Microfic Challenges

Testing Log

by xenofem

Tags: #noncon #brainwashing #dom:female #f/f #microfiction #sub:female #D/s #dom:unspecified #orientation_change #tech_control

Prompt: "milestones"
ROM discord, 2021-03-01

Program version: 0.4.2-alpha
Test subject: Lyra Deacon (housemate)

2020-04-15: First program test. Restraints were required to overcome subject's initial struggle, but she became docile after several minutes of exposure, and had no memory of the program after completion.

2020-04-22: After one week of daily exposure, subject readily complies with minor everyday instructions, and performs all household chores without complaint.

2020-04-30: Subject now enters trance immediately upon program start, restraints no longer required.

2020-05-16: Process has become fully self-sustaining, subject now initiates program herself without requiring instruction.

2020-05-24: Subject now complies with more extreme commands; performs sexual services for experimenter without any hesitation, despite prior sexual orientation.

2020-06-03: Subject complies with commands involving ongoing behaviors, is willingly naked and collared at all times.

2020-06-12: Subject complies with commands involving major life changes, has resigned from her job and ended her long-distance relationship to service experimenter full-time.

2020-07-20: Programming has become permanent, implanted mantras and ingrained neural pathways sustain obedience with no further program exposure required. Experiment success, subject is now recruiting additional subjects for further testing...

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