Already a Submissive Tendency

Chapter 2

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom #sub:female

I got to the hostess and asked for a table. She said that they were pretty packed and asked my name for the waiting list. I almost turned back at that moment. My curiosity was loosing ground to my rational mind.
But I took a deep breath and told them my name. The hostess immediately recognized it and said I already had a reservation for 2. I was even right on time!
How could that be? I couldn’t phantom it at all! How could he know if and WHEN I was going to come here? Was it because he implanted things so I would come here?
I followed the girl to a booth on the far side of the restaurant. I asked for a menu, but she told me everything was already arranged.
Everything was arranged? How? When?
But as the first drink came around and I immediately realized was my favorite beverage. Same with the first and main course! 
I was feeling all sorts of intense emotions as I scoured the restaurant in search of my mystery man. When the waitress came to take the main plate away, she left a note for me saying a gentleman had instructed her to give it to me.
I opened it immediately.
“You are lovely tonight my dear… 
I hope you have enjoyed your evening so far… You were certainly wonderful to watch as you savored your meal… Don’t worry about the bill… It’s on me… As for the rest of the evening… I leave the choice to you… If you wish for me to take you home, like I have done before, say you will have the dessert. If you wish to take it slower and wait until the next time, don’t order the desert and simply leave.
Of course, whether or not you remember our night after your meal is up to you. After all, I haven’t peaked in your cleavage yet…
I can’t wait to see what your little note has in store for me…
Sincerely, your mystery Master.”
I felt my loins tingle!
This guy was something else… If he had the powers or talents I supposed he had, he could have taken me. When ever… However he wanted… Which he already did it seems… Or was it all a trick on his part? Making me THINK he was using me for his sexual play? Was this all a game to him too?
If he truly had the powers he had. If the accounts of the shy girl I had read were him, he probably could have any girl he wanted. In fact, my mind went on, he could probably have a harem of beautiful ladies at his beck and call, unable to resist him…
But then again, maybe that’s what I wanted… 
I had never really explored my lust like this.
But one thing was one hundred percent sure: I was excited beyond anything I had felt before.
This whole restaurant setup proved just how much influence he could wield. The waitress was probably under his power… Or being paid…
I was still debating in my mind when I saw the cheery waitress coming to my table. She knew I had a choice to make, it was written all over her face!
My loins clearly knew what they WANTED to do… I just had to make a choice. My heart started beating faster and faster as she came closer.
“So Miss? Would you like to have the dessert as well?” she asked all innocent. 
I hesitated for the briefest moment before I took a deep breath and decided to jump in.
“I would thank you.” I said, almost trembling with excitement.
As I did, she smiled like she knew what it meant. I couldn’t help myself and scanned the restaurant again, trying to see who would be watching. My hand went to check my note and I almost decided to change it. Maybe to let him know I wanted to remember more than just dreams.
The dessert came and it was simply exquisite. A chocolate cheesecake like I had never eaten before. So moist and rich… I savored every last bit of it.
The waitress came to take my plate and wanted to know if I wanted anything else. I declined and finished my tea slowly. If he was as excited as I was, making wait a little would be fair play…
He was as powerful as I thought he was, he could just take me when he had had enough.
I almost giggled with excitement. As I finished the last of my drink, I suddenly felt an urge to get up. Like with the walk to the restaurant, I felt a sense of hidden purpose as I got up and slowly made my way to the front door. 
Once I got outside, I simply stopped. The purpose was gone, but I felt I was in the right place. Oh god I thought… He is coming for me…
I closed my eyes and waited, half expecting to wake up in my apartment, half expecting to get a glimpse of him.
I felt someone come up behind me and his chest pressed against my back.
Oh god… I was getting so wet…
He was taller than me. I could tell. His chest felt broad and muscular. Or so my fevered mind imagined. A large hand caressed my naked arm delicately from my wrist to my shoulder. I had to contain the urge to turn around and meet him.
I somehow knew it was him… Like my walk before… I just knew…
As his hand reached my shoulder, he slowly moved it across my upper chest, leaving a trail of arousal as he went. His touch felt like it was my lover, teasing me by ‘accident’. But we were still in front of the restaurant, in full view of everyone.
My heart was racing! Would he make me do something out here? Would I want to? Would I have a choice? My thoughts were going a thousand miles an hour as I felt his fingers start to go under my dress. With alarming clarity, I knew he was going for my note.
My breathing got heavier as I felt him grab it next to my breast. He pulled it out slowly and I almost grabbed his hand. I didn’t know if I wanted him to grab my tit or it was just my own desire to touch him. My resistance to public decorum was melting away fast.
But I stayed my hand.
I let him take it out and waited as I heard him unfold it.
I imagined him smile at my response.
And then… I heard his voice… A deep voice that went straight to my loins…  It threatened to soak my nice blue panties through and through. I didn’t care.
“As you wish…” he said softly in my ear.
My vision slowly turned to black as I felt like I went to sleep in the most marvellous of ways…

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