Interactive Story: Masterful Magic

Choice 9

by The Traveling Master

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B- Anna lets her curiosity win and tries to follow Zelvida discreetly.

I looked down at the list of materials and props we would need and I had to admit that my heart wasn't in it at all. I looked back at the empty doorway and wondered what had just happened. I was becoming convinced that something else was going on between Zelvida and our boss. But what? It seemed like I couldn’t even trust my own memories. What had really happened Saturday? Should I ask Zelvida about it? How would THAT conversation go? 
'Oh hey Z! I was just passing through the theater last Saturday and I thought I saw you doing a weird dance on stage…'
No… Better to be discreet about it. And those eyes… Did they really glow? Or was it just my imagination? She sure looked in a hurry. Where was she going? Before I knew it, I had gotten up and I was following her. I tried to be discreet about it, knowing that she had already seen me as I spied on them. Something was going on and I wanted to know what. Besides… She did say it was ok to watch… 
She made her way through the theater's back rooms until she came to the forbidden door. The boss was clear about that room. It was off limits… To my surprise, she went and stood in front of it and simply waited. She didn't knock or try to open it. She just stood there, perfectly still. The door opened by itself and in she went. From where I was, it was hard to see inside the room. It was dimly lit and my vantage point didn't let me see the whole room. 
But what I saw was enough.
I saw a few candles that were obviously the only source of light in the room. I saw shelves of strange artifacts… Skulls… Idols… Jars filled with liquids… And a book… Set on a pedestal in the middle of the room. The door closed behind Zelvida.
Well that was interesting…
I crept closer to the door and tried to listen to what was going on in the room. It was faint, but I could hear Zelvida start to talk with our boss.
"You called?" she said.
He called? I didn’t hear anything… No… It couldn’t be… 
"Yes. I wanted to know how our latest recruit is doing?"
"She is doing very well…" she said.
Were they talking about me? Of course they were! Who else was there?
"Do I note a little jealousy in your voice?" he said, clearly amused.
"No sir…" she said, but I didn't believe her. Why would she be jealous of me?
"You never were any good at lying to me… No matter… I think it is time…"
"NO!" she said immediately. "Please! Not that! I'll do anything! Just not that…"
"Oh my dear… I know you'll do anything I ask…" he said. "You knew this day would come."
"Yes… But… Please… I beg you..." she said before changing her tone. "Maybe I could convince you otherwise…"
I didn't hear anything for a long moment. What was going on in there? Why was she so scared of… Well… Whatever he was talking about. What did he mean… 
"Ah my dear… Your body always seems to inspire me…" he said. "Such perfect curves…"
"And how could my curves convince you?"
"Kneel." he said.
I couldn't hear anything else after that. But I could certainly guess what was going on… 
"Hhmmm…" he moaned. "Well maybe we can wait a little longer…" 
I eased back from the door and left them to it. No sense in listening in on that. I made my way back to the break room and decided to get busy with the list. 
What was going on between those 2? And what was that book on the pedestal? I could swear it had some special meaning. I finished the list and started to go gather the items. I wanted to make sure I didn't look suspicious. 
And how did she know he had called for her? I didn't hear a phone ring or anything… Was it that eye thing? Some kind of spell? No… It couldn't be… Could it? I mean… Magic wasn’t real right? My hand went up to the back of my neck. What was this tattoo for anyway? Did Zelvida have one too?
Of course she did. He told me that all his assistance had one. But why? I didn't question it too much when he hired me, mainly because I was desperate to get the job. It certainly was a strange request.
The rest of the day went without incident. I was determined to know more about what was happening. It seemed too strange to be just some weird kink they both loved. And the way she begged him… Like her life depended on it or something. On my way home, I stopped to buy a black light bulb and went straight home. With mirrors and my phone, I managed to shine the black light on my tattoo long enough to take a picture. I then spent the whole evening researching the design on the internet.
When I finally closed off my computer at midnight, I had found nothing even close to the design. I found parts of it. A Chinese symbol that had some components present in the tattoo. Some Vikings runes too… Arcane symbols as well… It seemed to be a mix of many different things. A rather unique mix if I was honest.
That night, my sleep was filled with erotic dreams. I couldn't make sense of some of them, but one kind of stuck in my mind. I was at work actually. I was minding my own business, trying to get some magic trick ready, when my boss came up behind me and spoke in a strange language. I couldn't say WHAT he said, but in the dream, I knew he was being naughty.
"Really?" I found myself saying. "Here?" 
"Yes my dear… I can't seem to keep my hands off you… Such a wonderous body…" he said as his hands grabbed my hips.
I backed up into him as his arms encircled me, one grabbing my tit while the other caressed my tummy.
"You are so bad…" I heard myself say.
"You like that about me… Don't you?"
"Maybe…" I trailed off as I felt my blood start to warm up to his touch.
His lips kissed my neck and for a brief moment, my tattoo seemed to burn… Well not burn exactly… Just… Hot… So very hot… It was so pleasant… I felt the warmth spread all over my skin as his hand made its way inside my pants.
"No…" I moaned. Not really wanting him to stop.
"Yes…" he simply said.
And at his words, all semblance of resistance left my body. I was putty in his hands. His fingers found my love button and started to circle it slowly, spreading the heat in my loins. In no time at all, my body was on fire! The pleasure climbed even higher when his index started to play with my sacred entrance. I started to squirm as the pleasure just seemed to rise and rise… Never giving me a chance to catch my breath. My hips were out of my control as they tried in vain to make his finger enter me.
But I didn't want a finger…
I wanted him. 
Suddenly, he turned me roughly and our lips collided. I could feel his hard cock pressing on my stomach. My hands had a mind of their own as one reach behind his head to grab a fistful of his hair and the other started to caress his manhood through his pants.
The dream evolved in that pleasure for a while and the next thing I knew, we were both naked. Like he had real magic powers… He stretched out his hand and I started to levitate on my back. My legs spread wide as I floated to him. His cock seemed to find my pussy with ease as I slowly impaled myself on him. He grabbed my hips and started to fuck me. I was in midair, but I felt like I was on a fluffy cloud… 
My legs wrapped around his body and as my hands massaged and squeezed my tits. He suddenly let go of my hip and started to rub my clit with his thumb. The pleasure exploded inside me and it took all of my self-control to keep from cumming. He ravaged me again and again until I felt he was ready to burst.
I let go of pleasure and rode his orgasm as he became stiff, impaling me deeply… 
I sat up straight in my bed, breathing hard. I looked down and my hand was actually between my legs. I even had 2 fingers inside my pussy! I was drenched… That felt so real… Why was I dreaming of my boss so much?
And why did it feel so real?
The next few days, I made it my mission to get a peak in the forbidden room, but I never managed to get close like I did on Monday. The boss also seemed to keep me extra busy with preparations for the show to come. What I did notice, was that I seemed to get lost in my thoughts a lot more. I would be working on one of the projects and suddenly, 3 hours had passed and it felt more like 1 hour. 
Then on Thursday night, as I got back home and started to undress to get in the shower, I noticed I wasn't wearing a bra. I was wearing one of my bikini tops. Strange… I could have sworn I had worn a bra this morning…
It happened again on Friday. I was a little after lunch and I was changing into one of the costumes for the trick we were working on when I noticed I was wearing a bikini top under my shirt instead of my regular bra. I was about to question myself as to why I had worn it again today when a thought popped in my head. Out of the blue…
Bikinis are better and more comfortable to work in anyway.
Really? That can't be right… I mean… Why would they? I was looking at myself in the mirror and for the life of me, I couldn't disagree. Everything about that statement was true. So I finished changing and decided that I would wear a bikini tops from now on.
But it still bugged me… If only a little…
The following Saturday, we had our first magic show. I was so nervous! Zelvida was a real help and soothed my fears a few times during the performance. But all in all, the show went without a hitch! The audience had a blast and I got to see firsthand how amazing our boss was on stage. He completely captivated the audience with his stage presence and flare. The show was incredible and funny.
Once the show was over, we all went out for drinks and to my surprise, Zelvida and our boss didn't have their hands all over each other. They both congratulated me on my performance and both were very happy about how the new dynamic was going.
I was thrilled!
I couldn't help but notice the wandering eyes of my boss all night. And if I was honest, I couldn't help but think about all the erotic dreams I was having of him. But I wasn't the type of girl to chase after a man that was already fucking my co-worker. So I left it at that and scanned the room for a potential guy to bring home.
But again, I couldn't seem to find anyone I liked! There were plenty of handsome guys, but I always found something I didn't like about them. If I was honest, I was a little pissed our boss was already fucking Zelvida! He was the one I wanted to bring home…
On Sunday morning, my head was clear and I started to wonder about my situation. Since the stress of the show was over, I could finally think about all the strange things I had seen and experienced. 
I had to make a decision.
Choice 9
A- Let things be and wait to see what else happens.
B- Find a way to sneak into the forbidden room.
C- Start tailing Zelvida to see what she does on her off time.

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