Already a Submissive Tendency

Chapter 1

by The Traveling Master

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom #sub:female

I’m writing this because my Master is curious to read about just how I became his little sex kitten. Yes, I know I’ve become his little plaything and I just can’t get enough of it.
So let’s start at the beginning.
My name is Rachel and I’m a small brunette with long hair and a decent size chest. I’ve always had a nice figure about me and I instinctively knew since high school that if I dressed properly, boys would take notice and ask me out.
The thing about that was that I didn’t really like that.
Don’t get me wrong; I liked boys and all that, even lost my virginity at prom. But something was always missing for me so I instinctively dressed conservatively and did seek out the boys. 
Instead, I concentrated on my studies, computer sciences, and graduated with honors from college. I found a decent job at an IT company where I maintain and update the firm’s software. I even do a little web design and programming.
Nothing glamorous huh?
In fact, My life was pretty dull.
But my evenings… I would spend almost all my free time on different porn sites reading and writing about my fetish. Internet can offer all the right things to a shy girl into that sort of stuff.
What is it you ask?
Well… It’s being mind controlled…
Yep. I fantasized about being brainwashed and being made to do all kinds of kinky stuff at the hands of a powerful man capable of taking care of my needs while I serviced his. I dreamed of the day when I would finally feel the bliss of being hypnotized… Being mindless…
You can imagine, of course, that I had never indulged in it beyond masturbating to things I would find online. I never made any sort of play towards actually meeting anyone. Even if playing out this fetish would have been incredibly erotic and satisfying…
But I never did and  it some ways, it had always been a regret of mine. But fate is a funny thing… By pure chance, I would meet my future Master on the bus! Coming home from work on a Friday. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was in for one hell of a night!
I remember sitting in my usual spot on the bus and going through my day in my head to make sure I wouldn’t get a surprise emergency call. I didn’t see him looking at me. I didn’t notice that sort of thing.
I just remember feeling a buzz in my head.
And then, I was standing in my apartment, the next morning.
I remember finding it very odd that I was in my work clothes. Somehow, I KNEW it wasn’t Friday night and that it was Saturday morning. I put my things away and went to the mirror in the bathroom. Yep, exactly like I was dressed the day before.
But what happened between then and now? I remember thinking…
Try as I might, I couldn’t recall anything. I even remember finding it odd I wasn’t freaking out as I thought I should. Did I get drugged or something?
I decided to go take a shower and check myself over. As the warm water caressed my skin, I realized pretty soon that I was sore in some places.
But a good kind of sore…
So I had sex… Lots of sex it seemed…
But I wasn’t afraid. Somehow… I knew I had been used and I was ok with it. I briefly thought it was odd I wasn’t freaking out, but I dismissed it.
Like a switch in my mind, I found the whole thing incredibly arousing. I masturbated to thoughts of what just happened to me. My imagination became alive with all the scenarios I had read about online.
Had I been drugged and abused? Unlikely because I remember I was on a bus. Had I been hypnotized? Maybe… 
I spent the next few days looking online for stories like mine and found a tone of fiction. How many of those was real I wondered?
It didn’t happen again until the next Friday.
I was a little more attentive to my surroundings and I swear I noticed a few guys that were looking at me. Was my mystery kidnapper one of them? That was the last thought I had before my memories started up again.
That time, it was Sunday morning…
He had done it again… A full day and 2 nights no less!
Maybe he made me tell him… Or her come to think of it… I had cleared my Saturday in case it happened again. My mystery kidnapper took advantage of me longer… I raced to the shower and stripped naked. I could see faint marks on my wrists and ankles, like I had been tied up for a long period. My pussy felt as sore as the weekend before and I even felt like my throat was sore.
Maybe he was a guy after all…
If he was… Oh fuck that was hot…
I edged myself on the brink of orgasm all night at the thought!
But on Monday, in the cool morning air, I felt a little scared at it all. What if he was really abusive? I didn’t remember anything after all so he could be really mean. Not at all tender and caring… I wasn’t hurt so that was at least a good sign.
Then another thought crept into my mind as the week went on: what if it doesn’t happen anymore?
If it was a man taking advantage of me, he did it twice so I must be worth something to him and his desires… Not just a one shot deal…
But… What if it was only twice and he was done? What if he didn’t live in this city and was just passing through? So on Thursday morning, I decided I wanted to at least indicate to him that I didn’t mind his adventures. So I slipped a piece of paper inside my bra with a note. The hope was that he would eventually get me naked and he would see it.
Just thinking about being made to be naked without my knowledge was getting me horny…
The note simply stated: ‘Please, take a souvenir.’
I still had the note on Thursday night, so I placed it again on Friday. My heart was racing out of control as I rode the bus home that night. But nothing happened…
I got home and was disappointed I didn’t wake up on Sunday. Again, I spent the while evening scouring the net for stories about my type of encounter. I finally found one that seemed to be similar.
A girl, a little like me I thought, had written down her experiences. He had visited her 5 times. She only remembered the last one and he had made it so she couldn’t recall his face or identify him, even though he was standing naked in front of her. 
My loins got all wet as I read her account.
He offered her to start remembering her ordeals with him. Oh god how I would have liked to be her in that moment. But she was too afraid of her own feelings to let herself enjoy it. She politely refused, but made sure to tell him she didn’t mind he had used her. 
She then described in graphic detail her last session with him… It was so hot! I came 3 times before I was done.
Could he be the same man? Was this just a fantasy?
Who knew for sure?
But I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.
I spent the weekend deliberating with myself as to what I would actually do in her situation. Would I give in? Could I truly give in? It would be so incredibly hot to do so….
But would the man be all I would hope for? Would he be powerful? 
I decided to still keep wearing the note, just in case… At the very least, I wanted to make sure he understood I was intrigued. Maybe he already knew… Who knows what he made me do or say while he had me all to himself.
Was I even exclusive to him? 
He could have easily made me do anything! Like… Make me fuck a football team…
Or was that only my own imagination.
I only knew I forgot 2 weekends and that I was sore in some places. Other than that, everything was normal.
What could he really do?
The week started off pretty normal until Wednesday arrived. I went out to lunch at my favorite little deli and after I had ordered, I blanked out.
The next thing I knew, I was sitting at my computer. 
I remember fondly the rush of arousal I felt at the hope he had taken me again. I looked around to see if my colleagues would notice before my hands went up to my chest. With a little disappointment, I noticed I still had my bra. I checked and the note was still there.
I took it out, just to check it, and I smiled widely as I opened it.
He had answered me!
Under my own writing, he had written: “Don’t mind if I do…”
With a flash of revelation, I checked my waist. Yep! I had been right. I wasn’t wearing my panties! I was so excited I was barely able to concentrate on my work.
I masturbated for hours once I got home. The next day, I placed a new note in my bra, but this one was different. This one asked him a question. A little cryptic, but I felt so excited I just couldn’t resist.
“Favorite color?” I simply wrote.
It wasn’t until Friday night that I realized I lost track of time again. I blanked out in the bus and only regained my memories standing in my apartment. It was past midnight! I felt sore all over and checked myself. Nothing was missing, but the note had an answer.
“Blue.” it simply said.
I smiled at that. I didn’t know if he would answer me at all, maybe he would be afraid of saying to much, but a simple color would be ok I hoped. The next day, I went shopping at a few lingerie stores and bought a whole bunch of different blue colored sexy underwear.
Maybe he wasn’t even into underwear. But then he did keep my panties…
I came back to prepare a nice supper for myself. I spend a long while thinking of what I would wear for him next. My weekend was a blur of anticipation and on Monday, I wore a nice simple one and kept a note asking if he liked it.
It wasn’t until Thursday at lunch that I blanked out again. I was back at work on time and I immediately sneaked into the bathroom to check my hidden note. I was ecstatic! He had answered.
“I do…” it said, but it went on. “Do you wish to truly meet?”
All at once I was scared and excited. DID I want to meet him? At the moment, I was dancing in my own fantasies about just who he was. What he would be like… Did I want to shatter it all?
But then again… I DID want to meet him.. Feel his power for myself… Remember our time together… And yet… Not remembering was half the pleasure of it all.
I was torn.
But the next day, I found a way to satisfy both parts of myself. I wrote a new note and stuffed it in my bra.
“Not just yet… But… If it pleases you… I would like to dream about our time together…”
I had no idea if he could pull that off. I had very little information on him and the extent of his ability. I just knew he could make me forget our time together. 
I was a little disappointed when I didn’t lose track of time on Friday, but on Saturday, I had the strangest desire to go out for dinner. Like a longing… Was it him? Did he implant this in me? Was he CALLING out to me?
My mind went to a million scenarios as I got dressed up for what I hoped was an encounter with him. I got all dolled up and wore my new blue underwear. As I stood at my own door, prepared to go out, I suddenly realized I had no clue where I should go to eat!
So… I decided to just walk and see where my idle steps would take me. It was so strange, but after a few blocs, I felt like I had a purpose, a destination where I was supposed to go but had no knowledge of. As if my body or subconscious knew where it was going without me being able to know about it.
It was so strange and exciting!
I ended it up at one of my favorite restaurants. I didn’t go there often because I always felt a little weird dining alone. But standing in front of the restaurant, I had the strangest feeling that I wouldn’t be alone tonight.
And as it happened, I wasn’t.

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