Interactive Story: Masterful Magic

Choice 15

by The Traveling Master

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B- Anna asks about what Zelvida was talking about when she begged him and convinced him to wait.

At least, it looked like he was truthful about this deal of his. A week hun? I just had to endure this a week and I'd be free. Whatever he writes in that book comes true… That much was certain. So since he wrote that, I could trust he meant it. I got myself in such a mess!
How did I even get here?
Desperation will blind anyone I guess.
It was so strange. Magic was real… I had to wrap my head around that before anything else. So the book dictates my life. Was Zelvida under the sway of that book? No… The title said "The book of Anna Morgan"… It stands to reason that this book was just for me. So if she had a tattoo like mine, maybe there was a book for her too.
She said they had worked together for a long while. Had she been under his control all this time? And why was Zelvida begging the other day? She looked to be so comfortable with all this, what was spooking so much? 
"So I guess I'm stuck with you for the rest of the week…" I said.
"Don't worry my dear… I'll find ways to make things interesting…"
"I guessed as much…" I said. "I'm still trying to wrap my head around all this… Could I ask you a few questions?"
"Why not… I can indulge you a little… But let’s make things fun ok?"
What did he have in mind? Better play along… I can't really prevent it anyway…
"Ok, what did you have in mind?" I said.
He smiled as he went to sit in his big leather chair. 
"WELL!" he exclaimed as he fell into it. "How about this: I'll answer one question for every piece of clothing you remove!"
"Really?" I asked.
But in truth, I couldn't believe him! He certainly wouldn't waste any time. Why would he? He has been fucking me for the past 3 weeks! Nothing has changed for him today. He used me yesterday and he was planning on using me again today. Just like the day before.
I'm the one that changed! I'm aware now… But the memories… 
"Really… You can ask ANYTHING you wish for the low low price of a piece of clothing!"
I looked at myself and I was wearing a bikini top, which I know knew was probably because of him, yoga pants, a pair of panties and a pair of sandals. 5 questions then… 
I got up and immediately removed one sandal. No sense in giving him a show right away…
"Ah ah…" he said while lifting a finger in the air. "Shoes are shoes… Not clothing."
"WHAT? Come on!"
"We can always stop the game… I could just activate rule 6…"
No… That's the one where I turn into his lover… And if I thought things through… I wouldn't remember it. Some how I figured that I got my memory for everything leading up to when I said I wanted to remember. There was nothing in the wording that would guarantee I would remember things after tonight. 
"OK OK!" I said. "Cheater…" I whispered to myself.
I opted to remove my pants first. At least I would prolong things a little… I took them off without really making a show of it, even if I knew he probably was expecting one. I suddenly remembered I had done a few strip teases for him during the last few weeks. I could recall them very clearly. It was… Kinda fun…
Get a grip Anna!
Once the pants were on the floor, I looked up at him.
"Satisfied?" I said, aware I was now only wearing panties and a bikini top. 
"No… But I'm patient… You get one question."
"Ok… I need to tell you I overheard you and Zelvida the other day while you talked in this room. You said it was about that time and she was begging to stay at your side. What was that all about?"
"Very curious of you… You surprise me…" he said with a large smile. "Well that was… How should I put it… That was about what happens to my lovely ladies after I'm done with them as my assistant. Since I was looking for a new one, my dear Zelvida knew her time was short. As my assistant that is…"
"The reason she was begging me to stay at my side has 2 reasons… First, she LOVES to be my assistant… She can't get enough… And before you ask, no, I didn't MAKE her love it. She just does."
"And the second?" I said, suddenly hoping he wasn't counting this as a real question.
"The second reason is because she knows that in her case, I'm going to add her to my collection. I've been missing a bishop in my set and she is destined to become that piece." he said as he pointed to a shelf near me. 
I looked and I didn't know what he was talking about. A bishop? What in the world did THAT mean? But as I looked at the shelf, I saw that there was a chess game set up on it. But there was only one set of chess pieces. The white ones… And even… yes… That set was incomplete! There was a bishop missing! 
But as I looked closer, I finally saw it. All the pieces were naked ladies!
"No… Do you mean… Are those ALL real people?"
"Ah ah!" he said as he lifted his finger again. "If you wish to ask a question, you must remove a piece of clothing!" he said with a smile.
No… How could that be? He… He transforms them into little chess pieces? What for? What does he do with them? I looked again at the board and I got scared. No wonder Zelvida didn't want things to change!
I looked back at him and he was smiling. Ok… 2 pieces left… What did I want to know next?
Choice 15
A- Anna removes her bikini top and asks about the chess pieces.
B- Anna removes her bikini top and asks about her own book and the rules that bind her.
C- Anna removes her bikini top and asks about the plan he has for the rest of the week.

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