Interactive Story: Masterful Magic

Choice 19

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #InteractiveStories #m/f #magic #pov:bottom

A- Anna asks him about his plans for her.

Change a rule… I could think of a few I would like to change… But then again… What prevented him from just changing it back later? Or even… Making some other crazy rule? I guess that whatever I chose, he still had all the power.
So what about me in all this? What was his plan for me? Would he even LET me choose to leave in a week? Did I want to… Knowing that he hadn't done anything to fake my arousal was making me question myself. Could I really find this all so arousing? There was nothing in his rules that MADE me horny… Only that lover one, but then again… It was still my own arousal. Just a few moments ago… When he fucked me with Yuki… That was… All me… I couldn't believe it. Yet… It was the truth.
So the only real thing I wanted to know was…
"A question it is." I said as I looked at the book.
"Really? A question? How delicious… What would you wish to know me dear?" he said softly.
"Wh…" I started before swallowing. "What are your plans for me… You know… For this week and well… After that…"
He looked at his shelves for a moment before looking back at me. 
"Well my dear… I have to admit that I play things by ear. Meaning that a master plan is not how I do things… Most of the time that is… I do have plans… Great plans… But as for you… The only plan I have is to enjoy you… Yes… No other sinister plans…"
"Really? I have a hard time believing you…"
"Hahahaha… Well… Since you really want to know… I do plan to make sure you decide to choose to stay. I didn't go through all the trouble of claiming you just to have you leave after a month. But I'm always true to my word. So if in a week you decided to leave… I will allow it."
“Really? You could just write down what I choose… Like you did for me to discover this book today.”
“I certainly could… But I won’t. My word is my bond. You can trust that.”
I looked back to the book. For some reason, I didn't see it as a chain, binding me to his whims. No… I just saw endless possibilities… I smiled.
I guess I was still a little horny…
"So then… How DO you plan to convince me to stay? What, specifically, are you planning to do with me for the next 7 days that would make me change my mind and stay your assistant?"
"Oh my… How should I put this…" he said as he looked at the ceiling in thought. "I plan to shower you in pleasure. I've seen how aroused you are under my control… I want to find out every little bit of your desires… I want to play with you… Make you push your own limits while I enjoy your lovely curves… I won't lie… I want you all to myself… My own little plaything that constantly sings out her pleasure… That is my plan…"
He looked down into my eyes and I saw the light dance in his eyes. Was it his magic? Was it a trick of the light? Or was it just my overloaded brain?
"In 7 days, I want to reach a point where you can't imagine walking away from all this. A point where you challenge even me… I want to hear your desire sing… I want to see your body positively vibrate with lust and pleasure…"
He paused and I could almost see all the things he was talking about…
"Tell me Anna… Is that such a sinister plan?"
I couldn't think straight. My body was aching for his words… Like I wished to experience it all… How could I ever find a man that even came close to him? What would he make me do… What… I thought as I swallowed hard… What would I be willing to do to gain such pleasure…
"No…" I whispered. "No it isn't…"
"And if you stay… You'll become my assistant… For as long as you wish… If you do decide to stay… I'll grant you anything you desire once your time as my assistant has passed… You'll just have to name it… And it will be yours…"
His lips came closer to mine. I felt his breath on my lips and I shivered. I wanted to kiss him so badly... 
"Anything your clever little mind can think of… It could be yours… The only thing I ask in return… Is to enjoy your body…"
His lips were caressing mine now. Each word he spoke… My body was heating up again. I felt moist between my legs… This man… I wanted him again… 
Choice 19
A- Anna kisses him and in so doing, she feels herself fall… Like she is submitting to his desire to keep her. She didn't know what the rest of week would hold, but she was curious to see where he would lead her.
B- Anna can't take it anymore and whispers: "Take me…". In so doing, she knows she just accepted to stay, regardless of what he would make her feel during the rest of the week. In that moment, she knew she was herself and she knew she remembered everything. So she decided to choose while she knew she was still herself.
C- Anna pushes back a little, trying to wrap her head around everything he was saying. She knew she had to be strong if she ever wanted to resist his charms and endure to finally be free in a week.

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