Your Proper Station


by calledbyflowers

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"C'mon down. Gently, love," came a raspy, feminine voice.

A hand reached out and pulled Solomon softly out of the tube, forcing her feet to rouse suddenly. She stumbled slightly, her body feeling strange.

"We have to keep your body moving, baby girl. I can't have your muscles atrophy completely. Not yet, anyway."

"Okay…" Solomon muttered, slowly steadying herself. "How long has it been?"

Her Mistress slapped her, but gently, almost reassuringly. "Just a few hours. And remember your station."

"Yes, Mistress." Her eyes seemed to glaze over. She blinked. "My station?"

Her Mistress pulled her in closer, massaging her neck gently. "Yes, 'your station,' my dear. Now do some exercises and get back in your pod."

She led Solomon through some stretches, before leading her back into the pod. This process continued over and over, Solomon being taken down into that deep, delirious sleep as the chemicals and nanobots and whatever else space magic there was in that glorious chamber slowly (or so it seemed to her) did their work and then brought back up again, brought to attention and made to work out, show her progress to her Mistress and feel it for herself, exalting in her growing hips, her rounding breasts, her softening face, her growing hair and so on. Each time she felt a little more dazed, a little more giddy and euphoric as she arose from her slumber and found it a little easier to slip back down into that magical sleep, that state of total acceptance of her situation.

One time, being led by her increasingly slender and dainty hand out onto the floor, a jumble of words began to form in Solomon's head and they just kind of slipped out somehow. "What are you doing to my brain?" she asked, more curious than actually concerned.

Another gentle slap, soft flesh hitting soft flesh. "What did you say, princess?"

Solomon blinked. "What are you doing to my brain, Mistress?"

Her Mistress just giggled. "Oh, baby girl, I was wondering when you would notice. Or really I thought it'd be cute if you never noticed at all."

Solomon giggled back. She wanted to be cute. She wanted to be seen as cute. So she wanted not to notice. So she didn't.

The next time she awoke it was to a loud clap and a shout of, "Run!"

Quickly, Solomon blinked the sleep from her eyes and started racing around the room in circles, feeling her shaking fat roil against her deteriorating clothing, letting it fall off as she ran.

"Stop!" her Mistress shouted.

Solomon fell to the floor, collapsing into a pile, panting heavily. Her eyes fluttered. Her Mistress loomed over her then, a bottle of brown liquid in one hand. Reaching down, she lowered the bottle to Solomon's lips and the girl began instinctively to suck, the first thing she had eaten or drunk with her mouth for what must've been days but felt like it could've been minutes or seconds or months or years. It tasted awful, but energy began to flow through her again.

"That's it," her Mistress cooed, "That's my good girl."

"Thank you, Mistress," she sputtered.

"Don't mention it, Sally."

Sally blinked. She felt her legs instinctively clench.

Her Mistress let go of the bottle and Sally grabbed it, surprising herself with her own reflexes, while her Mistress began to pry Sally's legs apart, something which came easy enough once Sally realized what she had been doing and released.

"Sorry, Mistress," Sally muttered.

"It's alright, baby girl. Just never close yourself off from me again, okay? Your genitals are mine. Your body is mine. You are a womb for me to use."

Sally began breathing heavily, resisting the urge to clench again. "Yes, Mistress," she mewled.

"Good girl."

After a few more rounds of cardio, Sally's clothes had been torn to shreds and her breasts had begun to grow sore. Her run, she noticed, had subtly altered to accomodate her changing hips, the kinds of changes she had secretly longed for but had accepted as impossible. Her Mistress grabbed at her, explored her body, letting Sally feel the shifting bones. Every time she did she wanted to cry and often did.

She collapsed again into her Mistress' arms, sobbing. "Thank you, Mistress," she cried into her chest, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…"

Her Mistress chuckled. "You know it's funny. I thought I was just fucking with some neanderthal. It makes it so much more fun that you're actually enjoying it!"

Gears turned in Sally's brain, slowly but surely. "'Fucking with' me?"

"Well, yeah. Obviously I was just fucking with you. What, did you really think you had some special DNA, pretty girl? That story was obviously bullshit."

Sally settled back into her body. Her leg started to vibrate. She could feel herself hyperventilating.

Her Mistress' face softened. She wrapped her arms around Sally, patting her gently on the back. "Oh, it's okayyyyyyy, pretty girl. I don't mind that you fell for the dumbest piece of shit story to trick you into becoming my womb. In fact, I think it's pretty cute. I guess you always were kind of an idiot, huh?" She snickered.

Sally looked up at her, wide eyes wet with tears. "So, that part is true? About me becoming your… womb?"

Her Mistress tried her best to suppress a chuckle, then winced, then just let go and started laughing uproariously, leaving the dumb pet confused and slightly hurt. "Oh, Jesus. Fuck me. This really is your station, isn't it, baby? You aren't worried about being kidnapped and feminized against your will, or about me brainwashing you and making you into my perfect little plaything, you just wanna make sure I can really knock you up? God, the forces that rule this world are such cunts, aren't they? They take this perfect, obedient little babymaker and give her a cock. What a sick joke. What is that supposed to be, some kind of test? To see if you can hold to the faith even when your entire nature has been twisted against itself? This is why the Devil is superior to God."


"Don't worry your pretty little head. Just remember that I am your God and nobody else. After all, I gave you this good and perfect body and all good and perfect things come from God. So Mistress is God."

"Oh, okay." She smiled. "Mistress is God."

"Just don't go around saying that too much, okay? I think it's cute if people think you're some good Christian girl when really you're just bowing down in submission to girl dick."

Sally giggled. "Okay, Mistress! I promise I won't."

"Fuck, you're so dumb."

She beamed.

The next few sessions with her Mistress went by in a blur. The physical changes seemed to be slowing down (though her breasts were still filling out and there was still something dangling between her legs, even if it felt comical to call it a penis at this point). She was getting used to being able to look at herself without flinching, feeling her curves, accepting her Mistress' touch as she traced the outline of her new body with its wide hips, everything settling into place for what was coming, for the hole that would presently consume her existence. She mewled in desperation just thinking about it, not to mention when Mistress would actually give Sally the privilege of showing her the cock that would soon fill her.

These later sessions were focused more on social training. Sally's Mistress had her trying on dresses, cute boots, jewelry and of course bras and panties. She revelled in the illusion of a smooth crotch which the panties gave her with her shrunken genitals (genitals, she noticed, that had started to moisten when she was aroused). Her ears looked adorable pierced, alongside her newly styled and bleached hair, her nails painted a sky blue and her face subtly made up. It all seemed to come so easily to her, which she did not question. This was all part of her station, after all–her proper station, the one based in her nature. She grinned widely in the mirror, enjoying the vacant stare looking back at her. There was no pain, no thought, only pure joy in those eyes. Her Mistress held her tightly by the waist. She kissed the back of Sally's head.

"You're perfect, baby," she whispered, "My perfect good girl. My perfect plaything. My perfect pet. My perfect toy. My perfect cumdump. My perfect incubator." Forcefully, she grabbed Sally's soft clit, began massaging it. "Do you want me to wring your turkey's neck?"

Sally shook her head. She just wanted the thing gone. There was nothing to savor. Nothing to keep her from diving headfirst the inevitable.

"Okay, baby girl." Her Mistress kissed her on the scalp. "Let's go make a nation of me."

Sally beamed.

This final sleep felt longer than the others. Sally felt refreshed and rejuvenated for the first time she could remember. The state of delirium she had been kept in for weeks had faded but her conditioning remained. Trying to remember anything about who she used to be, what her life had been before this, was scary and hard and there was no point trying. She was absolutely confident in her new identity. She was a woman. But more than that she was a womb, to be filled by her Mistress.

Looking down, she gingerly carressed her new slit, feeling its folds. It felt stimulating, sure, but more than that it simply felt right. She smiled.

Stepping down from the tube, Sally didn't see her Mistress at first. Immediately, she felt lost and confused. She almost wanted to cry. God, she was so dependent and needy. Totally unable to function on her own. It made her wet.

Her back tensed up as she felt someone's hands on her shoulders, then she released back into her Mistress' loving embrace. Her Mistress massaged her gently, whispering into Sally's ear, "There you are, pretty girl. I was wondering when you would be done." Her arm dropped down, going under Sally's dress and between her legs. She felt her panties. "All wet and ready for me, I see. That's a good girl."

Tingles ran through Sally's being.

Investigating further, Sally's Mistress pulled her panties down and she reached in deeply, her long nails somehow smoothly sliding against her walls instead of scraping or damaging the still sensitive tissue. "You're tight. Very good. But also deep enough to take me."

Sally blushed. Language seemed to be beyond her at the moment.

Sally's Mistress pulled her slick hand out from under the girl's dress and grabbed her by the arm. Sally found herself shocked by the feeling of her own vaginal fluids on her skin, the recognition that they had come from her, that she had a vagina. It was overwhelming.

Seemingly unable to move by her own power, Sally was dragged by her Mistress away from the tube, towards a bluelit wall that promptly opened before them, revealing a small white bedchamber that, while not particularly big, was surely too large to fit inside the pod that Sally had originally entered back when… Her mind went fuzzy trying to recall that far back, even though from what her Mistress said it had only been a few weeks since she began her transformation.

Sally was led in front of a beige queen size bed which sat in the middle of the room, next to a bedside table and a dresser, both made of light wood. She stood there blankly, awaiting instruction. Her Mistress, she noted, had abandoned her futuristic jumpsuit for a double-breasted blue suit and her braids for a blowback.

Sally's Mistress looked over at her hungrily. She stuffed her hands into her pockets, as if their presence would mask the obvious tenting in her pants. "Out of that thing already, pretty girl. I want to see what I've gotten for all my hard work."

Sally blushed again and nodded. Shivering slightly, she untied the belt of her bright, floral dress and lifted it over her bed, revealing a slender, curved body clothed in just white satin panties and a matching bra to cover her generous bust. Gulping, she folded it gently and set it down on the floor.

Her Mistress fumbled with the buttons of her jacket as she tried to throw it off. A spot of dampness formed on her trousers before she could just as desperately remove them and then her shoes (not even bothering to untie them). "All the way," she growled, while she struggled with her tie, sweat forming on her brow.

Sally whimpered. Hands shaking, it took her a few tries to unlatch her bra. By this point, her Mistress was down to just socks, boxers and a tank top. Her nipples were rock solid, easily visible through her thin top, while her girl cock had already pressed itself through the flap in her boxers.

Both of them were visibly trembling, Sally seemingly in fear and her Mistress in excitement, though Sally knew that secretly there was nothing she wanted more than to be taken and bred that very moment by her beautiful domme, whose skin sparkled like diamonds and whose voice penetrated her to her very core. But something else her Mistress had would penetrate her, too…

"I said all the way!" her Mistress snapped, breaking Sally from her reverie. She blinked, trying to reorient herself, but before she could pull down her panties, her Mistress shouted, "Nevermind! I guess I have to do it myself!" and ripped them savagely off of her, causing Sally to collapse backwards onto the bed in terror and ectasy. She shut her eyes and lolled her head sideways, submitting radically to the inevitable.

"Don't just lie there! Fucking pillow princess! Here." Sally blinked. Her Mistress had handed her a literal pillow. She accepted it cautiously. "Here! I know your ass is fat, but it's not that fat. Remember, this isn't for your petty little enjoyment; I'm trying to get you pregnant here!"

Sally blinked again. Slowly, she raised her butt up and placed the pillow underneath.

"There you go, pretty girl!" Her Mistress slapped her ass for good measure. It pulsed with sensation. "Now raise your legs up. This is going to help ensure my seed has the shortest possible journey to your cervix."

Sally nodded. Still trembling, she raised her legs up high, realizing that all the stretches and leg exercises her Mistress had been having her do were simply preperation, making this motion as natural and this position as easy to maintain as possible. She took a deep breath. She shut her eyes.

They bolted back open. The sensation. The sensation was unbelievable. She felt tears flowing down her face, but whether in joy or pain she didn't know. The world seemed to melt around her. It didn't make sense. She recalled something about rational capacities shutting down during intercourse, a whisper from another life, but this was so much more intense.

The thing filling her, the great obelisk which rammed her and retreated, it defied not only reason but her basic sensory capacities. It seemed impossible to form any cohesive picture of the world when all of existence, all of her being, became filled and then emptied out again, full then empty, over and over again, with no break in between just full, empty, full, empty, full, empty… Everything was distorted. Nothing was real. Or rather, reality had vanished to a point. Her cock. Her Mistress' cock, filling her, was all that there was, the only thing. There was nothing else. And when she was not filled, she was not. Nothing was.

And her Mistress just kept ramming her. Savagely, letting out little grunts as she did so. Sally moaned and mewled and whined, begging for more with her body and its gyrations while language still eluded her, seemed infinitely more distant than it already had. She held onto the bed for dear life.

Her Mistress let out a cackle. "There you are, my pretty girl. There you are, my little baby. Just relax. Just submit. Just give in. Just accept. Accept my cock. Accept my seed. Accept your proper station in life. Accept that-" She grunted, swallowing harshly as pleasure coursed through her. "Accept that you are nothing but a womb to be used. Nothing but an incubator. Nothing but a conduit for the nation that I will become through you. Nothing but my little breeding slut. That you are not human. Not really, anyway. That your function is not to think or to speak. Your telos is not the logos. Your purpose does not lie in you. It lies in me. It lies in my seed. It is in my seed that your essence, your function, lies." The thrusting became harder, more urgent. Pre-cum spurted into Sally's ragged cunt.

Her Mistress growled, "You are nothing but a womb, pretty girl. Say it!"

She tried to speak. Jesus fucking Christ, she had been given an order by her Mistress. She had to speak! There was no alternative to speaking! All that she could do was speak! And yet…

She managed to gargle something out, drool falling from her mouth in huge strands, her tongue lolling while she was fucked savagely.

"What the fuck was that?!" Her Mistress' thrusts began to slow.

She kept gargling, feeling like she was choking on her own tongue. Eventually, she sputtered out, closed her mouth and let the saliva drip down towards her chest.

Her Mistress kept slowing and Sally began to panic. She needed this. Her function, her telos, her purpose, her proper station in life was to be bred. How could she fulfill her inner nature if her Mistress, in whom her essence lay, didn't cum inside her?

Then her Mistress stopped entirely. Sally was hyperventilating. She felt her hips bucking, her legs trembling, begging for more with her entire being. And then her Mistress just laughed. A big, long belly laugh that made Sally's cunt quiver.

"Oh, man! Oh, Jesus fucking Christ! You really can't even speak, can you, pretty girl?"

Sally shook her head, sadly.

"Oh, fuck! Hehehe!" Her Mistress wiped the tears from her eyes. "Fuck, girl, that's funny. You're so far away from speech and reason that you literally can't even talk. I mean, that really does it for me. Christ." Her voice grew husky again. "I mean, that's really incredible."

And the thrusting was so much harder, so much more intense, so much more reality-destroying and Sally soon found herself quivering, shaking, melting, being reduced to nothing at the hands of her Mistress as she just fucking exploded, just spurted, just blew her huge fucking load deep down into the depths of the breeding slut's being, releasing a flood of glorious seed, seemingly right into her goddamn womb, leaving Sally moaning and exploding herself, her entire body consumed with pleasure, until finally she squirted a jet of her own fluid up at the ceiling.

And both of them just stayed like that, Sally's Mistress still inside her, Sally's legs still shaking, until they both collapsed, Sally's Mistress releasing her girl cock and falling on top of her while Sally's legs fell to the ground. Her Mistress laughed slowly, calmly, reassuringly, pushing Sally over to the other side of the bed, before climbing in after her and pulling the covers up over the two of them. Both of them were drenched in sweat, panting heavily and completely fulfilled in the core of their being.

The ceiling was white, decorated with drawings of lillies. It all seemed very fem.

Sally lay there in her post-coital glow, legs wrapped around herself, making sure to hold in all of her Mistress' seed and let it take root in her, growing into a nation that would be born out of her, leaving her fat and pregnant and utterly dependent. She imagined the things that her offspring, her Mistress' offspring that would be born out of her, would be capable of, given how powerful her Mistress was. And she would be their vessel, the conduit through which they would come into the world. That was her station and in that her dignity lay. Even while she was a needy, horny mess trying desperately to keep herself filled with cum as often as possible.

Her body and the sweat coating her slowly cooled down. Her breathing began to return to normal. Her Mistress lay next to her, casually vaping, her smooth but muscular arms clutched behind her head. Sally begin to shiver.

Her Mistress grinned. She turned back to face Sally. "Oh, is my baby cold?"

Sally blinked. She nodded. Or she half-nodded. Then she shook her head.

"Well, here." Her Mistress moved over and began to wrap herself around Sally, embracing her from the side, letting their breasts touch. She felt so warm and Sally found herself instinctively bucking, as though she was still inside her.

"Be careful, baby. Don't want to lose anything."

Sally nodded vigorously.

"That's my good girl."

She beamed. But her smile faltered. There was a hint of a frown at the corner of her mouth.

"Ohhhhhhh, what's wrong, baby girl? What's wrong, baby mama?" Her Mistress had a mocking tone but there was a glimmer of concern in her eyes. Sally felt herself soften. She was safe here. Safe to be herself, in a way that she never had been before.

She sighed. With some effort, she managed to bring her new vocal cords to life. "Can I, um, say something to you, Mistress?"

Her Mistress giggled. "I never told you that you couldn't. That was all you, baby, going mute. I think it's cute, of course, but feel free to speak unless I tell you otherwise. I want my baby to be happy, after all. My happy little incubator."

"Oh, okay…" she whimpered, a little embarrassed to have added to the word of God. Then she just blanked. She just broke. She started sobbing. She started shaking. All the tension built up over the past weeks of mental and physical conditioning had come crashing down.

Which wasn't to say that the conditioning itself broke. She was still Mistress' good little breeding slut. It was just… "What would've happened, Mistress, if you hadn't found me?"

Her Mistress was rocking her softly, cooing in her ear, having put her vape pen back down on the bedside table. "What do you mean, baby girl?"

"I mean this! Everything that's happened to me. Everything that you've done for me. Unlocking my true nature. Allowing me to live in my proper station. Allowing me to…" She looked down at her hole, still full of Mistress' seed. "I mean, they have surgeries, back in the time that I'm from. And maybe if I got my head out of my ass, if things kept on going the way that they were, I would've figured things out on my own. But it wouldn't be… I mean, it'd beautiful and I'd love it and treasure it and use it no matter what, but I couldn't actually…" And she broke down again.

Her Mistress clutched her tightly, trying to stop the shaking. "It's alright, baby girl… It's alright, baby girl… You're safe now. You're my good girl. You're my pet. You're my plaything. You're my womb. You did it. You got out of there."

"I got lucky…" she sniffled.

"You don't have to keep playing out all these 'what if' scenarios in your head, baby. There's a reason I made you too dumb to worry. You don't need your brain to be my womb, do you?"

She shook her head.

"So just settle down. Shut down. Slow your brain. Remember the fog. The happy pink fog. Remember the comfort. Remember your body." She ran her hand down Sally's chest, grabbing forcefully at her firm breast, making sure she felt it. "This is your body. This is who you are. This is who you will be. Forever."

Sally tried to take deep, even breaths. Her body seemed to slow. Her mind seemed to slow. The world seemed to slow. She shut her eyes softly. Then another pang of anxiety shot through her. Her Mistress sighed.

She gave a wry smile. "It seems you're too dumb and needy to even let yourself go blank and mindless at the right time."

Sally giggled a little, but there was sadness in it.

Her Mistress chuckled along with her. Then she just sat with her little breeding slut for a minute, listening to her breathing as it gradually slowed down again. "You know," she ventured, "There is more than one way to serve your proper function."

Sally sniffled. "There is?"

"Sure there is! Of course, you're meant to be an incubator, a cumdump, a womb, a breeding slut, but more than that you're meant to be a plaything, a soft little comfort toy for others to use and abuse. Maybe, back in your time, you wouldn't be able to be a literal womb. You wouldn't be able to be used in that way, to allow a nation to take root in you, but you could be used in other ways. You could serve in other ways. You could still give me pleasure, still satisfy my desires, still give yourself over to me completely, in mind, body and soul. I could still knock you around when I'm feeling down, play with you, enjoy your sweet, simple nature, just take pleasure vicariously in how completely fulfilled you are by being mine, by being my sweet, adorable little baby girl." She had to wipe away a tear. "I mean, just looking at you… You're so precious. You're such a precious thing. And I'd still want to own you, even if you couldn't be my little incubator. And you'd still be a girl. Above all else, you'd still be a girl. Even without all the surgeries, even way back when I found you, you were still a girl. You always were a girl. You always will be a girl. Nobody can take that away from you. Even if they fucking-"

Sally turned around and kissed her Mistress hard on the mouth, putting her hands around her shoulders, feeling the tears dripping down both of their faces. Both of them were shaking, breathing rapidly through their noses while their mouths stayed locked and their tongues danced. Sally wrapped her legs around her Mistress, aggressively rutting into her. Her Mistress' legs shook and her cock began to inflate again.

Her Mistress pushed her savagely away, knocking Sally onto her back. "What the fuck do you think you're doing, slut?!" she growled.

Sally just shivered and whimpered. "I'm sorry, Mistress," she squeaked out, "You, um, you seemed sad. I thought you might want-"

"You thought? You thought?! You don't exist to think. You exist to serve. What the fuck do you think I was just telling you, you little bitch!" The bed squeaked slightly as she rose. "Up!"

Sally began shaking again. "Yes, Mistress!" She wriggled her way out of the bed, standing, hyperventilating in front of her Mistress, head bowed.

"Down!" Her Mistress punched her again, square in her pretty little jaw, sending Sally sprawling back onto the bed, arms and legs splayed out.

Her world spun. She felt dizzy.

"If you wanna get fucked," her Mistress snarled, taking a quick puff from her vape pen, "It's going to be on my terms."

Sally gulped. "Y- yes, Mistress."

"Yes what, Mistress?!"

"Y- yes, please, Mistress. Yes, sorry, Mistress. I'm so sorry, Mistress, truly sorry, never again, never again!"

"That's good." Her Mistress' mood lightened. "Thank you for that, plaything. You really cheered me up."

The panic faded. Sally found herself glowing. "Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress."

"But truly, don't do anything like that again. You're comforting enough just lying there, looking dumb and pretty. That enough lets me forget my troubles for a minute."

Sally blushed. "Oh, gosh, thank you-"

And just like that her cunt was filled once again, her Mistress' hard girl cock thrusting in and out rapidly, while Sally held on tightly to the bed, just trying to weather the storm of pleasure as her brain tried and failed to construct a world out of the dizzying whirl of sensations she was experiencing.

Not that she would have it any other way.


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