Star Power

by purplish

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #fantasy #lactation #multiple_partners #sub:female #breast_expansion #growth #lesbification #magic #Reality_Alteration #squirting

Jenny, a first-year student living with three other girls, finds her wishes are being granted.

Jenny was a first-year student at her local university. She thought herself to be intelligent, but she knew she got in her own way sometimes, being quiet and sometimes almost painfully shy. It was her first Saturday night away from home after her first week of classes, but she didn’t feel like going out with the other students. Instead, she thought it worthwhile to read her textbooks in preparation for the week ahead.

She was sitting by a window in the common area of a dormitory room she shared with three other girls. She had been in a weird funk this whole week; something about living with other girls her age for the first time had stirred some peculiar feelings in her gut, and raised some questions in her mind. She knew that she was struggling with her own sexuality, an awkward and unwanted distraction when she was just trying to get ahead in her studies. 

It certainly doesn’t help either that all of them are so attractive, she thought. 

Ugh, what am I thinking? They’re the worst! She sighed, brushing her brown hair behind her ear.

Her three roommates all seemed to care more about boys than their classes, and far below their academics was Jenny, whom they barely tolerated. She could sense their constant disapproval. They tended to ignore her, and when they paid her any attention at all it seemed to be only to belittle or insult her. Two of them were sitting on the couch nearby, idly chatting.

Hannah, a tall athletic girl on a basketball scholarship, was recounting a tale from her first fraternity party the previous evening. Jenny found herself sneaking a peek at Hannah’s long toned legs in her form-fitting exercise pants, and watched her blonde ponytail swishing back and forth.

“I was over by the punch bowl, and Marc was totally checking me out,” Hannah giggled.

Ohmygoshnoway! You mean Marc the starting quarterback?” Monica, an excitable girl who had just made the volleyball team, was wide-eyed. She had long straight brown hair and pronounced eyebrows, which she would arch knowingly and with devastating effect when teasing Jenny.

“The same! We made plans to meet at the canteen after my basketball practice tomorrow! What should I wear?” Hannah was practically vibrating with excitement. She and Monica had been best friends for years, and Jenny couldn’t help but admit she envied their close relationship. She didn’t have many friendships with other girls… or anyone, really.

Jenny sighed and looked out the window just in time to catch a blue light streaking across the sky overhead. It lasted only a moment before fading away into darkness. A shooting star? I guess I should make a wish, she thought.

I wish that they started talking about something I would find more interesting, she thought to herself as she stared at the stars. She sighed once again, looking back down at her textbook.

“You should wear that babydoll tee from high school! It’s way too small for you now, but it’ll make your boobs look amazing!” Monica suggested, grinning at Hannah.

Jenny’s ears perked up. She turned to see Hannah looking down at Monica’s chest.

“You’re right, I totally should,” Hannah chuckled, “Although, I don’t think I’d be showing him as much cleavage as you would be in that shirt.”

Monica laughed and arched her back, thrusting her big chest towards Hannah.

“Hey Marc, like what you see?” she teased, before continuing.

“Whatever, girl. You say that, but these boobs tend to get in the way when I’m on the volleyball court,” Monica retorted.

“As if! Any girl would be lucky to be carrying those around,” Hannah sighed wistfully, then snorted. 

“It’s a good thing Marc saw me first, before you had a chance to jiggle your big boobs at him!”

Jenny rolled her eyes. As much as she had enjoyed this brief moment of admiring her roommates’ breasts, all this talk about boys was boring her. She sighed again, gazing out the window. 

A few moments later, her fourth roommate emerged from their shared bathroom. Kelly was on the cheerleading team and gave it all of her focus, leaving her with even less patience for Jenny than what little Hannah and Monica had. She was dressed for a Saturday night out, wearing a tight pink miniskirt and a sleeveless black top. Kelly was a shorter girl, and she tended to overcompensate by wearing the tallest stilettos she could bear. Her long blonde hair fell straight down her back nearly to her taut bottom, and her lips bore a ruby red coloring. She strode towards the doorway, but suddenly stopped in her tracks as her eyes widened at Monica.

“Wow, Monica, your boobs look amazing in that shirt,” Kelly complimented.

“Thanks Kelly! And that neckline – your cleavage looks amazing!” Monica gushed.

Kelly smiled, then looked up to meet Jenny’s eyes. She sighed in disgust; she really didn’t care for that girl at all.

“I’m going out to see Brad. Later, loser,” she rolled her eyes as she turned to leave, but not before taking a long swig from a clear plastic water bottle. Jenny knew herself to be the target of Kelly’s scorn.

Monica turned back towards Hannah, flashing her friend a wide grin.

“Did you see her boobs? Brad is going to flip!” she chuckled.

“For sure. Honestly Monica, you and Kelly both have the most amazing big boobs. I’m so jealous,” Hannah admired. 

Jenny felt a moment of acute frustration; she didn’t understand the sensations she kept feeling around her roommates. She loved that for some reason they had suddenly started talking about their breasts, but why now? She didn’t remember such extensive discussion on that topic any other time within the last week.

She knew she couldn’t confide this in them; they would be no help to her. They’d probably just make fun of her… or worse, she thought. Sighing, she stared out the window once again and found herself peering into the darkness of the night sky.

I wish that Kelly wasn’t so mean to me all the time, she thought. A moment later she jumped in surprise when she suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder. Spinning around in her chair, she looked up to see Kelly standing at her side.

“Hey Jenny!” Kelly was smiling down at her. 

“I was thinking maybe you could borrow some of my clothes?”

Jenny was taken aback. “What? Why would I borrow your clothes?”

Kelly laughed. “For the party tonight, silly! Look, your boobs are pretty nice, and I have just the top to help you show ‘em off!”

Before Jenny knew what was happening, Kelly had leaned over to give her a quick hug. Jenny felt the brief crush of Kelly’s big breasts against her shoulder and smelled the delicious scent of her perfume.

“Come on, bestie!” Kelly was still beaming at her.

 Jenny’s frustration rushed back to the front of her mind and she let out a disgusted sigh; Kelly was making fun of her again. What did Kelly think she was playing at, trying to pretend like she wanted to spend any time together at all?

Suddenly Monica piped up. “It’s true, Jenny! You should flaunt those boobs more.”

Hannah seemed to agree. “You know Jenny, you and I are nowhere near as big as Kelly or Monica, but we’re not so small either! Your boobs look great!”

Jenny felt embarrassment burning from her roommates once again all ganging up on her. 

“Whatever, Hannah,” she muttered, turning back towards the window. 

Kelly shrugged, then looked towards the two girls on the couch. 

“Yeah, Monica, but your big boobs really do look great in that shirt. So hot.” Kelly grinned at Monica and headed back towards the door.

Jenny’s head was in her hands. She felt her anger simmering as she stared once again into the darkness outside. Why were they still talking about their breasts and teasing her about them? She despaired silently, feeling like there was nothing she could do to earn some respect from her roommates. She looked up to the night sky once more.

I wish I had huge breasts so my roommates would finally appreciate me, she thought, finding herself daydreaming again.

There was a loud WHOOMPH as if from a sudden gust of wind. At once Jenny felt the empty space between her and the table had suddenly filled… with her own flesh? Her expanding breasts demanded more room, and their quickly swelling forms pressed against the table, launching her backwards. Her chair tilted back until she fell over onto the ground.

She was thankfully uninjured and leapt to her feet with a rush of adrenaline, despite the massive new weight she now felt on her chest. Her plain white shirt was nowhere near large enough to contain her new breasts – at least, it shouldn’t have been. She found herself wearing an extra-large tee that fit snugly around her huge new chest, each of her big breasts now far larger than her own head. They were astonishingly firm and taut, extending down to her navel and out to her elbows, and as best as she could tell from a quick feel, they were completely natural. It was like they were somehow meant to fill the cavernous space in her oversized t-shirt.

Kelly, nearly out the door, heard the crash of something falling to the ground. She spun around and saw her roommate standing awkwardly, then rushed back to Jenny’s side. 

“Are you okay, Jenny?” Kelly was holding Jenny’s shoulder again and seemed genuinely concerned.

Jenny felt a curious twist in her mind. It was true: she’d always had these huge breasts. She sensed a second set of memories forming, remembering suddenly that she’d been so shy in high school only because she was embarrassed by her big chest.

“Yeah Jenny, you need to be careful carrying those huge boobs around!” Monica chuckled.

Hannah laughed. “You know, I spend lots of time with basketballs… but damn, girl! Are you sure you don’t want to go to the party with Kelly? The guys will be all over you!” 

Kelly stared openly at Jenny’s breasts. “I thought Mon’s boobs looked great, but seriously Jenny, your huge boobs are so beautiful in anything, even a t-shirt!” she marveled.

Jenny was floored. Did they not see her chest growing just now? Why did her shirt change as well? She turned around, feeling the huge new weight of her bosom settling slowly, looking out the window once more. Could it be that shooting star? Are my wishes coming true?

She found herself stammering. “It’s, er, no thanks. I’m just trying to get ahead on my reading.” 

She picked up the chair, righting it and sitting back down, though much farther from the table this time. She gazed again out the window. 

“Don’t mind me,” she mumbled.

She was trying to play it cool, but her thoughts were racing a mile a minute. She knew that she had a chance to get back at her roommates while also exploring the confusing feelings inside her. She raised her eyes to the starry sky once again. There’s only one way to find out, she thought.

I wish that my roommates felt the same way I feel about girls, she thought with glee, then spun around in excited anticipation. 

Hannah and Monica were suddenly sitting much closer together on the couch. Jenny watched as Hannah leaned in, brushing Monica’s dark hair behind her ear, then kissed her on the cheek. Monica giggled, then looked up to see Jenny staring at them with wide eyes.

“Not here, Hannah! We have an audience,” she chuckled.

Hannah grinned, then turned to look at Jenny. “Whatever, girlfriend. She’s had plenty of chances to join us, but she never seemed interested.”

“Yeah, but I sure wish she would,” Monica pouted. 

“Jenny, we just love your huge boobs, so why not share them with us? I promise we’ll make you feel good,” she added, openly staring at Jenny’s huge chest.

Kelly was still standing next to Jenny’s chair, speaking now in a dismissive tone. 

“Girls, you need to back off. Jenny and I have been together only since we first met last week. You two have been an item for years!” she harrumphed.

Hannah rolled her eyes. “Whatever, Kelly. How can you keep Jenny’s glorious boobs to yourself?”

“They’re just so huge,” Monica marveled, still staring at Jenny. “I can’t get enough of them.”

Kelly put one hand on her hip. “Look, girls, I know we all love Jenny’s breasts, but you need to give us some space.”

Hannah turned back towards Monica, again kissing her girlfriend’s cheek. 

“It’s okay babe,” she cooed. “We still have each other, and your big boobs are all mine.”

Jenny sat back in shock. Kelly was now her girlfriend, being protective of her? And Hannah and Monica had been together for years now too? Kelly was still being awfully pushy though, and Jenny wouldn’t have minded having a little more control over the situation.

She turned to look out the window once more. 

I wish that my roommates would do whatever I say, or believe whatever I want them to believe, she thought. She almost couldn’t believe her own thoughts. Was this a side of herself she had never explored until now? She turned again to face Hannah and Monica on the couch.

She found herself stammering, still shocked at herself but too curious not to try an experiment. 

“H… Hannah, Monica, you two should get back to making out.”

Hannah grinned at her. “Sure, Jenny,” she smiled, then turned back to embrace Monica. She reached up with both hands to grab at her girlfriend’s big breasts through her shirt, the two girls losing themselves in a deep sensual kiss. Jenny’s eyes widened as she watched their tongues wrestling, hearing Monica moaning softly into Hannah’s mouth as her girlfriend squeezed her chest.

Jenny felt a pang of jealousy and a rush of excitement at the prospect of achieving her own first kiss. She stood, her heart racing, and turned towards Kelly. 

“Kiss me, Kelly,” she whispered, again almost unable to believe what she was saying. Kelly flashed her a wide smile with her ruby red lips, brushing her long blonde hair behind her ears, and leaned in and pressed their chests together. Jenny marveled at the delicious sensation of Kelly’s big chest pressing into her huge breasts as their lips met in a torrid embrace. Kelly was clearly an expert kisser, losing herself in her efforts around Jenny’s tongue, putting in a valiant effort despite Jenny’s clear lack of experience. 

Jenny was thrilled at the sensation of Kelly’s tongue in her mouth, but something wasn’t right. She felt her heart drop. How could she do this to these girls? Wasn’t she being awfully selfish, using them like this for her own ends? Suddenly disgusted with herself, she pushed Kelly away and spun around to face the window once more, crossing her arms underneath her newly grown breasts.

I wish that I didn’t feel guilty about anything I do to my roommates, Jenny thought to herself. She had almost stopped herself – what was she becoming? – but just as soon as her doubts had appeared, they had suddenly vanished, replaced by a comforting sense of power and control. She spun around to face her roommates once again, now smirking at them.

“Hannah, Monica, stop making out and stand up,” she said. The two girls disentangled themselves and stood, facing her.

Monica was again staring openly at Jenny’s chest, grasping with one hand at her own breast through her shirt. 

“Wow, Jenny, I just love your huge breasts. Won’t you show us your pretty nipples?”

Jenny ignored her. “Kelly, go stand next to Hannah,” she directed. Kelly did just that, smiling expectantly back at her.

She took a moment to study her three roommates. They had all been so cruel to her, but now she finally had a chance to make things right. She could feel contempt for these girls rising within herself.

“All of you, take off your clothes. When you’re here in our room, you won’t wear anything except for your high heels,” she intoned.

“Anything for you, Jenny!” Hannah giggled.

“If that’s what you want, Jenny!” Monica smiled, still staring at Jenny’s big breasts.

“Good idea, babe! This will be fun!” Kelly grinned at her girlfriend.

All three girls disrobed at once. Hannah and Monica were standing nude, while Kelly was left wearing only her stilettos from her party outfit. Jenny admired Kelly’s beautiful toes in her heels, then turned back to Hannah and Monica.

“Hannah, Monica, go fetch your highest heels and bring them here.”

They smiled at her and turned to leave, but then Jenny had an idea.

“Wait. I want you to crawl. Slowly,” she smirked.

Hannah dropped to the floor, her long slender legs propelling her forward even as she smiled up at Jenny. Monica fell in behind Hannah, and Jenny smiled down at them as they turned to slowly crawl away. They were thrusting their hips up and out, but Jenny’s grin soured when she saw their furry pussies winking at her. Well, this won’t do at all, she thought.

Jenny sat in her chair again, crossing her legs under her huge hanging chest. 

“Come here, Kelly,” she pointed to the floor next to her chair, and Kelly immediately walked over, standing next to her. Jenny smiled up at her girlfriend’s pretty features framed by her long blonde hair.

“Give me your nipple,” she whispered. Kelly grinned and bent at her waist, presenting her big chest at Jenny’s eye level. Jenny leaned forward slightly, sucking into her mouth Kelly’s left nipple and much of her surrounding breast. 

A minute later she was grinning as she peeked out from Kelly’s cleavage at the sight of Hannah and Monica returning, crawling back to her with each hand grasping one of a pair of high heels. Kelly was still bending at the waist, wrapping her big chest around her girlfriend’s head, and turned her head to smile at Hannah and Monica on the floor.

Kelly’s eyes widened at Monica. “Oh wow, Monica, I love how your big boobs hang down as you’re crawling!” she marveled.

Monica grinned up at Kelly as she shuffled past. “Thanks Kelz, but I think we’d all still love to see Jenny’s huge boobs!”

Hannah had suddenly stopped crawling, turning to look curiously behind her towards Monica. Monica was still grinning up at Kelly, not paying attention as she continued forward to run face-first into Hannah’s outthrust pussy. Hannah giggled, smiling as she made eye contact with her girlfriend crawling just behind her.

Hannah nodded up at Kelly. “You’re totally right Kelly, her big breasts look so good while she’s crawling!”

Jenny grinned as she waited for them to crawl back next to the couch, then had a further thought.

“Hannah, Monica, from now on you’ll always crawl when you move around our room, unless I say otherwise.”

The two girls smiled up at Jenny from their positions near the floor.

“Of course, Jenny!” Hannah tittered.

“That’s so hot, I love it!” Monica offered.

Jenny chuckled at them. “Hannah, Monica, stand up. Kelly, help them put on their heels,” she intoned. 

Kelly unwrapped her cleavage from Jenny’s head and walked over to the couch. She crouched to help her friends put on their shoes, making sure to spread her legs wide open towards Jenny. Hannah and Monica daintily lifted one leg, then the other, as they enjoyed the attention from their roommate. Kelly left lots of small kisses on each of their legs as she lovingly fastened her friends’ high heels to their toes.

Jenny found her eyes drawn towards Hannah, the beautiful tall blonde now towering even higher in her heels. She was stunning, an amazon goddess, but still in need of some improvements. Jenny turned back towards the window.

I wish that the wishes I make using “we” or “us” or “our” will apply to me and my roommates, and I wish that we had no hair growing below our necks, she focused as she stared at the starry sky.

She turned back around and luxuriated in the beautiful sight of her roommates’ newly denuded pussies. The girls were clearly feeling every bit as aroused as she was feeling, just as she had wished. Hannah couldn’t seem to help herself and had taken this opportunity to bend slightly at her knees, leaning over her long legs and rubbing with both hands at the nude pussies of the girls on either side of her.

Jenny wasn’t having it. “That’s enough, Hannah. All of you, come over here,” Jenny pointed at the floor in front of her chair. 

Kelly immediately walked over, standing directly in front of Jenny’s chair, flashing a wide smile down at her girlfriend. She was followed some time later by Hannah and Monica, who had both dropped to the ground, crawling around the table in front of the couch to arrive on either side of her.

“All of you, on your knees,” Jenny ordered. Kelly dropped between Hannah and Monica, all of them now upright on their knees, naked and smiling at her. Jenny again delighted in the sense of power and control she felt over these girls, then thought back to her fumbling efforts with Kelly a few minutes earlier.

“We’re going to play a game. Let’s find out who’s the best kisser!” Jenny grinned at them.

All of their faces lit up, beaming at her.

“Yay! I like this game!” grinned Hannah.

“Babe, you know I always give you the best kisses!” leered Kelly.

“No way, I’m the best kisser! Just ask Hannah!” urged Monica.

Jenny swiveled back to the desk and picked up a small glass from which she’d been drinking. It was about a quarter full of water. Spinning back around, she splashed its contents at Kelly. 

Kelly laughed, her face dripping wet.

“Oh Jenny, you’re so silly sometimes!” she chuckled. Hannah and Monica giggled along with her. 

Jenny placed the glass flat on the carpet in front of her chair, then gave it a vigorous spin. It soon came to a stop, pointing most closely towards Hannah. The tall blonde girl brightened, grinning widely with anticipation. 

Jenny grabbed at Hannah’s blonde ponytail and pulled her in, their tongues extended and sliding together. Jenny fumbled around with her tongue in Hannah’s mouth, enjoying the curious sensation of her tongue being sucked and their lips smacking together. After about a minute, she sat back and pushed Hannah away. Kelly and Monica had been staring at them in silence, their eyes wide.

“Not bad, Hannah,” Jenny remarked, leaning back in her chair.

Monica whistled. “That was so hot, Hannah!” she marveled, smiling at her girlfriend. 

“It’s a good thing we’ve had so much kissing practice with each other before this contest!” she added.

Jenny reached down and spun the glass once again. It came to rest facing Monica, who grinned at her, lewdly shaking her big naked breasts and brushing her dark hair behind her ears.

Jenny sneered at her, then announced, “Challenge round! Hannah, you get to distract your girlfriend however you like, but using only your mouth.”

“Wha –“ Monica started, but Jenny immediately pressed her lips to the brunette’s, cutting her off. Hannah giggled as she crawled behind Kelly to arrive at Monica’s other side. Straightening up, she gave a long slow lick across her girlfriend’s ear, hearing her whimpering into Jenny’s mouth.

Monica was facing a quandary. She knew it was so important to give her roommate the very best kiss possible to win the contest, but she feared her girlfriend would know just how to distract her! As she was tonguing Jenny’s mouth, she sensed Hannah’s weight shifting next to her and realized at the last moment what her girlfriend had planned.

No, not there! It’s too much! Not while I’m – Monica was inwardly panicking, but hoped her desperation didn’t come across to Jenny while they were kissing.

Hannah bent down, sucking Monica’s left nipple into her mouth. She licked at the big teat, smacking her lips and making the loudest sucking noises she could, thinking it all the more distracting while her girlfriend was trying to focus.

Jenny found herself laughing at Monica’s obvious predicament and pushed her backwards, disengaging their kiss. Hannah’s lips detached from her girlfriend’s nipple with an audible *pop*.

“Sorry Mon! You had to know I would go for your big sexy boobs,” Hannah giggled at the brunette on the floor.

Jenny tried on her best announcer voice. “Double challenge round! Hannah, Monica, I want you both sucking on Kelly’s nipples.”

Kelly’s eyes widened as Hannah crawled behind her, appearing once again at her other side. Kelly immediately lunged at Jenny, trying to kiss her girlfriend before her roommates were able to distract her. She found it admittedly very difficult to concentrate, feeling incredible sensations coming from her big chest as her nipples were sucked. Her ears filled with even louder smacking noises than during the previous round. 

Focus! You can do this Kelly! Do it for your girlfriend, the cheerleader thought to herself. She gave it her all, but couldn’t hide her disappointment when she felt Jenny pushing her away only a few seconds later. Still, she had at least succeeded in smearing her ruby red lip coloring all around Jenny’s mouth, and found it quite fetching on her girlfriend. She hoped it might count in her favor for bonus points.

“That was impressive, Kelly,” Jenny remarked, studying all three girls for a moment. 

“You three, kiss.”

Hannah and Monica leaned towards Kelly, all three girls tonguing each other in a wanton display, even as their eyes peered questioningly at Jenny. Was this another challenge round? They couldn’t be sure, but they knew it was important to Jenny so they gave their all to kissing each other. Jenny pitched forward, studying her roommates spreading Kelly’s lipstick on each other, trying to derive any means to improve her own skills.

There’s no substitute for practice, Jenny thought.

“Now all of you, kiss me,” she whispered.

They lunged at her, all of them trying to make out with Jenny at the same time. They were no longer kissing each other; rather, they all seemed to be forcing their own tongues into her mouth simultaneously. She enjoyed the curious sensation of three other girls’ tongues on her own, but found it difficult to concentrate with her roommates fighting each other.

Jenny pushed the other girls back, then looked into her girlfriend’s eyes.

“Congratulations Kelly, you won the contest! You were an incredible kisser, overcoming nearly insurmountable odds to emerge victorious,” she embellished.

Kelly let loose a cheer, though perhaps not one she’d learned on the cheerleading team.

“Yay! Me and Jenny, sitting in a tree, KAY EYE ESS ESS –“

“Ugh,” Jenny interrupted her. “Seriously, Kelly?”

Kelly pouted momentarily, then grinned widely at her girlfriend. She couldn’t stay mad at that sexy brunette with the huge boobs!

“Sorry, Hannah and Monica,” Jenny said, turning to the runners-up. 

“You didn’t win, but you still get a consolation prize!” she grinned at them.

“We do? Hooray!” Hannah cheered.

“Oh wow! What do we get?” Monica tittered. 

“You both win Kelly’s lipstick! But here’s the catch: you have to collect it yourselves with only your mouths! Readysetgo!” Jenny announced with dramatic flair.

Kelly saw Hannah and Monica leaping at her and she fell back, tackled to the ground. They were not quite kissing her as much as rubbing their lips all around her mouth, trying to coat themselves in her lipstick. She giggled at the curious sensation and enjoyed the intimate attention from her roommates.

A moment later, Jenny had another game in mind.

“All of you, sit up,” she ordered, and at once they were on their knees again, smiling at her. She looked into her girlfriend’s eyes.

“Truth or dare, Kelly?”

“Truth! But babe, you know I could never lie to you,” Kelly cooed.

Jenny grinned at her. 

“Something true about you that I love, Kelly, is how you always greet your roommates with a wet sloppy kiss!”

Kelly immediately lunged forward, closing her eyes and pressing her lips to Jenny’s. While she was animatedly tonguing her girlfriend, Monica piped up, sounding perplexed.

“That’s not how… you didn’t even ask her a question, Jenny!” the brown-haired girl boggled, before continuing.

“Besides, obviously we all know about Kelly’s very friendly greetings. It’s been a week, after all!” she reminded Jenny.

Hannah gave an appreciative whistle. “Kelly is such an amazing kisser, though! After all, she won the contest! It makes sense that she’s always smooching us.”

After Jenny had moaned her satisfaction, Kelly leaned back and turned to kiss Hannah for a while. A minute later, she broke her kiss with Hannah and swung around to look at Monica.

“You know I’d never forget about you, sweetie!” Kelly grinned at the brunette, then leaned in to share a sloppy kiss with her.

Jenny interrupted their embrace. “All of you, go sit on the couch.”

Kelly stood and paced over to the couch, sitting at one end. Hannah and Monica fell into formation, crawling slowly towards Kelly, then climbing up onto the couch next to her. As Hannah and then Monica sat down, Kelly smiled at them, giving each girl in turn another quick kiss in greeting. All three sat pressed close together, clearly enjoying the sensation of each other’s nude skin. 

Jenny pondered at them for a moment, then turned back to the window. It’s time to turn up the heat, she thought.

I wish that when anyone looks at my roommates’ breasts, my roommates will get more aroused and their nipples will fully harden. The more they are desired by others, the more aroused they will feel, and this is all a new experience for them, Jenny thought.

Jenny turned back around and admired the sight of her three nude roommates awaiting her commands. She made eye contact with Monica, who gave a small whimper from the sudden attention.

“Girls, wouldn’t you say Monica has the most beautiful big breasts?” she suggested, gesturing at Monica on the couch.

Kelly and Hannah turned to look at Monica’s big chest. At once Monica suddenly felt a burning heat within her, and her pointy nipples became obviously erect. She squirmed under the hot gaze of the other three girls.

Kelly whistled. “You’re right Jenny, Monica’s breasts really are incredible.”

Hannah nodded as she stared at Monica’s chest. “I just love her big nipples! And it looks like she enjoys us looking at her.”

Kelly nodded. “You’re right Hannah, but you know, Jenny’s huge breasts are even bigger,” she offered.

Monica was still squirming from the attention, now squeezing her legs together. 

“Oooh, girls, you’re making me so hot!” she gasped.

 Jenny’s eyes lowered to her roommates’ midsections. They were clearly feeling Jenny’s eyes on them even as they continued to stare at Monica’s breasts, and all three girls wantonly spread their legs for her, crossing their legs over each other. Hannah was unsubtly licking her lips as she stared at Monica’s big nipples. Jenny turned to the window once more.

I wish that our pussies will drip and squirt profusely when we’re aroused and when we climax, and we’ll never get dehydrated as a result, and this is new for me but not for my roommates, she grinned to herself. Why should they have all the fun?

She paused for a moment, delighting in the feel of her panties and shorts immediately soaking through with her arousal. She looked down between her huge breasts and unbuttoned her shorts, hearing someone gasp as she lowered them to the floor and stepped out of them, leaving just her oversized t-shirt and drenched panties. A stream of wetness was continually running down one of her legs, but there was one more thing she wanted.

I wish that when any of my roommates has an orgasm, their breasts and nipples will grow larger, and the bigger their breasts grow, the more sensitive to pleasure they become. This is a new experience for them, she thought. She was finally exploring her deepest desires, and she exalted in the delirious sense of power she felt over the other girls.

Jenny turned back around again, grinning with anticipation. Three pairs of beautiful legs were still spread open for her, crossing over each other, and she saw all three nude gashes were absolutely soaked, dripping down onto the couch below them. Monica seemed to be especially aroused; her pussy was periodically squirting small gushes of her juices as she writhed under her roommates’ continued attention.

Jenny chuckled at Monica’s obvious need, then spoke cheerfully. 

“But girls, wouldn’t you say that Kelly’s big boobs are just as impressive as Monica’s?” she grinned, as all four sets of eyes swiveled towards Kelly’s chest. 

Kelly immediately felt herself burning hot, squeezing her legs together involuntarily from the sensation of her roommates’ attention. Even her own gaze on her big chest seemed to contribute to her urgent need. She was trying to rub her gushing pussy on the couch below her, but she wasn’t getting any relief.

Hannah admired Kelly’s big breasts and watched her nipples quickly harden. “Wow Kelly, Jenny is so right. Your boobs really are beautiful – I’m so jealous!”

Monica leaned forward, resting her big breasts on her knees, as she looked around Hannah towards Kelly. “Yeah! Kelly, your nipples are so hard! Oh my gosh, and your pussy is so wet!”

Kelly was quivering from the heat she felt from all of their eyes looking at her. She knew her pussy had always been so embarrassingly drippy and wet when she got turned on, and the sensation from her roommates’ attention was making her gush onto the couch. She felt a warm wet spot quickly spreading under her legs.

Jenny, Hannah, and Monica continued to stare at Kelly’s heaving chest. Her nipples were straining, diamond-hard, and she was panting, clearly edging towards climax. Jenny grinned at Kelly’s predicament and wanted to push her further.

“Hannah, blow gently across Kelly’s nipples,” Jenny whispered.

Hannah giggled, leaning to the side and teasing Kelly’s teats with her hot breath. It was all too much for Kelly, and she felt herself plunge over the edge.

“Oh HannnNNNAAAAH!” Kelly screamed, achieving a tremendous climax. Her pussy squirted great voluminous jets of nearly translucent liquid, arcing nearly to the ceiling before landing upon herself, Hannah and Monica next to her, and even reaching the other side of the room to splash across Jenny’s overburdened t-shirt. Even after such an impressive display, Kelly could feel her dripping gash was still streaming her liquids down her legs and the couch below her. 

Kelly fell back into the couch, panting and wheezing with her eyes closed, but she could sense the other girls still watching her and she again felt incredibly turned on. She opened her eyes, her pretty features flushed and her long blonde hair soaked, to look up at Jenny.

Ohmygosh, I’m so sorry, girls!” she was blushing a deep red. 

“It’s that... I’ve always had this condition. I just get so wet sometimes, and when I climax, well, you can see how much I squirt!”

Jenny was grinning widely, watching her roommates’ antics. She felt a near-constant deluge of her own arousal gushing forth from her newly hairless pussy, continuously soaking through her panties and dripping down her bare legs.

Hannah reached over, lovingly brushing Kelly’s wet blonde hair behind her ear. 

“It’s okay, sweetie,” she smiled at the shorter girl. 

“That was really hot! And I’ll tell you a secret too: I’ve always been quite the squirter myself,” she continued, blushing.

Monica laughed. “That’s an understatement!” She lovingly jabbed her girlfriend in the ribs. 

“The truth is, we’re both big squirters! We always get so wet every time we’re together.”

Hannah grinned back at Monica. “It’s true! Kelly, we’ve always been able to squirt as much as you just did!”

Kelly was stunned and delighted to find that her friends shared her condition and, with the added sensation of still feeling their eyes on her, she knew another shuddering orgasm was about to overtake her. Her pussy was again betraying her arousal by gushing huge arcs of her essence every few seconds. 

“That’s amazing, girls!” she gasped as a particularly acute shudder spurted a huge jet of liquid from her pussy across the far wall. 

“You two have me so turned on right now!” she was almost moaning.

Jenny caught Kelly on a knife’s edge. 

“Kelly, would you mind telling us your biggest fetishes?” she queried.

“Sure Jenny!” Kelly grinned, straining through her arousal. 

“I just love how wet my pussy gets when I’m turned on, and I’ve always enjoyed how amazingly big my squirting orgasms can get! I love big boobs too, both mine and other girls’, but I’d really like to see yours right now, Jenny! And you know I love kissing you pretty girls!”

Kelly was blushing and sweating, clearly overwhelmed by so freely revealing her secrets combined with the attention from her roommates gazing at her, and felt herself plunging over the edge once again. She strained to look back at her roommates through the waves of her shuddering climax, marveling at them even through the intensity of her own arousal. 

“Oh my gosh, you weren’t kidding – look at you two, your pussies are so wet!” she admired.

Hannah and Monica were grinning, holding hands as they squirmed under the attention from Kelly and Jenny. Hannah’s sopping pussy let out a short jet of squirt, which arced through the air and contributed to a growing wet area on the carpet. Monica’s dripping pussy soon followed, gushing in sympathy with her friend.

Monica was grinning widely at Kelly, squeezing Hannah’s hand in her own. “Yeah! You and Jenny are making our pussies so wet!”

Jenny pondered, suddenly wondering about any logistical issues that might get in the way of her fun. She looked out the window behind her once again.

I wish that our room was totally soundproof and waterproof, but without any obvious changes to its appearance, except that we all share one extra-large bed, she thought, then heard a familiar WHOOMPH of rushing air coming from one of the bedrooms. None of the other girls seemed to notice it.

Jenny turned around to continue watching Kelly closely. Her girlfriend had been giving gradually smaller shudders for the last minute even as she was talking to them. Jenny noticed that each shrinking shudder was accompanied by a progressively smaller jet of liquid arcing from Kelly’s pussy. Is she still climaxing? she pondered. We’re two orgasms behind one of my wishes…

Kelly’s second climax had been brought on and further extended by the revelation that her sexy roommates looked just as wet as she was, and she didn’t notice the soft WHOOMPH below her as their nylon couch suddenly changed to a light tan leather. At last she felt the end of her second shuddering orgasm, even though she could sense her pussy still dripping, and at once she became aware of a curiously pleasurable sensation in her breasts.

It seemed to Jenny that all three of her roommates were feeling the same thing, as all of them suddenly glanced down at their own chests. She saw all of them start squirming as their attention to their own breasts got them even more turned on, then gasped with delight as all of their chests suddenly surged larger in two great waves. Kelly and Monica’s huge bosoms were now easily larger than their own heads, while Hannah’s smaller chest had swelled larger than Monica’s had been only moments before.

Hannah gasped. “Ohmygosh! Did my… did my boobs just grow?” She paused for a moment before grinning widely. “That is so hot!”

Monica was watching her own chest growing larger; it felt simply amazing. She turned at once to admire her girlfriend’s newly swollen breasts.

“Mine did too! Oh Hannah, you’re amazing! Your boobs are so much bigger now!” Monica gushed, staring at Hannah’s much larger nipples, which seemed to strain even more erect under her gaze.

Kelly grinned at her roommates, hefting her own bigger chest in her hands as she turned back towards Hannah. “So did mine! Wow Hannah, your big nipples look so hard now!”

Hannah was grinning widely, her eyes shooting back and forth between Kelly, Monica, and her own newly-grown breasts. She reached up, grasping her completely erect nipples, and shuddered from the sensation. She could feel the other three girls watching her, and she felt herself burning even hotter.

“Ooooh! My big nipples feel soooo good!” she whimpered, gently twisting her own teats.

Jenny was momentarily taken aback. She hadn’t expected Kelly’s climaxes to cause all of their chests to grow. 

I’ll have to be more careful in wording these wishes, she realized with a start. Maybe I should slow things down for a moment?

She deliberately averted her eyes from the couch before speaking quietly but firmly.

“Kelly, why don’t you make a snack for us?”

Kelly flashed a wide grin back at her. “Sure, Jenny!” she smiled, then stood in her high heels, pacing delicately towards their small shared kitchenette. Jenny watched Kelly’s heels clicking delicately on the tile floor, leaving large puddles behind with every footstep as the girl’s incredibly effusive arousal streamed down both of her legs. As Kelly stepped in front of their pantry, pausing to let her big new breasts settle, she could still feel Jenny’s eyes on her from the other room. A growing puddle of her sticky arousal quickly spread on the floor between her heels, flowing lazily back towards the doorway to their common room.

She heard Jenny’s voice calling to her. “Hey Kelly, what’s your major again?”

She grinned, calling a response to her sexy girlfriend, and couldn’t resist embellishing. 

“We haven’t declared majors yet, silly! But I’m thinking about nursing. You know, like I’d like to nurse from those beautiful boobs of yours, girl!”

Jenny grinned deviously; Kelly had given her an idea. She turned once again to gaze at the dark void through her window.

I wish that Kelly’s major was *wet* nursing! She’s studying to be a lactation expert, and it’s a good thing that she never gets dehydrated, because any liquid she drinks will immediately become milk in her breasts! Jenny thought. It might be useful having an expert around, she grinned to herself, keeping her focus on the night sky.

I wish that any excess liquid spilled in our room will be quickly cleaned up, she thought. The idea of making a sexy wet mess with her roommates got her turned on again, and a huge gush of her arousal soon splashed through her panties, streaming onto the floor between her legs. After a few moments, it seemed to fade away, leaving the carpet clean and dry. Even the smaller streams of her dripping wetness that seemed to flow without end down her bare legs somehow left no mark on the carpet below. She marveled for a moment at the power of her wishes.

A moment later, she heard Kelly’s stilettos clicking as her girlfriend returned from the kitchenette, now carrying a small tray with four glasses. Kelly walked with a curiously wet-sounding *squelch-squelch*, as her gushing arousal continued to slicken her legs as they rubbed together. The large wet puddles left behind by her footsteps quickly faded away a step or two behind her. 

Kelly set down her tray on the small table in front of their couch, then paced towards the window. Jenny looked up to see Kelly’s breasts bouncing as her girlfriend approached, then immediately saw a gush of liquid splattering from her pussy onto the carpet below. Kelly grinned, bending over to give her girlfriend a quick wet smooch, and enjoying the sensation of feeling Jenny watching her.

Kelly smiled and stood upright again, turning towards Hannah and Monica seated on the couch, then walked towards them. Bending over again, she gave each girl another quick wet kiss on the lips. As she kissed each girl in turn, their own dripping pussies released huge gushes of their squirt that sprayed across the table, including the tray that Kelly had just set down.

On the tray were four small glasses, each filled with an opaque white liquid. Kelly stood, smiling at her friends on the couch, delighting in how she saw them blushing from her attention. 

“Girls, I’ve brought you each a glass of my milk!” she grinned. “I squeezed it fresh just now.”

Jenny’s eyes widened. Kelly had filled all of those glasses just now? That was so –

“Hot!” Monica exclaimed with a giggle. “Your big milky boobs are so sexy, Kelly, and I’ve been wondering when you’d let us try your milk!”

“No kidding! Kelly, I’ve been admiring your milky breasts since we met last week!” Hannah smiled up at her.

Kelly felt all of her roommates’ eyes on her once more. She shuddered from the attention, struggling to stay standing. Her nipples seemed to extend even further, and her incredible bare pussy quickly started gushing her juices in even greater volumes. Jenny’s eyes widened as Kelly’s nipples started leaking, streaming, and finally spraying with fine arcs of her breast milk. Jenny suddenly remembered the water bottle that Kelly had been drinking from only a few minutes earlier; its contents had been quickly turned to milk in her breasts.

Kelly gasped, again blushing in front of her roommates as she felt the need to divulge another secret about herself. 

“Gosh, girls, I’m so sorry again! It’s my breast milk,” she giggled nervously. “Every time I get this turned on, it just sprays from my nipples!”

Hannah and Monica both chuckled at Kelly’s milky spray arcing several feet in front of her. Some of the spray was landing in the four glasses still on the table, overflowing the cups onto the tray below. Only Jenny seemed to notice the excess milk on the tray slowly fade away.

Monica seemed impressed. 

“That is so hot! Your big boobs are so milky, Kelly!” she gushed. Her roommate’s huge chest was really turning her on, and she felt her own pussy suddenly squirting again in sympathy, gushing across the table next to the tray. Some of her squirt seemed to land in the glasses, mixing with Kelly’s milk.

“I’ll say!” Hannah agreed, then turned to her girlfriend, playfully bumping Monica on the arm. 

“I want to try her milk so badly, so can you keep your squirt to yourself for a hot minute?” she giggled, before turning back towards Kelly. Her own wet center was positively gushing from the sight of Kelly’s amazing spraying nipples.

Kelly was riding waves of pleasure from the loving feeling of sharing her milky bounty with her roommates, combined with the sensation of their eyes on her big breasts. She felt herself climaxing once again. She rubbed furiously at her pussy with one hand, splashing her furiously gushing squirt on her roommates, the couch, the table, and absolutely everywhere else, as her other hand grasped and squeezed at one of her nipples, hosing down everything in front of her with the incredible volume of her milk.

Hannah and Monica were laughing with glee. They didn’t even have to drink from the glasses – Kelly’s milk was coming to their mouths where they sat! They luxuriated in the delicious taste, licking the streaming milk off their own arms and legs.

Hannah was basking in the sensation of Kelly’s hot milk covering her bare skin. She turned to Monica next to her and leaned in, the two girlfriends sharing a milky kiss. 

A few moments later, Monica broke her kiss with Hannah, gasping. 

“Your hot milk tastes so good, Kelly!”

Hannah agreed with her girlfriend. 

“It’s amazing! I love the taste, Kelly! I’m so happy you finally let us try your milk.”

Jenny was staring with her mouth slightly agape, her hand furiously squelching against her own dripping pussy through her panties, as she saw her roommates’ breasts all expand once again from Kelly’s climax. Kelly’s huge milky boobs and Monica’s impressive pair were now approaching the size of her own huge chest, while Hannah’s wasn’t far behind. 

Hannah moaned loudly, grasping at her own growing breasts. 

“Ooh, I forgot about that! I love how my boobs get bigger when we cum together!”

Kelly and Monica were both moaning, lost in the sensation of their own growing chests. It seemed to Jenny that it must have been quite overwhelming for them, as all three of their spurting pussies suddenly released fresh blasts of their juices across their legs, the floor, and anything nearby, which dutifully faded away only moments later.

Jenny pulled herself together enough to issue a command.

“Hannah, Monica, lick Kelly’s milk from each other. And Kelly, keep spraying them!” Jenny urged, but she hadn’t particularly needed to, as Hannah and Monica had once again melted into each other’s arms, their needy tongues searching for and swallowing Kelly’s effusive milk.

Kelly grinned, turning to face her friends on the couch, as she moved her hand from her dripping pussy up to her other spurting nipple. She gently hugged and squeezed her huge chest, delighting in the sensation of spraying milk all over her friends.

This gave Jenny another idea. “Kelly, go get one of your nursing bras,” she commanded.

Kelly smiled back at her. “Of course Jenny, but I’m not sure they’ll fit me right now!”

Jenny paused; the girl was probably right. Still, this was nothing she couldn’t remedy, she thought, as she turned once again to her window.

I wish we all had lots of sexy clothes that fit us no matter how large we grow, Jenny thought into the darkness outside.

Sure enough, Kelly returned a moment later, her heels clicking and her pussy still gushing as she twirled an extra large bra around her finger. Jenny’s eyes widened; it was by far the largest bra she’d ever seen. And it was… a sexy, nearly transparent nursing bra?

Kelly was grinning at her. “That was silly of me, I totally forgot that I had all of these nursing bras for my big milky boobs! I have only been going to lactation classes for a week, though!”

Jenny smiled back at her. “Put on your bra, Kelly, and open the flaps. Let’s see your pretty nipples.”

Kelly did just that, expertly slinging her huge milky breasts into the large cups as if she’d done it a thousand times before. She smiled as she lowered the flaps over her nipples, exposing her huge erect teats and seeing them once again idly leaking milk. She felt the added heat from her own eyes joining Jenny’s on her dripping teats. She was thankful for the extra support of her undergarment as she felt her milky spray slowly increasing as she got even more turned on.

Jenny frowned; she had been hoping to see some even more impressive lactation from Kelly, but everything so far seemed so tame to her. 

“Kelly, why don’t you try some milk?” Jenny’s frown turned to a grin as she gestured to the glasses on the small table.

Kelly’s eyes lit up as she watched a powerful gush of juices spraying through Jenny’s panties.

“Oh my! Jenny, you know I just love the taste of my milk!”

She bent at the waist, her huge spurting nipples momentarily dousing her own long bare legs and her toes in her stilettos in great sheets of her milk. She giggled from the warm sensation of her milk on her sensitive skin, then straightened upright, now grasping one of the glasses of her milk in one hand. With little additional ceremony, she tilted her head back, finishing the entire glass in one go.

She let out a satisfied sigh, then licked along the milk mustache on her upper lip, withdrawing her tongue to swallow her leftover milk. She just loved the taste of her milky bounty, and she was so thrilled to see her roommates did as well. She exalted in the taste. 

“Mmm, my milk is so good!” she smiled, turning to Jenny and winking at her girlfriend. 

“And you know drinking it makes my boobs extra milky, too!”

Jenny’s eyes widened. It made a strange kind of sense that, for Kelly, some liquids might be milkier than others. Sure enough, Kelly’s lactation soon increased, erupting in fresh streams of her milky spray.

Kelly was giggling to herself, bouncing her big boobs around with her hands and arms as she continued spraying her milk all over Hannah, Monica, and the couch.

Jenny felt annoyingly distracted by her soaked panties. She absent-mindedly reached down, around her huge breasts, to pull them down her legs and kick them aside. Her newly hairless pussy gushed immediately at the delicious sensation of finally being exposed to the open air. It continued to send great streams of wetness splashing down her legs and toes before fading on the ground.

Jenny lightly patted the desk next to her. “Come sit here, Kelly,” she smiled at her girlfriend. Kelly smiled back and complied, walking over and setting her slender, dripping wet legs on the surface next to Jenny. Small gushes of her excitement were now and then spraying from her dripping pussy, flowing off the edge of the desk between her knees.

Jenny studied her for a moment.

“You know what Kelly? Take off that bra,” she intoned, and Kelly reached behind herself to expertly unclasp it and toss it aside, leaving her enormous milky breasts naked once again.

Jenny turned back to Hannah and Monica on the couch. They were still embracing, licking Kelly’s milk from each other’s skin, and flushing hot with new urgency as they felt Jenny and Kelly’s eyes watching them.

“Hannah, Monica, I want you to eat each other out. Give each other orgasms until you’re too big to reach each other anymore.” Jenny’s word was law to them.

Hannah’s eyes lit up. “Oh my, thank you Jenny! I’ve always wished my boobs would be as big as yours!” she gushed, even as she crawled into position atop Monica.

Monica, on her back between Hannah’s spread legs, widened her eyes at Jenny. 

“Yeah! I want my boobs to –“ she started, but was suddenly interrupted by an unexpected splash of Hannah’s copious squirt flooding her mouth and drenching her face and hair. She luxuriously swallowed her girlfriend’s squirt, then giggled.

Monica and Hannah were doing their best to lick at each other’s dripping pussies, but they were proceeding only in fits and starts. Each girl had to take frequent breaks to come up for air around the gushing pussy of her girlfriend. Jenny frowned once again; this wouldn’t do at all.

“Get in there, you two! I don’t want to see you spill a single drop!” she urged.

Hannah and Monica’s eyes widened. Surely Jenny couldn’t be serious? They’d been eating each other out for years, but in all their time together, they had never been able to swallow but a small fraction of each other’s prodigious squirt. Hannah felt herself leaning forward until she had wrapped her lips firmly around Monica’s gushing pussy, and she sensed the warm sensation in her nethers of Monica having done the same to her. 

Hannah felt a moment of encouragement: if Jenny believed they could do this, then surely it must be possible! She was straining upwards, trying to clamp her mouth into a seal around Monica’s pussy, when she suddenly felt a moment of gratitude for her girlfriend. 

It’s a good thing Monica’s always been hairless down here, she thought to herself. It makes this much easier!

Hannah and Monica were now playfully sucking at each other’s pussies. Even though they were focused entirely on their ministrations, they could sense Jenny and Kelly were watching them, and felt their own arousal peaking even higher.

Jenny saw Hannah and Monica’s eyes periodically widen as one or the other girl suddenly received an overwhelming mouthful of her girlfriend’s squirt. Each girl would periodically gasp for breath before quickly trying to reattach their lips to her girlfriend’s squirting pussy. After barely a minute, it was clear that they simply couldn’t keep up with each other’s voluminous squirting, and huge gushing swaths of their arousal were dripping down their cheeks, pooling between their breasts, and running down onto the couch. Hannah tried to apply herself with one last valiant effort, but took an unexpected blast of squirt to her face and frowned as it splashed all around her.

Hannah and Monica both felt disappointed in themselves, not least because they sensed that they might have disappointed Jenny. Hannah piped up first, turning towards Jenny, trying to offer an explanation even as her face was dripping with Monica’s juices.

“I’m so sorry Jenny, it’s just that she’s so wet! I can’t swallow it all!” she gasped, trying to speak while being splashed repeatedly in the face by Monica’s continued gushing.

Jenny laughed at her. “Just keep licking each other. I want to see you grow.

Hannah and Monica immediately set to their task, licking along each other’s gushing pussies. They were clearly experts at this, having years of memories in this position with each other, and each girl knew just how to use her tongue for the greatest effect on her girlfriend.

Within a few minutes, the space between the two entwined girls on the couch had completely filled with growing breast flesh. Hannah and Monica’s huge breasts were rubbing against each other, pressing them further apart, as each girl strained to lean farther and farther in to keep tonguing her girlfriend’s pussy. They could still sense Jenny and Kelly’s rapt attention on them, which made them feel even hotter for each other.

Hannah and Monica’s incredible pussies were now gushing a nearly continuous flow of their arousal onto each other. The deluge from their squirting gashes was plainly audible, soaking their faces and hair and splashing everywhere around them on the couch. Still, they maintained a valiant effort at licking each other, gasping and nearly choking around the incredible flow of liquid spilling all over them.

Out of the corner of her eye, Jenny suddenly became aware of a large, slow moving mass. Kelly’s huge breasts had been growing in sympathy with Hannah and Monica, and her big nursing bra had magically grown as well, still appearing to be perfectly sized for her enormous milky breasts. Jenny reached out, gently patting the side of Kelly’s huge breast nearest her, giggling as Kelly’s huge nipple let out a sudden milky spray that easily covered the distance to their couch and rained onto Hannah and Monica.

Jenny felt a sinister grin covering her face. “Kelly, turn around and lie down, and tilt your head back over the edge of the desk.”

Kelly did just that, her spread legs now facing directly towards the window near Jenny’s desk. The anticipation of whatever Jenny had planned for her was clearly taking its toll on her, and her gushing pussy at once leapt to life, sending periodic arcing sprays of her essence several feet into the air to splash across the glass window. Jenny grinned, seeing the window magically drying itself out, only to be soaked again just a moment later by a fresh deluge of Kelly’s squirt, the cycle repeating every few seconds.

Jenny turned her eyes back towards the couch. “Hannah, Monica, that’s enough. Come here.”

Hannah and Monica disentangled themselves, sitting upright and smiling, but clearly unaccustomed to the huge weight of their new breasts. Hannah’s chest covered her lap, now extending past her knees, even larger now than Jenny’s newly-grown breasts. Monica was larger still, and Jenny realized with a flush that the dark-haired girl would probably have no small amount of difficulty reaching her own nipples.

Hannah and Monica dropped to the floor in front of the couch, slowly crawling around the table. Jenny grinned, remembering her earlier command, and laughed as they were clearly having difficulty dragging their huge chests below them across the carpet. They were obviously struggling with the mass of their new chests, as well as from the delicious sensation of their nipples rubbing against the carpet, and Jenny could only imagine which they found more distracting. 

Jenny laughed again, then looked down at Kelly’s upside-down visage. She stepped around the front of the desk, then lifted one of her legs up and around Kelly’s head, centering her own gushing pussy directly over Kelly’s neck. She leaned back luxuriously, reclining into the soft masses of Kelly’s huge breasts towering into the air behind her.

Kelly arched her neck, looking down into the most beautiful sight: her girlfriend’s gushing pussy had been placed in an ideal position just above her. Despite all her effusive wetness squirting from between her own legs, and the milky spray she still felt issuing from her big breasts, she was suddenly awfully thirsty.

Kelly thought that she sensed what Jenny wanted, and extended her tongue, lifting her head towards Jenny’s gushing pussy. Jenny seemed displeased and reached down, suddenly striking Kelly’s cheek with a wet-sounding *slap*

“No, Kelly. You just wait there. Play with yourself as you admire my pussy,” Jenny sneered.

Kelly found herself in something of a predicament. She could see her own huge breasts towering up behind Jenny, but she knew she could no longer reach her own nipples. Her panic soon faded, however, when she realized she could still reach under her big chest to rub at her own nude pussy. Jenny heard a familiar wet-sounding *squelch-squelch* coming from behind her as Kelly started playing with herself.

Kelly’s eyes widened as she gazed up at Jenny’s pretty pussy. She thought it might be the most beautiful hairless gash she had ever seen, and she thought herself so incredibly fortunate to be dating this amazing girl. Jenny was clearly aroused, Kelly marveled, as the dripping pussy above her was releasing regular gushes and squirts of the girl’s liquid all over her face and neck. She grinned, trying to catch Jenny’s gushing arousal in her open mouth and savoring the delicious taste of her girlfriend.

Hannah and Monica had at last managed to drag their huge breasts across the floor as they finished crawling towards Jenny. They were looking up at Jenny, smiling as they blushed and panted from their exertions. Jenny looked down at them as Kelly tilted her head back farther to look upside-down at her roommates on the floor. Hannah and Monica flushed even redder from the attention and they felt their own pussies starting to gush once again.

“Hannah, Monica, stand up. Let me see you holding your huge boobs,” Jenny snickered with anticipation.

Hannah and Monica tried to stand, struggling mightily with the weight of their expansive chests. Jenny knew this to be a problem she could solve, but for now she laughed heartily at her roommates’ efforts. After a few moments, Hannah found that she could use her own hands and arms to support the weight of her big chest, and she grinned over at her girlfriend.

“Use your arms, Mon! Wow, your huge boobs are so sexy now!” Hannah admired.

Monica flushed from feeling her girlfriend’s eyes on her and found it somewhat more difficult to wrangle her own larger chest, but eventually struggled upright, smiling back at Hannah.

“Thanks Hannah,” she beamed at her girlfriend. “Wow, you look so hot with those big new boobs! You’ll be the biggest on the basketball team for sure!” she complimented, staring at the blonde’s nipples as they seemed to stretch even longer under her gaze.

Jenny chuckled. “Come girls, let’s show Kelly our appreciation for sharing her milk with us. I want all of us to give Kelly a shower. And Kelly, I want you to swallow it all!”

Kelly’s eyes widened, looking up at Jenny from between her spread legs. “Oh thank you, Jenny! You know I’m always happy to share my milk with you girls anytime you want!”

Hannah grinned down at Kelly. “Thank you so much for sharing your delicious milk!”

“It was so good! Let us thank you properly,” smiled Monica.

As they all looked down at Kelly’s head between Jenny’s legs, Kelly felt herself blushing from their attention. They could all suddenly hear what sounded like liquid gushing against glass, coming from somewhere near the window. Jenny looked up again at Hannah and Monica, speaking loudly to be heard over the sound of rushing liquid.

“I want each of you rubbing me and your girlfriend with one hand,” she commanded.

At once Hannah and Monica’s hands left their huge breasts, and they wobbled momentarily but managed to remain standing upright. Hannah’s right hand and Monica’s left hand met just above Jenny’s gushing pussy, while each of them reached their other hand over to rub at her girlfriend’s pussy.

Jenny sighed, closing her eyes and leaning back into Kelly’s towering soft breasts behind her. She felt her roommates rubbing expertly at her wet center and felt her own effusive dripping arousal steadily increasing. Below and between her spread legs, Kelly had opened her mouth wide, gasping and grinning with anticipation, even as she caught and swallowed some initial small squirts from the three pussies hanging over her.

Somewhere behind her, Jenny heard the crescendoing sound of Kelly’s milk spraying progressively harder against the wall. Three pussies’ worth of gushing, streaming liquids were spraying into Kelly’s mouth, and thanks to the power of Jenny’s wish, all of their squirting was immediately transformed into milk inside Kelly’s surging chest.

Jenny was luxuriating in the feel of Hannah and Monica’s hands rubbing her newly hairless pussy. They were clearly experts in pleasuring other girls, thanks to her earlier wish, and she exalted in feeling her own arousal slowly growing from the delicious sensations at her core.

She looked down just in time to see a voluminous gush from her own pussy filling Kelly’s mouth and soaking the girl’s face. Kelly seemed to be riding waves of her own ecstasy, swallowing her roommates’ gushing squirt as quickly as possible, then opening her mouth once again to accept more of their gifts.

The sound of spraying liquids behind her was now echoing even louder. Jenny felt a curious wet sensation, and looked down to see her own shoulders and t-shirt gradually dampened from the milky rain spurting from Kelly’s huge nipples. The moistness in her shirt, however, would periodically fade away every few seconds, even as it was again hosed down by Kelly’s incredible milk production.

 Jenny reached back with both arms, feeling the huge towering spheres of Kelly’s growing breasts behind her. She rubbed briskly along their distended forms, grinning as she felt Kelly’s skin hot and angry with milk. She wanted to keep her girlfriend’s chest a surprise for herself, however, and she kept her eyes forward and down at Kelly’s open mouth between her legs.

Hannah and Monica were each still using both of their hands to rub furiously at the two pussies nearest them. Jenny felt herself nearly peaking, at long last, and was finally ready to enjoy her own first orgasm with the other girls.

“Come, girls. Let’s all cum together!” Jenny gasped.

Hannah and Monica grinned at her, then moaned as all four of them reached their climaxes together. Kelly gave a valiant effort, swallowing repeatedly as many mouthfuls of her roommates’ gushing squirt as she could manage, but she simply couldn’t keep up. Great swaths of their juices ended up on their legs, in Kelly’s hair, and on the floor below them, but none of them save Jenny noticed Kelly’s hair quickly drying out again.

Monica’s legs were shaking and the sudden increase in weight from her growing chest caught her off-guard. She fell backwards, her taut bottom landing on the carpet below her, as her surging breasts completed their latest round of growth. She pushed off the floor to sit up, thrilled at how her huge chest now spread past her knees over her outstretched legs. She was laughing and wheezing from the delirious sensation of growing.

“Oopsies!” Hannah giggled. “Wow Mon, your boobies are even bigger now! Can you even stand up?”

Jenny took a step forward, dismounting Kelly’s beaming face, then turned to look behind herself. Kelly’s chest towered several feet into the air, and the added intensity of all the squirt being transformed into milk had clearly put her girlfriend’s nipples into overdrive. Huge swaths of the wall were being continuously doused in Kelly’s spurting milk, soaking through the wallpaper only to be magically dried out just as quickly only a moment later. 

Jenny chuckled at her immobilized girlfriend, knowing that she could easily address this problem with a wish. She tried stepping around Kelly, but the girl’s enormous breasts had swelled so large that they completely obscured the small window by the desk. Jenny tilted her head; this was not something she had expected. 

I need to be more careful with that window, she pondered, then giggled to herself at the absurdity of her situation. At once she took off, walking towards the bedroom featuring their new shared bed.

“Kelly, you rest up a while,” she called over her shoulder. “Hannah, Monica, come to bed.”

Hannah and Monica grinned at each other, then immediately dropped to the floor, crawling slowly towards their bedroom. It was slow going as they dragged their enormous breasts and sensitive nipples across the floor.

Monica was grinning as she looked up at Hannah’s dripping pussy ahead of her. “It’s a good thing we’re crawling now, Hannah! I’m not so sure I could walk with these big boobs!”

Hannah paused for a moment, smiling back at her girlfriend, though somewhat disappointed that Monica had avoided a collision this time. 

“You’re right, Mon, but these huge boobs are so amazing! Come on, Jenny needs us!”

Monica reached up to lightly pat her girlfriend’s taut bottom, chuckling as her touch caused Hannah’s pussy to squirt all over her outstretched arm. 

“Then let’s not keep her waiting!”

Jenny was sitting on the edge of the single large bed in their shared bedroom, still wearing her oversized white t-shirt but nude from the waist down. She grinned as Hannah and Monica slowly crawled in front of the bed, dragging their huge boobs along the carpet. They remained on their hands and knees, smiling up at her.

Monica was trying to keep both hands on the ground, gently spreading her breasts to an impressive radius around her torso. Jenny realized that Monica and Hannah both seemed much larger than even a minute ago, and laughed when she realized that their increased sensitivity probably made their crawl into the bedroom most titillating.

Jenny uncrossed her legs, thrilled anew at the sense of power she felt over these girls. At once a huge spray of her essence spurted from her pussy, covering Hannah’s grinning face.

“Yum!” Hannah giggled, licking at the juices around her mouth.

Jenny stood up in front of the bed. Looking down on her roommates from this height seemed to enhance her sense of power over them. 

“Turn around. Present your pussies,” she commanded.

Hannah and Monica grinned, then hefted and dragged their huge boobs around until they were facing away from Jenny, still on their hands and knees. Jenny pondered for a moment, taking in the sight of their drenched pussies squirting their juices down their legs.

“You know girls, something I’ve always liked about you two is that you can’t keep your legs closed for more than a moment,” Jenny offered.

Hannah and Monica’s legs immediately slid open. It seemed almost involuntary, and as they looked back at her, they didn’t seem to notice anything unusual.

Hannah looked perplexed. “Well sure Jenny, but you know we’ve always been like that!”

“Yeah, we talked about this last week. You know we always get so turned on we can’t keep our legs closed!” Monica reminded her.

Jenny paused to admire their dripping pussies between their toned, spread legs. As she looked back and forth between them, she grinned to herself as each pussy in turn suddenly gushed when she settled her eyes upon it. She knew that they could feel her gaze upon their bodies.

“Right, of course,” Jenny rolled her eyes, then looked back to the tall blonde.

“Hannah, it’s so fun how, when you’re not busy doing something else, you always have at least one hand pleasuring yourself,” she observed.

Hannah frowned, suddenly facing a predicament. She’d always found it comforting to idly rub her pussy or tug on her nipples, but how could she do so now with these huge new breasts? A moment later she had an epiphany, grinning to herself at her own ingenuity. She leaned forward, resting her weight on her massive breasts, stimulating her nipples most deliciously against the rough carpet and freeing her to lift both arms up and around her chest.

 Hannah’s delicate fingers suddenly came into view as she reached both hands between her legs, lazily sliding her fingers around her dripping pussy with noisy *squelch-squelch* sounds. Rubbing herself like this had always helped her focus, and she knew it would help her be prepared for anything Jenny might ask of her. The added sensations from her extra-sensitive big nipples rubbing on the floor made her flush, and she closed her eyes, feeling the other two girls’ eyes on her turning her on even more.

It was Monica’s turn to look perplexed. 

“Jenny, you know Hannah can’t help rubbing herself all the time! You don’t need to tease her about it,” she offered, defending her girlfriend.

Jenny’s gaze turned back to Monica. The chatty brunette was starting to get on her nerves. Monica blushed red from the attention, and Jenny saw her dripping pussy gush profusely across the carpet behind her, which remained magically dry despite the enormous volume of liquid.

“You know Monica, I love how, when you’re not busy doing something else, you’re always using your mouth to pleasure Hannah or one of your other roommates, or yourself if they’re not around,” Jenny remarked.

Monica suddenly lunged towards Hannah until their lips met. Hannah’s eyes widened in surprise for a moment, but she soon grinned and leaned back into Monica, inserting her tongue into her girlfriend’s mouth and enjoying the sensation of feeling her sucking on it.

“Sit up Hannah, and face me,” Jenny intoned.

Hannah detached herself from Monica, earning a disappointed moan from the other girl. As she turned around to face Jenny, swinging her huge breasts around and settling them in her lap, Monica kept launching herself at Hannah, trying to kiss or lick her but having only limited success as she shifted around. Monica seemed also to be heavily weighed down by her own huge hanging breasts.

Hannah finally settled facing the bed, her huge boobs in her lap and her legs spread wide open. Immediately she found herself idly grabbing at the tender flesh of her left breast with one hand, while her other hand reached forward and around to grasp at her own nipple, giving it gentle squeezes. She felt her ministrations on her own sensitive chest heating herself up again, and she could hear and feel generous gushes of her squirt arcing from her pussy to splash across the undersides of her big breasts.

Monica was still searching for something, anything, on Hannah that she could kiss or lick. A moment later she had a sudden revelation, thinking herself brilliant for figuring out how to please her girlfriend and Jenny at the same time. She scooted in front of Hannah and sucked her girlfriend’s big nipple into her mouth as she kept her pussy thrust upwards and back towards Jenny, her legs still spread wide open.

Hannah grinned down at her girlfriend sucking on her nipple, and saw Monica blush as an arcing jet of squirt shot from her pussy back towards Jenny. They maintained eye contact with each other, each girl feeling themselves heating up even more.

Hannah broke eye contact with her girlfriend; there seemed to be something strange about Jenny lately and she couldn’t help but mention it.

“Jenny, we all know Monica can’t help herself around us. She’s just trying to be generous! You know, you sure are saying a lot of obvious things lately!” Hannah boggled, even as she rode waves of pleasure from her girlfriend sucking on her huge nipple.

Jenny’s head snapped up as she heard a sudden knock on the outer door to their room. She felt a sudden sense of panic replacing the drunken power she’d been enjoying until now.

Her mind was suddenly racing again. I need to clean up more than just their liquids! she thought, then leapt into action.

Spinning around as quickly as her huge new chest would allow, she ran to the bedroom window. It looked like dark clouds had been rolling in; the starry sky was now almost entirely obscured. I have to make this quick, she thought. But what to wish for?

I wish that Kelly had… that Kelly gets wishes… she wasn’t thinking clearly. She felt herself panicking as she saw only a small patch of starry sky remaining between the gathering clouds.

I wish that… that my roommates were mine to – she started, but her last glimpse of the stars had at that moment vanished behind the thick cloud cover. It was now nearly pitch black and she could hardly see anything at all outside the window.

I… what? I didn’t finish! Her thoughts were suddenly pierced by a second sharp knock at their door. She spun around again, nearly throwing herself off balance. Monica had scooted her legs around, keeping her mouth on Hannah’s nipple as she pointed her pussy at Jenny, still trying to present herself.

In her sudden panic, Jenny had barely noticed that Hannah and Monica’s breasts had grown even larger in the last minute. Monica’s huge chest was pancaking impressively beyond her arms as she remained on her hands and knees and attended to her girlfriend. Hannah’s growing chest had pushed her nipple further outwards, requiring Monica to crawl backwards from the gentle pressure.

Jenny rushed past them, stepping through the doorway to their common room. As she approached the outer door, she turned for a quick glance at Kelly. Sure enough, her new girlfriend was still dozing quietly on the desk near the window, her enormous breasts towering into the air above her and leaning against the wall. Kelly’s nipples had softened somewhat, but even in her sleep they were constantly leaking small rivers of milk that dripped down her breasts onto the table, where it slowly faded away a few moments later. 

At least there’s some peace and quiet out here, Jenny thought, bracing herself in front of the door.

Jenny swung the door wide open to reveal Erica, a third-year student who lived a few doors down and was responsible for all of the girls in their wing of the dormitory. Erica’s fiery red hair was tied back in a neat ponytail, her small t-shirt stretched around her sizable chest, and her tight jeans showed off her slender figure. She was cradling in her right arm a clipboard with a few sheets of paper.

Erica had promised herself that she wouldn’t be caught staring at that first-year with the enormous boobs. It was bad enough that the girl had to live so close by, and she worried that even a formality like this routine inspection might lead her too close to temptation. 

Looking through the open doorway, her eyes landed on a truly enormous pair of breasts in a tight white t-shirt. 

It’s her! she thought, then quickly raised her eyes to meet the surprised gaze of the cute brown-haired girl. 

I said I wouldn’t! she chastised herself, then nervously looked back down at her clipboard.

“Hi Jenny! I just need to take a quick look around your room, if you don’t mind,” she offered, trying to stay professional.

Jenny reeled back. 

“NO! I mean, this is not a good time, can you –”

“Is that Kelly?” Erica was peering around her at the huge fleshy mass leaning against the far wall.

Jenny’s mouth fell open. 

“I… who? Nobody here –” she started, but Erica had already stepped past her into the room. She spun around and almost fell over from the motion of her new center of gravity. She looked up to see Erica standing next to the sleeping girl with the towering milky breasts.

Jenny rushed to Erica’s side, her eyes wide. 

“Look, I can explain! Kelly was –” she started, but stopped herself, seeing Erica smiling as her green eyes tilted higher, taking in the true enormity of Kelly’s huge breasts. Erica was watching streams of Kelly’s milk lazily exuding from her nipples and rolling down her breasts.

“Your possession, I know,” Erica nodded.

“My WHAT?” Jenny was agog.

“Look Jenny, I won’t use that other word,” Erica said, shifting uncomfortably.

“But come on, everyone knows that Kelly, Hannah, and Monica are your… your property. Of course you have every right to do anything you like to them, Jenny,” she said cheerfully, smiling at Jenny

Jenny’s head was spinning. What did I just wish for? That they were… were mine?! And everyone knows it? A confused fog settled in her mind as she found herself recalling memories of having ownership of her three roommates.

Erica cast an appreciative eye upwards again, admiring how Kelly’s huge nipples seemed to instantly harden and start spraying milk even while the girl was asleep. As they stood gazing at Kelly’s towering breasts, they both thought they heard the muffled sound, coming from somewhere beyond the wall of breast, of a nearly continuous jet of liquid striking against glass.

Jenny couldn’t help herself reacting to the sheer erotic weirdness of all of this, and her pussy suddenly released a sizable gush of sweetness that sprayed across Erica’s jeans. She froze, suddenly remembering that she wasn’t wearing anything below her waist.

Erica chuckled, dexterously lifting her clipboard out of the way to keep it dry, and discreetly rubbed her other palm around a spot on her thigh where Jenny’s squirt had landed. She had heard some of the other girls talking about how wet Jenny and her roommates could be, and if anything they seemed even more so in person. She didn’t want to be rude, however, and besides, weren’t they in the privacy of their own room?

“You are so lucky Jenny, living with the university’s only lactation major!” Erica admired. 

Jenny stared at her. 

“I really am,” she admitted, still dumbfounded.

Erica was grinning widely as she watched small rivers of milk flowing down Kelly’s breasts. 

“I mean, just look at her!” she marveled.

The splashing sound of liquid against glass grew louder in Jenny’s ears, and as she turned back towards its source, she was certain that she saw the sleeping girl’s huge nipples creeping higher on the wall. Kelly’s milky teats were being pushed towards the ceiling as the huge breasts below them swelled inexorably larger. 

Erica seemed to notice this as well, observing a sizable increase in the rate of Kelly’s milky spray.

“Makes sense that you’d have her growing larger. After all, it’s more milk for everyone!” she nodded, sounding impressed. 

Jenny suddenly remembered the two girls in the bedroom. Her eyes widened.

“Hannah! Monica! Stop whatever you’re doing and come here at once!” she yelled.

A long moment passed and no one had emerged from the bedroom. Finally Jenny saw what appeared to be a large nipple emerge through the doorway and suddenly rotate down to the ground. Hannah had flipped head over breast to pitch herself through the doorway into the common room, followed a moment later by Monica successfully repeating the exercise with her even larger chest. Both girls came to kneel upright, side by side, with their legs spread and their huge breasts splayed out before them nearly to chin level.

Monica immediately leaned towards Hannah and began eagerly licking along the top of Hannah’s huge breast. Neither of Hannah’s hands were visible behind her bosom, but Jenny heard a rhythmic *squelch-squelch* and surmised what the blonde was up to.

Erica had barely acknowledged them, instead studying the checklist on her clipboard. She appeared to be closely inspecting Kelly’s huge breasts, testing the firmness in various places and sampling some of the milk dripping down their towering forms.

Jenny turned back to Erica, watching her poking at Kelly’s enormous bosom.

“So, er, what can I do for you, Erica?” she offered, having mostly recovered.

“Sorry Jenny, it’s just a routine lactation inspection,” Erica apologized.

“I’ll just need to take a look at Kelly’s breasts,” she gestured at them with the tip of her pen, then checked a box on her clipboard.

“By the way, I’ve heard a lot of the other girls expressing interest in Kelly’s milk. Do you think you could share with them?” Erica queried, checking another box with a satisfied smile.

Jenny couldn’t help but laugh, releasing a momentary loud guffaw. 

“The more the merrier,” she said gamely.

“Hi Mistress! Oh, hey Erica!” Kelly suddenly said cheerfully, grinning upside-down at them, her head still tilted back over the edge of the desk. 

Kelly was suddenly shifting uncomfortably, trying to grasp and heft her huge breasts, but making no progress; she was immobilized by the weight of her bosom. Jenny realized that the short blonde, still wrestling with her chest in vain, was trying to greet her girlfriend in her own special way.

“I’m so sorry Mistress, I’m just too big to move right now!” Kelly apologized. She was a smaller girl, easily the shortest between the four of them, and Jenny doubted her girlfriend’s outstretched arms could reach even halfway around one of her own huge breasts. 

“I wish that I could move these boobs so I could give you a big kiss!” the short blonde giggled.

This sounded to Jenny like a strange thing for Kelly to say. After all, Kelly was such a tall girl, more so even than Hannah, and she was so toned and subtly muscular. Jenny couldn’t imagine that Kelly should have any trouble moving around at all, even with her chest having grown to such an enormous size.

Kelly easily slid her huge breasts off the wall and spun around, then stood up in front of the desk. The tall blonde would have normally towered over the other two girls barefoot, but now even more so wearing her stilettos. Her breasts were truly immense, extending below her knees and projecting several arm lengths in front of her, topped with hugely erect nipples longer than Jenny’s hands. Their massive forms seemed taut and buoyant, though, and Kelly seemed to have little trouble standing upright. As Jenny stared at her girlfriend’s massive chest, Kelly’s hard nipples seemed to stretch even further and started spraying milk all over her and Erica.

“Oops, sorry for the milky shower, Erica! But you know how my milk just sprays on its own sometimes,” Kelly apologized to the older girl. Erica didn’t seem to mind, marveling quietly to herself and busily licking milk from her hands. 

Kelly grabbed at her huge breasts with her long arms, pulling them apart and stepping towards Jenny in a single expert motion, smiling as her huge chest naturally bounced back together around her girlfriend’s body. She leaned forward and lost herself in a sloppy kiss with Jenny, the smaller girl completely enveloped in her enormous hanging cleavage.

While still kissing her girlfriend, Kelly leaned back and Jenny felt her feet leaving the floor, her weight entirely supported by Kelly’s incredible strength and enormously firm breasts. Kelly was animatedly tonguing Jenny as she paced forward, carrying her mistress in her cleavage, walking past Erica towards her other roommates kneeling by the bedroom door. Two spurting streams of nearly translucent liquid were gushing downwards from underneath Kelly and Jenny, splattering across the floor as the tall girl strutted across the room. A moment later the excess liquids faded away, leaving the floor dry.

Erica tried to busy herself with her inspection, following Kelly around and focusing on her big milky breasts while attempting to ignore the tall girl’s very friendly behavior with her roommates.

Kelly kneeled down in front of Hannah and Monica, smiling at Jenny as she broke their kiss, then twisted her shoulders, leaning her huge breasts sideways and Jenny along with them. She leaned over the huge shelf of Hannah and Monica’s chests and gave a sloppy kiss to each of them in turn. They grinned back at her, eagerly returning her friendly greeting.

Kelly found herself admiring Monica’s huge breasts, and Jenny turned to look as well from her vantage point inside Kelly’s cleavage. Monica suddenly felt herself flushed, extremely turned on from the attention.

“You girls are so big now! Keep that up and you’ll be as huge as me!” Kelly smiled down at them, watching as Monica returned to giving her best effort at licking across Hannah’s enormous breasts. The brunette was making slow progress, though; there was simply so much of Hannah’s flesh to cover. 

Kelly pondered at Monica for a moment, thinking that the girl had been so generous, always seeking to please all of them so selflessly with her mouth. She found herself daydreaming in her aroused haze, watching Monica flush under her glare even as the brunette kept licking across Hannah’s huge chest.

“Monica, I wish you had a super long tongue so you could lick us all much better!” Kelly grinned.

Jenny’s ears perked up at this, again thinking it a very peculiar thing for Kelly to say. Monica’s amazing prehensile tongue had always been extremely long, after all, and that was why Jenny had told her earlier to keep her mouth busy on the other girls. Jenny shrugged, pressing gently at the firm breast on top of her, able to extricate herself from Kelly’s cavernous cleavage as Kelly twisted her shoulders back again to assist her. 

Monica was grinning, fully extending her incredibly long tongue and slathering Hannah’s breasts in great sheets of her saliva. It took but a few quick licks to cover even the extensive surface area of Hannah’s bosom, and Monica seemed satisfied at this, rotating herself in front of Hannah, spreading her legs again, and leaning backwards to slide into her blonde girlfriend’s huge bosom. Hannah, still rubbing at her dripping pussy, suddenly felt Monica’s tongue slither between her fingers and plunge into her wet center.

Hannah yelped with pleasure, and Kelly, Jenny, and Erica suddenly turned to look at her. Monica’s amazing long tongue was expertly caressing her insides, and the added sensations from feeling Monica squirming around in her bosom and sensing the three other girls staring at her was almost too much to bear. She felt the onset of her orgasm, immediately gushing great jets of liquid across Monica’s body and forward out of her cleavage onto Jenny, Erica, and the side of Kelly’s enormous left breast.

Hannah wheezed and sighed as Jenny and Erica turned away from her, feeling herself settling down into an ongoing aroused haze, and still enjoying Monica’s tongue writhing inside her pussy. She lifted one hand from her pussy and encircled her girlfriend’s long tongue with her fingers, gently stroking it even as it continued ravishing her insides.

Erica’s eyes widened as the outer edge of Kelly’s breast suddenly grew towards her. She nodded with satisfaction, ticking another box on her clipboard, and took a large step to the left to avoid a sudden incoming blast of Kelly’s milk.

Jenny stepped over Kelly’s spurting nipples, sensing her long hair immediately soak through with milk but magically drying out again, and walked around the expanse of Kelly’s right breast towards Erica.

“Sorry Erica, what was it you were looking for again?” Jenny queried, feeling herself regaining some measure of confidence.

“Well Jenny, the university’s Department of Lactation takes its research seriously, as you know,” Erica nodded at her.

“And with just one student in the program right now,” she said, gesturing at Kelly, “You can imagine they are keenly interested in her progress!” she grinned.

Kelly had leaned back over Hannah’s huge cleavage and was sharing another sloppy kiss with the other blonde, but she perked up at the mention of her academics and turned back towards Jenny.

“It’s true, they are. But it’s so great being a lactation student!” she exclaimed, then sighed happily.

“I wish that all of you girls were lactating like me, so we could all milk together!” she cooed.

Jenny pondered for a moment why Kelly kept saying things that were obviously true, then shrugged, patting the sides of her own huge milky breasts through her t-shirt. She’d always been milking, after all, just like these other girls, and it made sense that the university would have all five of its lactation majors sharing a room together.

Erica was studying her clipboard again when she suddenly sensed her own leaking milk had started soaking through her thin t-shirt. She frowned, trying to peer over the shelf of her big milky breasts, and confirmed that most of the front of her shirt had darkened with her milk.

Kelly giggled, identifying with Erica’s current plight. After all, she’d had the same challenge herself of leaking milk through her shirts until Jenny told her that she didn’t need to wear clothes anymore.

“Bummer, Erica!” Kelly consoled her. “I wish you didn’t have to wear clothes like us!”

Jenny angrily swung her head back towards Kelly. Why did Kelly keep saying such plainly obvious things, embarrassing her in front of the older girl? Jenny removed her t-shirt to allow her milk to spray more easily, frowning again at Kelly.

“Kelly, everyone knows that Erica is a lactation and nudity double major!” Jenny upbraided her, rolling her eyes.

She turned back to Erica, admiring the girl’s milk leaking from her nipples and running down her nude body. She found herself somewhat envious of the older girl; it must be really nice to not have to wear clothes anywhere.

Erica was determined to carry out her inspection, looking briefly at her clipboard before turning to Jenny. 

“How is your production lately, Jenny?” she queried, arching an eyebrow.

Jenny grinned back at her. Her own milk production had always been excessive thanks in large part to her huge chest, and she thought she was giving a rather impressive demonstration even now, but she still indulged her older roommate.

“Oh, you know these girls, Erica. They always keep me well-milked!’ she said, grabbing her own breasts for emphasis. A sudden sizable milky spray from her nipple didn’t exactly bolster her claim, however. 

“Yes, I see,” said Erica, frowning momentarily. “And how about Hannah and Monica?”

“As you can tell,” Jenny offered, pointing, “They’ve always been quite impressive.”

Monica was still on her back between Hannah’s legs, her legs spread wide as her pussy doused the floor in front of her. Hannah and Monica’s towering breasts were spraying arcs of their milk into the air, raining down on Jenny, Erica, and the vast expanse of Kelly’s chest. 

A dull roar of rushing liquids was audible, and all of the girls found themselves talking loudly to compensate. Kelly’s enormous nipples were dousing the far wall as her pussy gushed across the floor, Hannah and Monica were both squirting from their pussies and sending showers of milk from their nipples, Jenny found her own wet center actively gushing, and even Erica found herself turned on enough by her four roommates for her own milk to start spraying.

Jenny turned back to Kelly for a moment, seeing her blonde girlfriend still kissing Monica on the floor next to her. She had to take care of all three of them, of course, and she found herself wondering how they’d be able to keep up with their coursework.

“Kelly, we’ll need your help next week getting Hannah and Monica to their classes,” she intoned loudly, impressed with herself for thinking ahead.

Kelly chuckled; her girlfriend was always so serious all the time. Couldn’t she relax with them for once?

“Sure thing Jenny, although I wish that you didn’t have to worry about any of that stuff, and we could all just focus on having fun!” she said, turning back to Hannah and giving her a quick peck on the lips.

Jenny thought that Kelly sure was saying a lot of obvious things lately, but it didn’t particularly bother her. In fact, she couldn’t really bring herself to worry about much of anything at all. Everything she needed was provided by her mistress, Erica. This certainly came with some perks as well, and she grinned, reclining into a pillow on the floor.

Monica was sitting next to Jenny on another large pillow, several feet away from the two sophomore girls loudly slurping milk from her huge breasts. Jenny thought Monica must have been enjoying their attention, as the brunette was whimpering with excitement, fully extending her long tongue and lazily licking across the huge spheres of her own breasts.

Nearby on the floor in front of her, Jenny recognized the huge forms of Hannah’s breasts towering into the air. Two athletic-looking girls were leaning gently on Hannah’s chest, grinning as they suckled milk from the blonde’s big nipples.

Jenny looked up to see, descending slowly from above, a trim pair of thighs framing a beautiful nude pussy. She’d have recognized those subtly muscled legs anywhere, and grinned widely, seeing Kelly’s pussy start gushing her juices as if in response to her attention. She let out a short whoop and opened her mouth, trying to swallow all of her girlfriend’s spurting liquids.

She stretched her neck to momentarily avoid Kelly’s incoming squirt all over her face, then peered around for her mistress. She saw Erica reclining nearby in the sunken pillow pit that was their dormitory room, leaning her head back with pleasure as her nipples were sucked by two first-year girls. Jenny recognized the girls drinking Erica’s milk as her next-door neighbors and found herself admiring their lithe forms.

Erica was lovingly patting the heads of the younger girls at her nipples.

“Zara, Haley, that’s enough for now. My, you girls are thirsty this evening!” she chuckled at them as they gave a disappointed whimper and disengaged from her dripping nipples.

“Be a darling and send in the next two girls, would you?” Erica said, smiling at them.

Late into the evening, a line of girls was forming outside their door. They were all thirsty for their regular milky nightcap before bed from the five lactation majors at the end of the hall.


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