Interactive Story: Masterful Magic

Choice 20

by The Traveling Master

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C- Anna pushes back a little, trying to wrap her head around everything he was saying. She knew she had to be strong if she ever wanted to resist his charms and endure to finally be free in a week.

I could barely taste his lips, but it was like I was already kissing him. Why was he teasing me so much? I should just kiss him… My mind felt so hazy… Lust was taking over my body again and I knew that if I gave in now… I wouldn't be able to resist him at all. I didn't really want to… Not anymore…
But I had too… I was myself at the moment and I remembered everything. If there was ever a time to choose for myself, it was now. If any part of me wanted to ever get free of this incredible situation, I had to resist the temptation. I fought against my arousal and with great effort, I pushed him away. If only a little…
His eyebrow lifted. My action clearly surprised him. 
"I…" I said. "Thank you for telling me. For allowing me to play this little game."
"My pleasure… I assure you… You surprise me Anna… I love that about you."
He didn't let go of me and we just kept staring in each other’s eyes. The moment felt so heavy with meaning… Even as I pushed him away, I wanted to embrace him and give in. But I had to resist… I didn't want to regret my decision later on. 
"Anna… I think I know just the thing for you now…" he said with his damn smile.
He released me from his arms and lightly pushed me out of the way. He grabbed a pen and wet the tip on his tongue as he seemed consumed in thought.
"Yes… That will do nicely…" he said as he started to scribble in my book.
My heart started to race. What was he doing now? Was he about to change me into his little doll? Make me forget all this ever happened? No… I didn't want that! 
"There… All done…" he said as he moved out of the way.
I approached and I was afraid of what I would read. As I scanned the page, I noted immediately that he hadn't added a rule. What then? I read the rules again and gasped at what he had changed.
'Fourth Rule, Anna can't remember the details of something she has seen involving magic. She will get confused and her memories of the events will slowly change until they make sense in a world without real magic. – Amendment 1 – This rule only takes effect if Gregory Manciny says the words "Anna's blurred magical memory".'
I looked up at him. 
"I guess you are wondering why… Well… I won't make you forget anything until next week. I want you to fully appreciate everything about our little arrangement. I won't use rule 6 either… Not that I believe I would need to anyway…"
"All part of your plan I guess?"
"In a way… It is also because I want you to appreciate my next move…"
He spoke a few words I couldn't understand and lights erupted all around us. Little balls of light… Sparkling with a million different colors… They swirled around us and they completely engulfed my vision. I couldn't see anything! I felt a sort of vertigo and I felt like I was losing my balance. The lights disappeared and I fell to my knees. I thought I was about to throw up!
I looked around and tried to hold down my lunch. What the… I was in my living room! I looked up and he was calmly sitting in my lazy chair. The vertigo and sick feeling faded and I could get back up. Was I really in my apartment? How did he…
"Teleportation spell… Don't worry, you get used to the sick feeling. I threw up the first few times I did it… You are pretty strong to have managed to keep it in the first time. And again today…"
"Huh.. Thanks…" I said, still trying to get my bearings.
"I thought you would like it best here instead of my crummy old magic room."
"It? Like what exactly?"
"Anna's frozen state." he said.
I felt my whole body stop moving. As if… All my muscles just stopped working. No… I just… Couldn't move! A warm shiver ran across my skin and I started to feel a little horny. I looked as he got up and approached me. He looked at me a little bit before grabbing my arms. He moved them until they were spread out high above my head. He let go and I just stayed that way.
Right… He just activated that frozen rule I read about…
"So lovely… I think it's time I gave you a little reward…"
Reward? What could he possibly be talking about? He moved my arms again and lowered them until they stood out leveled to my shoulders. He caressed my arms, coming towards in towards my torso. His hands came down and rubbed the sides of my chest.
"As a reward… I'm going to use the Canvas spell on you… It has a lot of different uses of course… One of which you saw performed on Zelvida… But for you… I have a very different use for the spell…"
God… His hands… They felt so nice… He caressed my stomach and I shivered. Or I would have if I could move. His hands traced imaginary lines on my stomach before moving up and cupping my breasts. 
"Now… Usually… This spell takes enormous amounts of preparation… And even then… The subject can… Well… Resist it… For it to work, you need the consent of the other… But since I wrote rule 15… I don't have to worry about that…" he said as he massaged my tits.
Damn him… Always covering all his bases… Fuck his touch felt good…
"I could just use your puppet and draw on her…" he said as one of his hands let go of my tit and started to draw imaginary lines on my stomach again. "You would feel every brush stroke as if it was made on your skin… But the result fades away… It is rather fun to use though… So maybe later…"
His tracing finger went down passed my belly button. Oh god… Was he going to… 
"But no… I'm not going to use the canvas spell that way… I feel like painting directly on your body…" he said as his finger reached my pussy.
Oh god… He started to trace around my entrance, sending heat along my nerves.
"I like that you are already wet…" he said as he explored my sacred lips. "Anyway… What I’m about to use the canvas spell for is something very special…"
He let go of my tit and lifted his hand in front of my face. Was I dreaming? Or was I seeing dust swirl around it? Yeah… It was! It swirled faster and faster until something seemed to materialize in his hand. It was a paint brush.
"This brush is rather special…" he said as he waved it in front of my face. "While the canvas spell is active, it doesn't need any ink or paint…"
What hhhmmmm… Damn fingers… hhhmmmm… What was he going to do now?
"All I have to do is…" he said as he started to trace lines over my breasts. "Draw what ever I wish… And only you and I will be able to see it…"
The hairs of the brush were sending little thrills of pleasure… Somehow… They were combining with the sensations of his fingers in my pussy and making everything seem like an exquisite torture…
"And since I know a thing or 2 about symbols and runes… I'm about to draw a few of them on your body…" he said as he removed his fingers from my pussy.
He lifted them in front of his face and smelled them before putting them in his mouth.
"So deliciously aroused…" he commented.
He closed his eyes and started to speak in a weird language I couldn't understand. The only words I understood were my own name! When he stopped, I felt a jolt pass through my body. What was that? He opened his eyes again and smiled.
"There… You are now my wonderful canvas…"
His eyes examined every inch of my body. He finally looked straight into my eyes as he lifted the brush to my forehead. As soon as I felt the tip of it touch my skin, I felt a wave of pleasure. It kept building on itself until I was about to cum! With each stroke of the brush, I felt I was coming closer to release. 
"There…” he said… “Now that rune will keep things in check…" he said as he pressed his fingers on my forehead. 
All the pleasure I was feeling seemed to get concentrated in my pussy! Oh fuck… I was going to cum… I waited for the pleasure to peak, but it only stayed the same… 
"Now pay attention Anna… Press this rune once, and you block your own orgasm… Every erotic pleasure will only build inside you… Adding on itself… Until you press it again… Like so…" he said as he pressed my forehead again.
All of a sudden, the pleasure released and an orgasm ripped through my body. Even under his frozen spell, I was still shaking as the pleasure crashed through me. Oh god that was intense…
"But let's not get carried away…" he said as he pressed it again. "Now for your lovely tits…"
I felt his brush touch my right nipple and the pleasure was even more intense than when he drew on my forehead. By the time he was finished, I was actually panting! He then did the same on my left nipple. Each time I felt like the pleasure was about to crest, it just concentrated in my pussy… Making it all tingly and desperate…
"Now these will make you feel… Extra special…" he said as he pressed my left nipple.
Almost immediately, I felt like his lips had started to suck and… Lick… My nipple! I could even feel little nibbles! Damn that felt nice… Weird… But nice…
"And now for your clit…" he said as he dropped down and I felt him draw something right below my belly button. 
The pleasure joined in with the wet sucking of my nipple and I felt on the edge of another orgasm. But it didn't come… 
"This rune will be like your nipples… but for your clit… Should make things interesting when you wear your panties… You see… Human contact isn't required for the rune to activate… Just simple contact…" he said as I felt him press down on the spot.
I felt lips and a tongue start to lick and kiss my clit… This is crazy! How can it feel so real?
"Now let's not forget that needy pussy of yours…" he said as I felt him start to draw even lower on my pelvis, right above my clit.
My nipple… My clit… Now his brush strokes… I felt in heaven… My body was burning with pleasure…
"This one… Is a little special… Light pressure will feel like this…" he said as I felt his light touch on my pelvis.
OH FUCK! I screamed in my head. Was it… I was feeling… YES!!! His cock was penetrating me… Oh yes… Fuck me! Fuck me now!
"And if I press a little harder…" he said as he pressed on.
The cock I was feeling impaled itself a little deeper. From where he was standing, it was impossible for him to be fucking me… But… It felt like he was!!! I felt his cock stretching me… God it felt so good!
"The harder you press…" he said as he pushed into me hard. "The deeper it will feel…"
He was right! Now that he was pressing hard, I felt like he was completely inside me… Impaling me deeper than I had ever felt! But then… I felt the cock slip out as he stopped pressing.
"I think you'll have a little fun with that one…" he said as he took my right hand and pulled my arm so that it was facing his face. "And now a little something to remind you of me…"
He started to draw on my index finger. A small symbol… But it felt as nice as when he drew on my other body parts. Then he did the same with my middle finger.
"Now these will feel a little different… But it should make for some fun things down the road… Every time you will use these 2 fingers…" he said as he pressed on my index finger, right where my fingerprint was.
All of a sudden, I felt as if I had his cock in my mouth! I could… I could taste it there! Even feel its shape… Even if I didn't have my mouth open, I could swear that I had his length in my mouth. He didn't let go and the feeling changed… It felt like the cock was going in and out… Even hitting the back of my throat!
I thought I would gag, but I didn't.
"This little beauty of a rune will train your mouth and throat… So you get even better at sucking cock… It will also eliminate your gag reflex… Both fingers of course… And if you release your orgasm when your fingers are activated…" he said as he pushed on my forehead.
I felt another orgasm explode in my body. But it wasn't the only thing… It felt like my mouth was suddenly filled with cum! Like… Like he had just cum in my mouth!
"Regardless of where you are… What you are doing… If you cum and you are using these fingers… You can expect to taste me…"
He let go of my fingers and the taste disappeared. 
"Also… As you may have noticed… When you use the block to cum like that, it will deactivate all the licking. You can reactive them of course… It's just a little precaution…" he said as he smiled at my frozen form. "I hope you enjoy my little gift. I'll only release the canvas spell when and if you decide to leave in a week. For tonight… I don't require you… So… Enjoy…" he said as he stepped back.
He waved a few signs in the air and light erupted in front of me. Blinding me… As the light faded, I heard a whisper in my ear.
"Anna’s free to unfreeze."
I fell to my knees as I started to breath hard. But as I did, I tasted cock in my mouth as I looked at where my right hand had landed: palm on the floor! I lifted my hand and sat back on my knees, trying to catch my breath.
What the hell did he do all this for? I looked at my fingers and I could see the strange symbol. It looked like it was made of light! It was… Beautiful… I looked down and I could see them on my nipples. And then I saw the ones below my belly button. I managed to get up and went to look in the mirror. I could see the one on my forehead too.
They were all different… But they all looked like the one I had tattooed on my neck. As a test, I pressed the one on my nipple again. I moaned as I felt the phantom lips start to suck on it. I pressed again to calm myself. 
What a day…
I went to bed and I was afraid to touch myself. I was exhausted! But as I lay there, thinking over everything that had happened, I got horny when I thought back to our fuck… When Yuki kissed me… My fingers traced my lips and I started to taste cock again. I lifted my hand and looked at my fingers. My dominant hand too… He was a slight one… I would be tasting his cock all day now!
And then… My left hand crept down and pressed just below my belly button. I felt lips start to kiss and lick my clit… Hhhhmmmm…. As strange as it felt, I was forced to smile at how good it was. Maybe one last time before bed…
Before I knew it, I had blocked my own orgasm and I was enjoying lips on each of my nipples as well as on my clit while I used my right-hand fingers to press on the rune that made me feel like a cock was shoving into me. I started slow, but I was soon pressing down harder and harder. For some reason, tasting his cock as I touched myself was just making me hornier.
But I didn't care…
I felt like I was being fucked and sucked all at the same time… His cock didn't even taste bad… It just made me long for it even more! I fell into a haze of passion and pleasure. Who knew that an orgasm block could be so fun? I was desperate to cum, but I didn't want it to end… So I just continued…
I was sweating like crazy by the time I felt my body burning with all the excess feelings. I couldn't help myself and finally pressed my forehead with my left hand. 
The orgasm that hit me was mind boggling… My mouth seemed to fill with cum as my body arched from the strain of my release. I had never cum so hard before… Even when he fucked me in the room with Yuki…
I blacked out…
Needless to say, I slept like a baby.
The next day, I woke up feeling sore, but good. Getting dressed was a challenge. Each time brushed against one of my runes, I felt it's effects. And since I couldn't seem to stop using my 2 cursed fingers to get dressed, I kept tasting his damn cock…
But I managed. 
All day, I expected Mister Manciny to play with me a little, but he didn't. He went to work like nothing happened. We just worked like it was any other work day. Although I did see him sneak away with Zelvida a few times.
Lucky bitch…
I kept bumping into my runes all day and was horny as hell by the time we broke for lunch. I sneaked to the bathroom and didn’t waste any time to use the runes properly. I was getting accustomed to tasting him. Each time, it felt like his phantom cock got deeper in my throat, without any gags. It was strange at first, but I got used to it pretty quickly. I just forgot about trying to use other fingers as I went through my day. I just thanked my lucky stars that it was just a taste and not a feeling like with my clit.
That would have made things hard for me…
When I finally got home that night, I stripped almost immediately and started to activate my runes. By the time I was in the shower, I was vibrating with pleasure. I left my block in until I was back in my bed and masturbated with the runes until I released a massive orgasm, blacking out into dreamless slumber.
The next 3 days were just like that…
He almost ignored me and seemed to be enjoying Zelvida a lot. As for me, I tried my best to stop rubbing my runes so much. But with where they were located… The clothes I was wearing kept activating and deactivating them. All day, I kept feeling random licks and sucking on my clit and nipples. Not to mention the sudden penetrations…
Why was he ignoring me? Was this part of his plan to make me desperate for his touch? It was certainly working… Every day I expected him to drag me in a dark corner to fuck my brains out. I craved it…
I discovered 2 things during those 4 days. First, I was getting used to the spontaneous arousals and sudden sexual sensations. I was even getting used to tasting his cock all day… I was surprised to realized that I was taking his magic powers in stride. I had accepted them. They existed… I certainly couldn't deny they did!
The second thing was that… I craved his touch… These phantom feelings were incredible and they made my days all the more interesting. But for all their wonder, they couldn't truly replace the feel of carnal abandon with a man…
I craved to feel his embrace… Feel his cock in my hands… In my mouth… In my pussy… These magical feelings were somewhere between sex toys and the real thing. Toys are certainly fun… But eventually… You need a real red-blooded male to just take you and pound the arousal out of you. So to speak…
I was craving him fiercely…
I even offered myself to him on Friday, but he just chuckled and went to use Zelvida! How rude! I was pissed! I was finally ready to give in and ask HIM for a fuck! And he turns me down? I thought he was going to enjoy me all week! That's what he said to me! But he barely looked my way at all!
I used the runes for hours when I got home. I was pissed… Sad… Frustrated… Horny… I just couldn't seem to stop myself. I always wanted more… Like all the other nights of the week, I blacked out from the final release.
But when I woke up on Saturday morning… I wasn't in my bed… I was not at the theater… I was in a strange bed. I felt a body lying next to me and I turned my head to see who it was. 
"Good morning Anna…" Gregory said. “Welcome in my home.”
"Wh… What? How? What am I doing here?"
"Well… You may have thought I didn't want you this week… But it was not true…"
"What are you saying?!?! I practically threw myself at you yesterday!" I said a little pissed.
"Oh I know… But I had to wait until today…" he said with a smile.
"Because I used a spell on myself this week…"
"Spell? What spell?"
"A spell that gathers all my desire… It blocks my orgasm and stores them for me to use later… The spell is hard to cast and endure. Blocking a man’s orgasm is not the same as with a woman’s… It puts a lot of strain on me. Well… You know how that is…" he said with a smile.
“I’m not sure I understand… What does that have to do with wanting to fuck me all week?”
“Well… Think of it this away… Each orgasm I didn’t have during the week, I get to have today… The spell will keep me hard and ready until all those orgasms are spent.”
“You can do that?” I said amazed. And suddenly aroused…
“Oh yes… I’ve been fucking Zelvida a lot this week, but I never came. I wanted to enjoy you properly on this last day.”
“Enjoy me?” I said as I realized what kind of day I was about to have.
“Oh yes… It’s been a pain… But I knew this would be worth it…”
“Oh god…” I said as I thought about his hard cock.
Staying hard… All day… For me!
“And don’t worry about your own stamina my dear Anna… I’ve made sure you can… Withstand… Such a passionate day…” he said with a wink.
My heart was beating fast. I never knew such a thing could be possible! Were we really going to spend the day fucking? My mind was still trying to wrap my head around it when he said a few weird words and lifted the covers from us. I looked down and saw his cock become impossibly hard.
“Shall we begin?” he asked with a smile.
I swallowed hard and nodded. What followed is hard to describe in accurate detail. Ravenous? No… Insatiable? Certainly… Intense? Definitely! Raw sexual release? Tender love making? Try imagining for a moment that neither you or your partner can ever get tired of fucking… That you could stay on the brink for hours or cum at will… For hours…
His cock went everywhere a cock could go. And I loved it. I drank his seed many times during our day long romp. And I couldn’t get enough. His presence… His masculine frame… His dominance over me… It all made so much sense now. And he directed all that intensity at me…
The only time we stopped was to eat lunch, and even then, we had trouble keeping our hands off each other. I was covered in our combined juices and we went to take a cold shower. But that didn’t help. We fucked in his shower and I wished I was more flexible. He was so strong… He fucked me with my back against the shower wall as he held me in the air. 
And did I forget to mention? He hadn’t released the canvas spell… So in a way… I sometimes felt like I was being fucked by multiple lovers. By the time he finally shot his last load, my mind was completely over run with pleasure. My brain had understood that his cock could do no wrong. That it could use me how ever he wished. I would always feel pleasure… I had always used the saying: ‘I was fucked senseless’. But that day… I finally understood what that statement truly meant.
I was drifting off to sleep in the tainted sheets, right next to him, when he broke my sweet bliss with a question I wasn’t sure I wanted to answer.
“Well Anna…” he said as he pushed a lock of hair off my exhausted face. “Midnight is a few minutes away… Time to choose… Will you stay and become my assistant? Or would you rather be free?”
Stay? Leave? Can’t I just relax… Decide tomorrow… I didn’t want to speak… This moment was perfect. I wanted it to last forever. The sheer magnitude of the day I had was still hard to comprehend. But he was right… I remembered what he wrote in my book.
'In one week’s time on the witching hour, Anna will be able to free herself from all the rules of this book. Except the one that prevents her from betraying Gregory Manciny. By saying “I wish to be free Gregory Manciny”, she will activate her freedom as described above. If she doesn't wish to be free of the influence of the book, she will say “I wish to become your puppet”.'
I was so hell bent on being free of this man… I turned to look in his eyes and I saw only his sweet smile. How bad could it really be? Was I ready to abandon my freedom and serve this man? Experience even more wonderous things and impossible choices? What would my future bring me if I stayed?
What would I do if I didn’t?
But deep down, I knew what my choice was. I could debate in my head all day, but it wouldn’t change what I was about to say. I smiled as I heard the grandfather clock from my living room chime the hour. My time was up…
I smiled at him and I almost laughed as I read his face. He was trying to anticipate what I would say. I guess my exhausted face was unreadable. 
“I wish to…”

And here ends the story! Since this whole story has been dictated by Anna, I leave the final choice to you, the reader. Hope you enjoyed!


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