Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

His Hypnotic Fantasy

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #personality_change #pov:bottom #pov:top

This particular story stared out as a simple caption so part 1 is fairly short, but the idea stuck and I got curious to continue it from her point of view for part 2.

Ever since my girlfriend accepted to indulge my desire to hypnotize her, we developed all sorts of little games. Some we play in the privacy of our bedroom while others are played in secret among other people. And a chosen few that are not so secret…
Out of all our little games, I love the mirror one best. It all began when she wanted to try and see if I could make her act as a completely different person. You have to understand, most of are little games were triggers or blocks. We hadn't really touched on one of my more intense fantasies, which was to have her become a total and willing slave to my desires.
We role played a lot and she was a good actress. We played master and slave a few times and she was into it, but she admitted she didn't really feel it. Of course, by that time, I had hypnotized her enough to know her pretty well. I even discovered a few of her own darker desires.
One of them would fit perfectly with my own.

So I set things up so she thought the mirror was a special portal. A doorway to another world where a double of ourselves exist... This double was very different, filled with hidden emotions and desires. For her, the girl she saw in the mirror was exactly what my fantasy wanted her to be. A deeply submissive slave girl that lived to obey my every desire... She loved that idea, to look at herself in the mirror and imagine her reflection was a completely different person.
First step went very well.
We built up that personality with flaws, hopes, desires until my girlfriend thought she was complete enough to be her own person. She even gave her a special name. It was time for step 2. I guided her to the mirror and told her that only she could activate the doorway. Only she would be able to choose when she would let the other version of herself come out and play. A trigger was chosen and it was this: She simply needed to say a few chosen words and kiss herself in the mirror.
I loved it.
To fulfill her own desire, which she didn't know I knew about, I secretly added a rule. Only the personality on this side of the mirror could activate the trigger. Meaning that which ever personality was in control in the real world had the power to switch back... No safe word here…
Her hidden desire?
To lose control… To feel trapped…
So finally, I setup things so that both personalities would experience everything. So when I would be spanking the new slave girl as she watched herself in the mirror, I knew that my lovely girlfriend was also watching herself get spanked. Feeling every hit as if she was with me. Helpless as she watched her double do all those acts. Helpless to reach out and make it stop, make her double come to the mirror to switch back and free her.
Of course, the slave personality never wanted to leave. I had to order her to switch back. After our first session, I actually saw her pout as she slowly moved to the mirror. Right before she kissed herself, I saw her give a wicked smile that almost made me stop her, but I didn't.
I held my breath as I saw her kiss the mirror. Would she be mad? Would she love it?
Her eyes closed for a moment as the switch took place. She took a deep breath and looked at herself in the mirror for a moment. Then she looked at me, through the mirror, and I couldn't read her expression for what seemed like ages.
"Very sneaky…" she finally said. "But I have a small change to make…"
I still couldn't read her, but she didn't seem pissed.
"Oh? And what is that?"
"Could you make it that I'm only aware when I actually see myself in the mirror? You know… That I kind of turn off… Like a trance… When I don't see myself?"
"Huh…" I said. "Sure… That could work… Why?"
She turned and smiled.
"I can imagine myself freak out as I watch myself step away from the mirror…" she said walking slowly towards me." Knowing I will lose conscious thought… Knowing I have no way to tell when I'll be back… Besides…" she said as she crawled on the bed. "If I'm in the mirror… It's her turn to play anyway right?"
Needless to say, my cock stirred at her words.
We eventually made the changes and later on, she would tell me all about her trepidations when she saw herself leave to go god knows where. Her relief when she saw her come back. Her fears when she would see her smile towards the mirror, like she knew she was watching. She said it felt like she was a spectator when I used her in front of the mirror. And to her surprised, she didn't know which she liked more.
What she didn't know, was that I had the same conversations with her double. To my surprise, she said she felt the same. She would watch us as I played or slept with her. She didn't feel trepidation or fear though. She knew I would always want her to play with. She accepted her place.
I didn't know which I found more alluring.
But I started to pay attention to the girl in the mirror, which ever she was. Like I could almost see her react when she knew I was looking at her and not at the girl in my arms. I would hold my girlfriend, in her slave girl personality, and watch her reflection in the mirror, knowing that her normal personality was watching me hold her…
And other times, I would hold my girlfriend tenderly and whisper sweet things in her ear as I watched her reflection, knowing that her slave personality was watching back, hoping that I would make her come out to play.
It opened up a whole world of possibilities for our little games.
The only question that remained…
Would I be strong enough to always make her turn back to normal?

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