Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction


by S.B.

Tags: #dom:female #femdom_hypnosis #m/f #mind_control #sub:male #D/s #f/f #fantasy #feminization #humiliation #humor #induction #mermaid #music #pov:top #scifi #sub:female #urban_fantasy #vampire

Your mind is a beautiful thing to lose, she said.

Oh, hello there. Do you like hypnosis and mind control? Silly question, I’m sure, because, if you didn’t, you probably wouldn’t be sitting there, reading these lines. Sorry, I’m a little nervous. It’s the first time I’m doing this for real and only because of a challenge, you know? My sorority put me up to it, and I really don’t want to let the girls down so do you mind working with me? I’ll make it worth your while, I promise
Thank you, you’re so sweet! I’m Beryl, by the way. You don’t have to tell me your name, that’s okay, but I want you to know mine as a sign of trust, okay? Trust is very important because what I’m about to ask you depends on it.
So… here’s the deal: I’ve always liked to pretend I’m good at hypnotizing people, but the truth is I don’t really have a clue how any of this works if it works at all. I mean, it’s good for parlor tricks and all, a little diversion from the usual fare, but hardly something with actual weight to it, if you know what I mean. You must have read countless fantastic descriptions on this website by now so I’m sure you understand my drift. With your permission, I’d like to pretend I’m going to hypnotize you right now, and I’d like you to pretend to go under for me. We’re being watched, you know? Yes, some of the girls are watching us through a telescope as we speak. Thank God, they didn’t insist on a wire as well because I certainly wouldn’t want one of those things next to my ears or near my breasts or pu…
Oops, sorry about that! It’s the nerves, I keep telling you. I’m so green at this, and you’re so nice to be reading and listening to my monologue. I’m truly lucky to have found someone like you and, since you’ve just given me your word you’ll help, I can relax a bit, knowing things will work out in the end. Yes, things will work out, rewards will be given, and everyone will be quite pleased when all is said and done.
So, how are we going to do this? I’m just going to make up something on the spot. Improvisation is good because it fires up imagination, and imagination is believed to be a huge part of all of this. I’ll need something specific for you to focus on, hmmm, let’s see…
I know, I just said I’m green so let’s run with it. Would you like a green pendant swinging from side to side? Green contact lenses imbued with a captivating glare, pinning you on the spot? Flashing lights seem to work for some people, too. It doesn’t really matter what it is as long as it’s green and strikes your fancy, so imagine something green you really like and hold it in your mind’s eye for as long as you can. Try to visualize only that thing, as if that thing is, in fact, the only thing that exists in the whole world. Obviously, you can’t focus on anything else because of it, but that’s okay. When you’re so focused on the green before you, trying to break eye contact is hard, and rather pointless. Green is the color of hope, and I hope you’re enjoying the feeling you’re experiencing right now because it can only get better. Deeper focus, deeper satisfaction. Deeper satisfaction, deeper focus. A circle of green and you’re in the center of it.
Keep focusing on the green and take it one step further. Inside the circle, imagine a luxurious grassy field. A soft breeze caresses your cheeks. There is another circle in front of you, one made of blooming trees, where the green is even deeper. The air is fresher inside it and it’s as if you’re inhaling green into your lungs as well. You reach for that new circle, deeper and deeper, as it slowly begins to close on you.
Yes, the circle is compressing, getting narrower, but there’s just enough space inside for you, your body, and your mind. The green touches your heart, and every fiber of your being, deepening the focus and the pleasure that comes from it. It’s growing from inside out, enveloping you.
You finally stop moving and find your feet firmly planted on the ground, another tree in the circle. Green tendrils stretch out from the earth to bind your wrists and you welcome them peacefully, content. You see nothing but green, feel nothing but green… my words are whispers of green that render you helpless and, as your addiction to this wonderful sensation grows tenfold, the circle closes completely, and green is all you are, a speck, a leaf, a pod, a thing of beauty yet meaningless unless I say otherwise. I gave you the green, I created it for you. You’ve been created by me, to flourish and serve, to do as I say. You will do as I say, won’t you?
Good. Thank you. Thank you for listening and accepting the truth. Creatures created serve their creator, the grass is always greener on the other side of the mind. I suppose I should apologize for tricking you, but I won’t. You weren’t really tricked. You kept reading and listening because you wanted to so the only thing I did was give you the story you wanted, and an ending that suited us both. My friends are going to be green with envy when they see the end result! Now, come along, my little green pea, it’s time to plant some new things inside your eager mind…

((I hope you had fun with this little tale. I always do when writing. Want to have more fun with me? Support my site - https:://www.sbspellbound.net - through my patreon page - https://www.patreon.com/sbspellbound - and it can be yours, because you’ve yet to see everything I can create. Feedback is always welcome at my e-mail address, too: sbstories@hotmail.com. Thanks in advance.))

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