Interactive Story: Masterful Magic

Choice 10

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #InteractiveStories #m/f #magic #pov:bottom

B- Find a way to sneak into the forbidden room.

I was betting that whatever was happening, I could probably find answers in that forbidden room of his. I know he keeps a lot of secrets about his magic tricks, but to have a whole room be off limits? Zelvida could certainly go in there… Probably because he trusted her implicitly. 
I had to find a way to get in there without being noticed.
I spent the following paying very close attention to Zelvida and our boss. I was trying to figure out where he kept the keys for the room and if Zelvida had a set. After 4 days, I concluded that there simply weren’t any keys. Every time I watched either our boss or Zelvida go in that room, the door just simply opened.
Was it even locked?
I always assumed it was. He had been so intense when he told me it was off limits. Did he really trust me that much? I guess that he could always fire me if he caught me doing something he had strictly forbidden me to do.
I waited late one night when I was sure they had both left for the day. I told him I wanted to get some extra practice for the show and he seemed delighted that I was working so hard. I went to the door and just looked at it. This was it… If it was locked, I wouldn't push things further. Not tonight anyway…
But if it was unlocked…
I swallowed hard as my hand grabbed the handle. The moment I did, I felt a small jolt run along my arm and reach my neck. For the briefest moment, I thought I felt my tattoo pulse with heat. What the hell was that just now? I looked at my hand and I was still grasping the handle. The buzzing had disappeared and it was almost like I imagined the whole thing.
I turned the nob and immediately realized it wasn't locked. I started to open the door, but hesitated. He really didn't want me to go in there… But I was so curious! I took a deep breath and pushed the door open.
Like before, the room was dimly lit by candles. I briefly wondered why there were lit candles at all. Didn't he leave for the day? Why didn't he blow them out before he left? As my eyes adjusted to dim light, I started to register all the different things in the room. 
The walls were stacked with shelves. There wasn't a free space anywhere. Books… Lots of books… Most of them looked old and worn, but some of them look new. There were scrolls and pieces of parchment. The jars I had seen earlier were filled with strange animal parts. The first impression I had was that I stepped into a horror movie. Like I was in the lair of some warlock or witch… 
There was a desk with a large leather chair. I could see notes and papers on the desk. Some I recognized as magic tricks we were performing. Others seemed like new ones… But others didn't make sense to me at all. Symbols and diagrams that would be at home in a grimoire of some kind.
And then there was the book on the pedestal. Just like I remembered… Like in a movie, there was a column of light that descended from the ceiling, casting a bright light on the pages…
Choice 10
A- Anna goes to the book to read was is written there.
B- Anna examines the book shelves to see what volumes are there.
C- Anna gets scared and leaves the room.

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