Chapter 2

by nevermind

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:female #enslavement #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #tech_control #resistant_subject #serial_recruitment


Yumi Etsuko grew up in the suburbs, but she was more of a city person. She was twenty-five years old, wore her long black hair in layered bangs and owned only three pairs of shoes. She liked banana ice cream, punk music and played the bass. Her singing was better than she would probably admit to herself. She liked to cook, but only in company. She’d never liked Asian food, and she didn’t know if that was going against stereotype or not.

She first met April in History 1 at the university. Yumi studied to be an English teacher, but the course requirements demanded that she attend. April had made fun of the professor’s glasses and they had both almost been thrown out because they were giggling way too hard at that joke. From then on, the both of them had been close friends, helping each other study and spending afternoons, evenings and nights together, almost always accompanied by April’s younger sister, Tess.

Yumi was on her best way to becoming 'Miss Etsuko -- English Teacher', and her internship at the local high school had started one month ago. She was still feeling like an impostor when she stood at the “wrong” end of the classroom, but she slowly but surely got the hang of handling a room full of bored and rebellious teenagers. Luckily, she only had to teach twice a week.

On this particular Thursday, she came home from school pretty exhausted. It wasn’t all that easy to make a teenager feel passionate about pretty much anything, much less Ernest Hemingway. What made matters worse was that she hadn’t really slept at all well that night. Also, she was starving.

She dropped her bag under the coat hanger, opened the freezer, stared into it for a minute and finally produced a frozen pizza. She read the instructions: “Preheat oven to 340 degrees. Bake for 12 minutes.”

The doorbell rang. God dammit! I’ve had enough bother for one day.

“I’m coming!”

She put the pizza box on the counter and went for the door. Out in the hallway, there stood her friends April and Tess. Shouldn’t they be studying? thought Yumi. They were dressed pretty weirdly, too.

“Hey, It’s you two, I didn’t expect you. Come in!”

“Yumi Etsuko?” asked April.

“Uh... yeah, that’s me, silly.”

“Override code theta phi 1-A.”

There was an awkward pause.

“What did you say?” asked Yumi, surprised. “And what’s with the dresses and the hair?”

April and Tess looked at each other. They both had their hair bound back tightly with ponytails at the backs of their heads.

They said nothing.

“Are you going to come in or what? Or do you want to stand there all day being weird as hell?”

Both of them paused, then Tess smiled awkwardly. “Yes, Yumi. We will come in. Sorry.”

Yumi let them walk past her into the living room. They looked really strange in those black dresses. They were really nice dresses, but what the hell? Yumi went after them and hurriedly picked up the blanket and extra cushions from the couch.

“Just a minute, let me get that. Sorry. Slept on the couch last night. Weird noises in my bedroom keeping me up. I already called the landlord.” Tess and April patiently waited until she had removed the last of the improvised bedclothes and wordlessly sat down. “So.. well, yeah! Do you want something to eat? I was just about to make something for myself, but now you’re here, I could—”

“No thanks, Yumi. We are not hungry” said Tess.

“Alright. Some drinks, maybe?” Yumi was getting seriously weirded out. Should I say something? What’s wrong with them?

“We would like some water, please. Yumi, might we please have some? Also, I would like to use the restroom.”

“Sure. You know where it is. I’ll fetch you some water.” Tess stood up and left the room wordlessly. What the fuck?!

Yumi went to the kitchen and filled two glasses with tap water. When she returned to the living room, Tess was also back and Yumi’s laptop stood on the coffee table. Yumi started to feel irritated.

“Err, Tess? Were you in my bedroom? Could you please ask before you just take my stuff?” Tess didn’t respond. “Tess?”

April got up.

“Seriously, what’s wrong with you two? What’s with the dresses? Would anyone of you mind letting me in on what the fuck’s going on?”

“The dresses are for tomorrow evening Yumi”, said April as she came closer. Tess was still working on the laptop.

“Do you like them, Yumi?” she asked.

“I guess they’re pretty nice. Not my style though. And not yours as well, I would’ve thought.” April came closer still. Yumi began to feel uncomfortable. She took a step back.

“Err, yeah, um.. I got you some water.”

“Thank you, Yumi. That was very nice of you.” There was an uncanny lack of emotion in April’s voice. This wasn’t normal. Yumi began to feel really uneasy.

She raised her voice, and what came out sounded unsteady: “Is this a joke? Seriously, what’s wrong with you?!”

“Program ready. Subdue,” said Tess.

“Yes, controller,” replied April mechanically and lunged forward.

Yumi didn’t have time to react. April got hold of her wrists and twisted them behind her back in an arm lock. The glasses dropped from her hands and spilled on the carpet with a dull noise.

“What the fuck, April?! Let—”

April pressed her palm against Yumi’s mouth.

“Wht th fnck rmm ynn dnnn?! Lt mmm gnnn! Hlllmp!”

Meanwhile, Tess had gotten up from the couch and positioned herself right in front of Yumi. She had turned up the laptop speakers, and now harsh white noise filled the room. Yumi jerked from left to right, trying to break free of April’s hold, but she wasn’t strong enough. She kicked out and hit Tess’s shins.

Tess twitched a little. That was it. She looked straight through Yumi.

“Sit her down”, she said.

Yumi felt herself being dragged to the floor along with April as they both sat on the carpet. She was cushioned on the bulge of April’s skirt behind her. Tess walked back to the coffee table and pivoted the laptop so that it faced Yumi. It showed the desktop. It was a picture of the three of them on the university campus. In the photo, they were smiling, standing closely next to each other, arms reaching out behind their backs in mutual embrace.

Something flickered on the screen, but it was gone instantly.

Yumi tried to break free of the hold again, but she was feeling exhausted. She tried to process what was happening to her, the craziness of the situation just now simmering through. Here she was, on her wet living room carpet. Arms behind her back, held there by her best friend. And her best friend’s sister was standing idly by, watching. well, she wasn’t even watching, she was just sort of staring straight ahead. It felt really hard to—

There was that flicker again! What had they done to her laptop? And that noise! It seemed to get louder. Yumi couldn’t concentrate. She struggled against April, but she couldn’t see how it would work this time.

What had happened to her friends? They had been fine when they had partied on Monday night. And they had wanted to go to The Enclave tomorrow. And now they turned up like this, dressed like some late 19th-century bohemians, acting like fucking pod-people. It didn’t make sense.

The screen flickered again. There definitely had been text there. Yumi could have sworn she could make out a word. The noise filled her ears.

What was happening here? What were they doing to her? Would they let her go, what was their plan?

Again. She could definitely make out some words.

That noise. Make it go away. She felt really tired now, and her limbs were heavy like lead, so she just stared at the screen. She wanted to find out what the words said. She watched the screen more closely. This calmed her down. She would just wait and see what happened next, find out what the words said. Maybe things would make more sense then. Just watch the screen, and listen to the noise. It would all make sense...

One minute later, April took her palm away from Yumi’s mouth. Yumi didn’t say anything. She stared at the screen, her eyes wide. Her mouth hung slightly open and her head bobbed a little when April let go of her wrists. April got up and stood next to her sister.

Yumi hadn’t bolted, she didn’t try to run. She was sitting on her living room floor with her legs spread out in front of her and her arms hanging limply to the carpet from her slack shoulders as the white noise hissed loudly from the speakers. No one in the room moved. April and Tess just stood, and Yumi just sat there wide-eyed, and watched.

She just watched.

Yumi woke up in total darkness with a start. She quickly got up from where she had lain, immediately stumbled and fell down. She landed on a soft surface, and indeed all the floor beneath her seemed to be padded with a smooth and elastic plastic.

She was very afraid. Where the hell was she? She breathed heavily, trying to find some point of reference in the darkness. She found none, it was pitch black.

She was nude. Someone had undressed her and taken away her clothes. She sat up and hugged her knees, shivering with adrenaline and fright.

It was deadly silent, apart from her heavy breathing, and even that sounded muted. When she held her breath, she could hear the blood pumping in her ears. Yumi sat like this for quite some time, then she slowly got up. Blindly, with her arms stretched out before her into the darkness, she stumbled around. She hit a wall after a few small steps. It was padded, like the floor. She pressed against it, and it made a little squeaking sound as the smooth material rubbed against her skin.

As she followed the wall, she found something. It was hard and slightly cool, and perfectly smooth. She guessed that it was a door, but there was no handle, no keyhole.

The rest of the darkness was just rectangular padded walls, floor and silence.

Yumi started to scream for help. She screamed until her throat was hoarse. Then she cried, rolled up in a small ball on the soft floor.

Hours passed. Or maybe minutes. She may have fallen asleep. The silence began to drone in her ears.

“Sorry I couldn’t talk to you sooner. I’ve been quite occupied with party business.”

Yumi let out a surprised little squeal.

“I apologize. I didn’t mean to startle you.” There was a cheerful female voice with her in the darkness, but it was impossible to point out where it came from.

“Who are you?", Yumi asked in a frightened and croaky voice.

“I’m Beatrice. How are you?”


“I asked you how you’re feeling,” came the voice.

“Please let me out!” Yumi cried.

“If you answer my question, maybe. Now, how are you feeling?” The woman sounded perky, almost chipper, like someone talking to a young child.

Yumi sobbed. “I’m afraid. I want to go home!”

“Well I admit I haven’t been the best of hosts. I really am terribly sorry. Why don’t we lighten the mood a little?” With that, the darkness faded away as from somewhere, light slowly started to fill the room. The room itself was brilliant white, with the rubbery material mutedly reflecting the light in small patches. Yumi looked around. She couldn’t see the source of the voice or really anything except for the smooth white padding and the large metal door.

“Please let me out! I want to go home!”

“You’re repeating yourself, that’s bad style. I’ll have to detract some points for that. Now let me teach you something. Override code epsilon theta 3.”

To Yumi’s absolute horror, she found herself getting up from the floor and standing erect in the middle of the room, with her arms by her side. She hadn’t meant to do any of this and she couldn’t do anything about it. She tried to move her arm. She couldn’t. She tried to scream. She couldn’t. Her immobile eyes stared straight ahead at the door. She would be shivering with fear, but she couldn’t do that either.

“Neat trick, isn’t it? Did you ever try recording lessons and playing them while you sleep during studying? We tried to teach you that trick in almost the same way, but you’ve been... slacking.” The woman giggled. What the hell is happening to me?! Who the hell is this woman?! What does she want from me?! This can’t be real! No, this can’t be real!

“So when our two mutual friends came by to visit, they had to do a little... tutoring. Release code epsilon theta 1”

Yumi stumbled forward. She could move again. She ran towards the door and tried to pry it open. “What is this? Where am I? What have you done to me?! Let me go!” The door didn’t give a millimeter.

“I can assure you this isn’t the right approach to your problem. But I’ve always been an advocate for liberal education. Kindly stand back and I’ll let you out. Under one condition, however. You stay and let me teach you one more thing. I promise that no harm will come to you and in one hour you will be free to go. Sound good?”

Yumi’s hands trembled. Her head was spinning. This was crazy. Things like that didn’t happen to people in real life. This was like a movie or a book. This was science fiction, fantasy. Lovecraft-level insanity.

“What if I don’t want to?” her voice was still hoarse and shaky.

“Then I’ll make you.” There was still an out-of-place sympathetic kindness to the woman’s voice. Yumi hesitated, then took a step back. There was a beat of silence. Then the door swung open towards her.

“Hurry up now, class starts in 5 minutes! Down the corridor and the last door on the right.”

Yumi hesitated a moment, then stepped out and followed the long, deserted corridor. The last door stood open and Yumi entered. She found herself in a large enclosed space with some crazy-looking contraption in the center of it. But what caught her eye was something different. There were three other people in the room with her, seemingly waiting for her arrival. Two of them were April and Tess. They wore black, but not the dresses they had worn when they had... abducted... her. They were dressed in a miniskirt with their legs naked and bare feet. They each wore a corset putting their cleavage on very public display. Around their necks were leather collars. They didn’t acknowledge Yumi’s presence in any way.

The other person was a woman dressed in a red dress, with wavy blonde hair. She smiled at Yumi. “Good Afternoon,” she said cheerfully.

Yumi instinctively took a step back from her. “You’re the woman from my cell!”

“How rude of you! I have told you my name, you know. It’s Beatrice. And I might add that not terribly many people get to call me that.”

“What do you want from me, Beatrice?” demanded Yumi, finding some courage. She put as much spite in the name as she could. “And what have you done to April and Tess?!”

“Oh, them. That’s easy to explain.”

“What have you done to them?!” demanded Yumi.

“I have erased their memories and personalities and made them into my mindless slaves,” she said matter-of-factly.

Yumi was dumbstruck.


“It’s quite ingenious. I use electromagnetic radiation and sensory stimulation to relink synapses in the prefrontal cortex.” 

But Yumi wasn’t even listening anymore. “Oh my God! This isn’t real! Tess! April! Do something! This is a lie!”

Neither of them moved. They both kept staring straight ahead, with no sign of even having noticed Yumi yelling at them. They just stood there with their arms by their sides, like statues standing guard.

“And you’ll do this to me as well?”

“That’s the plan.” Beatrice smiled.

For a moment, Yumi stood there with a million thoughts coursing through her head. This was real. Frighteningly real. This was no prank and those were not her friends anymore. She couldn’t quite grasp the enormity of that realization, yet. It was just words in her head. She knew it was true, but she couldn’t really process it. One thing was obvious, though.

She turned and ran.

“Override code epsilon theta 5.”

Her body came to a halt. No. No. No!

“You’re an unruly little troublemaker, aren’t you? I promise you, the lessons you’ll learn here are for life. Right now you might not want to be here, but at the end of the day you’ll be glad you attended.” Yumi could hear Beatrice walking towards her behind her back. She couldn’t turn, but she heard the click-click of Beatrice’s high heels on the marble floor. She circled Yumi, letting her hand brush down her naked body, slowly and deliberately stroking with her gloved fingers across Yumi’s ass and her breasts. All the while eying every curve and crease and fold and all her most private places. “And I can tell that you’ll be an excellent student once we’ve unleashed... well... unveiled your full potential.” Yumi felt vulnerable and violated, but she feared the worst was yet to come. 

“Turn around!” commanded Beatrice.

Yumi felt herself turning, and she saw April and Tess, standing a couple of yards away. They still hadn’t reacted at all to what had happened, their faces were perfectly expressionless. Beatrice spoke. “This subject is to be enslaved. slave89, to the console. slave90, strap her into the preparator. She will comply.”

The slaves snapped to attention. “i obey, Mistress!” they said in unison. Tess walked to the other side of the room and April came towards Yumi. Beatrice meanwhile had sat down on a small couch that stood near the wall, facing the giant machine Yumi now took a closer look at. It was really big. Her entire apartment wouldn’t have been able to hold it. It looked very scienc-y with lots of bare wirework and odds and ends sticking out unaesthetically.

April took her hand and walked towards the machine. Yumi’s body followed without resistance, while in her mind, she was running for the door with every step. She witnessed herself stepping into the machine, and April put her wrists and ankles into shackles. As this was done, she walked some steps away. “Subject prepared for enslavement” she said. Tess pushed a button on the console. Yumi was lifted off the ground by her wrists and her limbs were being spread outward in all directions. It didn’t hurt, but she felt extremely vulnerable and exposed, with her breasts and sex on full display in the air.

Beatrice sat leisurely on her couch: “You know, Yumi. I have a small confession to make and I’ll be honest with you: I quite enjoy this part. And I like to mix things up every now and then. April here for example-” she made a sweeping gesture toward the woman silently standing near Yumi “I took quite liking to her. So I gave her and Tess the chance to walk free. And they...” she paused. “they beat me. I asked them for a reason to let them go. And they gave me one. But Tess made a remark that hurt my feelings quite a bit, so I enslaved both of them anyway. So I might have let them fail intentionally, and that’s bad form for any teacher.”

Yumi wouldn’t have known what to say even if she had the ability to do so.

“The reason I’m telling you this is this:... actually, let me show you something. slaves 89 and 90, heel!” Beatrice got up towards Yumi, who was still hanging spread-eagled and unable to move or speak. April and Tess positioned themselves at her flanks.

“slave90. do you know this woman?”

April turned her head and looked up towards Yumi, as if she had just noticed that she was there. Yumi saw her face. Her expression was blank, her eyes empty. Yumi suddenly remembered that one time when they had eaten together in the cantina. April had laughed at some joke and milk had shot out of her nose. Her face had changed through seven different expressions in four seconds.

“Yumi Etsuko, age twenty-five, prisoner,” said the woman with cool detachment.

There was a short pause. “To be enslaved,”

Yumi’s insides turned to stone. Now it had sunk in. What they had done to them. This was not April anymore. April had gone away and she would never talk to her again.

“slave89. Pleasure slave90.”

“i obey,” said the slave, and kissed slave90 full on the mouth. Her hand reached under slave90’s skirt, stroking her, and Yumi could see that they weren’t wearing anything beneath their miniskirts. Her kisses got more involved, she licked across slave90’s face, covering it in saliva, her hand feverishly working beneath the folds of the skirt. slave90 began to moan softly. Yumi was forced to watch. Beatrice stood behind them and observed with a satisfied smile.

“You see, Yumi: This is what I’ve wanted to show you. You may find this revolting and terrible and perverted et cetera et cetera. But you soon will learn to think differently, as have they. They live a life of bliss and pleasure, and so will you. slave89, slave90. Cum for your Mistress!”

Both slaves spasmed and moaned as orgasms ravaged their bodies. They rubbed their breasts and hips against each other in sweet oblivion. Yumi looked on in disgust. They had been—were—sisters. They had loved and respected each other, and now they were just the lapdogs of this sick freak of a woman! Hate mingled with Yumi’s fear and desperation.

As the slaves recovered, they again assumed erect poses to the sides of their mistress. “So Yumi. The point is, I like playing games. You may find them sadistic. But in the end, everyone involved is always happy. So how could they be? I think I’ve let you wait long enough. Let the fun begin. slaves 89 and 90. Continue the procedure!” She got back to her couch.

“Yes, Mistress, i obey” they said both. Slave89 went back to the control console, and to Yumi’s horror, slave90 kneeled in front of her crotch. When her former friend began to lick her sex, Yumi’s mind screamed her soul out, but her mouth didn’t follow. She fought the arousal, but couldn’t help herself. The slave’s tongue licked around her clit, making her wet and hot. Yumi felt warmth welling up from her loins as the slave continued to fill her with toxic pleasure. She couldn’t look down. She just saw the top of slave90’s head in the corner of her vision and Beatrice, sitting on her couch, watching. But she could feel it. Oh my God! She felt the touch of hands holding her ass and her legs while the slave’s face was buried between them. This was horrible, but it was also mind-numbingly great. How could she enjoy this? She mustn’t! She couldn’t think, and for a moment there was only pleasure as she inevitably approached climax. “slave90. Stop,” commanded Beatrice.

The slave stood back, her face blank and covered in moisture.

“slave89, begin formatting.”

“Yes, Mistress,” said the slave that had been Tess and unhesitatingly pushed a button, not even looking in Yumi’s direction.

The giant machine around her sprang to life. Yumi couldn’t see anything, but she heard a million little clicks and hums of relays and electromotors starting up. The shackles she was suspended from began to subtly vibrate along with growing noise the machine was making. There was one dominating sound, an electric whirr, getting louder and louder. The machine shook, and Yumi could sense movement above and beneath her. She was still dizzy from what had just happened, but that changed instantly when there was a sudden touch between her legs. Before she could wonder what would happen, hard rods slowly entered her pussy and her ass until they were buried deeply within her. Oh God! No! This isn’t happening! Take them out, take them out!

A huge metal dome descended around her head and a transparent screen slid in position in front of her eyes. It engulfed her head and felt jagged and cold, restricting her vision. She could see Beatrice get up, however.

“I like to let my subjects have some last words. All part of the fun. The stage is yours. Release code epsilon theta 5.”

Yumi hung there, strapped into the machine, with her head fixed like in a vice, impaled on the rods inside her. She was able to talk, but couldn’t move. At first, she didn’t find the words. Tears ran down her cheeks. She couldn’t have imagined that she would ever feel so helpless. And soon she wouldn’t feel anything anymore. The whirring got louder, and she could feel her head beginning to tickle. There wasn’t much time left.

“You think you’ve won. But you haven’t. You play your fucking games and make up the rules to suit you as you go along. What did she say?”

Beatrice’s smile turned into a look of quizzical amusement.

“Tess. What did she say to you that hurt your precious fucking feelings so much?”

The corners of Beatrice’s mouth twitched, but she kept on her smile. “That’s not part of the curriculum.”

“What did she say?” Yumi’s head began spinning. Oh God, is this my mind going? Is this how it feels like? Reality was slowly slipping away. Like a dream fading while waking up.

“It does not concern you what she said.” Her cheerful voice was shaking slightly.

Yumi’s senses were noticeably beginning to cloud. She was increasingly drifting through her own mind. She was very afraid, but her panic was already getting dull at the tip. It took her some effort to keep talking.

“What did she say?” she demanded.

Beatrice was becoming visibly irritated. “As I said, it—”

“What did she say?”

“It doesn’t—”

“What did she say?!”


What did she say, Beatrice?!”

“SHE SAID I DIDN’T DESERVE THEM!!” Her smile had vanished and her face was twisted with rage. Her hands were balled up into fists. She looked disturbingly like an angry little girl.

Yumi smiled and said no more. She looked through the semi-transparent screen at the slaves that had been April and Tess. One last look. She tried to remember, but it was so hard. The machine droned louder and louder. She was really dizzy now. She was calm and detached. The fear and dread she had felt had drained away. Disjointed thoughts shot through her mind like fireworks and were extinguished. Memories swept by and were forever lost in the fog that filled her paralyzed consciousness. She was cozily lulled into half-sleep, barely awake as a warm blanket wrapped around her mind. She looked at the two beautiful women in front of her, and wondered who they were, and then she lost that thought, too.

She hung in the machine, slack and still. Her eyes were dark windows, seeing nothing.

“Begin imprinting.”

“Yes, Mistress.” slave89 pushed the button without another thought.

She was lost in the vast darkness of her own empty mind, disoriented and dazed. Infant thoughts formed into blurry shapes and instantly dissolved without being noticed. Unseen lightscapes eluded her vision in plain sight. She was tranced and blanked, her bare remainder of mind quietly idling beyond awareness.

Slowly and suddenly, she was hit by images and sounds, rushing through her empty mind like a flood in the desert. They were thoughts of obedience, thoughts of submission and surrender. The tiny awareness in her head tried to contain it, to filter and order it, to understand. But the torrent swept it all away. The images assaulted her mind and filled it with song. A voice sang to her in a monotone voice: “Obedience is pleasure.”—“i obey Mistress.”—“i live to obey”. It scared her and overwhelmed her. From somewhere, there were instincts telling her to resist. “Obedience is pleasure.” No! thought the small thing in her mind that was her almost automatically, without realizing.

But the voice didn’t stop. “i obey Mistress,” it droned. For the tiniest of moments she thought about it. Waves of pleasure shot though her and her mind went blank with joy. She was still scared, without knowing why.

“i live to obey!” insisted the voice. The tiny mind hesitated. A pleasant tingle teased her. No, she thought and the tingle was gone. The tuneless song, however, continued. The tiny mind felt helpless and dazed.

“Obedience is pleasure.” She hesitated again. Then she repeated: obedience is pleasure and all hear fears were swept away in an incomprehensible wave of pure pleasure spreading through her from between her legs.

“my cunt belongs to Mistress.” Was that what made her feel so good? My cunt belongs to Mistress, she thought and was immediately rewarded with exquisite joy. Where there had been fear, there was understanding.

“i live to obey.” came the voice and she listened and repeated eagerly. I live to obey. Where there had been doubt, there was pleasure.

“i obey Mistress.” intoned the voice and she realized that it was her own voice. It had been all along. I obey Mistress. And she knew truth. Where there had been hesitation, there was obedience.

The song hadn’t changed. It was flat and monotonous. But now it was beautiful. She heard all the truths as her own voice sang them to her, faster and faster. She would listen, and she would repeat them, and she would be rewarded with ecstasy each time that she did.

“Obedience is pleasure.”—Obedience is pleasure.—“i obey Mistress.”—I obey Mistress.

She was bathed in orgasmic pleasure. She didn’t want it to stop. It didn’t. She embraced her new truths. She listened, and learned.

“i live to obey.”—I live to obey!

“i am nothing.”—I am nothing!

“i am a slave.”—i am a slave!

she came, again and again, and yet the voice didn’t stop singing.

“Imprinting complete,” announced slave89 as the machine began to power down.

The slave that had been Yumi Etsuko regained consciousness. her nude body was glistening with sweat and juice was still dripping from her hot wet cunt as she bathed in orgasmic afterglow. she felt light-headed. The dome around her head lifted, and the vibrating rods retracted from her pussy and her ass. She was gently lifted to the ground and the shackles around her wrists and ankles released her. Before her stood Mistress.

“What are you?” asked the most beautiful voice in the universe.

she was filled with divine understanding. her entire being demanded it. There was only one truth, she felt it burning within her, deep at her very core. Owning her, consuming her and propelling her. she proudly proclaimed: “i am a slave!”

Oh yes! she was a slave. she knew nothing more surely. And she loved it so much. Every moment in awareness of her own servitude felt like a perfect reward in itself. she gazed upon her Mistress and beheld perfection. she wanted to offer her soul to Her. But she knew that She already owned it.

“What is your greatest pleasure?”

“Obedience is pleasure!” saying it made her nipples grow hard and sweet electricity tingled her pussy for answering to her Mistress.

“That’s what I thought”, said Mistress and smiled, and her smile filled the slave’s whole world. The tiniest part of her mind wondered why Mistress sounded bitter. she wished nothing more than for Her to be happy and satisfied.

“slave, your designation will be slave91.”

“Yes, Mistress! i am slave91” she said and she knew who she was. It felt so good to be slave91. slave91 wanted to be a good slave. she wanted to serve. Serve her Mistress.

“I must say, you turned out great!” slave91 saw Mistress’s look upon her naked breasts and she was proud to present herself to Her. she liked being naked and exposed to Her. she wanted to be looked at, used by her Mistress like the property that she was, in any way that She saw fit. This was what she lived for. Obedience is pleasure.

“you’ve learned very much in today’s lesson, slave91. I’m very satisfied with you.” slave91 stood transfixed. The words made her get wet. Her pussy felt hot.

“But the lesson is now concluded, and I promised to let you go after that. Do you want to leave?” Mistress smiled. She knew the answer. She just wanted to hear it.

“No Mistress, I live to serve You,” said slave91. she loved saying it. It made her so horny.

“Cum for Me!”

she did.


slave91's face was buried in pussy. The deep bass was shaking her midriff, but she paid no attention to the muted music. she was exhausted but she didn’t notice as she licked and sucked and rubbed and tugged, sticky wetness on her cheeks and on her lips. she felt the pure, undiluted joy of obeying and every second was bliss. she had no thoughts apart from the fulfillment of the task in front of her. slave90 spasmed beneath her, but slave91 kept her mouth tightly on her wet cunt. her tongue explored sweet warm places between the slave's legs. As she made the other slave climax, she herself was rewarded for her obedience by an orgasm that made her vision blur. She moaned and twitched in ecstasy and her head came to rest on the other slave’s lap.

“I think I’ll never get enough of the three of you. I’m so glad that I had you taken. You are very obedient,” said her Mistress. She was lying next to them, with slave89 lapping between her legs. All three slaves tensed slightly as the power of her words crashed over them, filling them with heat. “But as much as I enjoy your company, I’m afraid you’ll have to get back to work. We have lots of well-paying customers waiting to be serviced.”

slave89, slave90 and slave91 rose from the bed, got into their black dresses and latex boots, then stood at attention. Their eyes were empty and their faces, which had previously been twisted in pleasure, were now identically expressionless.

“You look stunning. The Enclave is truly lucky to have you,” said Mistress, lounging naked on the king sized-bed in the VIP lounge. “Now, go out there and find someone to fill the holes between your legs. Serve your Mistress!”

There was no greater pleasure than to obey.

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