A Night in with Mistress

by calledbyflowers

Tags: #consensual_kink #D/s #f/f #sub:female #transgender_characters #brainwashed #chastity #cw:violence #dom:female #girldick #goth #housewife #intelligence_play #memory_play

A brainwashed goth housewife serves as stress relief for her muscular goth Mistress after a long day at work. Two goth transbians’ version of domestic bliss.

Includes themes or depictions of consensual brainwashing and anxiety, as well as a few oblique references to gender dysphoria and depression.

Jade Boneskull Ironsky cracked open a can of Monster, careful not to chip her long black nail. Raising the can to her dark red lips, she took a drink, all the while dutifully stirring a pan of cheese sauce. She had been worried about the consistency at first, but it was thickening up nicely.

She grabbed a faux silver spoon from the counter. Checking to see that the sauce coated the back of it, she casually licked the sauce off the spoon. She smacked her lips and reached for a bottle of mustard. Mistress liked mustard.

Jade's knees buckled. A shiver ran through her. Even when Mistress was absent, just knowing that she did what she did in order to please Her was fucking intoxicating.

She mixed the mustard into the sauce, watching it turn just a little bit yellow. Looking to another burner she flipped a steak with a pair of tongs. Though Jade was vegetarian (Mistress told her she didn't need all that protein and that She didn't want her to have to worry about burning off those extra calories–being a housewife was a pretty sedentary lifestyle, especially when you only had two rooms to clean), Mistress was a major carnivore.

Whatever Her job was, it had to be pretty physically demanding, Jade thought, as she stuck the meat thermometer into the solitary steak (she would have to finish it in the oven). Mistress had tried to explain Her job to Jade, so that she could brag about it to the other girls at book club (a Zoom call with other 24/7 submissives where they read and write trashy fan fics), but somehow it always ended with Jade spacing out and having to clean cum stains off her dress.

Jade spaced out a lot, she thought, placing the cast iron pan into the oven and turning to see if the macaroni was ready. Just a little bite to them, as Mistress wanted. She drained the noodles out in the sink before adding them and the cheese sauce back to the pot to combine.

Waiting to check back on the steak, Jade reflected for a moment. She wondered if she always used to space out this much. It didn't seem like she did, or at least it seemed like she didn't used to in the same way. But Mistress told her that she had, that she was always like this, that She had found her like this and taken her in and given her a place to stay. And Jade just felt so warm and cozy, thinking of her Mistress like that, carrying her into safety from wherever she had been before. There were flashes sometimes, of that before time–long nights alone, an empty bank account, the terror of another day at a miserable job and the exhaustion that came afterwards–but Jade didn't like to dwell on them. More importantly, she had been ordered not to, which meant that she didn't. She simply took a deep breath and let the thought pass.

Taking another deep breath, she pulled the steak out of the oven. 136 °F. A little overdone maybe for Mistress, but Charli was a kind Mistress, She always gave some words of encouragement after beating Jade's ass raw and She helped Jade to improve. For example, if She was displeased, Jade would whimper and fall to her knees and explain that she had gotten lost in thought and Mistress would simply program her to think less and they would both be much happier, Mistress getting what She wanted and Jade getting even dumber than she already was (which was of course also what Mistress wanted).

Jade lifted the steak onto the cutting board with the prongs, taking a moment to admire the crust that had formed on it. Mistress would like that. She cut the steak into thin strips. Then she set some mac and cheese aside for herself (a small portion, accompanied by a large green salad–her corset couldn't do all the work in maintaining her figure) and added the steak in with the rest of the pot, creating a wonderful aroma (Jade had to assume she used to eat meat, given how incredible this smelled to her, but maybe Mistress had just programmed this response into her, to reinforce that her dietary restrictions, while beneficial given her lifestyle, were also a mark of inferiority). Jade then ladled some mac and cheese onto a plate, alongside mashed potatoes and broccoli.

Jade slumped over. Her phone vibrated. Glancing down, she saw a text from Mistress. She was almost home! Jade began shaking in excitement. But looking over at the messy kitchenette she got nervous. Mistress liked the whole apartment to be clean by the time She got back. Jade sighed. She would almost certainly get a beating now. Oh, well. She just had to get started on dinner sooner tomorrow. And wash as she cooked. That could be a struggle for her sometimes. She was sure Mistress would reinforce her training on that point.

Jade didn't like getting punished, since it meant she did a bad job, but she knew it would make her a better servant for Mistress in the end and it just made her so happy to be a good servant for her Mistress. She sighed wistfully.

Moving quickly, Jade tried to stuff as much as she could into their little dishwasher, keeping an eye on the door while she did so. At the slightest noise, she put down what she was doing, knowing that she needed to be on her knees with a cold beer so Mistress could drink while she started sucking Her off.

Her Mistress, she thought, was a refined lady, one who had power not only over Her servile housewife but also over Herself, restraining Herself often through an entire evening to enhance Her eventual orgasm, usually falling asleep afterwards and leaving Jade to clean herself off (though She knew that Jade needed a good cuddle sometimes, particularly after some more intense play or after a punishment).

The sounds of heavy footsteps came from the outside hallway. Jade snapped to attention. Quickly, she grabbed a beer from the fridge and ran for the door, sliding onto her knees to kneel in front of it, head bowed humbly, offering the cold beer to her mistress. She popped it open and waited there, listening as Mistress inserted Her key, repeating over and over to herself one of the many mantras that Mistress had programmed her with.

"A good housewife exists to serve. A good housewife exists to serve. A good housewife exists to serve…" Jade mumbled to herself, already feeling herself start to slip, her eyes starting to droop, her brain starting to melt, the words and the rattling of the door seeming to increase in intensity along with her heart rate and breath, as she waited expectantly for that gorgeous woman whom Jade was happy to call her owner.

There was grumbling from behind the door and Jade twitched. She kept repeating her mantra, "A good housewife exists to serve…" but tension was building inside of her even faster now. Consciously, there was nothing going on in her head besides those glorious words which defined Jade utterly and completely, but on some deep level she knew what that meant, she had learned to anticipate her Mistress' needs and she knew what to expect. So Jade tried to steady her breathing, all the while thinking and saying, "A good housewife exists to serve…"

The door slammed open. Jade shook. There she was, the most beautiful woman in the world, covered in grease and wearing a cropped Juda Priest tee with a denim jacket and tight leather pants that showed off Her throbbing erection. Her face, lightly made up compared to Jade's with just heavy eyeliner, mascara and black lipstick, was contorted into a grimace. She stamped Her combat boots as She walked up to Jade, staring her down with narrowed eyes. And She slapped the beer can out of her hand.

Jade's eyes widened. Mistress shut the door behind Her with a forceful kick. "I don't have time for that tonight, toy. I need real relief, not numbing."

Jade nodded. Her eyes glazed over. The spilled beer, which had filled her with anxiety, faded more and more from her awareness. She looked down, head lolling over slightly, eyes fixed on Mistress' package. Her magnificence overwhelmed and restructured Jade's reality. In that moment, the purpose, not just of her, but of the universe, was to please girlcock.

Charli smirked. "Good toy," She said. "Up!"

Still dazed, Jade rose to her feet.

Her Mistress slammed her against the wall. The whole room seemed to quiver and shake. Jade felt the intense pressure on her shoulders and shivered, eyes locked with her Mistress'. Her Mistress smiled even wider, a demonic grin. Jade could feel Her fingernails digging into her through the soft fabric of her Hot Topic dress.

Charli was breathing deeply, staring Jade down. Jade's mouth hung open in anticipation.

Jade's Mistress moved one hand down to her chest, feeling under her dress and grabbing roughly at Her servant's breasts (causing her to let out a moan), before settling between them and applying pressure, more symbolic than anything else, to keep Jade pinned to the wall. The other hand, meanwhile, moved up Jade's body, grabbing at her chin and pulling her mouth open further. Charli seemed to investigate her mouth, as if making sure everything was in proper order. She shrugged. Jade sank a little. But before she could react further, Charli increased the pressure on Jade's chest and, hand still held onto her chin, placed Her thumb in Jade's mouth.

No command was needed. Something was in the submissive housewife's mouth. Meaning, she was meant to suck on it. That was simply logical. What else would something be doing in her mouth if it wasn't to be sucked? That wouldn't make any sense.

So Jade closed her dark red lips sensuously around her Mistress' thumb, letting out a little sigh and squirming as she felt it inside her. Even if it was only her mouth, part of her was filled and being filled was what she needed. Her Mistress chuckled, amused by Her toy's ready obedience. Jade suckled on it gently, letting her eyes droop, breathing deeply through her nose as she enjoyed the tactile feeling.

Charli pressed closer, Her one arm moving up Jade's chest to wrap around her body. Jade released herself into her Mistress' embrace, while Her thumb began pushing into Jade. The submissive housewife noticed herself starting to gag (Already?" she thought, "On just Her thumb?") and the anxiety made her lose control of her breath and gag further.

Mistress immediately pulled Her thumb out of Jade's mouth and slapped her harshly, turning her toy's cheek a bright red, before shouting, "Throat!" and returning Her thumb to the goth girl's mouth, jabbing into her faster and faster, while Jade just stood there and took it, feeling Her Mistress' presence enter her and the tension leaving her mouth, leaving it open for Her use. Jade's eyes glazed over. She experienced the phantom sensation of salt on the end of her tongue, recalling the training sessions Mistress had put her through to help reinforce this trigger.

At the same time as She penetrated Jade's mouth with Her thumb, Mistress began thrusting Her hips into Jade. Jade felt Her magnificence pressing against her cage and sensed her body shutting down, just freezing in place to let herself be used.

Charli pulled Jade into Her at the same time as She forced her against the wall again, entangling Herself around her, stepping forward to surround Jade and force Her glorious fucking girlcock (Jade moaned at the thought of it inside her) up and down her cage, literally bulging, overwhelming Jade even through the layers of cloth and leather that cruelly separated them.

Mistress' thumb, which had been gyrating in Jade's mouth, rubbing against her tongue as the goth girl lolled her head forward in her Mistress' arms, was suddenly pulled out with a "pop!" It was covered in Jade's saliva, which dripped down into her dress, some landing her breasts. Jade was not allowed to wear a bra.

Charli grinned maliciously. She wiped Her thumb on Jade's chest, causing her to shiver and shake with excitement. Her arms still hung limply by her side. She was tempted to play with herself, the only way that truly felt good, but before she could follow through with this impulse her Mistress pounced up onto her, lunging into Her toy and grabbing onto her shoulders with both hands, while She latched onto her with Her legs and physically forced her down to her knees, all the while covering the dazed and disoriented mess with rough kisses, sucking on her as She did so to leave little hickies, little marks showing that Jade was Her property.

As Jade just sat there, on her knees, glassy eyes hanging open, not focusing on anything, Charli kept working on her, rubbing her back with Her powerful hands, marking up and down her face and neck and down to her chest, thrusting into her until She started to drip with pre-cum, until suddenly She released Herself from her, stamping Her boots down on the ground and stepping away from the confused little housewife, who now found herself scared, isolated, unable to function without her Mistress' warmth to surround and control her. Jade shivered and heard herself whimpering

Charli slapped her again, even harder this time, sending Jade to the ground. The housewife caught herself with one hand. Blinking a few times, reality seemed to fill in around her. There was Mistress, standing over the beer spill that Jade should really get to at some point, by the table with the dinner that was probably getting cold by now… Jade started to panic, realizing just how intense the punishment she was going to get after all this was going to be. She had a flash of sensation, recalling the sting of her ass cheeks after Charli paddled her.

Her Mistress stepped forward, eclipsing the single shitty ceiling light that illuminated their apartment, leaving Her drenched in shadow. "What the fuck do you think you are doing, slut?"

Jade whimpered. "I, um, I'm sorry, Mistress, I just-"

Charli put a boot to her throat. "Answer the goddamn question, slut."

Jade trembled. "I was being used-"

"Yes! Thank you!" Charli pressed down, lightly at first. Tension filled Jade's body. "And what should you have been doing?"

Jade looked around the room, struggling to form a single coherent thought in her stupid fucking sub brain. "I wus-" she managed to sputter.

Charli leaned down, as if trying to listen, all the while increasing the pressure on the girl's throat. "What was that, bitch?"

"I- I whuch-" Jade gagged loudly, as if hacking up a hairball. She could feel her brain draining of oxygen.

"I still can't hear you!" Charli shouted, leaning down any further, ankh necklace falling out from under Her shirt to hang down from Her neck and sway in Jade's face. She grinned evilly. A bead of sweat trickled from Her brow. Her magnificence just seemed to continually swell.

Jade couldn't help but smile, despite herself. To see her Mistress so happy, after having had a rough day? Well, that was worth losing a few brain cells to oxygen deprivation.

Charli released Her boot from Jade's throat. Jade panted heavily, slumping down, drool hanging from her mouth.

Her Mistress smiled. It was a warm, loving, maternal smile. She almost seemed to be tearing up, just a little bit. "What were you going to say, sweetie?"

Jade whimpered again. She was openly crying, so overwhelmed by joy. "I should be serving you, Mistress. It is not enough to simply be used. 'A good housewife exists to serve.' I am sorry, Mistress. I will do better in the future, to serve you."

Charli chuckled. "Such a good girl."

Jade's entire body shook. She gasped in ecstasy.

Charli gave another warm smile. "C'mon up, good girl. Our dinner's getting cold. And it looks like you worked hard on this, didn't you?"

Eyes still wet with tears, Jade looked up at Her and nodded excitedly. "One of your favorites…" she muttered, trembling as she pushed herself to her feet. "But…"

Charli stopped in front of the table, turning back annoyed, causing Jade to shrink. "But what, slut?"

Out of sheer confusion, Jade giggled. Her head was still foggy from their play and anything even approximating rational thought was basically impossible for her, but she managed to look over at her Mistress, more specifically down to Her crotch, and nod uncertainly towards Her magnificence, shifting her feet slightly as she anticipated a punishment for being so brazen in indicating her all-consuming need to be filled.

Charli looked down curiously at Her still throbbing erection. "Hmm," She said, before turning back to Jade, grinning and then laughing, an exaggerated belly laugh, and pointing at her. "Oh, gosh…"

Jade shook. She turned down to the floor. "I'm sorry, Mistress…" she started to say.

Her Mistress walked over to her. Jade clutched her hands together, hunching down as much as she could to seem small and nonthreatening. Charli clapped Her hand on Jade's shoulder. Jade blinked, feeling the tension leave her body. She looked up at Charli, who was still smiling. Jade smiled back. Charli put Her other arm around Jade, patting her on the back. Jade could feel Her erection against her again.

"There, there, my needy little slut…"

Jade whimpered.

Charli released her. Jade clenched her legs together

"There'll be time for that after we eat, okay?" her Mistress reassured her.

Jade bounced in excitement. "Okay!"

"There's my good slut…" Charli kept rubbing her shoulder.

Jade giggled.

"My good, dumb little obedient toy…"

The toy blushed, overwhelmed by praise. "Gosh…" she muttered.

Her Mistress laughed. "But I'm serious now. We really should eat."

Jade, head drifting back and forth, completely airheaded now, pouted a little. "Aw, okay…"

Charli patted her on the head. "Good girl."

Jade sighed in contentment.

And they both sat down for dinner.


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