Microfic Challenges

Ping Pong

by xenofem

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwashing #dom:female #f/f #microfiction #sub:female #D/s #dom:unspecified #orientation_change #tech_control

Prompt: "return"
MCL discord, 2020-07-23

Emma glared across the table, lining up her serve carefully. As soon as she wiped the floor with this mysterious newcomer, the championship was hers.

Serve, bounce bounce, return, bounce

Was this new girl just a beginner? Emma smashed the ball back hard and fast. Her opponent didn't even try to return it, just let it fly off into a corner of the room. How the fuck had she made it to the finals?

"It looks like we've lost our ball. I have a spare we can use." The girl offered up a ball for inspection. It seemed perfectly standard, although Emma didn't recognize the spiral logo.

"Fine, let's get on with it."

Serve, bounce bounce, return, bounce, return, bounce

As Emma kept her eyes on the ball, the spinning spiral seemed to expand and fill her vision...

return, bounce, return, bounce

Suddenly the new girl was moving a lot faster... or had Emma slowed down?

return, bounce, return, bounce, SNAP

Emma slumped down onto the table, the ball bouncing off past her.

"That's more like it. Now, after you lose this match, come find me in the shower room and you can give me a different kind of service..."

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