Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Kim's New Ally

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #personality_change #pov:bottom #pov:top

Hypnosis… What did I like most about it? To be honest, when my boyfriend suggested we try it, I was doubtful to say the least. I didn’t really believe in it. No… That’s not true… I just never thought about it all that much. Not as a kink anyway! 
It's true that I always had a thing for losing control. To feel helpless… Dominated… But my fantasies always circled mostly around bondage. Since we began our little journey into hypnotic adventures, my boyfriend as told me all about how he discovered his kink. In movies… Cartoons… Comics… Even a stage performers. For me, it never inspired me as something erotic. 
I was certainly willing to try it out! I couldn’t help but feel aroused and intrigued as he told me about all the possibilities. If it didn’t work, I thought that at least, it would make for some good role playing. 
It took a few times, but he eventually found the right way to put me under. Ever since then, it has been a roller-coaster ride! We played around with triggers, slowly building up to more daring things. I especially love the one where he whispers something in my ear, which I can never remember, and suddenly, I have one less piece of clothing. Usually my panties or my bra!
In public anyway…

It took a lot of work, but he managed to also place a trigger that blocks my orgasm. I mean… I know I could probably cum anyway, but every time I got close, I just squirm away or think about weird things. It always gets me down a few notches. He loves to use that one! Once, when we role-played as Master and slave, he punished me by blocking it for a whole week! I was so pissed at first, but all those bad feelings washed away when I finally did cum. And boy did I cum…
But role play was just role play…
It was fun, but as much as I tried to act the part, I could see that my boyfriend still held back a little. That he wanted more out of it. That’s when I had the idea for the personality change. What if we could use hypnosis to make me turn into someone different? That too needed a lot of work, but eventually, I found myself in a whole other world.
Everything was backwards! My left hand was my right… The closet in our bedroom was on the wrong side… Every written word was backward… I was in the mirror! I was amazed! I didn’t have control of my body either. I moved and talked like a whole different person! It had worked! I could almost feel how submissive and eager my new personality was to obey my boyfriend.
I was trapped inside my own mind!
God I loved that feeling…
Straps, cuffs, ropes… All of them paled to compare to this feeling of utter helplessness. I had lost control of my body… Of my mind… I couldn’t even talk back or offer up my ideas when he asked questions to me. Well… To her… 
He spanked me that first night and it was really painful! I wanted him to slow down, but Natasha (as we called my slave persona) wanted more and more. Being the guy he is, he did stop before any real harm came to my body, but still! So helpless… 
It also made me realize that we didn’t have a safe word for this game. With a shock, I understood that only Natasha would be able to go back to the mirror and change us back. That sneaky bastard! And from the way she was acting… She would never decide to change back. Not unless he ordered her to!
I was torn between anger and arousal. It added to the helpless lost of control in a way that made me boil with lust, but then again, it also made me mad because he had always told me I could stop myself with any of the trigger or hypnotic games he was going to play with me. 
In the end, as I finally came back to myself through the mirror, my desires won out. I knew my boyfriend well and trusted him completely. But that first session made me realize that we needed to change things up a little. That’s when I told him to make my mind go away completely when I wasn’t looking in a mirror. 
After all, it was her turn to play wasn’t it?
After a few weeks of this back and forth, I started to notice that he would purposefully move away from mirrors when I was in my slave persona. I lost long chunks of time as my mind slept inside the mirror. But I wasn’t worried… He also made a point to use her from time to time right in front of our bedroom mirror.
That was so hot…
I watched myself as I begged and pleaded with him to let me please him. To serve him… All the while, he wasn’t looking at my body, he was looking in the mirror. He knew I could see him. He knew I would remember it. When ever he was going to make me degrade myself for him, he always did it in front of me. 
It was like watching him fuck a twin sister. A horny submissive twin sister! And I was trapped in the mirror… Feeling his cock go everywhere inside me… 
It was such a turn on.
I usually jumped his bones right after I got out of the mirror. He didn’t expect it at first and I had to wait for his erection to heal, but as we got accustomed to this new game, he would always order Natasha to switch back when he was fully erect. Waiting for me…
God I loved that…
I asked him once or twice about the black outs. I asked him what he was making me do for those long periods. He told me that I could tell me, but he also reminded me that it had been my idea in the first place.
So I never did learn what he made her do. Well… Me…
I did suspect some things. I noticed that the laundry and cleaning seemed to be done. I would some times find that there was left overs in the fridge I didn’t remember preparing. 
I guess he was using my slave persona to do more than just fuck!
I wasn’t mad about it, after all, why should I be? I didn’t remember toiling around and doing them. If my other self was so eager to please and wanted to keep things clean, who was I wo argue?
And then it happened…
I watched my double suck off my boyfriend while he lounged on the bed before they both left for goes knows where. I felt my mind slowly fade as I lost conscious thought. I never knew how much time had passed during those episodes. Anyway, as my mind came back to life, I noticed that I was alone in the bathroom, looking at myself.
This was new.
“Hi there Kim…” she suddenly said.
Oh wow! We had never really talked like this! I didn’t even know if she knew I was aware inside the mirror! 
“I know you can’t respond for now… But I know you can hear me inside the mirror.”
I didn’t know if I should be afraid or happy.
“I also know all about your hidden desires… I can feel them all… Like I know that you are probably scared right now… Scared I’m going to tell you that I don’t want to ever go back inside the mirror… Scared that I won’t obey his orders and kiss you… Scared I’ll just play along as you… Making him believe I’m you until he asks me to change back…”
Oh god… She was right! I was scared of that! I mean… It gave this whole game an edge that made my pussy wet, but it still lingered in the back of my mind!
“I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to fear that at all… I know Master needs you. Loves you… He loves you in a way I could never hope to feel. I can see it in his eyes when he holds YOU in front of the mirror…”
The mirror… Does that mean…
“To answer your lingering question, yes… It does mean that I see you through the mirror… But I don’t wish to escape… I only wish to serve him. And you…”
Me? What was this?
“But as much as he loves you, he also desires me…” she said with a fond smile. “In his own way, I guess he loves us both. And I love him as much as you love him, that never changed. So how do we best use this new gift? This game?”
I was still trying to wrap my head around the fact my other persona was speaking to me. That I was speaking to myself. 
“I know this must seem weird to you, but bare with me…” she said. “We should work together.”
Together? How the hell would that work?
“Meaning that… I want you to surprise him when he doesn’t expect it.”
Well that made sense. She would certainly want more time with him and so far, I was happy to oblige. It was fun and in a way, it let me turn my mind off and let the stresses on my life fade away. It was an escape. What did she mean?
“We swapped places a few times a week… But always here at home…” she said with a wicked smile. “Tomorrow, he plans to take us out to dinner. Why don’t we surprise him while at the restaurant?”
Oh fuck… That would certainly be naughty of us… What would he make us do in public I wondered. He certainly wasn’t shy about using triggers while we were out. What would having me in total slave mode be like?
“I know you find the idea alluring… And to be honest, I really wish to serve him anywhere he wants. But the decision is yours…”
I was already planning the change in my mind. He would be so surprised! I could imagine it clearly. Halfway through the meal I could excuse myself to go powder my nose. Then switch and come back dripping with submission. Fuck… That would make him so horny! 
“You also need you to know that I’m your slave as well…”
What was that? How could she be…
“Master as placed us under hypnosis and has let me remember the session.”
That sneaky bastard!
“In it… He placed a new trigger, but this one is only affective on me…”
What could it be… Why only on her?
“As much as he likes that you don’t know what happens when I don’t see myself in a mirror, he also loves that you are trapped inside me. So… He has decided to place a very special trigger I’m very eager to try. Since I wish to serve you as well.”
Serve me? This is getting hard to understand…
“The trigger gives YOU control of your mouth… Your speech to be exact… Once I say the trigger, you are allowed to speak one phrase. Just one. But in this way, you can order me.”
Woah… What would that be like? Why would he want me to be able to speak like this? Maybe to let me order her to switch back?
“This trigger works if I say it, but it also works if Master says it. He wants to be able to hear your thoughts without switching us back and forth.”
That could make sense… Maybe he want to keep the slave persona going while just checking in with me. Slight devil… He would thus keep part of his control over me.
“So Mistress…” she said. “Would you like to work together?”
She then spoke a few words that I couldn’t really understand. Was this the trigger? Could I speak? I watched and she looked in a sort of daze. Was she in a trance? Ok ok … If the trigger worked, I only had one sentence… What should I tell her? What should I ask her?
I had so many questions! How come she knew so much about me? Was it because he had told her? Was it because he let her remember me? What would this new game bring us? I loved to lose control… Why had he given me this then? He certainly knew I didn’t really need it. Was it her idea?
What else was he making us do when I wasn’t looking in a mirror?
All my thoughts jumbled around, but one idea still kept coming back: seeing his surprised face when I came back from the lady’s room as a slave.
Part of me wanted to let things be as they were, but part of me was really curious about this new game. What possibilities… I could order her to do things I didn’t want to do. Things I was afraid to try… It would certainly make things even more interesting… 
“Let’s blow his socks off…” I said.
The moment I spoke, it felt like I had some control again. But as soon as the last word left my lips, I knew I had lost it again. It felt so much more intense than I expected! It felt like my will to speak just slipped away… Like in a dream… 
My reflection perked up and smiled.
“Oh goody!” she said. “I’m so happy you agree! Don’t worry Mistress… I’ll make sure to do just that! But for now, unless he orders me to tell him, I’m going to keep this our little secret…” she said with a wink.
“Ok!” she said as she looked me right in the eye. “I have an idea that should make things interesting…”
The next day, I barely could contain my excitement as we went out for dinner. After we ate our first course, I knew he was feeling adventurous because I could suddenly feel a draft on my wet pussy. He had used the stripping trigger on me.

Well tonight, he wasn't going to be the only one to feel out of control! I excused myself and went to the lady’s room. There I waited for the room to be empty and kissed the mirror. After the switch took place, I watched with an invisible smile as Natasha immediately looked through my purse. 
She suddenly stopped and lifted her head to smile at me. My mind faded away as she left the bathroom. But as planned, my mind came back to me. I was a little surprised at first, I mean, I usually become aware of my double before any sexual acts, but this time, I came back and had a cock deep in my mouth. WAY deep!
I wanted to gag!
I had never been able to take him that deep before! Natasha must be practicing quite a lot. Oh fuck… I watched myself through the hand held mirror I had brought. It was hard to tell, but it looked like she was smiling at me. I noticed where we were and was instantly mortified! But excited… Some part of me knew something like this was going to happen. Natasha told me to bring a mirror if I was game enough to play the new game. I certainly was, but this?
The restaurant had long table clothes that went all the way to the ground, so we were hidden for the moment. But how did I get under without anyone noticing? Did she even try to be discreet?  
I winked at myself and I knew what was about to happen. That was the deal. Oh god… Was she really going to do it? She sucked him down a few more times before removing her lips from his shaft. Her hand stroked him gently as she spoke our trigger and kissed the mirror…
Did I have the strength to continue on? Or would I fail and give her back the reins? The fear and dilemma was making my juices flow down my thigh…

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