Interactive Story: Masterful Magic

Choice 16

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #InteractiveStories #m/f #magic #pov:bottom

A- Anna removes her bikini top and asks about the chess pieces.

Every time… Just when I thought things couldn't get weirder… But I had to know…
I took a deep breath and decided to remove my top. I remember that I had undressed for him a lot, but somehow, this felt different. It was all in the attitude I guess… I can't say I disliked what we did together, I loved it all. Or was made to feel it as such… But did it make a difference? I didn't remember a bunch of rapes… I only remembered a hot and sexy encounters… I pulled at the knot behind my neck, trying to put myself in the right frame of mind, but I had trouble. My top fell away and I watched his smiled as he admired my chest.
"There… Happy?" I said.
"Oh I am…" he said, licking his lips. "So what is your question? Is it to know if those chess pieces are real people?"
"Not quite…" I said smiling.
I had to be less specific about my question, or else he could just say yes and demand I take off my panties if I wanted to know more. I may be trapped by him, but I won't make this easy for him!
"Tell me everything there is to know about that chess board, everything about the pieces and the story behind it."
"Clever…" he commented. "Fine… Well you were right… All those chess pieces ARE human…"
He lifted his hand and seemed to concentrate for a moment. Suddenly, one of the pawns on the board suddenly started to move! No… Levitate! I watched in awe as it slowly floated to his hand. He grabbed it and looked at it.
"Ah yes… Yuki… Such a lovely little plaything…" he said looking up at me. "Why don't I show you?"
He opened his palm and I could see the pawn standing in his hand. He started to speak in a strange language and to my amazement, the piece started to glow. It became so bright I had to shield my eyes! It lasted a few seconds, but once the light faded, I was even more surprised at what I saw.
There was a naked girl kneeling in the exact position the pawn had!
"Welcome back Yuki…" he said to the girl.
The girl stretched herself a little before looking up at him.
"Master…" she said as she bowed her head. "I see I wasn't sacrificed in your last game as I expected. I am glad I stayed in your care."
"For the moment…" he said calmly.
"How may I serve you Master?" she asked, still bowing her head.
"Why don't you take care of me while I continue my little game…"
"As you wish Master…" she said as she crawled to get between his legs.
I watched, frozen in fascination, as she took out his cock and started to lick and suck at it. Just like that! He let out a satisfied moan before looking up at me.
"So yes… All those chess pieces are like Yuki here… Faithful love slaves… I can manifest them at will when I wish to use them. Zelvida will join them soon… I just… Have a little trouble making her part of the roster, so to speak."
"What the hell…" I whispered. I couldn't believe it.
"The reason I'm so easily convinced to delay that can be explained by the story behind that board. You see… Once in a while… I play chess with another magician."
"Another magician…" I asked, more as a statement than a question.
"Yes… HHhhmm… Damn Yuki… You are so good at that… Yes… I play a special game with him. You see, he has a set of his own. And we play the game with them."
"That's…" I started to say, but I had to words to describe what I was feeling.
"And we have a special rule, just to make things interesting… The goal is not only to win the game, but also to lose the least number of pieces possible, while taking a maximum of the others. The reason is that win or loose, you get to keep all the pieces you took, while losing the pieces that were taken."
"That's… Horrible! You… You swap your…" I started to say, but couldn’t finish.
"Makes the game so much more interesting… We play once our sets are full of course… I've been delaying our latest game because I haven't added Zelvida yet. Unless you would like to volunteer?" he asked with a smirk.
"NO!!! Of course not! Why would anyone wish to be part of such a perverted game! Being passed between guys you can't refuse… Used as their play things… And what about when they are all small like that?" I asked pointing the board and the other chess pieces.
"I wave that question as being part of your previous one. For one… Yuki here volunteered. She has been part of our game since the beginning. She ‘swapped’, as you say, quite a few times. But I think she prefers when I have her… Don't you Yuki?"
(Slurp) "Yes Master. I do." (Lick)
"You see? And my guess is that Zelvida will like it as well… The other magician is rather skilled… He can make the female body sing in the most marvelous of ways…"
This was so unreal… I was there, standing almost completely naked in front of a man being pleasured by a naked girl that a moment ago, was a solid object! My mind was going to explode!
"So my dear? I hope that answers your question to your satisfaction… Do you wish to know something else?"
I watched Yuki suck away and I was reminded of all the times I sucked him off. My mouth couldn't help but water a little… I had liked it so much…
Concentrate Anna…
This was my chance to know more…
Choice 16
A- Anna decides to stop there and not ask anything else, just to see what he would do.
B- Anna removes her panties and asks about all the books on the shelves. Figuring out that they were all books for different girls.
C- Anna removes her panties and asks about her own book.
D- Anna removes her panties and asks about his plans for her for the rest of the week.

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