Desires,” the woman replied simply, as if that explained everything. Her accent was like nothing I have ever heard. It was a strange mix of French and something else I couldn’t put my finger on. She went around the long table and stood opposite to me. 


She tossed her hair back and bundled it into a ponytail. “What’s your name?”

“James,” I told her, wondering why the hell I was giving out my name to a total stranger.

Maybe I was influenced by her looks. There was no doubt about her wild beauty. With lush flowing hair and breasts that were too big for the t-shirt she was wearing, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I was doing whatever she told me to. Women like her rarely give me attention, but then again, she clearly had an agenda in bringing me here.

“James,” she spoke my name out in that exotic accent of hers. A slow smile spread across her face, and I glimpsed perfect whites. “You’re a man of desires, aren’t you, James?”

I took a quick glance around. The closest person was yards away, and he seemed to pay no attention to us.

I looked back at her and shrugged. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Her smile widened. “I could tell from the moment I saw you that you desperately need my help.”

I started backing away. Beautiful or not, this lady was ringing alarm bells in my head.

“Look, I think you got the wrong guy,” I told her. “I think—”

“You've never felt the touch of a woman before, have you?”

I stopped. Was she… offering me some kind of prostitution service? 

Interest sparked within me, but I held it down. If she was offering herself, there was no way in hell I could afford her, as tempting as it might be. I would have to take up another loan.

She seemed to read my mind. “I’m not a prostitute, James. But, I can help you with your problems with women.”

“How?” I asked her, genuinely interested. I wasn’t surprised that she could tell I had no luck with the opposite sex. One look at me and anyone could tell I was a loser. The word ‘scrawny’ was written with me in mind. I was thin, fragile, and had failing eyesight. I hated it when people called me a nerd and had already resigned myself to the fact that the only love I was going to get had to be paid for.

“What do you desire most in a woman?” the strange lady asked me instead. She held up a hand and listed things with her fingers. “Love? Sex? Marriage? Affection?”

I must have reacted to the last word, because she paused. 

“Affection it is,” she whispered, and her deep blue eyes seemed to glow. “But from whom? Is there a woman in your life that—”

“My mom,” I spat the words out. Rage filled within me as I thought of the woman who was supposed to love me unconditionally. 

“Your mother?” she mused, rubbing her chin. “I can tell by the look on your face that she shows you no love.” She shook her head distastefully. “No mother should treat her child like this. My heart goes out to you, James.”

I didn’t know how long I stood there with my hands balled into fists. But the anger disappeared as quickly as it came. 

What was I doing? Throwing a tantrum to a random stranger?

“I need to go,” I said, turning away. 

But as I took a step back towards the crowd, she stopped me dead in my tracks by uttering the impossible.

“What if I told you I can make your mother love you?”

I snorted. It seemed like emotions were just pouring out of me like a waterfall. I bent over and laughed hysterically. What she had said was impossible, ridiculous, a complete fantasy, and the funniest thing I have heard in my life.

The lady stood there, stone faced, as I tried to regain my lost composure. 

“How?” I managed the word in between giggling fits. “How the fuck are you going to do that?” I didn’t mean to, but I threw the last word out with venom, spit coming out of me and towards her.

“I’m sorry for you,” the lady said after I calmed down. “But I was serious when I said I can make your mother love you. I don’t sell fantasies here.”

Shame and embarrassment overcame me. What was I doing? I sneaked a glance around, and strangely, no one seemed to have noticed my outburst.

Even though the lady was talking nonsense, I felt bad for my blow-up. I decided to pretend to take her seriously. Maybe she wouldn’t think I was a complete asshole if I played her tune—just for a while.

“Even if I believed you,” I started. “I don’t have the money to afford whatever it is you’re selling me.”

“Not true,” she dismissed me. The lady reached over to a basket on her right. It was full of sparkling gemstones, the kind you would find in a shady Chinese Feng Shui store. 

I watched as she searched the stones until she carefully pulled one out. 

“The stone of control,” she announced, showing me her prized belonging. It was a circular green gemstone, like an emerald, but it seemed to be made of marble.

This lady was insane.

“The stone of control?” I repeated, not knowing if she was actually serious.

She nodded. “It seems like all your problems stem from having a lack of control. With this jade, you can gain what you so desperately want. You can have control over anything.” She paused for dramatic effect, and I almost let out a sigh. “Or anybody.”

“Okay,” I spoke slowly, not wanting to offend her again. “How much is this magical stone?”

“For you, James, I will let this one go. For the second stone, you will have to pay.”

“Second?” I looked at her hands. She was only holding one. “What do you mean second stone?”

Even though her smile was radiant, it sent shivers down my spine.

“When you come back for more,” she replied simply. “I pity you, so I’m letting you take this one as a gift.” She extended her palm out. 

Of course. Pity. 

My whole life, people had looked at me with pity-filled gazes, as if I was a caged animal in the zoo. But then again, a lot of times, I felt like I was trapped in a cage.

I stared at the jade she was offering me. 

Should I take it?

The answer came to me as quickly as the question.

Since she was offering me it for free, what harm was there in taking it?

Hesitantly, I reached for the gift. The stone felt ice cold. I withdrew as if it had stung me.

“Don’t worry,” the lady assured me. “This one hasn’t claimed a soul, so that’s why it’s cold.” She jerked her palm. “Take it.”

I took the stone.

“There are some instructions you need to know in order to use the stone of control,” The lady’s gaze narrowed. “First, and foremost, hide it out of sight.”

It took me several seconds before I realized she was waiting for me.

“Oh,” I muttered dumbly and dropped the stone in my right pocket. Even though I was wearing jeans, the coldness seeped through the thick fabric and chilled my thigh.

“Treat it like a gun. Do not show the stone of control to anyone you do not intend to use it on.”

“Umm,” I said awkwardly, shifting the pebbles beneath my shoes. “Yeah, okay.”

“In your case, I want you to show your mother the stone,” she instructed, looking oblivious to the fact that I just wanted to leave. Was she really being serious about all this? The stone of control? Did she really believe in all of this nonsense?

“Once you show her the stone,” she continued, “it will claim her soul and your mother will be completely yours to use as you see fit. Give her commands and she will not be able to resist.”

I coughed. Was she expecting me to reply to all that?

“I know, I know. This is a lot to take in,” the weird lady admitted. “But you also need to heed some warnings. First, the effects of the stone of control are permanent and irreversible. Your mother will not age once her soul is taken, nor will she be affected by sickness or disease. She will become an extension to the bearer of the stone, an utterly subservient and obedient companion.”

She lowered her voice and spoke in a whisper.

“But,” she hissed out like she was about to reveal a big secret. “You have to be the last person to touch the stone of control. If you lose the stone, your mother will be enslaved to the person who has possession of it.”

“Umm,” I was at a loss for words, so I defaulted to the ‘umm okay’ route. “Okay.”

“Remember that. Do not lose the stone, I cannot help you if you do.”

“Can I, um,” I gestured away, using my thumb. “Can I go now?”

Her smile returned. “Yes, you can.” She nodded at me. “Farewell, James. I’m sure you will be back. Until then.” 

She turned around and walked to the other side of her stall. 

I took her dismissal and headed in the opposite direction, far away from the crazy lady. I didn’t care how pretty she was. Her brain was all sorts of messed up. 

I could feel the chill of the jade with every step I took. I thought of tossing it out of my pocket to avoid the discomfort it was causing me, but I finally decided to just dump it in my backpack.

After all, it might be worth something. I could sell it if it was worth a few bucks, and even if it was worth nothing, I didn’t really lose anything but time from listening to that deranged woman.

It took some time before I got my bearings straight. It was confusing at first, turning around corners and pushing through crowds. I had to let out a sigh of relief when the stores I had seen when I first entered Jung started coming into view.

I headed straight back for the train station as soon as I could, only starting to relax once I had entered the bullet train. The evening rush had long passed, so there weren’t many people on the train.

As I tried to make myself comfortable for the ninety minute ride back home, my stomach growled again, louder than ever.

Shit. I had forgotten to buy food.

Too late now, I thought as I watched the sun dip below the horizon. The next several stations were unfamiliar to me, and I didn’t want to waste time and get myself lost again, especially when it was going to rain soon. I would just get back home and cook a late night dinner.

Ninety minutes of sitting and waiting while starving to death. 

I let out a heavy sigh before I resigned myself to the depressing wait and took out my Kindle to continue reading my erotica. I had stopped before the best part, where the mother was going to give her son a superb blowjob for Christmas. 

My breathing started getting heavier as the scenes became steamier. The mother was now naked and on all fours, preparing to get fucked from behind by her son’s massive cock.

“Merry Christmas, Mom,” I repeated the words from the novel as the son drew his hips forwards and began railing his mother.

I set down my Kindle and stole a look around. Nobody was sitting in my carriage, but there was a guy in the carriage next to mine, headphones on his ears and nodding off.

I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my erection. I started pumping myself as I resumed reading the erotic scene. The mother was screaming in delight as her only son fucked her horny cunt without remorse. 

My mind started drifting to my mother. As terrible and frigid as she was towards me, I desired her affection over everything else. So, like the depressing sick fuck I was, I could only get off to mother-son porn. This particular erotica had stuck out to me because, like in the story I was reading, my mother was a single mom, and I was her only son. There were a lot of similarities. 

If only I could be as lucky as the son in the novel. As fucked up as it was, I would do anything and pay whatever just to fuck my own mother. Maybe this weird fetish of mine had stemmed from years of neglect and abuse. I don’t know.

I pumped my cock faster and faster. The son was ravaging his mother’s swollen cunt with powerful thrusts. I came at the same time the son in the story did, but unlike the fantasy, this was reality, and I spurted my seed over the cold steel floor instead of inside my mother’s pussy like I had always dreamed of.

Life sucks.


I opened the door to my mother’s apartment. The first thing I heard, other than the thundering storm outside, was my mother typing away on her laptop inside her office. 

Her door was open so she would have heard me, but of course, she didn’t even bother with the energy to greet me.

I headed inside my room, set my bag and belongings down on my bed and then walked out back outside towards the kitchen.

Man, I was famished. Rummaging through the drawers, I found an abundance of canned food.

“And what do you think you’re doing?”

I turned around and saw my mother standing at the kitchen doorway, her posture stern and her arms crossed.

“I’m cooking dinner,” I told her, setting down the cans I had been holding. “I haven’t eaten yet.”

As usual when conversing with me, she sounded pissed. “And why haven’t you eaten yet?” 

“I forgot,” I started to say. “I went looking for food and—”

“You forgot,” she repeated my words slowly, her tongue holding onto every syllable.

“Yes, and—”

“And what?” she interrupted me again. “You’re already twenty years old, a grown adult, and you forgot to eat dinner?”

“Yeah, but I was busy. There was—”

“Go to bed,” she snapped, not even bothering to listen to my reasoning. “Let this be a lesson for you to learn how to be independent for once.”

For once? I was getting an education while working jobs so I could pay rent living in my mom’s apartment and pay off my loan. Everything I have owned in life, I have worked hard for.

What the fuck was she on about?

I tried to stay calm and reason with her. “But, can’t I just cook—”

“Cook my food?” Her voice became shrill as she emphasized ‘my food.’ “I bought the groceries with my money. Those are not yours. If you want your own, go outside and buy them yourself.”

Before I could reply, she turned around and stormed away.

I could feel tears welling in my eyes. 

No, I shouldn’t cry. I was used to the abuse, so why was today affecting my emotions so much?

I tried my best to keep my emotions under wraps while I put the food cans back where I found them, almost tossing them back into the cabinet in frustration.

“Fuck this, fuck her. Fuck this, fuck her,” I was repeating the mantra under my breath while I headed back into my room, hungry, cold, and depressed.


The downpour didn’t stop the next day. Lightning and rain surrounded us as I sat in the lecture theater looking through the windows. 

It was my favorite class of the day because it was the last. I couldn’t wait to head back home and read more erotica. I had bought a bundle of stories online and the thought of lying in bed and completing all the steamy stories I had purchased felt like heaven on earth right now.

Finally, the lecturer dismissed us. I left the theater and made my way to the campus main hall, shaking my head when I saw just how heavy the rainstorm was. I couldn’t even look past three feet. Sighing, I sucked it up, opened my umbrella and marched towards the train station while watching everyone else heading towards the car park where either their parents were waiting for them, or where their own vehicles were parked.

Fuck them.

The train station was packed full of people like never before. It was a messy sight of umbrellas, raincoats, and loud chattering, and it was until I was in the middle of the crowd that I realized most of the chatter were curses being thrown out. 

The announcement system dinged a notification seconds later, clearing my confusion.

“The station has been temporarily closed due to a potential bomb threat,” a female voice from the speakers informed us. “We apologize for the convenience caused.”

I started spitting out curses too after hearing the damned announcement. Now what? How the hell was I going to get back home?

I trudged my way through the crowd and towards the exit, where I found a space to stand around and think. 

Grabbing a taxi was out of the question. The place I was staying was miles and miles away, and there was no way I could afford the fare. Staying overnight in a motel seemed to be a viable option, though it wouldn’t be a comfortable choice. I have heard plenty of horror stories from cheap motels, from filthy rooms to sketchy employees.

Finally, I went for the worst, but most convenient option—call my mother. With a heavy hand, I took out my phone and tapped the number to my mother’s. 

It rang once, twice, three times. Six times. Ten times.

No answer. I sighed. I didn’t know why I had expected her to pick up.

I cursed again, scrolling through my contacts list to see who might help me. It was a short list; I knew little people, and the contact I kept scrolling back to was my aunt, Katherine. 

Aunt Katherine was my mother’s younger sister. Like the relationship with the rest of my mom’s family, I wasn’t close to her. But she lived nearby and could help me out with my dire situation.

I dialed her number and held my breath.

“Hello?” my aunt answered on the third ring. “Who is this?”

“Hi, Aunt Katherine,” I greeted, sounding more nervous than I would have liked. “It’s me, James. Mia’s son?”

“Oh, James.” She didn’t seem pleased to hear me. “What is it?”

I explained my situation to her, practically begging my aunt to rescue me.

“I don’t know, James,” my aunt's hesitant voice rang out from my phone speakers. “It’s a long drive to your mom’s place.”

“Please?” I begged. “Just this once? I’ll pay you back once I get the money.”

She didn’t bother to hide her sigh. It was drained and heavy, as if she was dealing with a spoiled child.

“Okay, James,” she reluctantly agreed, still sounding uncertain. “I expect full payment by the end of the month. Send me a bank wire once you get the chance.”

“Thank you, I will—” I said, but she had already hung up.


I was not used to cars. I have been in a few, occasionally in my mom’s Mercedes when I was a child, and I have been in a few cabs, but nothing more than that. 

So, my aunt had to forgive me if I was shifting in my seat too much, trying to adjust to the leather.

“Nice car,” I commented as we drove past buildings and street signs. The heavy downpour had fizzled just a little, but visibility was still a difficulty.

My aunt didn’t reply. Instead, she turned up the music and concentrated on the road. I noticed the gesture as a sign of her not wanting to have a conversation, but I continued trying, hoping I could establish some sort of connection with my aunt.

Katherine Hill was the youngest sibling of two, my mom being the eldest. I knew a little about her from overhearing phone calls from my mother’s office. She worked as a lawyer in one of those fancy law firms, and she had been recently married to a man of wealth and stature. There were many nights where my mom had stayed up, talking animatedly on the phone about my aunt’s grand wedding.

Of course, I hadn’t been invited.

“You listen to pop?” I commented when a Camila Cabello tune started playing.

My aunt continued driving.

“How's marriage life going?” I tried one more time, feeling more and more dejected as seconds agonizingly ticked by.

“James,” my aunt sighed exactly like how she did on the phone. “We have a few hours’ drive, and I need to focus. Could you just stop talking for a few minutes?”

Although I haven’t been on many car rides, I was certain that this particular one would be the longest one in my life.

Hours ticked by, and by the time we drove back to my mom’s place, the weather was clear.

“Thank you,” I muttered as I exited the vehicle.

My aunt responded with the same energy. “Lucky, I needed to be in town for the weekend or I wouldn’t have generously driven you here.” 

With that cold, parting comment, she drove off, leaving me thinking about why everyone hated me. Was it just because of my nerdy, pathetic appearance? 

I had never done anything particularly bad in my life, so what had I done to deserve such a treatment, especially from my own family?

I walked towards the empty lift and ascended towards the sixth floor, back towards my personal hell. Even though the sun was set high and birds were singing outside, my insides felt cold and bitter. As I trudged towards familiar hallways and signs, I couldn’t help but feel the deep, dark despair of utter loneliness. 

My mother was waiting for me as I entered the apartment. 

“Why did you call Katherine?” she demanded, folding her arms on top of her breasts. They seemed extra large today. 

“I called you first,” I said, trying to walk past her, but my mother blocked my way. “The train station was shut down and—”

“Then pay for a cab or stay the night there? Why do you have to busy my sister?” Her voice grew in venom, and she started waving her arms. “Do you know how far the drive from there to here is? Do you know how busy Katherine is with her job? She didn’t need to waste time sending you here. Honestly, I don’t even know why she bothered with you.”

I was seething with anger underneath, but I tried my best to stay calm. Arguing with my mother was like bouncing a ping pong against a brick wall.

“I didn’t have money for a taxi,” I explained, feeling my chest bubble with rage. “And staying overnight at a motel in that area was too risky. I can’t afford a hotel.”

Keep calm, James. There is no point in blowing this up.

“I can’t afford this. I can’t afford that.” My mother's voice was humorously low, doing a mock impression of me. Then she grew serious, her brows furrowing and her arms tightening around her chest. “Why can’t you afford anything? Why can’t you be a responsible adult for once and get a job.”

“I have a job!” I didn’t mean to shout, but I could only hold my anger in for so long. “I’m trying to earn money for myself!”

My mother’s glare was vicious. “Do not raise your tone at me, young man. You’re clearly not earning enough money. There’s twenty-four hours in a day and you can most definitely handle working more than one job. All I see you doing is being glued to that iPad device.”

I raised my hands in the air, my voice getting even louder. “Why can’t you understand me for once? Why can’t you see I’m trying my best?”

“Understand you? Your best? I didn’t raise you up to be a man-child. If that’s your best, you might as well not even try.”

“But you didn’t raise me up at all,” I countered, balling my hands into fists. “You were barely there.”

“James!” My name lashed out from her lips like a whip. 

A warning. When I was a kid and ignored her warnings, a belt would soon appear in her hands.

I knew better than to argue with her, but all the emotions I had stuffed inside me over the past few days broke through my inner walls. 

“You’re a terrible mother!” I screamed at her. Fear and uncertainty came along with the words. I had never talked to my mom like this before. But I couldn’t stop myself. More words leapt from my throat. “You raised me up like shit and then expect me to survive on my own! I’m doing everything I can to deal with the shitty life you have given me! Look at all the other moms! They care about their children. They don’t go around abandoning them. You—”

“Abandon?” Her words were overflowing with bitter poison, and her green eyes cut into mine. I started talking over her, but realized it was futile. “Abandon? When have I abandoned you? Look at where you are right now. Whose place are you living in? You—” She inhaled sharply to steady herself, but I could still see her shaking with rage. “You know what? Get out! I don’t want to see your pathetic face ever again.”

“GO!” she shouted and pointed towards the door. “Pack your bags and get the hell out!”

I didn’t know what to say. I just stood there, staring at my mother as my entire life unraveled around me.

“What are you waiting for?” she stomped a foot on the ground and jerked a finger towards my room. “Pack your bags and fucking go, you waste of life!”

Waste of life?

Even though my mother was uncaring and cruel beyond means, she had never directly told me I was complete garbage. She had only treated me as if I were one.

Another foot stomp. “GO!”

Slowly, I turned away and walked towards my room.

“Make sure you leave nothing behind,” my mother hissed out behind me. “If you do, I’m auctioning them away.”

My mother was really kicking me out of the house. She was disowning me. Where would I go? I still had loans to pay and only enough money to survive for a couple of months, if that.

I knew I was done for.

I started tossing everything into a bundle on my bed. There was no way I could carry everything. I had books, a laptop, my Kindle, my clothes… and only one piece of luggage. I had to figure out a way to fit all of them together.

I looked towards my school bag. It was worn out and not particularly large, but I figured I could cramp my clothing inside. Walking towards my desk, I lifted my school bag up and almost immediately dropped it back down in shock.

My backpack. It was ice cold.

Opening it in confusion, I understood why. 

The jade.

The stone sat in a dark corner inside my bag. Hesitantly, I reached inside and grabbed it, grimacing at how chilly it felt to the touch.

Why was it so cold? It didn’t make sense.

I heard footsteps behind me and whirled around.

“What the fuck are you doing?” my mother screeched, thundering into my room. She was almost baring her teeth at me. “You’re supposed to be—”

“Mother?” I asked slowly, watching the impression on her face turn from ferocity to… no expression at all. She was staring at the jade in my hands with a blank face.

“It’s a jade,” I told her, feeling the need to explain. Maybe she had never seen one before. I held up the stone so she could see it fully. 

“It’s just a jade stone,” I repeated.

She didn’t reply. Her hands fell limp against her sides and her rosy lips opened ajar.

“Mother?” I said again, waving my other hand across her face, prodding signs of life.

No reaction.

Suddenly, I gasped.

The jade… It was becoming warm! I looked at the stone in confused horror as its icy surface became warmer and warmer until it felt like it had been under the sun for far too long. 

The strange lady I met yesterday came to mind. 

“Don’t worry,” she had said. “This one hasn’t claimed a soul, so that’s why it’s cold.” 

Souls. Was… the jade claiming my mother’s soul?

I shook my head and almost burst out laughing at the absurdity of the thought. Of course, that wasn’t happening, but why was my mother just standing there like a zombie?

Just as I was thinking that, my mother moved. I thought I saw her jerk slightly, as if a lightning bolt had struck her. 

The jade grew warmer still.

“Mother?” I called for her once more. This time, she replied.


Her voice… It wasn’t her normal shrill, annoyed voice whenever she was speaking to me. Instead, she replied in a monotone, the pitch completely flat.

“Mother…” I said wearily. Her gaze was still fixated on the gem. “Are… are you okay?”

Another monotonous reply. This time, it was instant.


“Then why…” I gestured to her. “Then why are you acting like this?”

She didn’t reply. My mother’s blank gaze was following the stone as I moved it around. 

“Uh,” I said awkwardly, moving the stone around some more. I moved the stone to my left, her head turned to the left. I moved the jade to my right and her green eyes cut to the right.

Then I moved it behind me, out of her sight, and her entire expression morphed instantly. From looking completely entranced, she went back to fuming with rage.

Her brows furrowed, and when she started talking, the monotone was gone.

“What are you doing?” she shrieked at me, her arms moving in motion again. She jabbed a fingernail towards me. “You’re supposed to be packing. Do you think I was joking when I told you to get out? I wasn’t. So, get the fuck out before I call the police.”

I must have looked confused because she grew more erratic.

“Didn’t you hear what I just said? Did you suddenly turn deaf? If you’re not packing right this instant, I will—”

I watched in amazement when my mother became still again, her arms falling limp by her sides and all the tense muscles on her face instantly relaxing. Her eyes glued themselves to the jade after I had brought it back into view.

This cannot be. Was… was the crazy lady actually serious about this stone? What had she called it? The stone of… the stone of control?

It was crazy and nonsensical, but I was starting to believe all the lady’s crazy rants. I mean, the proof was right in front of me. There is no way my mother was doing all this as an act.

The stone of control… did that mean I could control her?

I wanted to test the theory out.

“Mother,” I said slowly, feeling a sudden burst of flame within me, like a beam of hope. “Lift your right hand up.”

Even though I had half expected her to obey, I almost jumped back in shock when my mother actually raised her right hand. 

“Put your hand back down now,” I told her, and the result was instant. Her right hand dropped back to her sides.

“Oh, my god.” The words left my throat in a hurried hush. I couldn’t believe it. My mom was really doing what I was telling her to do.

This must be a dream. I pinched myself using my other hand, just to make sure I wasn’t in some kind of strange wet dream. 

When I had confirmed I wasn’t dreaming or hallucinating, I glanced down and saw the tent that had formed under my pants. Watching my mother obeying me was such a strange sensation… it felt so erotic… so hot.

I needed to experiment some more. 

“Mother,” I called to her, the words formulating in my mind. I was going to test out the impossible, even if her obeying me was already ridiculous. “You’re going to forget about our argument.”

I didn’t expect her to reply, but she did anyway. 

“Yes.” Her voice was back to a low monotone.

I hid the gem behind my back, and my mother came to life.

She blinked once, twice. Three times. Then she looked around and a frown appeared on her face.

“What am I doing here?” she asked, confusion visible in her voice. Her eyes snapped towards me, and her frown deepened. “James, what the hell are you doing there? Why am I in your room?”

Oh, my fucking god.

“I don’t know, Mother,” I replied, my voice higher than normal. Feeling so damn giddy and excited, I redirected the question back to her. “What are you doing here?”

“Don’t play games with me, young man,” she snapped. “Now, you better—”

Her words trailed off when the jade came back into her view. I started laughing hysterically, jumping up and down like a madman.

“This cannot be real,” I said, not bothering to contain my excitement. I stopped jumping and looked at my mother. Holy crap. I couldn’t remember exactly what the lady from the stall had told me, only bits and pieces. But hadn’t she mentioned I could implant commands into her?

Time to test it out. Anticipation flared within me. I had the feeling that my life was going to be changed forever.

“Mother,” I began. What I was going to say was going to have me killed if my mom was actually acting this whole time. But, with all the craziness happening within the past few minutes, I was going to risk it all and cross boundaries. “Take off your clothes.”

A monotonous reply. “Yes.”

Then she did it. My eyes were wide, almost bulging out from their socket as I stood there and watched my mother slowly strip away her clothes. She had been in her work clothes since she had to work for a half-day.

 As if in a daze, my mother took off her black blazer and tossed it to the ground. Then came off her blouse, revealing more skin than I have ever seen from her before. Her breasts were so big and hung nicely, only being restricted from full viewing by a black, laced bra.

I felt like I couldn’t breathe, my breaths becoming caught in my throat when, without a remorse of hesitation, my mother pulled down her pencil skirt and revealing matching black, laced panties. 

I was rock fucking hard by then, seeing my mother in just underwear, but what came next was a literal wet dream. Her bra came off first and her big breasts popped out, jiggling slightly, nipples hard, and then the last article of clothing came off, revealing a shaven pussy.

The words came out of me slowly. 

“Holy fuck.”

I knew my mother was attractive. She always had legions of thirsty men after her, but seeing her naked for the first time… It was no doubt the best experience of my life. 

For a woman at thirty-eight, my mother had the body of someone much younger. With remarkably firm and round breasts, and curves flaring to a nice and flat stomach, I briefly wondered why she never bothered to show more of her ridiculous figure. And the best wasn’t even from her upper half. I stared with undeterred lust as my gaze wandered to her cunt, so pretty and pink, and her legs… They were long and perfectly toned.

She looked so fucking perfect.

I didn’t stop myself when my feet moved on their own. Walking forward, I closed the distance to my enthralled mother and before I could think twice, I reached up and cupped her breasts. 

A moan filled up the room, but it wasn’t from her. My mother’s expression remained unchanged as I enjoyed myself cupping and pinching those magnificent breasts. They felt so soft and smooth. I have never touched a woman’s chest before, so this was an eye-opening experience. 

I was a little on the edge, half expecting my mother to snap awake at any moment. What would run through her mind if she saw her despised son’s hands on her bare breasts while she stood completely nude?

The thought made me giggle.

After a minute of worshiping those wonderful tits, I took a few paces back. My mother’s eyes were still fixated on the stone, which was still feeling very warm on my palms.

I just proved I could change her memories. So, what if…

“Mother,” I said, my voice growing in confidence. “You’re going to think that it’s perfectly normal being naked around the house. And from now on, you’re going to feel nothing but love for your son and you will treat him well.”

When I took a pause, she responded. 


I hid the jade behind my back. My mother blinked once, then I saw a sight I never thought I would see in my lifetime.

A smile.

My mother was smiling at me.

“Oh, James,” Her smile was wide, and there was no venom in her voice like I was so accustomed to. She was speaking to me like when she was speaking to her sister, her voice smooth and silky. “What am I doing here?” 

She looked down and for a second, I thought she was going to go crazy when she realized she was naked. But instead, she just bent down to pick up her discarded clothes. 

“Weird,” she muttered. “Why are my clothes here?”

“Mother,” I said, my emotions a jumbled mess. “Are you okay?”

Her smile didn’t waver. “Of course, sweetie. Why wouldn’t I be?” She looked me up and down and then gestured towards the tent in my pants. “You seem to be a little uncomfortable down there. Why don’t you free yourself and take your pants off.”

What the fuck?

“Take my pants off?” I repeated her words slowly, trying to process what she had just said.

“Yeah,” my mother replied, as if it was no big deal. “Come on, this is our home. Let’s make ourselves comfortable.” With that parting comment, she left my room, and I watched her bare ass swaying left and right.

I didn’t think twice. Setting the jade down, I took off my clothes, sighing when my throbbing hard cock felt fresh air. I followed my mother out. 

“There it is, honey,” my mother chatted when she heard me come out. She looked at my cock, and her smile disappeared. “James, honey, you’re leaking a little.”

I looked down. She was right. Pre-cum was oozing out of my tip, and a few drops dripped to the ground. But that was inevitable. Any man would take one look at my naked mother and would react the same.

So much had happened over the last hour I didn’t know what I was feeling. It was a fusion of insane horniness, massive confusion, and crazy excitement, all mixed into one bag. 

So, I didn’t know what I was doing when I walked over to my mother and kissed her.

“James!” she shrieked, and pushed me away. Her clothes dropped to the ground. “What the hell?”

Strawberry. She tasted like strawberry.

“What was that?” my mother demanded when I didn’t reply. Her voice was frantic. “Why did you do that?”

I choked out a reply. “I don’t know.”

I could tell she was furious, but it was crazy to see her restraining her anger.

“Okay,” my mother said slowly. She took a deep breath in, and her voice grew calmer. “I can tell you are a little horny, and that’s completely normal for a man of your age. But you can’t focus your sexual energy on me, James. I’m your mother. Find a healthy outlet.”

“It worked.”

“What?” My mother blinked at me, baffled. “What was that?”

I could still taste the strawberries. I licked my lips and let out a soft moan as my tastebuds exploded.

My mother realized what I was doing. She pressed a finger on her lips and wiped the wetness away. “James, I don’t know what’s wrong with you today. But, please, stop acting like this.”

I couldn’t help it. I started laughing.

“James?” my mother's voice grew worried. “What’s gotten into you today?”

“You said please,” I exclaimed in between fits. “You actually said please.”

“What do you mean?” She walked forward and placed a comforting hand on my shoulder. “James, could you please tell me what’s going on?”

When I stopped laughing, I looked at my mother. Her green eyes showed concern, an emotion so foreign to me. 

“Wait here,” I told her and went to my room. I grabbed the jade from my desk and walked out, the stone hot against my fists.

My mother was waiting for me outside, her expression still full of concern. She started to say something when she saw me, but then she saw the jade and went limp.

The stone worked. Everything that strange lady had told me was true. I knew what I was going to say to my mother before I could try to internalize it. All that was important is that the strange lady had given me something that was going to change my life forever.


I had a small taste of it already, and now I was obsessed with more.

The words lept out from my lips. I didn’t even think twice. I knew what I was going to say was the ultimate form of justice. My mother had been insanely neglectful and abusive towards me my whole life, and for that, she was going to spend the rest of her life repenting for her sins.

I wanted revenge.

“Mother,” I said. For the first time in my life, confidence was overwhelming me. Fuck, it was such a good feeling. “From now on, you will have no problems with me kissing you or touching you. In fact…”

I paused as a thought hit me. Yes, I was going to say it. I wanted to take this to the extreme.

“In fact,” I continued. “You won’t even care if I have sex with you. From now on, you’ll believe your sole purpose in life is to be my slave. You will obey my every command and crave my affection like you never have before. From now on, you are my submissive, obedient slave and every thought you will ever have will be centred around me. You crave my approval and you’re terrified of me ever leaving you.”

My voice was growing louder as I kept talking. I have never felt this powerful… I have never felt this in control.

“You will feel yourself constantly sexually aroused by me. You will crave sex from me, and you find yourself completely addicted to my cum.” The words I was spitting out felt weird to say, but I pushed on. “You cannot ever disobey me, and if you ever try, you will feel unbearable pain. You worship me and love me more than anyone you love in your life. I’m your Master, owner and your God.”

I shut my mouth, panting hard. All the energy I had pent up inside had been let out with that exhilarating speech. My heart was drumming in my chest so hard and fast, I felt like it could burst.

My mother's unblinking green eyes were still on the jade. Then, slowly, she parted her lips to form a single word.


Realizing that I needed to remove the gem from her sight and that I didn’t have access to a pocket anymore, I placed the gem behind a desk clock, out of sight, and waited. 

Time seemed to tick by agonizingly slowly and I tensed up, waiting for some kind of response from my mother, still standing nude and unmoving.

Her fingers twitching was the first indication that she was ‘awake’. My mother started blinking rapidly and her fingers came up and started massaging her temples.

I watched her groan softly from an invisible headache, her eyes closed. My anxiety was sky-high. What was going to happen over the next few moments was going to change my life forever.

Did the stone work? Was my mother now my obedient slave, or were my hopes about to get crushed?

All of my doubts were answered when she finally cracked open her eyes, her greens looking so vivid and clear. Her gaze fell onto me, and I saw a flash of fear and confusion, as if she had just noticed me standing there.

Her voice had changed. It wasn’t the silky rich arrogance when she talked with her associates, nor was it the typical venom-filled tone she had held when addressing me. Instead, she spoke to me in a high pitched voice, like a little girl speaking to her father.


Her eyes immediately dropped from mine, and her head stayed bowed as she made her way towards me and lowered herself to her knees. 

“Master, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there.” She dropped to her hands and started planting reverent kisses on my feet. 

I stayed silent, my mind a whirl as I watched my authoritative and frigid mother performing an act that any woman with a shred of self-respect would never do.

“Master?” she muttered, looking up at me, her gaze so innocent, a stark contrast to what I was so used to. Her gaze switched between my throbbing cock and my bewildered eyes. “How may I serve you today, my Master?”

Her voice grew low at the last two words, laying them out like a seductive purr. She knew what I wanted, and I definitely knew what I needed. 

It was something I craved for a long, long time.

I looked down at my mother. No, she wasn’t my mother anymore. One glance at the expression in her vivid green eyes, that utter vision of submission… One look at that, and I knew my mother was long gone.

“Mia,” I addressed her by her name for the first time in my life. The words tasted strange to my tongue.

My slave perked up at the sound of her name. She looked at me expectantly and her jaw dropped slightly, as if she was hungry for a command.

“Yes, Master?” she whispered.

“Suck my dick, slave.”

The radiant smile I received from her could have melted my bones.

“Yes, Master!” she exclaimed in that little girl’s voice of hers. Her eyes grew wild, and her smile widened with delight as she reached for my cock.

Then I felt her skin on my flesh. After twenty miserable years of never feeling a woman’s touch, the magnificent touch of her fingers lit my entire body ablaze, and I felt ecstasy sizzling all the way down from my toes to my head.

Her fingers were warm and soft, and I couldn't hold back the moans escaping from my lips as her fingers enclosed around my length. I had to place a hand on the wall for support as she held my cock in a light but firm grip. Then, with delicate intentions, my mother began teasing up and down my length with her fingertips.

I closed my eyes and let pleasure take hold of me. 

“Are you enjoying this, Master?” my slave asked. I could hear the delight in her voice from watching my reactions. 

“Uh,” I said, only managing the word out. Thinking was getting difficult.

Satisfied that I was rock hard, I felt her fingers go down to the base of my cock, gripping it.

Then, I felt wetness.

“Oh, fuck,” I groaned out, my eyes snapping open.

It was her tongue. My mother was licking my cock. 

Holy shit.

I watched in a daze as she lapped my entire length, lubricating it with her saliva. She left no stones unturned, going down, swirling her tongue around the sides, and occasionally, her warm wet lips lightly sucked on my foreskin.

Even though I have never received a blowjob in my life, there was no doubt my mother was an expert cocksucker.

I was nearing the edge, the pressure building insanely quickly. I needed to speed up the process. I wanted to orgasm inside her mouth and down her throat and save myself the embarrassment of cumming before she even got started.

I grabbed the back of her head and shoved my dick into her mouth. 

My mother yelped in surprise, but she quickly adjusted. She started sucking on my cock, bobbing her head up and down, keeping up with the rapid pace I was forcing her to go on. 

“Oh, fuck,” I moaned out, trying my hardest not to burst right then and there. Even though I was rushing the process, I still wanted to milk the experience of my first blowjob. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought my first would be from my own mother.

“Fuck,” I cursed out again, shutting my eyes and gritting my teeth, not being able to hold the pressure in for much longer.

Then her tongue started doing wonders. It swirled along the underside of my cock, then around to the sides. Her hands added overkill to the mix. While one gripped the base of my cock, the other went to my balls, enveloping them in a warm grip. Then she gave a light squeeze.

That was it.

With a shout, I released the dam and exploded years of pent-up pleasure down my mother’s throat.

My mom made a sound of surprise at the sudden torrent. Instinctively, she tried to back away, but I was having none of it. I held her in place with one hand and the sounds of her choking and gagging became mixed in with my loud moans.

I felt my mother’s fingers going down to my thighs, her nails digging into my skin as she tried to swallow the ongoing rush of cum.

It was, by far, the longest orgasm of my life. I had never cum like I did just then, unloading waves after waves of semen. Finally, I felt the pressure building down, and I released my grip on my mother.

She dropped to the ground, her hands to her throat. I must have filled her to the brim because she was spitting out a large pool of semen to the ground, coughing and sputtering.

I didn’t bother to see if she was going to be ok. I stood there, back against the wall, trying to catch my breath. Looking down at my hands, I realized I was trembling, probably from the aftershocks of that earth-shattering orgasm. 

Fuck, that felt great.

By the time I regained some of my composure back, my mother was still coughing on the ground, still spitting out cum like the dirty slut I had made her into. I walked towards her and snapped a command.

“Get up,” I told her.

Her body trembled, but she obeyed, taking a lot of effort to stand up on shaky legs.

“Bend down, slave,” I demanded, really relishing my utter control I had over her.

Still sputtering, she bent her upper body forward, her breasts jiggling delightfully as she did so.

I saw the coffee table beside her and thought fast.

“Hands on the coffee table,” I ordered, and took the opportunity to smack that juicy ass of hers when she turned around.

She yelped from the contact but said nothing, shifting towards the coffee table and placing both hands on it.

I laughed at the hopelessness of her situation. “That’s right, do as you’re told.”  

I took a moment to wonder what she must be thinking. I couldn’t imagine my whole life turning upside down within the space of an hour. 

I must have slapped her ass really hard because a faint outline of my palm had reddened on the cheek I had contacted.

Grinning, I brought a palm down onto the same spot, with more force this time. Her whole body jerked forward in pain.

“Master,” she cried out, hurt in her voice. “Please.”

I ignored her and brought down another blow. I didn’t care how much I hurt her; she had caused me more pain than I could ever cause. 

This was revenge.

“You will take it like a good little slave you are,” I said, dealing another blow. Her right cheek was turning a bright red. “Is that understood?”

“Yes, Master,” she whimpered. I could hear the tears in her voice. 

“Yes, Master, you will what?” I urged her to repeat what I had just said.

“Yes, Master, I will take it like a good little slave,” she whispered, shaking from the pain.

“Good girl. Now lift your ass. I want it nice and high while I fuck you from behind.”

I didn’t show it, but the orgasm from before had completely drained me. I had never produced that much cum in my life, and I was starting to feel its effects. Even so, the thought of fucking my own mother kept my cock hard and hungry.

I watched in delight as my mother raised her ass higher, stretching her cheeks and giving me an unobstructed view of her pussy. 

It was pink, wet, and looked so ready to be conquered.

“That’s it,” I said, moving forward and fondling her ass. She winced a little from the touch, but otherwise, tensed herself for what I was going to do next.

I have watched a lot of porn and read a lot of erotica, but the reality of actually fucking a woman was nerve-wrecking. I didn’t really know what to expect, but her pussy was there, and my cock was throbbing with anticipation. 

It couldn’t be that hard.

“Master?” my mother’s soft voice squeaked out. She tried to turn her head to see what I was doing. “I’m ready for—”

“Shut up,” I interrupted her. I didn’t need her to rile my nerves up even more.

She immediately snapped her mouth shut and looked forward and down.

Not wanting thoughts to overwhelm me, I inhaled deeply, held my breath, and plunged forward, impaling my mother. 

I gasped at how warm she was inside, and how tight. The walls in her pussy clamped around my cock, and I shifted forward, forcing my way deeper until I hit something hard. 

My mother shrieked at the impact, but she quickly adjusted her hips, and soon, I found myself deeper and deeper until my balls were ground up against her ass.

“Oh, Master,” my mother moaned out, a mixture of pain and pleasure. I moaned along with her, my hands on her thighs, feeling her hot flesh under my palms.

This felt good. This felt really fucking good.

I groaned at the feel of her exquisite pussy, getting more and more heated by the erotic sounds my mother was making. Lust took hold over me and instincts made me move. I drew my hips back, gasped for breath, then slammed my cock back inside her. 

I felt her body shudder from the impact. Gaining confidence and rhythm, I pulled my hips back and thrust into her again and again. My mother took them like a pro, swaying her hips back and forth with mine, and soon we had a rhythm going. Even our moans, groans, and shouts were in sync with every thrust forward. The coffee table screeched against the floor as my mother held onto it for support and the sound of my heavy balls slapping the bottom of her ass rang around the room as we fucked on and on and on until I couldn’t hold back the rising pressure.  

For the second time in the space of an hour, I exploded my load into my mother. She must have orgasmed at the same time too, because the walls of her pussy tightened around my cock, squeezing my erupting boner, milking more cum out of me.

The world started melting all around me, all the background and sounds became a blur as I sped up the fucking, slamming into my mother with wild abandon. The force must have been too much because the coffee table screeched forward, and we both fell. We landed on the ground, but I didn’t care. I was still in position on top of her and I continued fucking her until the last of my orgasm ebbed away, my balls empty. 

I stared to the side as our harsh breathing became the only sound in the room. We were both slick with sweat and the surrounding air smelled both sweet and salty.

Was this how sex smelled?

We lay there for what felt like hours, barely moving. We were both still on the ground, and I was still on top of her with my sore cock buried inside her pussy.

Breathing hard and catching my breath, I caught a glimpse of the jade behind the desk clock where I had left it.

I couldn’t help but fathom the energy to crack a smile. 

That crazy lady wasn’t so crazy after all. My life has been changed forever, and if today was a sign of what was to come for the future, then I couldn’t wait to live life. 


And what had she said to me before I last saw her? Something about coming back for a second stone?

An image of my aunt flashed into my mind. Aunt Katherine said she would be in town for the weekend. 

Maybe it was time to pay her a visit. After all, I still owed her for the car ride.

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