Mother Knows Best

Chapter 2

by softi

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #D/s #dom:female #f/f #sub:female

Copyright softi 2021. All rights reserved.

Christine came up the stairs with Maria following. They walked into the kitchen. Maria pulled out a seat for Christine and fetched her a glass of water. Christine dismissed Maria with a wave. She walked out of the house, head down, still reeking of sex and sweat. Christine never let her clean up before leaving.

Rachel came bounding down the stairs and sat down next to her mom. "Who's that? It almost looked like Ava's mom."

"Just another slave." Christine sipped her water. "She's slipping quickly."

"Ha! They all do." Rachel smiled. "So what's for dinner?"

Christine looked at the calendar on the fridge. "Spaghetti. What're you listening to?" She motioned at Rachel's earbud.

"This playlist Ava put together for me. You should check it out. I think you'd like it." Rachel smiled.

"I thought you hated her music." Christine furrowed her brow. "What happened to telling her to listen to yours?"

"I just had to... listen to it for a bit." Rachel let a goofy look cross her face, then stood up. "It grows on you. Text me when dinner's done."

"I'll shout when it's ready." Christine hated this obsession with text messaging. It was just wrong. "And my friends will be over later!"

"Aw, mom! The bitching committee is coming over? I wanted to watch TV!"

"Yes, they're coming over." She let Rachel's nickname for the group slide. It really was true, since they mostly, well, bitched. "You can sit here and bitch with us, if you like. Get a little of Ava out of your system."

Rachel snorted. "Sorry mom, I wasn't married to her and she's not my kid." She gave her mom a quick smirk and flew upstairs.

The next day, after school, Maria insisted that her daughter come with her to a therapy meeting. They went to a house, one that Ava recognized. Ava stepped inside, Maria following her. "What the fuck, mom. Rachel's mother?"

"Oh, shut up and head downstairs." Maria sounded irritated. Her daughter had complained the whole way. 

Ava had wanted to head out with her friends tonight but her mom said she had to come along to one of her therapy sessions. "What kind of doctor is Rachel's mom, anyways?"

"She's helped me a lot, Ava, and she'll help you too. She'll help us."

"Yeah, whatever." Ava saw the stairs and started down. "Basement office? What gives?"

"Oh hush up and get down there." Maria could already feel the dampness against her thighs. She couldn't focus with the buzzing in her head as she followed her daughter down the stairs.

"Holy shit mom! This is no office!" Ava stared through the dark at a table with chains on it. "What the fuck?" Ava grunted under a punch to the gut, knocking the wind out of her. A strong arm shoved her to the ground.

"You will learn to watch your language, slut!" Rachel's mom pressed her down. Ava tried to get her breath back. "You will learn to mind your superiors!" She was pulled up like a rag doll and pushed into a chair. Before she could react her arms were behind her and tied tight.

"What... the fuck..." she sputtered, still gasping for air.

"Your mother has brought you here for training, Ava. And from what I've seen, you need it!" Ava gasped after slap across her face.

"No! Mom! What the hell is this shit?"

"Look at your mom, Ava." The domme stepped in front of her and gestured at the woman in the corner. "She's stripping, already hot from the treachery she orchestrated. She knows that you will break, becoming my slave, just like she did." Ava saw her mom, already naked on top, pulling down her pants, revealing a damp spot on her silk panties. "She hates her own weakness, her betrayal of her daughter, but it still makes her slave pussy tingle. She will watch you submit to me. You will learn that you are a submissive slut, just like her. She knows that she has given me both her soul and yours. She revels in the reward of her traitorous little cunt's mind-melting ecstasy."

Ava stared at her mother, seeing the woman reach down to her exposed, flushed crotch and start gently caressing the slick, smooth lips. Maria started thrusting her hips back and forth as she played with her needy, hot pussy, avoiding the sensitive areas that would grant her release too quickly. She wanted to properly enjoy the corruption of her offspring. Ava didn't notice the extra restraints, but the gag got her attention. "Hey, what the..." Her sounds became muffled as a ball forced it's way past her lips and teeth. She tried to bite down after her initial surprise, but it was already too late. She shouted but it was muffled against the hard rubber silencing her.

"There there, sweet dear." Christine patted Ava on the back of her head. "You will learn your proper place as a gift from your dear mom to me." Her mother moaned at the words. "Look at this," Christine said forcefully.

Ava glanced without thinking and saw some lights on a screen. She turned to glare at her tormentor but all she saw was the wall. Headphones slipped over her ears. She shook her head, trying to get them off. She tried pulling out of her bonds, but they were tight and held her nearly immobile. A little pinprick on her ass surprised her and she shouted into the gag. Her efforts redoubled but quickly faded and the screen started to fill her vision. The pattern tempted her, drawing her in as something whispered in her head. She blinked, her eyes blurring. Something told her that if she could find the pattern in the lights, she could get out of this, be free. Her mind would be free to do what it wanted, and she wanted to help her mind. She wanted that desperately. She concentrated more and felt the search for the elusive pattern draw her in further. She floated and... floated... down...

Ava and Maria sat in silence in the car on the way home. Ava pulled out her phone and tried to dial up the police. She could get the 9 out, but her fingers rebelled after that. She even looked up the regular number but the area code was all she could type in. She let out a sob. "What the fuck? What the actual fuck?"

"She has you, Ava. You can't tell anyone," said her mother with a hitch in her voice, from empathy or lust she wasn't sure.

"Mom, how could you?"

"I... I can't really explain it, but you'll understand after a few more sessions." Maria sighed. "It's somehow so, liberating, I guess. You need it, just like I do."

"Fuck you, mom. I saw the lust puddle you left watching me get fucked up by Mist... Fuck."

"You'll learn, sweetie." Maria smiled warmly.

"This is so fucked up."

They sat quietly the rest of the way home.

Sometime after Maria and Ava left, Rachel flounced downstairs, collapsing in the dining room chair. "What's wrong, honey?" Christine did her best to look worried. She was still too excited about rupturing of the maturing soul of a young woman, leaving only worship and obedience, as her mother juiced in the corner at offering her own legacy as tribute to her Mistress. 'I could call them back, keep them here for the night...'

Rachel's sigh interrupted her train of thought. "Ava." Rachel pulled out one earbud and crossed her arms in a huff. "Bitch won't listen." She watched her mother plop the hash on her plate. "I keep telling her that she needs to accept that I am smarter than her, but she just won't fucking do it. Bitch!" She angrily grabbed her fork and stabbed some potatoes. "We're going to fail because that stupid slut can't write for shit and can't speak for shit and is going to make me fail!"

"She just needs a little training, dear." Christine watched her daughter stuff the potatoes in her mouth. "Have you applied all I've taught you?" She frowned, concerned. She'd hoped her daughter could take care of this without mommy, but in a week it wouldn't matter.

"Not yet, mom. This is a pairing for an assignment, not my fucking 'girlfriend'." She spat the last word out distastefully. "Ava's not even cute." She scooped another mouthful, chewed, swallowed. "She's all fuckin' puffed up and thinkin' she's the shit when she's just another fuckin' bitch." Another furious stabbing.

Christine smiled at Rachel. "I'm sure you'll get your opportunity to bring her down to size, dear." Her excitement grew, knowing that it wouldn't be long and she would be giving her daughter a gift, even if it kept Rachel from getting practice. Mother and daughter would own mother and daughter. How delicious! She shivered as she started eating her own dinner.

"Oh, I will. The bitch and I are heading out for coffee to get through a little more of the presentation." Rachel shoved in one last mouthful before popping up and heading to the stairs. "I have to change."

Christine sighed and kept eating.

As Christine finished clearing the table, Rachel came down from her room dressed to turn heads. She'd put on an airy blouse that was translucent purple and tight black pants that tucked into high boots with tall heels. Her hair was out of it's accustomed pony tail and styled, and her makeup was exquisite.

"Are you really meeting Ava?" Christine smiled.

Rachel blushed and stared at her feet. "Yes, I am. We're just going over the assignment. Later, mom!" She flew out the door.

What was that about? Christine thought as she loaded the dishwasher. What happened to the jeans and t-shirt? And just to meet Ava? She shook her head as she put another plate in.

The next day, after school, Ava was paying attention to her phone as she left school. She didn't notice really that she was walking to Rachel's. As she reached the door, something felt wrong about it. 'Wait, wasn't I calling the po-po last night? What am I doing here?' But the excitement was undeniable and pushed her to ring the doorbell. 

The door opened. "Oh, hello Ava," Christine smiled at her from inside. "Come in. The basement is waiting for you."

Ava tried to glare and say something snide. Instead, she felt the desire wash across her face and let out a little moan. Her legs carried her in without her permission.

"Follow me." Christine lead her down the hall and into the basement. "Strip."

Ava fought to keep her hands down as Christine smirked. They betrayed her, pulling off her jacket and tight shirt. She screwed up her resolve, telling her arms to pull away from her body. They ignored her. She tried her hands, telling them to clench into fists. Instead they latched onto the clasp of her bra and opened it. A little wiggle and it dropped to the floor. The joy of her obedience tingled in her crotch and slid slowly up into her will. Her shorts slid down with only a token defiance and her panties quickly followed. Her feet flicked off her shoes and she stepped out of the last of her clothes. 

"Have you been hanging out with my daughter Rachel?" Christine glared at her. Ava admired the will behind those eyes. It made her angry, but even more it made her wet.

"Yes, I have..." She nearly added 'Mistress'.

"You are not to see her again. Your punishment this time is severe. Next time will be much worse." Christine pointed at the horse. "Over."

Ava found her body listening to her pussy. It told her to walk and bend. It told her arms to extend. It held them in place as Christine locked the cuffs around her wrists. It juiced down her leg in anticipation as they were strapped into place. It had already been taught and it already liked the lessons. The whip hit, then tickled her clit, barely protected by her stinging ass, and made her jerk her thighs. She felt the waiting tide of pleasure press against the dam, anticipating release. It didn't quite come, leaving her wanton and needful. More snaps and her joy in punishment dripped down the horse.

"I see you are learning your lesson, slave."

Ava whimpered and tried to fight back. She managed to shake her head.

"I see your pussy has already learned." Christine ran the knob of the whip down Ava's engorged lips, triggering uncontrolled spasms in the bound woman. "Your mind still needs more kneading and softening before it can be properly shaped. Up."

Ava sounded a quiet protest, knowing her very self was at stake. This high wager game involved a bet she knew she couldn't afford to lose. It had already been made without her permission. Her hands came free and though a part of her wanted to pull up and punch Christine, her body was subservient to the bliss in submission swallowing any action that denied the need in her crotch. That told her to obey and get into the chair after her ankles were unbound. She struggled against the orders, stuttering on her way into the chair. Her pussy held her in place as new straps bound her and googles slipped over her head. Her mind struggled to take control again as she sat, trying to twist her head away from the swirling images trying to capture her mind and swallow her conscious thought as her mind slowly melted. The electric tickling in her crotch hardly registered in her active thought but started teaching her subconscious lessons that went very, very deep. "You love to submit. You long to submit. Obedience is pleasure. Obedience to Christine is the ultimate pleasure."

Gradually, thoughts burrowed into her mind, even as she battled against her pussy, which rejoiced at the lesson. It wouldn't soon forget how good being taught was. It pulsed with pleasure at each new idea that marred her perception of herself, working it's way past her independence and linking bliss with obedience and submission.

Christine relaxed as she watched Ava's face turn slack. Hopefully Rachel would have an easier time with her partner now.

The fight in Ava was strong. She would submit. Christine enjoyed breaking women like this.

"Honey, hurry up or you're going to be late for school!" Christine flipped the french toast out of the frying pan and onto a plate. "Your breakfast is ready!"

"Coming mom!" Rachel called down the stairs. Christine drizzled syrup on her two slices. Rachel came flouncing down the stairs and threw her backpack down by the chair. 

"Huh?" Christine was startled by Rachel's appearance.

Rachel sat quickly, causing her short skirt to flare up around her hips, showing her lacy thong. She patted her skirt down and adjusted an earbud before grabbing the syrup.

"What?" Christine stared at her daughter incredulously. "What? That's... What the hell are you wearing?" She gestured at the blouse, which had three buttons undone on top, inviting the eye towards her ample cleavage and a hint of lace covering her soft breasts. Worse, it ended high, showing plenty of bare midriff. "Latest from Sluts'R'Us?"

"Just clothes, mom." She shoveled some of the toast into her mouth and kept talking. "I'm heading out with Ava after school." She gestured dismissively as though it were sufficient explanation and the conversation was over.

"That doesn't... You can't..." Christine sighed heavily. "No, Rachel. Go change. You can't go out like that. You look like a whore."

Rachel looked up. She knew Christine wasn't going to budge. Her mom had that look. "Sorry, mom. Can't. Gotta hurry." She scooped up her backpack and dashed for the door. "I'll be home late."

"Rachel, don't you DARE!" Christine shot up, but she had to get around the table and Rachel was already out the door. Christine ran her hands through her hair. "You'd think, with all the women that call me Mistress, that I'd be able to control my daughter," she mumbled to herself. There was something to be said for dressing sexy. It could certainly be put to one's advantage and had always made her feel powerful. But Rachel had just crossed from sexy into slutty.

And Rachel was going out with Ava? When had that started happening? It was just "Ava's a bitch", and now it was "Ava - BFF". It could complicate things if Rachel found out what was happening and was upset.

Hadn't Ava learned? Slaves held a particular place in this household, and it certainly wasn't as friends. Ava was even more defiant than Christine had thought. Maybe she should free up some time in her schedule this week to speed things up with Ava.

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