Interactive Story: Masterful Magic

Choice 17

by The Traveling Master

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B- Anna removes her panties and asks about all the books on the shelves. Figuring out that they were all books for different girls.

I tore my eyes away from Yuki and her ministrations, just to try and think for myself. I couldn't help but feel aroused at the sight. My eyes fell upon the stacks of books on the shelves. If he had enough women under his spell to create a full chess set, not to mention the ones he must have lost during his games… Were they all books like mine? They must be… 
But that wasn't the whole story… I could feel it…
Just like the chess board, there was more to them than meets the eye. Maybe if I learned more about them, I could figure out more about my own book. Maybe find a way to get out of this mess… 
Yes… If I just asked about my own book, I would certainly learn what he wrote in it so far, but he could always add anything he wanted. What COULD he add? What was the extent of the books power? If I had a better idea of what was included in those volumes, I could figure out and maybe… Guide… What he would add in mine… Maybe…
I took a deep breath and started to pull my panties down. I cursed myself when I saw how wet they were. Why was I so aroused by all this? Was that part of my special rules? Or was it just me…
No! I certainly never fantasized about being trapped by some freaky magician like this! No! It must be something he added in my book… I finished pulling them down and kicked them to the side. My first reflex was to cover myself up, but my memories were hard to deny. I had been naked for him so many times… So I just stood there as I watched his roaming eyes.
He seemed so confident. So at home in this situation… How many other times had he done this?
"Exquisite…" he commented. Which made me blush. "And your question?"
I tried not to look between his legs so much, but the slurping sounds Yuki was making was making it hard to ignore.
"I…" I started before swallowing. "I want you to tell me all about these books there." I said as I pointed to shelves. "What are they and what they can do."
"My my…" he said with a smile. "Don't you know how to make the most of your situation…"
One hand started to caress Yuki's head as she slowly sucked on his cock. He looked at her a moment, as if he was weighing his next words carefully. He smiled before he looked back up to me. 
"Well Anna… You have a sharp intellect… I suppose you already know that most of those books are like yours. In fact… There is one for Yuki on the second shelf…" he said. "You may go look for yourself…"
I went to the shelf in question and gasped as I read the titles. The whole shelf was filled with books like mine! And about mid-way through, I found Yuki's: 'The book of Yuki Sarashi'. I lifted my hand to grab and read it, but as soon as my fingers were about to touch the spine of the book, I felt an invisible hand slap mine away.
So he added a rule concerning these books too…
"Hahahaha…" he chuckled. "Sorry about that my dear, but I did say you could look, not that you could touch! Anyway… hhhmmm…" he moaned. "I have a lot of books like yours… So many fans… So many pretty ladies… You wouldn't believe the power these books have…"
"Well…" I said as I looked back towards him. "That's what I'm asking too you know."
"Indeed…" he said. "The other volumes are grimoires for my magic… Spells that have been passed down to us by warlocks and witches of old. A few of them are mine. Each generation of magic wielders researches and perfects his own spells after all… Well most of us do anyway…"
"Most of you? How many are you any way?"
"Ah ah!" he said while lifting his finger in the air. "That was not part of your question. Now… As for the books like yours… That spell is rather powerful… Once you are linked to a book, as you are, your fate changes at the whim of the book and what is written in it."
"Meaning…" I asked. Almost afraid of the answer.
"Well… Look at the title of the fourth book from your left…"
I went to look at the title and I gasped when I read it: 'The book of Scarlett Johansson."
"NO! Do you mean to tell me that… That…"
"Oh yes… She WAS one of mine… Long ago… Before her career started…She was so lovely… But she did her time with me, even with my colleague a few times, and then I finally replaced her. She had always been such a charmer and a good sport, so I decided to indulge her dream of becoming a successful actress."
"It… The book can do that?"
"Oh yes… And much more… For Scarlett, I made her forget all about her time with us and wrote about how she would be a great actress and become popular. I couldn't write too many specifics of course… I don't know the future… But the lines I wrote helped propel her in the public eye. The rest was her natural talents. And she had many…" he said as he closed his eyes and smiled.
I looked back at the book and still couldn't wrap my head around it. This guy… I thought he was powerful… But it seemed like there was no end to his power. 
"So basically…" I said. "These books can re-write anything about the person it controls?"
"Exactly… Take the huh… 8thbook from the left… Mary… She wished for something different!"
"Oh? And what was that?"
"She wished to live out in a whole other world!"
"Another… World?" I asked, not comprehending.
"Yes…" he said as he looked down at Yuki's bobbing head. "She was made to enter a portal and came out in a whole new world. A fantasy world… She gave herself a few powers… But she lives with dragons and knights… She is a beloved queen… With special powers and all that… Living out her life with her dashing prince… I made it so I can read her exploits as she lives it out. The book continues to write the important moments of her life, so once in a while I read up on her adventures… She is doing rather well…"
Another world? Dragons? Powers? I was suddenly very scared… If I was understanding things correctly, he could write whatever he wanted in his book… And it would become true… For all I knew… Instead of letting me choose next week, he could just write that I loved to be his little sex slave and that would be that. I would choose to stay. Of my own… New… Will…
And I would love it…
With a few strokes of his pen… He could turn my life upside down… I looked back at Scarlett … And… The world would bend to make it happen… If he wrote it correctly, the world would never question the fact that I changed. I looked at his chess set. My friends would probably never question that I suddenly disappeared.
The power of the book was so scary…
And arousing… So much power…
I looked at him again, enjoying Yuki's mouth, and I got cold shivers. He wanted me to become his new assistant. For the moment anyway… So he didn't plan for me to become one of his chess pieces… Until he lost too many during one of his games… Would he try to make me into one of them? What type of life would that give me? Being frozen as a marble chess piece until one of the magicians wanted me to service them…
I was scared out of my mind while being incredibly aroused…
With so much power, he could make anyone fall under his will… But he just played his little games… Too much power would get boring I guess… That's why he even played this little question game… To see what I would do… What I would ask… He looked pleased so far… And not just because his cock was being sucked. That much was clear…
So in a way… His deal WAS real… 
I went to stand in front of him, barely remembering that I was as naked as Yuki. This man… Something was pulling me towards him and at the same time, I wanted to run out screaming. Yuki on the other hand… Looked so peaceful… Happy even…
"Did you MAKE Yuki like this?" I asked. "In her book I mean…"
"Not at all…" he said as he admired my curves. "I did claim her, not unlike you, but as soon as she was made aware of her situation, she dove right in. I found out that she had always dreamed of being made a slave like this. To have someone take control… She is a naturally submissive girl…This situation was just perfect for her… Zelvida is the same… She craves it… But she seems attached to me in particular. She doesn't want to be passed around… But she will accept my desire if I ask her to join my chess set."
"Incredible…" I said as I watched Yuki.
My eyes were drawn to the ground and I could see a small puddle between her legs. She was so aroused… She was actually dripping on the floor… It could be he was lying and that he had made her like this so much… But then again… There were all sorts of people in the world…
I wondered… What type was I?
"So what now? I'm naked…" I asked. "I can't ask anything else…"
He looked at me up and down, clearly liking what he was seeing.
"Well… I think it is time YOU decided how things progress… Your choice will determine how the rest of the week will go…" he said with a smile.
"Yes… You can either… 
Choose to dance erotically, like you have done in the past, while Yuki finishes her long and expert blowjob…
Choose to replace Yuki and try to make me last as long as possible while Yuki dances for me…
Choose to replace her… But by straddling me and fucking me slowly on this chair… Sending Yuki back on the chess board…
Or finally… Choose to ask me to get Zelvida in here and fuck her while I watched and fuck Yuki senseless…"
My jaw dropped open.
"So my dear?" he finally said as he petted Yuki's head. "What do you choose?"
Choose? If I was honest, I didn't want any of those… Not like this! I mean… I couldn't deny that I was aroused… Even if I didn't understand it… And it wasn't like my memories of our past fucks were bad. They were all pretty spectacular… It was clear he loved the control he had over me. Over us… He was getting off on it. But he liked to play games as well… 
"Why would I choose? I have nothing to gain from making such a choice. Just choose for yourself! You control us all after all!"
He just smiled at me. 
"Come now Anna… You can't gain anything if you don't risk anything…"
"I can't argue with that… Our deal says you can continue to enjoy me for the next week. Ok… Fine… Use me like you wish. I won't choose to stay even if you try to indulge in my own 'choices'. I see what you are trying to do… Making me choose so I would want to participate in your carnal acts. Slowly making me want all this… It won't work." I said not truly believing my own words. 
My mind had jumped ahead and tried to see what I could make him write in that book for me… Part of me was imagining a scenario where I did my time as his plaything, before finally receiving a reward of my own. The book seemed to be able to make almost anything come true… As scary as it was… Such power was tempting…
"You are something special Anna…" he commented. "Not many accept this new situation right off the bat. Most beg and break down crying. But you… You are taking this in stride and I can already see the gears in your lovely head spinning… Ok Anna… You convinced me."
"Really? Just like that?"
"Yes… I want to see where this thing goes… I've given you 4 choices. Choose the correct one, and you may ask a free question. But there is a catch…"
"I figured as much… What is it?"
"One choice will give you a question… 2 of the choices will have you participate in my next Chess match and take Zelvida's place just this once… If that happens, I promise to try and keep you in my set and not use you as a sacrificial piece.” He said winking. “And finally… The other choice, the one I wish the least to happen right now, will make you help fine one of your friends… A pretty one… To add to my collection… You won't have a choice, the book will MAKE you help me…"
"What? That's nonsense! That's too big a gamble! 1 out of 4? And just for a question? No… Not tempting enough."
"No… Hhhmmm… Ok then… Choose the correct one… And you will not only be able to ask me a question, but that question can also be a request… A request to change any of the rules in your book… Except the obedience and being able to touch your book… I wouldn't want you to be free or meddle in your book too much… But all the others would be ok to change… How is that? Is that enticing enough?"
The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to try… But if I chose wrong… 
Choice 17
A- Choose to dance erotically, like you have done in the past, while Yuki finishes her long and expert blowjob…
B- Choose to replace Yuki and try to make him last as long as possible while Yuki dances for him…
C- Choose to replace her… But by straddling him and fucking him slowly on the chair… Sending Yuki back on the chess board…
D- Choose to ask him to get Zelvida in here and fuck her while he watched and fucked Yuki sensless…
E- Anna decides NOT to choose any of them and cross your arms. Leaving the choice up to him.

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