Kant was a Sub

by calledbyflowers

Tags: #cock_hypnosis #consensual_kink #dom:male #f/m #sub:female #transgender_characters #boydick #cw:violence #D/s #girldick #intelligence_play

Two philosophy students have a serious philosophical discussion about philosophy and don’t just turn into babbling idiots and suck each other off.

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Contains allusions to dysphoria and mentions of religion, as well as some violence, intelligence play and philosophy obviously.

"Kant was a sub."

Sophie kept typing on her laptop. "You can't just say that."

Dante smirked. "I can't just say what? That Kant was a sub?"

"Yes!" She looked up at him. "This paper is due tomorrow." Then she went back to typing, lingered and finally sighed. "Okay. What evidence do you have that Kant was a sub?"

"Just read the Critique of Judgment," he explained calmly, leaning back in his chair. "Read it critically, I mean, keeping in mind that Kant was gay."

"We don't know that," she countered, "He could've been ace. Or just a puritanical cunt even by 18th century standards."

Dante shook his head. "I don't think so. Or I guess it's 2022, I should be more inclusive. Regardless of his preferences with regard to gender, he certainly loved cock."

Sophie winced.

"Ohmigosh," he exclaimed in an exaggerated falsetto, "Are you that much of a subby mess that just saying the word 'cock' makes you melt?"

Sophie looked back down at her laptop screen, hiding her blushing face. "No."

Dante laughed. "Holy fuck, that's precious."

"Shut up." She retreated further into her screen, pretending to type.

"Okay, baby." Dante's face turned suddenly serious. "Do you really need to work right now? Am I distracting you in a fun, sexy way or just the normal shitty way?"

Sophie stared intently at her screen before meeting Dante's gaze. "In theory, I should be editing right now. In practice, I would be on Reddit if you weren't bothering me."

Dante grinned. "Okay, then. Why don't you give one good reason Kant wasn't a sub?"

Sophie smirked. "Oh, I'm sorry, I thought this was supposed to be a rational debate based on facts and logic. I'm not saying he was or he wasn't a sub–actually, I think he probably was, but that's besides the point–the question is, what is your argument that he was?"

"Wait, wait, wait…" Dante wagged his finger. "Give me your reason first."

Sophie pouted. "You brought it up! And I said, 'probably,' you seem to have a knockdown argument."

"Well, yeah, but like, a chain of argumentation is stronger by being made up of many interlocking, um, whatever Peirce said about the scholastics being better than Descartes."

"Nerd." Sophie chortled.

Dante's cheeks flushed. "You're a nerd! You literally called yourself, 'wisdom!' Like, legally!'"

Sophie leaned back in her chair. "Yeah, well at least I'm not a dumb nerd."

"You wish you were as dumb as I was!" Dante countered, gesturing wildly.

"Yeah!" She sighed. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

Walking over, Dante put his hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, baby, you will be soon enough."

"Yeah?" she sniffled, looking up at him pleadingly.

"Mhm. In fact, you'll probably be dumber than me, by the time I'm done with you." Dante patted her on the back. "I can do it right now, if you like, or do you wanna pretend to be smart for a little while longer, babygirl?"

Sophie shivered. She looked down at her laptop and shut the lid. "Let's pretend just a little bit longer. I'll give a dumb argument and you'll explain why it's dumb and your argument is better."

Dante laughed. "You're on!"

"Okay," she said, "So I'm thinking of the Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals, the whole thing that the rational subject is supposed to submit their will to the law. The rational subject is also supposed to have respect for the law, a respect that is similar on the one hand to fear and on the other to preference, a kind of liking. They submit to the moral law in awe and fear, though at the same time they want to submit. They like to obey. And of course, they obey it absolutely, without exception, no room for individual interpretation."

Dante tapped his foot. "I guess that is a bit subby, but Kant's moral agent also gives the moral law to themselves, so they're really only obedient to themselves, which I guess kinda works. Being obedient to the principle of reason inside you could be kinda hot."

"Obeying your inner nature." Sophie's eyes sparkled.

"Oh yeah, I forgot that's kinda a thing for you." Dante patted her on the head. "Good girl."

She whimpered. "Thank you, Master."

Dante smirked. "Any time, babygirl."

"It would be hotter," Sophie reflected, "If the rational subject's understanding of the moral law came from God rather than the other way around."

"Oh right, you also want God to fuck you, don't you?"

"More than anything."

"Such a weird theosexual slut." Dante grabbed her from behind by the stomach.

Sophie blushed. "But, um, you like playing God for me."

He scratched behind her ears. "How do you know I'm not God?"

She purred. "I like to think of you as a projection of the divine will, violating my body."

"Me? A mere projection?" He began digging in with his nails.

Sophie's face scrunched up. "I'm sorry, Master, no, you are God."

Dante smiled. "That's a good pet." Then he released her. "But I think I can do you one better. Sure, there may be some talk of submission in the Grundlagen…" He looked over at Sophie.

She rolled her eyes as prompted, still taking deep breaths to try to steady herself after Dante grabbed her. "Yes, you know some German, very good, Master."

"…But that's all a submission to principles that ultimately conform to the subject and their purposes. In the, um, Kritik der Urteilskraft, we get, like, way hotter shit." He pulled out his phone. "Here's just a few quotes:

"'The sublime can also be found in a formless object, insofar as we present unboundedness, either [as] in the object or because the object prompts us to present it, while yet we add to this unboundedness the thought of its totality.' So think of an object that is an unbounded totality, right? That's already the kind of weird thing you find hot.

"Now, the real fun thing, the sublime 'is a pleasure that arises only indirectly: it is produced by the feeling of a momentary inhibition of the vital forces followed immediately by an outpouring of them that is all the stronger.' So, it's a kind of pleasure that comes from inhibition, repression of the body, and then a kind of explosion of bodily feeling, does that sound familiar?"

Sophie nodded.

"What does that remind you of, babygirl?"

Her legs clenched together. "When I, um, see or think of…" She gulped. Her entire body twitched and then began shaking violently "…cock, when I think of, um, a big hard cock, it makes me tense up and then when, um, it like…" She looked down at the table, blushing profusely. "…when it cums, or when I cum, I get a kind of release."

"That's right, sweetie." He patted her on the head. She spasmed. "But that means you're still smart enough to connect a few dots, simple as they may be, and we want you way dumber than that, don't we?"

She whimpered.

"Good girl." He stepped away from her again, began scrolling through his phone. "Here we go, the feeling of the sublime 'is incompatible with charms, and, since the mind is not just attracted by the object but is alternately always repelled as well, the liking for the sublime contains not so much a positive pleasure as rather admiration and respect, and so should be called a negative pleasure.' So, again, going back to that word 'respect,' that mix of preference and fear you were pointing to, but now instead of directed to an abstract moral law, it's directed at an object, thought of as a boundless totality. What does that sound like to you, sweetheart?"

Sophie shook. She blinked. "I dunno," she said finally.

Dante smiled. "Yes, you do."

She giggled. "Yeah, maybe. But I wanna be a dumb girl for Master…"

He chuckled. "Cock."

Sophie fell out of her chair, entering a fetal position. "Fuck!" she shouted.

Dante's eyes widened. He rushed over to her, kneeling down. "Are you okay, baby?"

"Yeah." Sophie nodded. "Just, like, so overcome with, well, 'respect,' I guess." She giggled again. "It's funny to think about it as 'respect' for, um, y'know…"


She further compressed into herself, nodding vigorously. "Yeah…"

Dante got up, went back to his phone. "I think the German word is better. 'Achtung!' It also means, 'attention.' And you certainly are at attention whenever cock gets mentioned, aren't you?"

Sophie whined. "Yes, Master."

Dante turned away from her. "I thought you said you wanted to stay smart a little while longer?" he said over his shoulder.

She kept nodding. "Yes, Master."

"…and yet I don't see you being able to take part in philosophical discourse while curled up into a ball and drooling on yourself, do you?"

Sophie shouted up at him, "I'm not-" She blinked. Taking a second to process, she wiped the drool off her face. "Oh…"

Dante chuckled again. "Let me just share a few more quotes, because I really do think cock is a prime example of a sublime object and I want you to be able to appreciate how much of a genius I am for my radical interpretation of Kant once you're able to think again, okay?"

She just burbled.

"Okay, maybe this will get buried somewhere deep in your mind. I really didn't think you'd go this quickly, I haven't even dropped my pants yet…"

Her eyes widened. Scampering over, Sophie began nuzzling the back of Dante's leg.

"Jesus fucking Christ, okay… 'The feeling of the sublime carries with it, as

its character, a mental agitation…' I'd say you're pretty agitated right now, babygirl…" He reached down and started petting her.

She mewled, pawing at him.

"Not yet, babygirl." He turned around and slapped her. She fell into a pile at his feet. "Let's have a little more fear, yeah? Okay, this is the part I was really excited for… 'We call sublime what is absolutely large.'"

Sophie perked up, settling into a cross legged position.

"Yeah, you're really paying attention now, aren't you?" His eyes glistened as he spoke. He was visibly hardening. "Now, listen to this, 'Though my standard of comparison is merely subjective, my judgment still lays claim to universal assent. Such judgments as, This man is beautiful, and, He is large, do not confine themselves to the judging subject, but demand everyone's assent.' Sounds pretty gay to me, yeah? Coming from Kant, I mean.

And what about this? 'But in a judgment by which we describe something as absolutely large, we do not just mean that the object has some magnitude, but we also imply that this magnitude is superior to that of many other objects of the same kind.'

Then, finally… 'That is sublime in comparison with which everything else is small.'"

Her eyes widened. She looked up at his crotch.

"That's right." Dante leaned down, petting her again. "Such a good girl, such a small girl, in relation to… the sublime…"

She shook. "So small…"

Dante lowered his hands down to his zipper. "Do you want me to give you an experience of the sublime, babygirl? I just wanna make sure you're okay while you still have a few brain cells left."

Sophie stared blankly at him. "I can, um, already see the outlines of the sublime through your jeans." She traced the outline with her finger, causing him to wince slightly as she touched his sensitive head.

"Well, okay, baby, just a second." He turned around, causing her to whimper. "Don't worry, it'll just be for a second, geez. Take some deep breaths. Rising up, up, up, totally awake and aware for just a moment. I need to ask you if you are still okay with, like, mutual oral. You know I wanna go dumb for cock, too, right? But if you're not comfortable, I can just stay your Master."

Sophie let the fog recede to the back of her mind. "Oh, okay." She blinked. "Sorry, I didn't know you were feeling subby tonight. I should've asked."

He chuckled. "Well, maybe I wasn't until I, um, started reading."

"Holy shit." Sophie grinned.

"Yeah…" He blushed. "I'm such a fucking degenerate."

She giggled. "We can be degenerates together then. I'm feeling pretty good with my girl cock right now, I'd appreciate it if you wanted to use it."

"Okay. Even if you are just a small girl?"

Sophie shivered. "Yeah."

He turned around to face her. "Small in comparison to my cock?"

Her eyes widened. She looked up at his crotch, keeping her gaze trained on it as she slowly rose to her feet. "So small," she murmured.

"That's right," Dante cooed, "So small. Next to this…" In a fluid motion, he whipped out his hard cock, causing her eyes to bulge and her body to tremble.

Sophie whimpered.

He tugged on himself casually, grimacing occasionally as his body filled with pleasure, causing his cock to get even bigger. "Feeling yourself filled with that feeling, with that tension, that pleasurable mix of longing and fear, that sense of smallness next to something absolutely large, that sense of the sublime."

She clenched her legs together. "Yes, God, yes…"

"Good girl."

Letting out a moan, Sophie grabbed for the wall, struggling to keep herself from collapsing in need. Her body simultaneously reached towards and pulled away from Master's glory as he stroked it.

"So dumb for me," Dante growled, "Such a small girl. Your body, your mind, your will, all small in comparison to the incomparable, in comparison to that object, absolutely large, which evokes this special feeling in you…"

"Small…" Sophie droned, "So small…"

"Repeat after me!" he shouted.

She trembled and nodded vigorously.

"Small girl!"

Her voice shook. "Small girl…"

"Small body!"

"Small body…"

"Small mind!"

She let out a moan. "Small mind…"

"Small will!"

Her eyes rolled back in ecstasy. "Small will…"

"Totally small! Absolutely small! Weak! Defenseless! In comparison to…" He gestured down with his chin as he stroked himself faster and faster, face contorting in effort. "Fuck!"

Sophie winced. Then her head lolled forward, eyes blank, drooling as her small body floated towards his big cock. "So big…" She giggled.

Dante grinned. "Yeah, it is, baby. But you can't enjoy it. My cock is no thing of beauty. It repels you, too, doesn't it, sweetheart?"

She blinked, accepting this new reality. "Yeah," she said, backing away slightly, "I guess it does."

"It does!" he growled, "It repulses you! It's disgusting! And yet, you long to be near it, don't you, baby?"

She whimpered and nodded.

"Good girl." He stopped to pat her on the head, working his precum into her hair.

She let her mouth hang open. "Thank you, Master."

"And as you accept your proper attitude," Dante continued, "You realize that this sublime object, my absolute largeness, demands your respect. It demands your attention. Feel yourself starting to stand at attention. Make yourself stand at attention, if you have to, slut."

Sophie's head lolled forward again. She loved it when Dante got like this. Smiling blankly, she had no choice but to obey, trying to stand up as tall as she could, adjusting her head to keep it upright, shaking as she hoped she was showing proper respect to his cock, confused as she would've thought the respectful position would be on her knees.

"Idiot!" Dante slapped her. She crumpled to the ground. He walked over her, still gently stroking himself. "You really thought you could call yourself, 'wisdom,' being this fucking dumb?"

She giggled. "It's a bit of an ironic name…" she mumbled.

He stopped touching himself to grab her by the arm, pulling her back up. "'Stand at attention' means…" Reaching down, Dante lifted up her skirt. He carefully grabbed her girl cock out of her panties and began teasing it.

Sophie winced and felt her mind break. "God, fuck, Jesus!" she cried.

Dante smirked as he released her, letting her stumble to her feet. "Now you know what it means when I tell you to stand at attention."

She nodded, still blank, face red where he had slapped her. She leaned back and started playing with herself, feeling herself start to stiffen as she watched him get harder and harder, his cock throbbing, feeling herself fill with terror and longing, her entire body at attention, feeling so small and vulnerable and needing to please the vastness in front of her, a vastness without limits and yet present to her as a totality, his penis as an infinite whole.

He groaned, massaging his cock sloppily, dripping precum, as his face slumped, looking down at Sophie's girl cock, which she proudly displayed for him, holding her skirt up so he could see it slowly rise to…

"Attention!" she shouted suddenly, snapping Dante out of his daze, before she giggled, falling back into her own stupor.

He felt his muscles start to contract, his own suggestions playing through his mind. "Small…" he muttered to himself.

"You're such a small boy, Dante," Sophie continued, suddenly serious, no longer playing but working her girl cock, making sure it was in proper order.

He nodded, her girl cock looming in significance before him. "Small body."

"Small mind," she continued, and neither of them knew whether she was talking about him or herself.

"Small will," Dante finished the mantra, both of them being filled with this sense of smallness, shrinking in the face of each others' cocks, knowing that each would be unable to resist, unable to defend themselves, helpless and vulnerable. And yet this anxiety felt so incredible. Every part of each of their bodies stood at attention, awaiting release.

Their minds melted. Pleasure mixed with fear. Each one found themselves faced with an absolute largeness in the body of the other, in comparison to which they felt so small, their brains just tiny next to these massive, throbbing cocks that demanded their attention and overwhelmed their awareness. Sophie let out a giggle. Dante smiled widely, then did the same.

They just giggled together for awhile, a little bit nervously, because the cocks were still there, but with so much pleasure rushing through their bodies, pulling them paradoxically towards each other because of the fear, and with their brains so small and weak it felt like there was little else they could do.

As they pressed up next to each other, feeling each others' body heat, sensing the presence of the cocks, Dante began breathing heavily. He could feel himself so close to the edge, so ready to explode. He bit his lip, going faster, before he felt Sophie's girl cock against his leg and froze, terrified.

Looking up, Dante saw Sophie staring blankly at him, shivering in fear but eyes so empty, mouth contorted into a stupid grin.

Grabbing him by the shoulders, head lolling forward, slurring her words a little, she managed to mutter, "No need to use that mouth for talking, dumb boy."

Dante gulped. "No, of course not, Mistress."

She giggled. "Ohmigosh, you're so funny. No, I mean, like, neither of us really need our mouths right now, do they?"

He blinked. "Oh, yeah…" Looking down, he saw her girl cock calling to him again, calling him to attention.

"We have to service them," Sophie muttered, pulling him down with her as she fell to her knees, then pushing him down to his side before joining him there. "We have to give them attention, be at attention for them."

"Yeah…" Dante watched in a kind of terrified stupor as she wriggled around, positioning herself with her face adjacent to his cock, meanwhile he simply lay there, contracting into himself everytime he caught a glimpse of her magnificence flopping around as she moved.

"Stand at attention!" she growled.

Nervously he started playing with himself again, making sure he was hard.

Then Sophie finally got herself into place and in a single moment of synchronicity both of them found themselves placing their lips around each others' cocks, pleasure filling their bodies as they themselves were pleasured, the built-up tension being released as they at last accepted and tasted the sublime object. Each one shook in ecstasy, working away sloppily in servicing each other.

In their respective frenzies, it didn't take long before Sophie, moaning loudly, started spurting a thin mixture which Dante swallowed greedily and Dante, having worked himself up all night, exploded in her mouth with a grimace, sending salty white glory down her throat.

A glow came over both of them. Dante released Sophie quickly, whispering to himself, "Up, up, up…" to make sure he was in the right headspace to care for her, should she need it. Meanwhile she held him in her mouth for awhile, letting his cum sit there and lazily drip down, savoring the taste of it, swallowing gradually the fear that had built up inside her.

Dante rested his head on his elbow. Sighing, he muttered, "Okay, little lady, you've had your fun. Let him go now."

She looked up at him, frowning with her eyes, before gulping down the rest of him that was in her and then releasing his cock, pulling her lips away from it and shaking her head as he reached down and stuffed it back into his pants.

Groaning, Dante rose to his feet, letting Sophie lie there awhile. He tried to avoid making eye contact with her girl cock.

Sophie, noticing this, blushed and pulled up her leggings, then lowered and smoothed out her skirt. "Sorry," she muttered.

"It's okay. I appreciate you showing me." Dante crouched down and patted her on the head. "Good girl."

Sophie smiled, head lolling forward. "Thank you, Master."

"Still a little spacy, I see."

She nodded. "I'm probably not gonna be able to pretend to be a smart girl the rest of the night."

"That's okay." Dante stepped over her before taking a seat, cross legged, behind her, facing her. "We can still have fun together, even if you aren't up to debate philosophers' sexual proclivities right now."

"Yeah?" Sophie sounded so genuinely moved it made Dante smile. She really was so cute when she was like this, just dazed and a little insecure.

He stretched out next to her, laying on his side, one hand supporting his head, the other stroking her hair. She purred.

"Such a sweetie," he whispered in her ear, "So cute and droppy, such a good girl for Master."

She trembled. "Thank you, Master. That was incredible. I love the taste of the sublime."

"That's good, sweetie." He pressed closer to her, shifting position to stroke her hair with his other hand so he could hold her. She felt his bulge against her, but it was calming now for some reason, not terrifying or even that enticing, feeling that dormant power that lurked inside him, which was now turned to protecting her, keeping her nice and safe and happy.

"What did, um, you like, Master?" Sophie muttered, looking over her shoulder at Dante.

"Oh, sweetie! Of course I liked getting to suck you off. You came very well for Master. And your reactions throughout, well, just very cute. Even before I did anything remotely trance-y. You're trained so well. You're such a good submissive for me."

She squealed in delight. "Ohmigosh, thank you, Master."

"'Ohmigosh,'" he mocked.

She giggled. "Stop! I do not sound like that."

He smiled. "Of course you don't. You sound way more high-pitched and girly. I can't even pretend to be that feminine, the way you just are."

Sophie sighed contently. She settled back into his embrace. "Yeah, I guess I am…" she muttered, letting her eyes shut, breathing deeply, just relaxing while he held her gently.

"Do you wanna just take a nap here on the floor?" Dante asked.

She nodded. "Yes, Master…"

"Okay, then, babygirl." He patted her on the head. "I'll be here to protect you."

She squirmed in joy, feeling herself overwhelmed by bliss.

He held her tighter, breathing deeply, feeling her match her breath to his, calming her down, allowing her to drift off to sleep, just lying there in his arms, a good girl filled with the satisfaction of having served.


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