Sorority Circle

by purplish

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #exhibitionism #f/f #fantasy #growth #multiple_partners #breast_expansion #lactation #lesbification #magic #Reality_Alteration #squirting #sub:female

Lisa has deja vu during her first day at a sorority.

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“Welcome to your first day at Beta Beta!” Amber said cheerfully.

She had long enjoyed showing the newest pledges around the sorority. As the sorority president, she tried to be a positive example to the younger girls. They were usually new to the university as well, so she wanted to be extra welcoming.

Today she was leading a first-year student through their modest sorority house. This was Lisa, who had been at the university for less than two weeks, but she had a strong academic record and Amber thought she showed leadership potential.

“Thanks Amber! I’m so excited to be your newest sister,” Lisa replied, blushing. She was still growing accustomed to being away from home, and had been feeling on edge all day. It was intimidating to live with other girls her age for the first time. She just wanted to fit in and learn all she could from them.

“Right this way, Lisa! It’s early, so let’s see who’s in the kitchen,” Amber offered, pointing ahead.

They walked down a short hallway before emerging into the kitchen, where three girls were seated around a large circular dining table. Amber pointed to each of them in turn.

“Heather, captain of the university’s cheer squad and the sorority’s social chair,” she said, nodding at a girl with blonde pigtails.

Heather looked up from her breakfast and beamed at Lisa.

“Welcome! Who’s this? Our newest pledge?” she asked.

“This is Lisa. It’s her first day at Beta Beta!” Amber said warmly, then turned back towards Lisa.

“I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of Heather at our social events, Lisa,” she said, giving Lisa’s shoulder a friendly pat.

“There’s Jessie, business major and sorority vice president,” she continued, indicating a girl with thick brown curls. Jessie was staring intently at the back of a cereal box and offered no response.

“Don’t mind her,” Amber whispered to Lisa. “She hasn’t had her coffee yet.”

“I heard that,” Jessie mumbled around her spoon.

Amber chuckled, turning towards the third girl at the table.

“And that’s Rachel, applied economics major and the sorority’s Treasurer,” she said proudly, pointing at a girl with a long brown ponytail. Rachel was staring at her phone and distractedly waved a hand without looking up.

“C’mon Lisa, I’ll show you the lounge,” Amber said, rolling her eyes. Her sisters weren’t helping her make the best first impression. She’d have words with them… later.

Lisa gave a timid wave and followed Amber. They arrived at the lounge, which featured a large sectional sofa and a big-screen television. It was early yet, and no one was around.

“I guess everyone’s still waking up,” Amber said, sounding disappointed.

“Anyway, let’s get you to your new room!”

Lisa followed Amber down another hallway, relieved that they hadn’t encountered anyone else. She had pledged Beta Beta for the academic excellence and moral character of its sisters, and meeting so many of them in such a short time was awe-inspiring. She hoped she was making a good first impression.

They arrived outside a doorway in the residential wing.

“I’ll let you get settled in,” Amber said.

“Your roommate should be along shortly. See you this afternoon for our house meeting!”

She smiled, then turned and walked down the hallway, disappearing around a corner.

Lisa peered at the doorway. There was a small paper taped to the wall, on which Lisa & Ella was written in pink ink. The “I” in her name was dotted with a pink heart, dutifully filled in by its author’s pen until it was solid pink. She stepped inside the room, closing the door behind her.

It was a small space, barely large enough for a bunk bed on the far wall and two desks on opposite walls. One of the desks was stacked high with books, and the lower bunk was so overcrowded with piles of clothing that she couldn’t see the bedsheets.

Lisa was disappointed, having also preferred the bottom bunk. She hoped her new roommate wasn’t as messy as the bed would suggest.

The other desk was almost bare. A lamp above it was turned on, illuminating a small pink envelope with her name written on the outside. She picked it up and walked towards the entrance, under an overhead light near the doorway. She opened it, unfolding a note to read:

Welcome to Beta Beta! May all your wishes come true.
A. Friend

She frowned. A friend sent this? She didn’t feel like she had many friends right now.

There was a weight in the envelope. She turned it over above her cupped hand. A small purple crystal fell out, dropping towards her hand —

WHAM! The door swung wide open, slamming into her from behind. The impact sent her careening forwards until she fell, sprawling across the tile floor.

“Hey roomie!” called a feminine voice from behind the door.

Lisa was fortunately uninjured. She sat up on the floor, more surprised than smarting.

A girl about her age stepped into the room. She was tall and slender, with tan skin and long black hair. She wore a blue dress that fell to her ankles.

“Hi, I’m Ella!” she said cheerfully, to no one in particular. She tilted her head, peering around uncertainly before finding Lisa on the floor.

“Whatcha doin’? New fitness craze?”

Lisa crossed her arms over her legs as she sat on the floor. She sighed, starting to second-guess herself.

“Hi Ella. I’m Lisa,” she said, forcing a smile.

“It’s my first day here at Beta Beta, and everyone’s been so kind, and I was just having a moment alone, so I was surprised to see you,” she rambled, deciding not to mention being bowled over by the door.

“Don’t worry, Lisa,” said Ella, giving a reassuring smile. “I’m sure you’ll fit right in!”

A glimmering reflection caught Ella’s notice. She turned to her side, bending over her long legs to grasp a purple crystal from the floor. She straightened up, peering closely at it for a moment, and shrugged.

“Then again, the drama around here can be distracting, and sometimes I wish that we were all very close,” she sighed, staring into space.

The crystal in her hand started glowing a soft purple light.

“Not that you’d need it,” she continued, “But if I could, I’d wish that everyone at Beta Beta loved you!” she exclaimed, trying to be supportive.

The crystal glowed more brightly in her hand.

“Anyway, you’ll figure it all out soon enough. Hey, you wanna get some ice cream? My treat!”

She opened her palm, but neither of them noticed the purple glow of the crystal in her hand. She tossed it upwards, intending to catch it again.

The instant it left her touch, a purple flash of light instantly filled the room, overwhelming Lisa’s vision until she could see nothing else —

“Welcome to your first day at Beta Beta!” Amber said, fluttering her eyelashes.

She had always enjoyed showing the newest pledges around the sorority. As the sorority president, she wanted all the girls under her watch to feel welcome. But there was something about this newest sister, though, that really caught her eye.

She was leading the most beautiful girl she’d ever seen on a tour of their modest sorority house. This was Lisa, a stunning brunette who had been on campus for less than two weeks. Lisa had a sexy, slender body, and Amber couldn’t help but admire her long brown hair.

Amber knew the moment they met that she was falling for Lisa. She was glad beyond measure that Lisa had agreed to join her sorority, for it gave her a better chance of getting to know Lisa before anyone else.

Lisa looked around and immediately knew something was wrong. The problem wasn’t that every girl at Beta Beta had been fawning over her, though. That was fine, actually, and quite flattering as well. What’s more, she couldn’t believe her luck that all of her sisters seemed to like girls, just like she did.

No, what stood out in her mind was that she was again standing at the beginning of her tour of the sorority. Hadn’t she just been in her room with Ella? There was some kind of purple flash, and now she’s back at the entrance with Amber? She furrowed her brow, confused.

“Thanks Amber,” she managed. “I’m so excited to be your newest sister.”

As the words emerged from her mouth, she felt a growing sense of deja vu. She’d had this conversation before, and on this same tour, too. She was sure of it. Was Amber playing a prank on her?

She looked up to meet Amber’s eyes. Just like every other sister she’d met at Beta Beta, Amber seemed positively obsessed with her. The sorority president was presently staring doe-eyed at her.

Then again, Lisa thought, it would be helpful to have a close relationship with the president. She shook her head, trying to focus through the fog in her mind.

Amber felt her knees quivering. That impossibly gorgeous first-year was doing the cutest thing with her eyebrows right now.

Amber knew she was becoming aroused, and tried to pull herself together to continue their tour.

“Right this way, Lisa! It’s early, so let’s see who’s in the kitchen,” she said, having trouble thinking straight with this astonishing beauty so close by. She hoped her admiration wasn’t too obvious.

She stood to the side and gestured. As the first-year girl walked by, Amber couldn’t help herself and leaned in to smell the younger girl’s neck and hair. Lisa smelled divine. What a turn on! Amber hoped her surreptitious gesture wasn’t noticed.

They walked down a short hallway before arriving in the kitchen, where three girls were sitting closely together at a large round table. They were leaning their heads in, embracing each other in an intense three-way kiss.

Lisa had visited Beta Beta several times before joining, so she wasn’t surprised to see her sisters kissing each other. She and Amber both enjoyed a moment watching the multi-way embrace. Amber laughed heartily.

“Look at that, three of our sisters enjoying a traditional Beta Beta breakfast!” she said with a chuckle. She introduced them, pointing to each of them in turn.

“Heather, our social chair, and consistently voted best kisser by her sisters,” Amber said with pride, indicating a pretty blonde with her hair in pigtails. Heather was sucking hard on another girl’s tongue and gave only a quick wave in their direction.

“The curly brunette in the middle is Jessie, our vice president. She’s got the sexiest long tongue, and you can see how much Heather loves sucking on it. Be sure to ask her for a personal demonstration sometime,” Amber continued with a smile. She pointed towards the third girl at the table.

“And that cutie with the big chest is Rachel. All the sisters especially love her,” Amber said, grinning. She hoped Lisa wasn’t into girls with big breasts, or she’d be risking yet another of her sisters being seduced by Rachel and her melons.

It was only polite to introduce Lisa to all of her sisters, Amber thought, as long as they didn’t go steady with Lisa before she could. Even if Lisa were dating one of the other sisters instead, Amber knew she would still spend every minute pursuing that impossible beauty. She had never felt this way about anyone before, but then again, she’d never met anyone like Lisa before either.

Heather, Jessie, and Rachel continued their three-way kiss, each girl immensely enjoying herself as she sucked and licked her sisters’ tongues and lips. Licking and slurping sounds filled the air. They were lost in each other, completely ignoring the two new arrivals in the doorway.

Amber tried to control her arousal enough to carry on with their tour. It was hard enough to restrain herself while standing so close to Lisa, and her other three sisters were turning her on even more.

“C’mon Lisa, I’ll show you the lounge,” she said, hoping Lisa couldn’t see her knees quivering. She turned and walked down a short hallway.

Lisa’s foggy confusion was growing. She had pledged Beta Beta for the skilled tongues and generous touch of its sisters, so of course she loved watching them kissing at the kitchen table. After all, any of her sisters would have.

But she was certain that she’d seen those three girls making out before. This entire tour still felt oddly familiar. She frowned, pacing down the hallway after Amber.

They arrived together in the lounge, which featured a large sectional sofa and a big-screen television.

Two girls were sitting nearby, both wearing towels around their body and hair. Their skin was flushed red, as if they’d just emerged from the shower. One was sitting across the other’s lap, and they were lost in a sloppy wet kiss, whimpering with delight as they slid their lips together.

“Don’t mind them,” Amber chuckled.

“They’ve probably just finished showering, and besides, isn’t that everyone’s favorite time for making out?” she asked. She emphasized her point by leaning over and giving Lisa a quick peck on her cheek.

“Anyway, let’s get you to your new room!” Amber exclaimed.

Lisa knew it was commonplace for her sorority sisters to shower together, and she too enjoyed bathing with her sisters. But she was certain Amber had shown her this lounge before, and those same two girls had been making out then, too.

She shook her head, then followed Amber down the hallway. They arrived outside a doorway in the residential wing.

“I’ll let you get settled in,” Amber smiled, breathing heavily. As much as she wanted to, it probably wasn’t the right moment to ask Lisa to come to her room for some private time. Besides, she could make sure to partner with that stunning beauty at their regular sorority kissing session that afternoon.

“Your roommate should be along shortly. I’ll see you this afternoon for our house make-out… sorry, kissing practice!” she said, smiling.

She waved, then walked down the hallway and disappeared around a corner.

Lisa felt wobbly on her feet. That strange deja vu was now especially pronounced, and she just needed a moment to herself. She opened the door and stepped inside, closing it behind her.

It looked like one half of the room had been struck by a tornado. The bottom bunk was covered with some girl’s extensive collection of makeup, lip gloss, and blush. One of the desks was piled high with years’ worth of women’s fashion and beauty magazines.

The other desk was nearly empty. Its lamp was illuminating a small pink envelope, on which her name was written. She grabbed it, then took several steps until she stood under an overhead light near the doorway. She opened it, pulling out a folded note to read:

We’re so lucky to have a beautiful girl like you at Beta Beta! May all your wishes come true.
A. Friend

One of her sisters must have sent this, she thought. The sender’s name seemed somehow familiar as well.

There was a weight in the envelope. She turned it upside-down above her hand and gave it a small shake. A small purple crystal fell out —

WHAM! The door swung wide open, slamming into her and sending her flying. She fell, sprawling across the tile floor.

“Hey roomie!” called a feminine voice from behind the door.

A girl with long slender legs, beautiful tan skin, and straight dark hair stepped into the room. She was wearing faded jeans with several large holes that showed her skin, and a sleeveless blue blouse.

“Hi, I’m Ella!” she exclaimed, to no one in particular. She looked around for a moment before finding Lisa on the floor.

“Whatcha… wow! Oh my, you’re… beautiful,” she said, staring openly at Lisa. She covered her mouth with one hand.

Lisa sat up, rubbing her shoulder, and saw a familiar look in this dark beauty’s wide eyes. She knew her roommate was lusting for her, just like her other sisters.

“Hi Ella, I’m Lisa—” she started, but she was interrupted by the taller girl.

You’re Lisa?” Ella gasped.

“I can’t believe I’m sharing a room with you! Can I… oh, what’s this?”

Ella had spied a curious flash in the corner of her eye. She leaned over her long legs and picked up a small purple crystal. She straightened up and peered at it for a moment, then shrugged, wrapping her fingers around it.

She turned her attention back towards her beautiful roommate.

“So, Lisa,” she started, her heart racing.

“Do you want to practice kissing before this afternoon’s group session?” she asked. She hoped she’d get a chance to be a good Beta Beta sister and indulge herself at the same time.

Lisa smiled eagerly. It was only normal to kiss her sorority sisters for several hours each day, and perhaps some intimate attention was just what she needed to settle her mind. Maybe, she thought, she was imagining the whole deja vu thing after all.

Ella brightened, seeing her roommate’s encouraging response.

“Yay! I’ll show you some tongue tips that Jessie taught me earlier. She’s so talented,” she said dreamily.

Ella couldn’t wait to make out with her beautiful roommate, but it was bothering her that the sorority’s rules prevented them from being more intimate.

“You know, there are so many pretty girls around here,” she said wistfully.

“But they never want to do anything more than kiss. Sometimes I just wish that we all had much lower inhibitions!”

The purple crystal in her hand started glowing, but she was too distracted by Lisa’s smile to notice.

“It’s those daily kissing practices. They’re such a tease,” she continued. She stared at Lisa, imagining holding her close and kissing her cheek.

“Not that I mind them, of course, but honestly I wish we could all just have sex anytime!”

The purple crystal glowed much more brightly in her hand.

“Anyway, let me show you what I can do with my tongue!” she said cheerfully. She placed the crystal on a small table near the door and stepped towards Lisa.

Just as it left her hand, a great purple flash filled the room, which quickly overwhelmed Lisa’s vision until her world contained nothing else —

“Welcome to your first day at Beta Beta!” Amber said, smiling as she turned to show off her nearly-nude body.

Exhibiting her body for the newest pledges was part of the special delight she took in welcoming them. As the sorority president, it also allowed her to be the first to explain the sorority’s clothing-optional policy. It was unusual, she knew, but the younger girls all seemed very enthusiastic about being nude with their sisters.

She put one hand on her hip, touching her pink miniskirt, which was fewer than three inches in length as dictated by sorority tradition. With that and her favorite pair of pink stilettos, she saw no need to wear anything else. She knew she was setting a positive example for her sisters by remaining at least topless, if not nude, within the sorority’s walls.

She shimmied her shoulders, bouncing her bare breasts. She knew this gesture would come across as an obvious attempt to impress Lisa, the beautiful first-year student she was leading around. She had never met anyone more stunningly gorgeous, and hoped the younger girl felt similarly about her as well.

Lisa watched Amber’s chest in motion. As much as she admired the older girl’s big breasts, she was distracted by a most peculiar sensation. It wasn’t the cool air she felt across her own nude body, though. Besides, she never wore clothing unless she absolutely had to.

No, it was instead a strange sense of deja vu. She was certain she’d been on this introductory tour before, completely nude with her sorority president, but what could she say? Amber would never believe her.

She tried to pull herself together, smiling and shaking her own bare breasts to return Amber’s friendly gesture.

“Thanks, Amber,” she said. She reached out to gently cup Amber’s nude breast with her hand, in keeping with a traditional Beta Beta greeting. She thought it would be best to act normally for now until she could figure out her deja vu.

Amber smiled, enjoying Lisa’s friendly embrace. She was impressed by Lisa’s gorgeous slender body and her eyes kept returning to Lisa’s bare pussy. It was perfectly formed and completely hairless, and in her mind, the most beautiful element of the most beautiful woman she’d ever seen.

She couldn’t help herself and reached out, placing her palm on Lisa’s pretty pussy. With her other hand she gently stroked her own pussy, knowing that it was important for the sisters of Beta Beta to embrace their own pleasure too. They stepped towards each other and embraced, meeting in a deep kiss.

Lisa was thankful for a few moments of sharing her lips and tongue with the older girl. With her eyes closed, she pondered her curious circumstances and enjoyed having her tongue sucked and pussy rubbed at the same time. She gave Amber’s breast a gentle squeeze in her hand, enjoying its heft, although she found herself wishing that they both had much larger chests.

Amber rubbed her palm against Lisa’s dripping pussy as they kissed. She enjoyed feeling her hands coated with the slippery wetness of any of her sisters, and was especially grateful to touch such an astonishingly beautiful girl as Lisa.

She soon felt Lisa writhing in her grip. She knew that this gorgeous first-year girl was close to orgasm, a fine opportunity for a reminder which of them was president. She withdrew her hand from Lisa’s dripping pussy and stepped away.

“Right this way! Let’s see who’s in the kitchen,” she said, licking her lips sultrily. She extended an arm towards the younger brunette.

Lisa took Amber’s arm, thankful for her sister’s loving support while her head felt so fuzzy. She felt another moment of that weird deja vu again. Hadn’t Amber shown her the kitchen before?

Amber leaned towards Lisa, kissing her on her cheek.

“You look troubled, babe. Hey, I know what’ll cheer you up! Let’s see if we can kiss and finger each other all the way to the kitchen!” she beamed. She’d discovered in her time as president that many of the younger girls, on their first days as sisters, just needed some extra attention to their pussies to help them relax.

Lisa couldn’t resist Amber’s infectious enthusiasm and found herself reluctantly smiling. She moved in close until she was kissing Amber’s lips once more.

She felt the welcome sensation of Amber’s finger slipping into her pussy, making her feel somehow whole again. She gladly reciprocated, reaching over and plunging two of her own fingers into Amber’s wet pussy. Hopefully Amber wouldn’t think her too forward for using an extra finger, she thought. After all, they had only just met.

They took a step forward, then another, still kissing each other and thrusting their fingers into each other’s pussies. They giggled and gasped as they proceeded down the hallway, keeping their lips together and fingers wiggling inside each other in a loving embrace.

Lisa felt her knees becoming weak as they walked. She admired her president’s masterful touch on her pussy. She had heard that Amber ran daily cunnilingus classes for her sisters, and resolved to ask her later for some personal instruction.

They strolled arm-in-arm into the kitchen, at last breaking their kiss and withdrawing their fingers from each other’s dripping pussies. They glanced around, giggling and wheezing as much at each other as at the scene before them.

Three girls were atop the kitchen table. They were all nude, as was expected of the more senior girls in Beta Beta leadership.

Amber gave Lisa another kiss on the cheek and leaned in close, helpfully narrating her sisters’ performances and introducing each of them in turn.

“That pretty blonde rubbing her nipple across her sister’s pussy is Heather, our vice president of pussy,” Amber said proudly, pointing at a girl with platinum blonde pigtails.

“If you ever need to get off, she’s got the fastest fingers around! And as you can see, she’s quite adept with her nipples as well,” she nodded.

“And that cutie enjoying Heather’s breast on her pussy is Jessie, our oral liaison. Look how quickly Jessie is driving her tongue into her sister’s pussy! Don’t miss your chance for a private lesson with her later, Lisa,” she encouraged.

“The busty brunette with Jessie’s tongue in her pussy is Rachel. Doesn’t she have the most amazing big breasts? I could watch them bouncing for hours! I can tell that you like her, so I’ll be sure to have her visit your room later for a personal introduction,” Amber smiled as she whispered in Lisa’s ear.

Lisa shifted uneasily. All three girls on the kitchen table were beautiful and quite talented in pleasing their sisters, as was expected of any woman at Beta Beta. It was always so hot every time she saw her sisters having sex together, too. But that wasn’t what was bothering her.

No, she was certain she’d seen these three girls before in the same positions on top of the kitchen table. It was hard to focus too much on that, though, as Amber had started gently licking her ear.

She grinned, enjoying the attention. Maybe she was worrying too much about nothing, after all. She turned to thank her president by thrusting her tongue between Amber’s lips.

Amber grinned, eagerly sucking the first-year’s tongue into her mouth. She gently cupped Lisa’s left breast in her hand in a gesture of sisterly solidarity. After a moment they separated, and she leaned back, chuckling.

“I’m sure you’ll see them again later. Come Lisa, let me show you to your room,” she grinned, again extending her arm. She grasped hands with the stunning first-year brunette, whom she still couldn’t believe was also her newest pledge. She tried to show her appreciation by reaching out with her other hand, rubbing Lisa’s bare pussy as they walked.

Lisa purred, appreciating the older girl’s intimate attention. She had pledged Beta Beta for the alluring nude bodies and wet pussies of its sisters, after all. She was thrilled that being naked all the time seemed to encourage her sisters to touch her just as Amber was doing now.

She showed her thanks by reaching under Amber’s miniskirt, gently stroking her president’s pussy as they strolled down the hallway together. They passed by the lounge and continued towards the residential wing.

They arrived in front of a doorway, but it was another few moments before Lisa had stopped sucking on Amber’s tongue long enough to look around.

This door was somehow familiar, Lisa thought, still stroking Amber’s dripping pussy with one hand. Amber had leaned over to reciprocate, again slipping a finger into Lisa’s pussy as they stood close together.

Amber would have loved to taste Lisa’s pussy, but she wanted to shower before their afternoon class, and a break would give Lisa a chance to settle in as well. She reluctantly pulled her fingers from Lisa’s pussy, quickly slurping them into her mouth to swallow as much of Lisa’s arousal as she could.

“I’ll see you later this afternoon, lover,” Amber smiled, giving Lisa a quick peck on the cheek.

“Don’t forget, we have pussy-licking practice at three o’clock,” she said, giving Lisa’s hand a quick squeeze.

Lisa withdrew her own fingers from Amber’s dripping pussy, grinning as she imitated Amber’s gesture by sucking them into her mouth.

Amber turned and walked away, turning back to blow a kiss over her shoulder, which Lisa pantomimed catching and applying to her lips. Amber giggled, then disappeared around a corner.

Lisa sighed happily. Amber’s fingers were skilled indeed and the older girl’s touch had helped distract her from that weird feeling of deja vu.

She stepped inside the room, closing the door behind her. As she looked around, though, she felt a growing certainty that she’d been here before.

She knew she had seen the piles of all-girl adult magazines on one of the two desks. An extensive collection of nipple clamps and chains was scattered atop the room’s large shared bed, and she was sure she’d seen that before, too.

There was a small pink envelope on the other desk. It featured her name, written in a flowery script. She picked it up, opening it to find a note:

Thank you for pledging your breasts and pussy to the sisters of Beta Beta! May all your wishes come true.
A. Friend

There was something else in the envelope, but a sudden sense of foreboding overcame her. Here under the overhead light near the doorway was an excellent spot to admire her own nude body, but she felt a strange impulse to take two large steps away. She did so, then turned the envelope upside-down over her palm.

A small purple crystal fell into her hand. She looked closely at it, and it seemed to reflect something about herself back at her. But it was hard to be too introspective right now, though, as Amber’s attention to her pussy had gotten her awfully turned on.

As much as she loved being nude and having sex with her sorority sisters, they left her high and dry sometimes. She had to finish by herself far too often for her liking. She closed her fist around the crystal.

At that moment the door swung wide open.

“Hey roomie!” Ella called as she stepped into the room, then stopped in her tracks.

The most beautiful girl she’d ever seen was standing just inches in front of her. Who was this astonishing creature? Whoever she was, she was completely nude, and Ella couldn’t help but admire the girl’s straight brown hair, beautifully ample breasts, and pretty pussy, which was dripping wet with obvious arousal.

A stunned realization came over Ella.

“You must be Lisa!” she exclaimed, beaming widely.

“I’m Ella. It’s nice to meet you, and it’s such an honor to be sharing your bed!”

She closed the door behind her, turning away from Lisa. She began a sultry striptease under the overhead light, although she didn’t have many clothes to remove, as she wore nothing except for her bra and her favorite stilettos.

Today was an odd-numbered day, after all. They both knew that it was traditional for the sisters of Beta Beta to go nude from the waist down on odd days, and from the waist up on even days.

“Won’t you unhook me?” she teased. She took a step backwards, closer to Lisa.

Lisa chuckled. She felt like she’d met Ella before, but that didn’t make her any less excited at the thought of sharing her bed with such a pretty girl. She unhooked Ella’s bra with one hand in a single practiced movement.

Ella shrugged her bra over her shoulders and down her arms, then kicked off her heels, leaving her just as nude as her gorgeous roommate. She felt Lisa reaching ahead to gently cup her breast from behind. This was a common variation on Beta Beta’s most polite greeting, used when two sisters felt an especially acute attraction to each other. She blushed, realizing the immense compliment that Lisa was paying her.

Lisa leaned in close and licked along Ella’s ear from bottom to top, just as Amber had done to her minutes earlier. She felt Ella quivering in her grasp, and sensed Ella’s warmth over her whole body as they pressed their bare skin together. A wave of affection for her roommate washed over her.

She loved having sex with her sisters for hours each day, just as they did, but it wasn’t enough for her. She found herself wanting more.

As she grasped Ella’s pert breast in her hand, she thought of her own modest chest, and Amber’s as well. None of them could compare with Rachel’s very large natural breasts. Lost in thought, she felt a strange urge to speak in support of her sisters.

“I wish that my sisters and I would grow larger breasts when one of our sisters gives us an orgasm,” she sighed.

In her other hand, the purple crystal started to glow. It was beyond both their sight, hidden within her closed fist.

“Ooh, babe! That would be so hot!” Ella agreed. She reached up and grasped her own nipple in her fingers. Her teat was as hard as she’d ever remembered it, and its hot firmness felt wonderful in her fingers as she squeezed it. She imagined herself with a larger chest, which turned her on even more. She eagerly ground her pert bottom into the beautiful girl behind her.

Lisa sighed, resting her chin on Ella’s shoulder, daydreaming in an aroused haze. It sure was inconvenient, she thought, that she and her sisters had to stop having sex now and then to drink water and rest. She again felt a strange urge to vocalize her desires.

“I wish that my sorority sisters and I would spray breast milk and squirt when we’re turned on and when we climax, and it’s a good thing that never dehydrates us!” she sighed dreamily.

The purple crystal in her hand glowed brighter.

Ella reached down to rub her own pussy, which had received so much attention today from her sisters that she found herself agreeing with her roommate. It would be helpful if she were wetter between her legs, and she had always liked the idea of milky breasts for herself and her sisters.

“Babe, if you want to get off, my fingers and tongue are yours anytime. Just say the word,” she cooed.

That gave Lisa an idea. She enjoyed these girls all lusting after her, but she wouldn’t have minded having more control during her frequent encounters with her sexy sorority sisters.

“I wish that my sorority sisters would worship me,” she whispered.

Ella gave an especially strong shudder at this, as if she were especially aroused by the idea. Her hips bumped against Lisa’s closed fist.

Lisa straightened up, finally having put aside her fantasies for the moment. She just wanted to run her hands all over her roommate’s sexy nude body. She tossed the crystal towards the empty desk.

At the very instant it left her hand, a bright purple flash overwhelmed the room, which quickly filled Lisa’s vision until her world contained nothing else —

“Welcome to… mmm, your first day, *slurp*, at Beta Beta!” Amber said, between licks of her newest sister’s bare feet.

Today she had the immense honor of welcoming Lisa, a living goddess who had graced Beta Beta by becoming a member within her first two weeks at the university.

From her position lying down on the carpet, Amber realized how glad she was that they were both fully nude. That made it easier for her to use every part of her body in service of this impossibly beautiful first-year girl.

She thought it best to demonstrate proper Beta Beta protocol by starting with her tongue, and this goddess’ bare feet seemed as good a place to begin as any. Still, she wanted to be polite, so she thought she should ask just in case.

But first, there was something she had to get off her chest.

“Goddess, I must apologize, for I did not grow my breasts larger for you,” she started, feeling compelled to seek forgiveness. Like her sisters, her breasts grew every time one of her sisters gave her an orgasm, although each of them had to start anew each day as their chests returned to normal overnight. She’d been so focused on helping her sisters prepare for Lisa’s arrival, she hadn’t had any time that day to ask one of them for help growing her breasts.

“How may I use my body to please you?” she asked, resting her cheek on Lisa’s foot.

She tilted her head upwards to behold Lisa’s flawless face. It was an astonishing vision, the sight of which made her gush her arousal all over her own legs and the carpet.

She was the sorority president, after all, so she didn’t wait for an answer and hoped Lisa would appreciate her taking initiative. She sat up, spreading her legs wide and lowering herself until her pussy was rubbing along the top of Lisa’s right foot.

Like her sisters, her breasts tended to leak milk and her pussy was almost always gushingly wet, both of which she hoped would please her goddess. Great splashes of her juices were flying everywhere as she slid her pussy all over Lisa’s foot. She rubbed her leaky nipples on Lisa’s calves, covering them in a thick coating of milk.

Never had she imagined being so close to a girl of such perfection, and she felt herself milking and squirting unusually large volumes of liquid. She hoped that Lisa would notice her obvious arousal.

She wrapped her arms around Lisa’s legs, kissing and licking Lisa’s thighs with great vigor. She hoped she was making the best first impression possible. Besides, it was nothing less than what this goddess deserved.

Lisa had been enjoying the attention to her legs and feet, but something was bothering her. The problem wasn’t that her new sorority sisters kept throwing themselves at her, seemingly content to rub any part of their bodies against her. She had pledged Beta Beta for just that reason, and if anything, she rather enjoyed their attention.

No, it was a subconscious strange sensation, as if she’d been here before. She was sure she remembered her toes being doused in Amber’s hot arousal, too. She needed some time to think. For now, she might as well have the sorority president keep up her efforts.

“You may continue with your pussy on my feet, Amber,” she said, smirking as the sorority president licked her inner thigh.

Amber gasped with delight. To use her body to pleasure this goddess was an incredible honor. She began thrusting her hips with vigor, driving her pussy back and forth along the top of Lisa’s right foot. Her pussy was feeling especially wet today, and its gushing sprays of squirt had soaked through a large area of carpet around them, mingling with the flying droplets of her milk.

Lisa was certain that Amber had greeted her here before, and in just this same way, too. Something strange was definitely going on. One small comfort, Lisa thought, was feeling her own pussy dripping and gushing down her legs, soaking her skin along with the milk dripping from her breasts. At least that was something normal amid all this uncertainty.

She took a half step forward with her left leg, which positioned her pussy just above Amber’s head. Amber looked up and was immediately blasted in the face by a huge jet of Lisa’s arousal. She opened her mouth, trying in vain to swallow as much of her goddess’ squirt as possible, although it was so voluminous that it kept overflowing her mouth and splashing down onto her body.

Lisa was lost in thought for a few moments as she held her leg aloft. It only took a few moments for her gushing pussy and dripping nipples to cover Amber’s entire body in her hot liquids. She felt her own leg and foot being covered in milk and arousal as Amber had kept up her end, dutifully rubbing her own pussy back and forth.

“Please, goddess… let me… show you to the kitchen,” Amber said haltingly, between licks of Lisa’s inner thigh. It was intoxicating to be so close to Lisa’s bare pussy while tasting the ambrosia of its arousal, and she was certain she could feel its heat on her cheeks. Another benefit of this position, she thought, was feeling her goddess’ breast milk dripping onto her head from above.

She scooted along the wet carpet after Lisa, who had started walking away. Every few steps she would catch up, enjoying a blissful few moments of rubbing her pussy against her goddess’ bare ankle before Lisa stepped away again. She left a long line of milk and arousal soaked into the carpet as she thrust her gushing pussy forwards down the hallway.

Lisa arrived in the kitchen doorway. She was sure she’d seen this room before, and the three girls on the floor all seemed familiar too. All three were kneeling a few feet away, completely nude and averting their eyes as they waited to be addressed. Lisa smirked at them, for she was certain that she remembered them greeting her in just this way before. Still, she wouldn’t mind indulging them while she pondered her situation.

Amber had continued scooting along the carpet, at last arriving behind Lisa. She eagerly rubbed her gushing pussy along Lisa’s left ankle. After a moment she planted her hands and feet on the floor, thrusting her hips to slide her pussy up and down her goddess’ calves. She enjoyed feeling her own arousal mixing with Lisa’s and running down her bare skin.

She turned her head to the side, looking between Lisa’s legs into the kitchen. She laughed heartily, seeing three of her sisters kneeling on the floor, each of them surely wishing to greet Lisa in their own way.

All three of them had clearly anticipated their goddess’ arrival, having ensured their pussies were wet and their breasts grown from several orgasms, as had long been traditional when Beta Beta sisters were entertaining guests of honor. Amber remembered her manners, introducing each of them in turn.

“The blonde beauty with pigtails is Heather, goddess. Notice how she has grown her breasts large for you, squeezing them gently between her elbows,” Amber said with a flourish, still rubbing her pussy on Lisa’s calves. Heather had clearly enjoyed several orgasms today, as her breasts had swollen huge, covering almost all the space between her shoulders and her navel.

Amber lowered herself back to the floor, thrusting her wetness hard against Lisa’s ankle. She had to catch up to her sisters. It wouldn’t do at all for the sorority president to be so obviously outclassed! She hoped that Lisa didn’t notice her shame, and pointed towards the second girl kneeling on the floor.

“The gorgeous girl in the middle is Jessie, goddess. I assure you that her long tongue and huge breasts will bring you much pleasure,” Amber embellished. A ruby red lip coloring was smeared around Jessie’s mouth, and it didn’t surprise Lisa to see that Jessie’s sisters loved kissing her.

Jessie was holding her mouth open, fully extending her long tongue, which passed below her chin. Her saliva was drooling along the tops of her nude chest, which she had grown even larger than Heather’s basketball-sized breasts in honor of Lisa’s arrival. Jessie hoped her goddess appreciated how her saliva-covered milky breasts complimented her soaked legs, thanks to her continuously dripping pussy.

“And there, goddess, you can see Rachel,” said Amber, giving a long lick along Lisa’s inner thigh and swallowing a large mouthful of her arousal.

“Rachel’s always been busty, but you can see she really outdid herself for you. Nicely done, Rachel!” she said, beaming with pride.

Rachel’s breasts were enormous, stretching below her hips and so far forward that she had trouble reaching her own milky nipples. Her long brown ponytail was soaked through with her own milk, sticking wetly to her nude body.

Amber slid her pussy down Lisa’s leg and lowered it onto Lisa’s ankle. She peered between Lisa’s legs, admiring how Rachel’s towering nipples dripped milk onto her own knees.

“As you know, goddess, we Beta Betas have to grow our breasts each day anew, in our tireless pursuit of orgiastic excellence. Rachel and her sisters have been pleasuring each other all day in your honor!” Amber enthused. She thought Rachel’s huge breasts were so sexy, and the mere sight of them while being so close to goddess Lisa’s pussy proved too much for her. She felt herself plunging into her own climax.

Amber’s pussy gushed its arousal across Lisa’s feet and a large area of the kitchen’s tile floor. She grinned as she felt her breasts growing from the climax, becoming larger and heavier on her chest. They felt simply amazing as they swelled larger. After only a moment they were large enough for her to wrap them around her goddess’ leg, which she did without hesitation. She returned to enthusiastically thrusting her hips, rubbing her pussy on Lisa’s ankle.

Lisa was sure that she’d had sex with all four of these girls before. That weird deja vu was back again, but it was hard to focus with so much nude skin around, and maybe she just needed to relax after all. She felt a fresh deluge of hot liquids spraying across her left foot and heard Amber giggling below her. That gave her an idea.

“You three,” she said, gazing at the three girls kneeling before her.

“Spread your legs.”

Heather, Jessie, and Rachel immediately opened their legs wide, revealing their bare pussies. Their arousal was obvious, as all three of them were squirting onto the floor between their legs. A growing pool of milk and squirt was covering most of the tile floor. They splashed happily in it, sliding their legs open and closed to cover them all over in their own juices.

They seemed in need of release, Lisa thought. She figured it was the least she could do to let them blow off some steam.

“I want you licking each other’s pussies until your breasts are too big to reach your sisters,” Lisa intoned.

“Of course, Lisa!” Heather smiled.

“Anything you want!” Jessie exclaimed.

“That’s so hot!” Rachel admired, staring lovingly at Lisa.

They immediately arranged themselves in a triangle on the tile floor, thrusting their chests into the narrow space between them, which was nearly filled by Rachel’s huge breasts alone. Each of them settled in between the spread legs of one of her sisters.

All three of their faces were instantly soaked by each other’s pussies. They laughed, opening their mouths wide and wrapping their lips around their sisters’ soaked centers. They sprayed their arousal all over each others’ faces for long minutes, during which they set to their task with great enthusiasm, hoping that Lisa would approve of their skills.

Like most sisters of Beta Beta, all three had spent many hours practicing the art of pussy licking, on top of having substantial natural gifts as well. They soon worked themselves into a frenzy, each girl aspiring to lick and suck her sister’s pussy better and faster than the next. It was Rachel who lost control first, squirting a thick jet of her gushing arousal across Jessie’s face that completely soaked her sister’s curly brown hair.

The large spheres of Rachel’s breasts grew even bigger, taking up more of the space between their bodies and gently nudging her sisters’ breasts out of the way.

“Ooh! I love feeling my boobs grow bigger!” Rachel cried.

This remark drew Heather’s attention, and she lifted her head from between Jessie’s legs to admire Rachel’s bosom.

“That is so hot! Your sexy breasts are so huge, Rachel. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them so big before!” she complimented.

Jessie redoubled her efforts with her tongue between Rachel’s legs, doing her best to help Rachel grow her chest large enough to satisfy goddess Lisa. She licked and sucked Rachel’s pussy with gusto, and its occasional gushes of sticky arousal all over her face let her know that her sister appreciated her efforts.

“Oh, goddess! Jessie, your tongue feels so good in my pussy!” Rachel wailed, and soon launched into another climax from Jessie’s efforts. A moment later her pleasure increased even more when she sensed her breasts growing larger across the wet tile floor.

“Very impressive,” Lisa had to admit. Rachel’s chest had grown enormous enough to push Jessie and Heather away from her.

“All of you, sit up.”

All three girls sat up on the liquid-covered floor and stared at her. Lisa’s approval was alluring beyond measure. They felt like they were staring into the sun.

Heather took initiative, spinning herself around with her palms on the floor, raising her hips and spreading her legs. She did her best to present her dripping pussy to Lisa.

“Please, goddess, use my pussy! I’m so wet for you!” she called over her shoulder, almost begging.

Jessie felt great affection for her sister, and put her own arousal aside for a moment to help with what she recognized as Heather’s obvious need. She leaned over Heather’s taut bottom and extended her long tongue to lap at Heather’s upthrust pussy. Heather clearly appreciated her efforts, for her pussy released a sudden large gush of sticky arousal that spurted more than six feet away to splash over Lisa’s feet.

Jessie slurped her tongue back between her lips, then turned to smile at Lisa.

“It’s true, Lisa! Heather just has the sweetest, wettest pussy. I promise you’ll love it!” she called, trying to be supportive of her sister. She poked out her tongue again and began gently thrusting it in and out of Heather’s dripping pussy, causing Heather to moan loudly over her shoulder.

Rachel wasn’t one to be outdone by her sisters, though, and moved both arms underneath her own huge breasts. She did her best to lift them towards Lisa, but they were so large that they overflowed her arms, and her gesture served mostly to send great quaking shivers through them. Her thick nipples were fully erect, tracing large circles in the air and leaking her milk. She hoped Lisa would notice her as she did her best to present her breasts.

“Goddess, please make use of my breasts! I grew them so large just for you,” she whispered with urgency. She rose to her knees and spread her legs to reveal her pussy to Lisa. She knew her pussy was always so wet whenever she was around her sisters, and she hoped it would make her all the more attractive in Lisa’s eyes.

Amber was thrusting her own pussy into Lisa’s left ankle with extra vigor, hoping that her goddess wouldn’t forget about her. She made a point of switching to Lisa’s other leg, sliding herself across the floor until she could rub herself all over Lisa’s right ankle in hopes of impressing her.

Lisa chuckled. She was used to all this attention, yet she never tired of it. Besides, it wasn’t these girls’ fault that she was feeling strange today. It wouldn’t be right to deny them their pleasure.

“All right. Come on, all of you,” she said, beckoning warmly.

The four other girls whooped with glee. Heather, Jessie, and Rachel scrambled across the floor towards their goddess, whom they were dismayed to see had turned away and started walking down the hall. Lisa turned back to peer at them, and they froze in place, awaiting her command.

“Wait,” said the brunette goddess. “I want all of you to crawl.”

She turned away, walking towards the lounge. Amber looked into the kitchen for just a moment, her eyes wide. She immediately started down the hallway on all fours after Lisa, trying to point her pussy towards whichever of Lisa’s legs was nearer.

Lisa arrived in the doorway of the lounge. Three nude girls were sitting closely together on the extra large couch that dominated the room. Each girl was using both hands to rub the pussies of her two friends, as would be expected of any sister of Beta Beta. Besides, it was only polite to help your sisters get off whenever you’re sitting next to each other.

None of them noticed Lisa standing in the doorway. The sister in the middle, a pretty girl with long platinum blonde hair, was looking back and forth between the girls on either side of her.

“Ooh, you girls are making my nipples so hard!” she exclaimed.

“Do you want to practice sucking on them?”

“Yay!” the other two girls yelped. Each of them grabbed one of the blonde girl’s breasts and sucked a hard nipple into their mouths.

There was something unusual here too, Lisa thought. It was that strange sensation again. The lounge and its large sofa were somehow familiar to her, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

As she stood pondering, the four girls crawling along the floor behind her finally caught up with her. They allowed their president to have first choice, respecting their sorority tradition even while they were almost blind with lust. Amber quickly spread her legs wide and returned to rubbing her pussy all over Lisa’s ankle.

Lisa looked down, recognizing the great spheres of Rachel’s huge breasts enveloping her left leg from behind. Rachel began sliding her chest up and down Lisa’s legs, through the great trails of wetness that seemed to flow without end from Lisa’s pussy.

After another moment, Jessie and Heather appeared on the floor in front of her, having crawled around from either side. They were on their knees, and as Lisa watched, they both touched their foreheads to the carpet.

“Please mistress, allow us to suck your beautiful toes,” Jessie said. She twirled her long tongue for emphasis.

Lisa grinned at them and they leapt forward, one of them towards each of her feet. Lisa had long enjoyed her sexy sisters sucking on her toes, and they knew it was one of the best ways to indulge her. Heather had a harder time of it though, as she was licking and sucking the same foot against which Amber had been grinding her pussy, which regularly doused Heather’s face in great sticky jets of squirt.

Lisa paused for a moment, enjoying the sensations and sounds of Heather and Jessie whimpering and moaning with delight as they worshipped her feet.

Amber was as ever a proper hostess, and she realized while licking Lisa’s long legs that the goddess might want to relax in her room.

“Goddess Lisa… please allow me… to show you to your chambers,” she said, while licking Lisa’s inner thighs. She was trying to lick as close to her goddess’ pussy as would be polite without being invited. She felt herself flushing hot when she saw Lisa smiling down at her.

Lisa stepped away, gently pulling her toes out of Heather and Jessie’s mouths, sliding her foot away from Amber’s gushing pussy, and extracting her other leg from between Rachel’s huge breasts. She strolled slowly down the hallway as all four girls enthusiastically crawled after her.

Amber had taken to spreading her legs wide and launching herself forwards, a desperate attempt to keep her pussy in contact with her goddess as often as possible. Heather and Jessie were not faring much better, and Rachel seemed to have the most difficulty reaching the floor while crawling with her huge breasts spreading out all around her.

Every few steps one of them would stumble, causing a pile-up of sweaty, sticky girl-flesh that they quickly disentangled, then continued across the floor after their beautiful mistress.

Lisa arrived in a familiar-looking doorway. She paused, running her hands along the door frame. She had definitely seen it before.

After a moment pondering, she felt a warm, wet sensation rubbing rhythmically against her ankle. One of her sisters was humping her again, and she felt her foot covered in a fresh coating of hot arousal.

“Leave me for now, girls,” she said distractedly, waving them away. All four of them pouted, then slinked away on their hands and knees as they crawled towards the lounge.

Lisa stepped inside the room, closing the door behind her. It was a modestly-sized pillow pit with a large bed at its center, and it too seemed somehow familiar to her.

In the center of the bed was a small pink envelope, upon which her name was written. She sat on the edge of the bed, grabbing it and opening it to reveal a hand-written note:

Goddess Lisa,
The sisters of Beta Beta are here to serve your every need! May all your wishes come true.
A. Friend

There was something else in the envelope, too. She was thankful for the large array of lights over the bed that illuminated her nude body, and held the envelope upside-down over her palm.

A small purple crystal fell into her hand. At that very same moment, the door swung wide open.

“Hey roomie!” called a feminine voice from behind the door. A tall brunette with beautiful tan skin walked into the room. She was completely nude, like any sorority sister was expected to be, and her slender form was pleasing in Lisa’s eyes.

“I’m Ella,” the girl started, casting a glance over the pillow pit. The moment she laid eyes on Lisa, her mouth opened and she fell to her knees.

“Goddess!” she whimpered. She couldn’t help herself and started crawling towards the stunning vision sitting a few feet away. She arrived next to the bed, and Lisa felt the warm, wet sensation of Ella’s tongue animatedly licking her feet.

Ella gasped and moaned as she worshipped Lisa’s legs and feet for several long minutes. She had never thought she would ever be this happy. She imagined she could spend all of eternity licking any part of this astonishing goddess.

Lisa was turning the crystal over in her hand, pondering. Something had been bothering her, and she finally knew what it was. It was those three girls they had passed in the lounge a few minutes earlier, on the way to her room. Those girls had been pleasing each other… and not her.

Her sisters may have called her a goddess, but she didn’t really feel like one. She was used to them feeling compelled to lick her feet and worship her body, of course, but that was hardly the same thing. And on that note, she thought, she had to admit that Ella had a more talented tongue than perhaps any of her sisters, save for Jessie.

She felt a strange need to verbalize her desire. She closed her fingers around the purple crystal.

“I wish that I were the sorority goddess my sisters knew me to be, and that my sisters lived only to serve and worship me!”

The crystal, held tight in her fist, started glowing purple.

Lisa felt her big toe being sucked into Ella’s mouth. There was something else on her mind, too. The name on that note was somehow familiar. Her mouth opened again as if on its own, speaking her desire.

“I wish that whoever ‘A. Friend’ is would present themselves to me,” she whispered, falling backwards onto the bed.

The purple crystal in her hand glowed brighter. She chuckled at herself for having made such silly wishes. Maybe she just needed to relax, she thought, and she could put her cute roommate to use.

“Come here, Ella. I want your pussy on my mouth,” she called, then heard a gasp from somewhere below.

“Right away, Lisa!” said Ella with breathless excitement. She clambered onto the bed and turned around atop her mistress.

Lisa grinned as she saw Ella’s dripping pussy lowering slowly from above. She released the crystal from her grasp, bringing both hands towards Ella’s wet folds.

The instant the crystal left her touch, a bright purple flash filled the room. The light overwhelmed Lisa’s sight until there was nothing else —

“Welcome, goddess Lisa!” said several hundred female voices in near-perfect unison.

It was early in the morning, and it had long been traditional for all of the sisters of the goddess to present themselves each day when the goddess awoke.

They all lived together inside a large stone temple, which the university had built in honor of the living goddess. The temple contained the goddess’ bedchambers at one end, connected by a long, straight hallway to the goddess’ throne room at the opposite end.

Hundreds of girls lined both sides of the hallway for its entire length. They were seated on a purple carpet, each girl nude and spreading her legs wide, crossing her legs over or under her sisters’ legs next to her. They were all eagerly presenting their bare, wet pussies and their milky breasts, hoping beyond hope that the goddess would notice them as she passed by.

After a long moment, no one had emerged from the bedchambers. The hundreds of assembled sisters began shifting awkwardly. Several dozen of the younger, more impatient girls began rubbing their dripping pussies against the carpet, desperate for any relief. Their nearby sisters noticed their unease and tried to calm them, reaching over and gently rubbing and fingering their needy pussies.

Three members of the goddess’ council emerged into the hallway from within the goddess’ bedchambers. They were all fully nude, as befitting any servant of the goddess.

One of them was famous among the sisters as being first among the council. She had been blessed with enormous breasts, which extended several arm-lengths ahead of her and hung below her knees, but they were remarkably perky and firm and she seemed to have little difficulty walking around with their weight. A small red clasp was clamped around the base of her huge left nipple, which identified her status as a member of the goddess’ council.

She paused just inside the hallway, turning towards the girls who had arrived with her.

“She’s certainly in excellent form today, isn’t she, Heather?”

Heather turned, smiling at her sister and standing proudly nude before the assembled sisters. Her own breasts weren’t nearly as large as her sister’s, but the goddess had gifted her with a huge pair that extended beyond her elbows, which any sister would be proud to bear. She too wore a red metal clamp around her left nipple that indicated her rank.

“The goddess always is, sister Rachel,” she replied.

The third girl had long brown curls and an enormous bosom nearly as large as Rachel’s. Her nipples were fully erect, nearing a foot long as they projected far ahead of her. Her left teat bore the red metal clasp of a council member, clamped around its huge base.

She extended her long, prehensile tongue more than a foot from her lips, slurping up a small puddle of milk from atop her own breast. She slurped her milky tongue back between her lips, surveying the assembled girls.

“I hope these girls are ready for her,” said Jessie.

An impossible vision appeared in the doorway. There was a wave of astonished excitement that reverberated down the temple’s hallway. Several hundred sisters all gasped at once.

Instantly, every one of the assembled girls had a powerful, shattering orgasm. They were overwhelmed by the arrival of the living goddess, whose form was so perfect as to drive them nearly mindless with pleasure. Hundreds of wet pussies instantly gushed. Great arcs of arousal and breast milk flew back and forth across the hallway, as each line of assembled girls thoroughly soaked the other with their voluminous liquids.

Rachel’s own involuntary orgasm overcame her, and her pussy soaked the undersides of her huge breasts. Her huge nipples spurted great arcs of milk across the carpeted floor. Next to her, Heather felt her knees growing weak as her pussy released a great gush of liquid down her legs. Jessie was barely able to remain standing as she felt her breasts growing larger and her nipples stretching longer. They all cherished every moment that they could spend so close to their goddess.

Hundreds of voices gasped and moaned with delight as every girl felt her breasts growing larger. Their growth each day always felt so good, and they were thankful for their breast milk as well, for these were but two of the many blessings their goddess had bestowed upon them.

The girls in each line had arranged themselves in order of tenure. The newest sisters were closest to the goddess’ bedchambers, all the better to catch their first glimpse of her divine beauty.

On the floor next to Rachel, a first-year student named Tara was having her first day as a sister of the goddess. It was her great honor to be first in one of the lines of girls. She knew her role was to use her nude body to entice none other than goddess Lisa herself. She had been among the first to witness the goddess’ arrival, and her orgasm had overtaken her immediately, but her position also allowed her to be among the first to recover.

With no one sitting next to her on one side, she realized she had a chance to make a good impression. She swung her leg open wide, spreading her bare pussy. She did her best to thrust her hips in the air to present herself as openly as she could to her goddess.

Lisa stood tall, surveying the hundreds of girls assembled before her. She had powerful shoulders and subtly muscular arms that hid her true strength, which she knew was nearly limitless. Her abdomen was packed tight with muscle, though it was still capable of becoming soft to the touch if she so desired.

Her breasts were legendary among the sisters. Each enormous sphere was more than three feet in diameter, and they were topped by long nipples that each towered more than two feet into the air beyond their sturdy bases.

Tara had heard many excited whispers among the sisters about their encounters with the divine bosom. Most of the time, simply passing within a few feet of the divine bosom was enough to send a girl into the throes of an intense climax. Now and then, the goddess herself selected one or many sisters to attend to her breasts by washing, rubbing, stroking, licking, or milking them upon her command.

It was obvious this morning that the divine bosom was in dire need of being milked. The divine teats were straining huge and erect. Several gasps were heard as the goddess’ nipples began leaking her milk. A girl kneeling near the front of one line, upon glimpsing the divine breast milk for the first time, fainted onto the sister next to her.

To Tara’s astonished delight, she saw that her widely spread legs and dripping pussy had been noticed by the goddess herself. The goddess gestured in her direction, and she felt herself leaving the ground as she was lifted into the air. She floated slowly forwards until she came within mere inches of her goddess, hovering gently in the air just next to Lisa’s right shoulder.

It was all Tara could do to keep herself from orgasming. It was an incredible honor to be so close to the goddess herself, and even more so to have captured her attention.

“You’re new,” said Lisa. The divine voice left Tara gasping in pleasure.

“My name is Tara, goddess!” she managed.

Lisa reached up with one hand towards Tara’s breast. Tara arched her back to meet her, gasping from the astonishing feeling of her goddess squeezing her nipple. Lisa released Tara’s teat and gestured, and Tara floated down to land on the ground nearby.

Lisa exerted a fraction of her power, bestowing upon Tara an enormous pair of breasts as large as her own. With a wink, Tara’s brown locks slowly turned a platinum blonde.

Tara was thrilled for her body to be shaped by her goddess’ will. To have been intimate with the goddess herself, and on her very first day! She collapsed backwards, overcome with pleasure. Three nearby girls pounced on her newly enormous breasts, each of them eager to suck on the milky nipples of the latest girl to have been blessed by the goddess.

Lisa knew the pleasure that Tara was feeling. She was intimately linked with every one of these girls, and their desires fueled her, which she gifted back upon them in turn. Her brush with Tara was enough for her to experience her first orgasm of the day.

The divine bosom began swelling larger on her chest. Her huge nipples stretched even longer, nearing the length of her entire arm.

She made a small gesture, and Heather, Jessie, and Rachel were lifted into the air. They all bent forwards at their waists and rotated, floating towards her nipples. Heather arrived first, and she floated slowly backwards until her gushing pussy was rubbing up and down along the tip of Lisa’s left nipple.

Heather suddenly dropped the remaining distance, her pussy magically swallowing more than two feet of Lisa’s huge nipple. Rachel followed a moment later, her pussy magically enveloping Lisa’s other nipple. They were instantly elevated to an astonishing level of pleasure as they were pierced by their goddess’ nipple, their weight supported entirely by the goddess’ magic as they rode atop the divine bosom.

Jessie continued floating upwards on her back with her legs spread, until she arrived just in front of the goddess’ mouth. She felt her pussy being licked by the divine tongue, each lap of which launched her anew into another orgasm.

Lisa turned towards the girl at the front of the line on the opposite side of the hallway. This was a fresh-faced girl with fiery red hair, desperately rubbing her gushing pussy with both hands in a vain attempt to grow her breasts to impress her goddess. Lisa extended a hand, and instantly the girl was pulled towards her, flying through the air until her legs straddled Lisa’s arm. She slid down Lisa’s arm, coming to rest with her pussy on the inside of Lisa’s elbow.

She felt her entire weight supported by the goddess’ perfect arm below her. It was beyond intoxicating to be so close to her, and her pussy felt like it was on fire as it rubbed against the goddess’ bare skin. She was elevated to towering heights of pleasure almost immediately, teetering on the edge of her own climax.

Lisa gestured towards the next girl in line on the opposite side of the hall, a gorgeous brunette who had already grown her breasts larger than basketballs in her enthusiastic efforts to please herself for her goddess. She flew through the air towards Lisa, sliding onto the goddess’ other arm until her pussy was nestled on the inside of Lisa’s elbow. She was carried into a realm of pure pleasure as she urgently rubbed her drenched pussy along her goddess’ arm.

Mounted atop Lisa’s thick nipples, Heather and Rachel had already launched into their tenth orgasm each. Their enormous breasts were swelling larger almost continuously. If their minds had been capable, they would surely have remarked that they were both larger now than they’d ever been before, each of their breasts having surpassed the goddess’ own chest at nearly five feet in diameter each. Face-down as they were, their titanic chests had swollen large enough to drag along the floor as Lisa walked slowly forward.

Lisa’s feet left the ground as she floated into the air. The five girls riding her mouth, arms, and nipples rose into the air with her, all of them supported by her magic.

The next two girls in line were extremely fortunate as well. They were lifted into the air, floating towards the goddess’ outstretched hands as their legs spread wide. They came to rest in the air, hovering just next to the goddess’ divine hands. The goddess herself reached out, stroking, flicking, and slapping their pussies, and even her slightest touch gave them a pleasure greater than they had ever known.

A cacophony of moaning was audible from the seven girls riding the goddess’ body as she floated forward. Two more soon joined them, rising up and floating parallel to the floor with their legs spread, until each of them felt one of the goddess’ big toes slip into their dripping pussies. The pleasure they received from even this small part of the goddess launched them into their own orgasms. They floated along with her, suspended by magic with the goddess’ toe in their pussies, joining the seven girls already flying slowly down the hallway with her.

Lisa reached three fingers into the pussy hovering just off her right hand. She felt it instantly squeezing tight around her, its owner climaxing hard and squirting a great volume of liquid over her wrist.

The divine bosom jiggled and strained as it swelled continuously larger. Lisa’s titanic breasts quickly overtook even Rachel’s bosom, each grand sphere more than 12 feet in diameter. She floated ever higher towards the domed ceiling to make room for her chest.

She glanced down to her left, making eye contact with each of the next three girls in line. As she focused, each of them in turn enjoyed a spontaneous growth: the first quickly grew nipples taller than she was, which towered into the air above her. The second immediately grew a tremendous pair of breasts nearly as large as Rachel's, which had swollen beyond six feet in diameter as she rode the goddess’ nipple.

The third, a pretty girl with short dark hair, received both in spades. Her breasts were almost instantly larger in diameter than she was tall, and she was blessed with thick, towering nipples long enough to rub gently against the hallway’s domed ceiling nearly thirty feet above.

All three of them were host to mindless bliss, crashing into their own orgasms. For all the immense pleasure they were feeling, they were aroused further as they sensed their rolling climaxes causing their breasts and nipples to grow even larger.

A large area of carpet along one end of the hallway was quickly soaked through. The combined milk and squirting of the three dozen girls closest to their goddess was soaking them in great pools of liquid.

Lisa continued floating down the hallway past two dozen more sisters, blessing each of them in turn. There were now four girls rubbing themselves on both of her arms, all eight of them transported to incredible peaks of pleasure from feeling their pussies in contact with the divine arms. Their breasts had grown huge, thrusting into the back of the girl ahead of them and spilling out in every direction. Several of them had sucked their nipples into their mouths to drink their own milk, heightening their pleasure.

Two tall blondes were straddling Lisa’s upper thighs, her magic holding them parallel to the floor and lifting and lowering them, stroking their gushing pussies along her legs. Each of them was embracing as much of the undersides of Lisa’s breasts as they could manage. They were completely covered by the goddess’ divine bosom, doing their best to suck, lick, and squeeze every inch of it. They felt fortunate for their goddess having removed their need to do something as inconvenient as breathing.

The numerous girls rubbing their pussies all over Lisa’s body were enjoying almost untold pleasure. All of them had grown much larger breasts, consuming ever more space around Lisa. They floated ever higher in the air as Lisa allowed room for even more growth.

Lisa had just blessed another dozen girls with towering nipples when she sensed a presence close by. She paused her advance, hovering slowly in the air. All of the girls riding her body writhed, their continuous orgasms intensifying, as if every moment in contact with their goddess multiplied their pleasure.

“Goddess Lisa?” whispered the girl below her, apprehensively. She was nude like her sisters, showing off her extremely large breasts. They bounced below her hips, more than covering her entire torso, a gift from her goddess that she carried with ease and great pride. A small metal clasp was squeezing one of her nipples, indicating her status as a member of the goddess’ council.

Lisa extended her divine consciousness towards the girl below, recognizing her instantly: it was Amber, one of her most trusted sisters. It was rare for any girl, even one of her tenured council, to address her unprompted. There must be some pressing matter.

Amber gingerly opened one hand, revealing a small pink envelope.

“I wrote you a letter, goddess. I’m not sure why, but I felt compelled to deliver it to you just now,” she said.

Lisa smiled. Amber felt her knees becoming weak from the goddess’ allure, and she struggled for a moment with the envelope. She opened it, then gently extracted a small piece of paper. It was signed with her name but otherwise blank, and it was soaked through with liquid.

Amber stared uncertainly at the wet paper in her hand.

“I was too aroused to write anything other than my name, goddess. I… I got my own milk all over my letter,” she admitted.

“But I signed it, see? A. Friend. It’s my last name, goddess. Amber Friend, your servant! I like to write my name that way,” she said, almost babbling as she bathed in the glory of the divine attention.

There was a sudden spark in Lisa’s nearly infinite mind. That name: A. Friend. It meant something to her, but for all her divinity, she was unable to place it and unsure when she’d last heard it.

“I have a welcoming gift too, goddess! It’s a lucky wishing stone, discovered by one of the sisters just before you woke up today,” Amber eagerly continued, waving the pink envelope. She reached into it, grabbing a small purple crystal.

Lisa’s divine mind was amused, but not by the fifteen girls squirming, squirting, and dripping their breast milk all over her body. She pulled her fist out of a girl’s pussy hovering just over her left arm, where she had been keeping it warm for the last few minutes. She uncurled her fingers, dripping a large, gooey mess onto Amber’s head below.

“What do you wish for, Amber?” she inquired.

Amber felt hot arousal dripping down her face from above, and used one hand and her tongue to slurp as much of it into her mouth as she could. She swallowed luxuriously, staring at the grand spheres of her goddess’ enormous milky breasts above her.

She admired Heather and Rachel, her sisters who were continuously climaxing from Lisa’s nipples inside their pussies. They seemed to know the greatest pleasure of any of the girls whom her goddess magically bore across her divine body. She was overcome with a feeling of loving devotion.

“I wish that the whole world knew your splendor like your sisters do, goddess!” she said, sensing Lisa’s approval and flushing with pride.

The crystal in her hand started glowing purple.

Lisa giggled. The sound was a divine chorus that warmed the ears of the hundreds of girls along the hall. She gestured and Amber was lifted into the air, rising upside-down with her legs spread and her pussy dripping.

Amber giggled as her own huge breasts tilted backwards, resting against her face as she was suspended upside-down. As she reached the apex of her ascent, she thrust her hips forward next to the other sister by Lisa’s right hand.

Her gushing pussy was caressed by the divine touch. In this moment she knew nothing but her own pleasure. She unconsciously opened her fist, and the crystal fell from her grasp.

At the moment it left her hand, a bright purple flash filled the hallway. The light overwhelmed the sight of all present, even goddess Lisa, until they could all see nothing else —

I wanted to attempt a time loop story, and I also wanted to write about a sorority, so here we are! 💜
I imagine that Beta Beta is a sorority at the same university as Star Power ;-)

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