Copy Loss

Part III

by nevermind

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #enslavement #f/f #masturbation #serial_recruitment #sub:female #f/m #happy_slaves #pov:bottom

The joy of being used was greater than she could have ever hoped. It was greater than she could have ever wanted. For a fleeting second, she remembered that she was brainwashed to want this. For a moment she remembered being free. For a moment she remembered being afraid. 

The thought immediately dissolved into nothing. No. That had been before she understood. That had been before she had realized that there was nothing better, nothing hotter, than to serve and obey. Her glistening pussy shivered with joy, and everything else was utterly forgotten as she willingly offered all of herself to the man in front of her. He commanded, and she obeyed. He undressed, and she was there to be his toy. She impaled herself on him, felt his cock part her lips, and rode him hard. She kissed him and sucked on his tongue when he pushed it deep into her mouth. She pushed her tits into his face and let him suck and bite on her aching nipples. Everytime he moaned, she moaned as well because in those moments she knew that she was a good fuckslave whose body pleased and served its purpose. She was allowed to let him come into her. He had paid extra for that. She shivered with arousal to be so utterly used when he exploded between her quivering legs. 

He pulled out of her and lied down on the bed next to her. After a moment, he put his fingertips on her cheek and twisted her head around so that she was facing him. “What was your name before they turned you into this needy little slut?” he asked. 

“Eva Martinez,” she answered, and the man nodded, apparently satisfied. Slave Eva had read something about him in the brief. It hadn’t been much, and there had been no Asks and Kinks attached, but there had been a small note that this client only fucked fresh slaves, and only once. Eva looked at him and imagined him fucking Emily. For a moment, she felt her gut tighten. She pushed the thought away and instead thought about how lucky she was to be a slave. This had been her first act of proper obedience, and the reality of it had been just as wonderful as her imagination. He hadn’t made her cum, but that didn’t matter. All that mattered was that she had served him with her body.

“Are there ways you still want to use me in the time that’s left?” Eva asked.

“No,” the man said. He was absent-mindedly staring at her tits. “You can shut up. I’m done with you. I’ll leave in a minute.”

She happily obeyed, enjoying his lecherous eyes on her body as she lay next to him, feeling his cum slowly beginning to drip out of her. He wasn’t bad-looking, but there was something raw and violent about him — and despite the expensive suit of his that was currently draped across the backrest of a chair Eva got the impression of someone dangerous. He was the kind of man that she would have been afraid to be alone with before today, before she had been made to realize how hot it was to submit and serve and give herself up to be used and fucked and controlled and commanded. Now, it turned her on to be completely at his mercy.

After another minute or two of leering at the property he had just used, the man got up, dressed himself, and left without another word. Half a minute after the door had closed, it opened again, and a hospitality slave entered. It was in fact a slave that Eva recognized.

“Oh hi there, slave,” she said smiling, and receiving a smile in return.

“I told you, you can lose the ‘slave’,” Mary said and closed the door behind her. She turned around and swiftly approached the bed. She was carrying a small leather bag. She sat down on the side of the bed and opened it up. It unfolded neatly into a flat set of satchels and a row of stainless-steel gynecological tools. Eva’s legs crossed involuntarily.

“Don’t worry,” Mary said, her smile still genuine despite apparently being perpetual. “I’m not going to get in there unless you tell me there’s physical discomfort. I’ll just do a quick visual to make sure the client didn’t damage Mistress’s property. Spread your legs.”

Eva obeyed without having to think. “He didn’t. I feel great. Just need a quick shower.”

Mary nodded as she put on surgical gloves and spread Eva’s pussy lips. Her fingers were warm and gentle between her legs, and Eva was once again acutely aware of how hot other slaves made her. She looked down between her spread legs and saw a beautiful slave, serving, making sure that another slave was ready to be used as well as possible. Both of them were property. Both of them loved it. It was so good. So wonderful. So hot.

“Apart from the stains, you’re in perfect condition,” Mary said, and packed up her things. “Was it any good?”

Eva shivered. “Fuck yes.”

Mary’s smile grew wider, and she blinked at Eva in acknowledgement. She looked at a wristwatch around her left arm, and looked like she was thinking for a moment, apparently whether or not they had a moment to chat. After a second, she put down her bag again. They had time, it seemed.

“I heard that you’ve met Vicky,” she said, and for the first time, she almost lost her smile.

“Yup,” Eva said hesitantly. She didn’t know where she was standing here. Had it been suspicious of her to talk back? Had she been supposed to be an unquestioningly loyal slave? Surely, it wasn’t strange that she still had her personality. Emily still had hers. Vicky certainly had lots of personality, and Eva hadn’t gotten the impression that any slave she had met had been in any way made docile or mindless.

“Got on her bad side?” Mary said. It wasn’t really a question. 

“You could say that,” Eva said with a shrug. “But... she attacked Emily, and I couldn’t just stand there and let her do that. She’s still my friend. It still hurts to see her attacked. Also, she enslaved me, so I’m in her debt.”

“She disappointed Mistress, though” Mary said, one eyebrow raised.

“And Mistress punished her accordingly,” Eva said. “Vicky’s got no right to judge Emily. She’s just another fuckslave like the rest of us. I couldn’t just stand there and let her do that. I serve Mistress and want only for her to be obeyed well, but I can’t help but be grateful to Emily for making me serve, even if she failed to do it in time.”

Mary nodded, looking thoughtful for a moment. “Fair, I guess” she said. “And to be honest, Vicky is kind of a bitch.”

Eva laughed. “Tell me about it. I was so ready to fuck her brains out until she ruined it with her personality.”

“Wow, that’s a first,” Mary said, bracing her hands against her hips. “A fuckslave that doesn’t want to fuck.”

“Oh no, I’m wet for literally everyone else. Everyone but her.”

Mary said nothing for a second, looking at her feet before clearing her throat and picking up her bag again. “I should go,” she said. “You still need to clean yourself up. Another slave will change the sheets as you shower. I’ll be checking up on another fuckslave for the rest of the day. We have some painful Asks scheduled for her. Slave Kelly will see you after each of your next three clients instead and make sure that you’ve been handled properly.”

“Thanks,” Eva said. “See you around, then.”

“Yes,” Mary said. “See you around. Glad to have you here with us.”

“Glad to be property,” Eva said, and Mary left with another little smile and wave.

Eva got out of bed and cleaned her body in the attached bathroom nook. She brushed her hair, fixed her lipstick, and put on a bit of makeup powder to make herself as fuckable and usable as she could in the time she had. She barely noticed the slave that entered her room and prepared the bed while she was preparing her body.

Soon, the bell chimed again and she returned to her place in the freshly made bed with a quickly beating heart. Her pussy was already squirming in anticipation, wet and ready for the next person to claim it. She gently stroked across her lower lips, the memory of her first time of being used incredibly fresh and hot at the front of her mind. She was ready. She wanted it. She needed it. Again. 

The door opened, and closed, and she served. This time, it was an older man that used her mouth instead of her pussy, at least initially. She got to let him jerk off on top of her and let him cum on her tits. 

The door opened, and closed, and she was checked by slave Kelly, and she cleaned herself and made herself pretty and ready to be fucked again. 

The door opened, and closed, and she served an attractive young man that wanted her from behind and that told her not to moan or scream as he rammed into her. He finished quickly, and left without another word, and Eva had plenty of time to fingerfuck herself afterwards. She came twice before slave Kelly returned to check on her. 

Another round of clean-up and preparation, and the door opened, and it closed, and Eva let herself be used by a middle-aged black man, first by letting the man play with her pussy, then by sucking him off and letting him cum into her mouth. 

The door closed, and she was alone, still shivering and panting. 

For a moment, she let the silence wash over her. She tasted the lingering traces of cum in her mouth as she lay there, sweaty and exhausted, breathing slowly as the silence stretched. “Yesssssss!” she moaned, and she began to giggle, then quietly laugh. Her hand wandered between her legs and she pushed against her aching lips not to masturbate, but only to feel the warmth and pressure. She was raw by now, and too exhausted for now to get herself off again. Instead she just laughed, almost voicelessly, as infinite joy and pride overcame her.

“Yes!” she whispered to herself. “Yes! Yes! Yes!!!” She closed her eyes and focussed on the wonderful ache in her body. She had served! She had been used! Her body had been sold, and she had allowed it. She had given herself away! 

“Oh God, yes!” This was what she had always been meant to be. This was everything she wanted. It was so good. It was so unbelievably good. She had never felt this correct. She had never felt this proud. She had never been this happy. 

She sighed deeply. She was done for today. There were no more people left to use her until tomorrow. Tomorrow, she would open her legs again and give her pussy and give her lips and give her lust and give her soul.

But for today, she had served. 

After a while, slave Kelly entered and checked her body for blemishes, found none, told Eva to clean herself up with the other slaves, and left with a friendly smile. 

Eva got out of bed and put on a silk bathrobe, not because she wanted to cover herself, but because the evaporating sweat on her skin was actually making her feel chilly. She left the lights on for the cleaning slaves to finish up and navigated her way to the community showers in the basement. On the way, she wondered why they weren’t simply using the showers in their rooms like they had been doing all evening.

She got her answer as soon as she was within earshot. Cutting across the white noise of running water was a choir of shameless moans, and it all made sense. She rounded the corner into the bathroom and saw slaves on the floor, heads buried between legs, or kissing and fingering each other while on their feet, or kneeling between spread thighs.

Her pussy squirmed with arousal as she watched the orgy of slaves, and she realized that this must be happening every day. A stable full of eager sluts that got off from being used, getting fucked with no consideration for their own pleasure, getting even more turned on by the fact that their partners were just using them as toys;  of course they needed release at the end of the day.

Eva licked her lips. She tried to make out Emily among the masses, but there were at least three dozen naked slaves piling on each other, all with wet hair, and steam and jets of water obscuring the sight. She didn’t see her.

“Slave Eva,” called one of the slaves from the throng, her head popping up from the orgy almost comically. “The new slave is here!”

The slave’s words were acknowledged by a collective moan. Some slaves looked at her with hungry eyes while others remained locked in tight contact with whoever they were fucking. Slave Eva felt herself walking without even realizing it. She shed her robe, bare feet on slippery white tiles. The air was thick with water vapor and the noise of sex, and her head felt like it was clouding up with the viscous pleasure that permeated the room, harshly reverberating like the noise in an indoor pool. Her thoughts were spiralling into nothingness. She looked at the naked bodies around her and realized that she was already in the middle of the pack. Hands were caressing her, and she leaned into the touch of her fellow slaves. A blonde. A redhead. A small woman with dark black skin. Looking at her, already fucking her with her eyes. Her body felt like it was melting like wax under the hot water. She was a slave. She was a fucktoy. She was property. They were all property. All of them. She looked at their beautiful bodies. They existed to be given away. To be sold. To be used. To be fucked. Just like Eva. Property. Slaves. Hot, wet, slaves. Brainwashed. Obedient. Willing. 

Someone took her hand and pulled her into an embrace, and she felt hot wet skin against her own and it felt like she was drowning in pleasure that she didn’t know was still lurking in her. Hot water ran over their bodies, and it seemed to wash away all the exhaustion, all resistance and hesitation she had felt. All that remained was the pent-up arousal of being fucked and used over and over and over like the good little fuckslave that she was. She moaned, and squeezed the other slave’s ass, and pushed her fingers further down between her legs as far as she could reach. She wanted her. She wanted this. She needed this. Now. Yes! Yes! Yesss! 

She barely managed to look at the slave’s face to see that it wasn’t Vicky. It wasn’t, so she kissed her without even knowing her name, without ever having seen her before, without waiting another second. The slave’s lips opened for her without hesitation, and Eva felt her fingers push between her legs just as her tongue pushed into her mouth. Her thoughts dissolved into pure animalistic lust, and she let herself be taken. There was only pleasure. There was only obedience. There was only their bodies and the sacred joy of giving them away.

When Eva came, she didn’t think about Emily at all.

It all died down, eventually. There was more touching and kissing as they cleaned themselves up, but the fucking was over. Their lust had been sated for now. There were hospitality slaves waiting, handing out towels and bathrobes outside the shower area next to the sinks. 

Eva joined the trickle of slaves that were leaving, drying herself off and looking around for Emily. Her enslaver was nowhere in sight, however. Eva’s heart fell. She could see slave Vicky on the other end of the room, which was some small relief. For a moment she had worried that Vicky had done something to Emily. But Vicky was here, chatting with another slave she had probably fucked minutes earlier.

Slave Eva took a robe from one of the hospitality slaves. She looked at them. They were standing in a short row of six. Slave Mary wasn’t among them, either.

“Excuse me,” she asked one of the slaves, a woman with a blonde bob and rimless glasses. “Can I ask you something?”

The slave looked at her with a smile. “Of course.”

“Do you know where slave Emily is?”

The slave answered without hesitation and absolutely no hint of alarm. “She’s in the clinic. Her client damaged her.”

The floor seemed to drop from beneath Eva’s feet, and she had to catch herself in order not to scream. Instead, she managed a sharp intake of breath and a heavy swallow. She nodded tightly, holding herself back remembering how she’d had to defend herself in front of Mary for caring too much about Emily. 

“Ah, too bad,” she said, trying to match the other slave’s casual tone as best as she could. “I was looking forward to fucking her as a thanks for enslaving me.”

The blonde slave nodded. “I’m sorry she can’t be here, but I’m sure she’ll be back in a couple of days at most.”

“Is slave Mary with her? She told me she was attending a fuckslave with tough Asks today.”

“That’s right.”

All of her thoughts screamed insistingly for her to ask where Emily was being treated and whether or not she would be allowed to visit. But she bit the urge down and simply nodded. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” the slave said, her smile never wavering. Eva forced herself to turn away. Her head was spinning and her chest felt tight, even though her fingers were still prickling from the recent high of orgasm. This was a lot. Again, there was a short moment where she wished that she could just be a slave like all the others, simply obeying their terrible mistress. The moment quickly passed, like it did last time. She would find a way to free Emily. She had to. Now more than ever, now that it was clear that they were physically hurting her. They were abusing her.

She joined the general commotion and left the bathroom, lost in thought. Before she could even wonder where she was going, however, she was greeted by slave Laura, the one who had shown her around and told her how to properly whore herself.

“Eva,” Laura said, beaming from ear to ear. “How are you?”

“Great,” she lied — but even as she said the words, she realized that they were almost true. She remembered the sheer ecstasy of serving her purpose and giving herself away and obeying. It had been so incredibly good. She felt selfish for enjoying this so much, but it was undeniable. Despite everything, this had been the best day of her life.

“Wonderful,” Laura said. She laid her hand on Eva’s shoulder. “You’re wonderful slave stock. Your clients left very positive feedback. I think you will see all of them return pretty soon, except for Mr. Ribisi, obviously.”

Warmth filled Eva’s body, and she couldn’t help but shiver. “Thank you,” she said. “I’m so happy to have served well.”

Laura nodded. “You did. But you’re not quite done yet. Come with me.”

Something in Eva tightened again. She was sure that she already knew where they were going, and the prospect sent shivers down her spine. She didn’t dare to ask further, but it was almost immediately clear that she had been right.

Laura was taking her to Mistress Devanshi.

They arrived at the door to her office a few minutes later. Slave Laura immediately knocked on it, leaving Eva almost no time to collect herself before they were called in. The door opened to an office bathed in soft light flooding in from elegant recesses in the wood paneling, giving the impression of a room that glowed all by itself. Eva’s eyes automatically wandered to the far end of the room where the desk was. She could look past it out of the large window. It was dark out, city lights glimmering in the distant valley. 

“Slave Eva.” 

The voice startled her, and Eva realized that Mistress Devanshi was sitting not at her desk but to their right, lounging on a comfortable-looking sofa next to a glass table. Both Eva and Laura pivoted to face her. “Mistress,” they both said in concert, bowing before her.

Devanshi was holding a tumbler of whiskey on the rocks. She took a sip as she mustered the both of them. For a moment, there was nothing but tense silence.

“How did she do, slave Laura? Was she worth the wait?”

Slave Laura straightened. “I can’t make that judgment, Mistress. But she performed excellently. She is highly enthusiastic and fully fetishisizes her enslavement. She did not tire out and her clients left high marks for face and body. No commendations for technique, but that was to be expected from what slave Emily reported in her material assessment. She’s hardly been used before her enslavement.”

Slave Eva couldn’t help but smile. A warm, simmering pride bubbled in her chest, and it made her so fucking hot to be talked about like this; reduced to nothing but property. 

Mistress Devanshi nodded. “Slave Emily didn’t fuck it up, then?”

“No, Mistress. Slave Eva’s personality is strong, and her emotional core is mostly intact. Almost no blunting or smoothing. What you own is almost completely the person Eva used to be. She even defended slave Emily in front of slave Vicky when she verbally attacked her.”

“Hmmm,” Mistress said, furrowing her brow. “Interesting. Why would you do that, slave Eva?”

Eva’s heart was beating heavily in her chest. It took all she had to remain calm as she answered. “I love my enslavers, Mistress. I love you. I love Emily. She’s still my friend, and I’m forever in her debt. She showed me the truth: I am your property. I exist to be used. I got defensive when Vicky accused her of doing a bad job.”

Mistress Devanshi smiled, and sighed. She got up and stepped around the table. “Kneel,” she commanded, and Eva did as she was told. It felt so right to kneel. If only it was in front of someone else. But it was right nonetheless. She belonged on her knees. Devanshi stopped in front of her, looking down at her, her terrible beauty majestic and frightening. 

“I wrote the programming,” she said, and let a pause hang in the air. “I know what you want to say. I know what your wet little slave cunt is screaming at you to tell me. Say it, cunt.”

Eva opened her mouth, trying to think of what to say. There was nothing. Whatever Devanshi was talking about, she didn’t know what she meant. Something inside of her seemed to be missing. The part of her that was aligned to imprint on Devanshi Charan. The part of her that Emily had forgotten. She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t feel it. All she could do now was guess; say what she wanted to say to Emily.

“I…” she began, but she stumbled. She felt like she couldn’t breathe. This was a test, and if she failed, Emily would be lost. It couldn’t happen. It mustn’t happen. She mustn’t fail her. Mistress Devanshi was staring at her. She had to speak. She had to act. Now. Anything was better than inaction.

She spread her robe and slipped her hand between her legs.

“Mistress,” she said, as she started rubbing her pussy. She thought of her friend Emily. The one she served. The one she loved. The one she belonged to. “I am yours. I am your property. I am your slave.”

Her body shivered. It was all true. It was so true. She let out a small moan.

“My purpose is to serve. My body exists to be used. I want it. I need it.”

She looked up into the beautiful dark eyes of the woman that was responsible for all the hot slaves that Eva wanted so badly to fuck. All the hot slaves that turned her on so much when she thought about them.

“Thank you,” she whimpered. “Thank you for enslaving me! Thank you for enslaving Emily! Thank you for turning us into property. Thank you! I love you, Mistress! I love you so much! I want you to use me! I want you to give me away. Anything! Anything for you!”

Her body was quaking, and she couldn’t tell where the arousal ended and where the fear began. Her pussy was on fire, and her fingers were wet between her folds as she pushed against the acrid lust between her thighs. She moaned, and screamed, and let herself collapse at Mistress Devanshi’s feet, panting and quivering. 

She hadn’t managed to get herself off. She had tried, and she had been maddeningly close. But not for her. Not for the woman that had taken Emily’s free will.

There was a pause. After a couple of seconds, Eva dared to open her eyes and get back on her knees, bowing deeply before Devanshi. She caught a glimpse of her expression and to her absolute terror, Devanshi looked… surprised, or confused, or sceptical. Whatever it was, it wasn’t what had been expected of her. Oh God.

The silence lasted only a few seconds, but it was almost unbearable. Finally, Devanshi spoke. 

“Looks like Emily took some liberties with your script, slave Eva.”

Eva felt like she was about to die. “I’m sorry Mistress. I didn’t know,” she stammered, reeling to turn this around. “I thought I was properly enslaved because I want nothing but to serve you. I am nothing but a slave. I want it! I need it!”

“Quiet,” Devanshi said, and Eva fell silent. There was another drawn-out silence. Eventually, Devanshi sighed. “I guess it will have to do. Slave Laura.”

“Yes Mistress,” the slave next to Eva said. Her voice sounded tight.

“Next time a slave begs you to enslave her friend, you say ‘no’ and let slave Vicky or slave Erica do it like always. Slave Emily did a sloppy job.”

“Yes, Mistress. I’m sorry. Should I tell Vicky to expedite slave Eva’s processing?”

Eva was screaming internally as Devanshi considered. No. Please no! She had to save Emily.

“No,” Mistress Devanshi said, and Eva let out a quiet sigh of immense relief. “Her programming is fine for now, and she’s already booked for the rest of the week. I’m not going to lose any more revenue because of this. Slave Eva, look at me.”

Eva did. Devanshi’s eyes burrowed into her with an intensity that was nearly unbearable. But she had to hold her gaze. She had to.

“What are you?” Devanshi asked, and this time it was an easy question. She didn’t have to lie. She didn’t have to pretend. She could say exactly what she really believed. She looked into Devanshi’s glaring eyes, full of pride, full of conviction, and even under this terrible gaze she couldn’t help but smile with joy as she told the wonderful truth that lived at her core:

“I am a fuckslave, Mistress Devanshi,” she said. “I am property. I exist to be used. I exist to serve.”

Devanshi looked at her as she said it, and nodded. “Very good.”

Eva saw it in Devanshi’s eyes. She had bought it. Eva had convinced her. She let out a quiet breath of relief.

Devanshi turned to slave Laura. “Finish her up, then. You may go.”

“Yes, Mistress,” they both said, and left the office. Slave Eva’s pulse was still racing as they walked across the mansion.

“I’m sorry,” slave Laura said.

“What for?”

“For allowing Emily to enslave you instead of a more experienced slave. It is my responsibility to manage and oversee you fuckslaves, and I have done a less than perfect job.”

“It’s fine. I serve absolutely. I want this. I need this,” Eva said.

“I believe you,” Laura said. “But your delayed enslavement disrupted the schedule, and warranted additional confirmation. Mistress was worried you would underperform.”

“I didn’t, though.”

“And you can be proud of that,” Laura said, smiling. “You served well today. The blame is on slave Emily and myself. Mistress will punish me later, once I am done with my duties.”

Eva nodded. This time, she felt nothing. Laura was just as much property as she was. It was Devanshi’s right to punish her for failing to properly serve. “So what else is there for me to know,” she asked as a way of changing the topic. “Will I have other duties besides offering my holes?”

Laura smiled. “Not really. You will not be commanded to perform tasks other than ones sexual in nature. That is what the other slaves exist for. Your body is a valuable resource, and your duty is to maintain and exercise it when it is not being used. That means a careful rest and exercise cycle as well as careful nutrition. But that’s putting the cart before the horse. You will see slave Patricia about that tomorrow. Ah, we’re here. This is you.”

They had arrived not outside of sleeping chambers like Eva had expected, but in a small storage room. There were shelves lining the wall with large clear plastic storage boxes. Each of the boxes was labeled with a name and had a small folder attached to it. It reminded Eva of the way health records were attached to hospital beds. There was a small table near the entrance, on top of which sat a plastic box labelled ‘Eva Martinez’. Inside, there were the clothes she had been abducted in, neatly folded and with her cell phone and car keys sitting on top.

“This is your old life,” Laura said. “Emily told us that you’re single and that your family still lives in Colorado?”

“Correct,” Eva said.

“Good. You will continue your life as before for the time being. We picked today to have you enslaved because Emily told us that you took a week off from work. Is that correct, too?”


“You will cancel any appointments you might have, unless it would be conspicuous enough to raise questions. In that case, you will take those appointments and any bookings for the use of your body will be rescheduled.”

Eva nodded.

“You will quit your job as quickly as possible without raising suspicion. You will slowly break off contact with your friends and family. We will send you scripts and phrases to help you with that process. You can also ask for slave Linda to help you with that in the coming days.”

Laura looked at her, the ever-present smile of a willing slave on her lips. “Any questions?”

“No. I’m happy to give myself completely.”

Again, like so many times today, it was almost completely true, if not entirely. She wanted this. She needed this. She needed to serve. She needed to obey. The idea of discarding her old life and everything she used to be felt fundamentally right, and she felt ready to jump on it. But there was that splinter in her mind, that thing that was still wrong: She would be doing it for Mistress Devanshi, not Emily. Still, it was so much better than the alternative. Going back to her old life and being the person she had once been was inconceivable. Burying it and erasing it was the only way her life could go now, and she was glad to start the process as soon as possible. Nothing but a slave. No other life. Fuck yes.

Laura nodded, grabbed the cell phone from the container and handed it to Eva. “Your weird android doesn’t shut down when you hold the power button. Turn it off.”

Eva unlocked the screen and shut it down. Laura took it from her and put it back in the box.

“We can’t have your location being tracked. Emily put your phone in a faraday cage the moment she drugged you at your place. You will never turn it on unless in a safe location: Your home. Your work. Public places far away from here. Unless you are using it there, you will always shut it off. You don’t need to be available to anyone but those Mistress sells you to.”

She picked up a flip phone from the table, held it up, and put it in the box when Eva nodded. “Understood,” Eva said. “I’ll only use the burner unless I need my old phone to alienate my friends and family or quit my job.” 

“Perfect. You may go home now.”

Eva blinked. “What?”

“Go home. Until you have cut yourself off from your unenslaved life we need you to keep up appearances. For now, your fuckslave appointments are during the afternoon, and you will be able to return home every night. Once you have isolated yourself, we will manufacture a cover story for you, and you will be able to permanently move here to be used full-time.”

Eva was speechless. She hadn’t expected this. “Okay,” she said after a moment, raising her eyebrows. “Kind of disappointing, to be honest. I thought I’d never go back unless I had to.”

Laura smiled apologetically. “I understand how you feel, but this is only a transitory period. You will be a full slave soon, I promise.”

“Is Emily already a full slave?” Eva asked, trying to make the question sound as innocent as possible. The fact that it took a while for slaves to fully lose their old lives changed a lot. Maybe there was a chance to save Emily before her friend was forced to throw away everything. 

Laura shook her head. “Not yet. She’s been a slave for only a couple of weeks. The process usually takes at least three months. It pays to be thorough and careful if it means that afterwards the slave is fully cut off from society and can be easily sold and used for anything.”

Eva couldn’t help but get turned on by the idea. Being sold like cattle would be so fucking hot. She licked her lips. Her pussy was tingling with arousal. She wanted to touch herself. She would. She definitely would. But not right now. 

“I can’t wait to see the day when she’s nothing but a slave,” she lied, “and I can’t wait to join her in absolute service.”

Laura nodded. “As do we all. It’s sooo good. I will always remember the feeling when I sold my house and gave up my old life to fully serve Mistress. I’m looking forward to the day when I can show you your slave quarters.”

Eva nodded. “Me, too.”  

“Okay. Well. Unless you have any more questions, I’m going to leave you to it now. We picked up your car for you, it’s in the garage. Turn right and follow the road to get to the highway. We’ve printed out a map with a route from your home to here. It’s in the glove compartment, along with a checklist of other instructions. Learn it by heart and burn it after. See you tomorrow, slave Eva.”

“Thank you,” Eva said, and watched Laura leave. The door fell closed, and Eva was alone. She took a deep breath, then started dressing herself. 

It felt strange to put on normal clothes. Underwear, bra, jeans, t-shirt. Her body was meant to be looked at. It felt wrong to cover it up. She did it anyway, and pocketed her phone and keys. She was just about to leave the room when another thought came to her. 

She looked at the shelves until she found Emily’s storage box. Just like her own, it was filled with a set of clothes and a cell phone and keys. Hers also had a handbag inside. But that wasn’t what Eva was interested in. She took the file folder from the front and leafed through it. It contained exactly what she had hoped: Detailed descriptions of Emily’s initial capture, her enslavement, and her further processing. There was an honestly unnerving amount of data that had been collected about her from hacked social media accounts and cell phone tracking, with a final assessment of ‘suitable for immediate enslavement’. Like Laura had said, she had been captured and enslaved twenty-five days ago and as expected the attending slave had been Vicky. There was data on the duration of the process as well as information about methods and drugs used. But the thing that Eva had been looking for was the location, and she took in a sharp breath as she found it. She made another mental notch for the number of times that Mistress Devanshi had made. 

Despite the sensible security measures that Devanshi Charan’s operation was taking otherwise, they had failed to give them code names. There it was in plain text: The address of the underground enslavement chamber!

Eva’s mind was racing. This could be the way to move forward; Emily and her weren’t fully slaves yet. They could still leave this place without raising suspicion. If Eva could get Emily to that location, she could hypnotize her and undo her programming. She could free her, and serve her! She could…

A realization hit Eva like a brick. She could call the police. She could leave, call the police, and bring everything down — tonight! She didn’t serve Mistress Devanshi. She wasn’t her slave. She had no loyalty to her. Only to Emily, her true enslaver, the one she loved and obeyed.

She bit her lips. That was the problem, wasn’t it? She didn’t know where Emily was being treated. And if she called the police now, there was no way that Eva would be able to serve her. Emily would be free — but she would tell them about Eva, and they would undo Eva’s enslavement!

She nearly threw up. No. No. No. That could never happen. She had to serve. She was property. She existed to be used. And even if she hated herself for it, she knew that that was even more important than Emily. She was nothing but a slave. She could never give that up. If she did, she would be nothing. 

She had to free Emily first, then. That was the only way. Free Emily and destroy any evidence that the two of them had been here. Only then could she call the police and bust this operation. Some part of her resisted even that notion. Taking down Charan would mean freeing all those hot, willing slaves. The thought made her queasy. But it would be worth it if it meant being able to serve Emily, and there was just no way to do that with Mistress Devanshi still around.

She nodded to herself. She had made up her mind, and she had something like a plan: Drug Emily and take her to the enslavement chamber. Make her see that she was free, and that she was Eva’s rightful owner. Call the cops and bring down Devanshi Charan. Serve and obey Emily for the rest of her life. Easy. Right? 

She sighed, put the file back and left the room. Why did it all have to be so difficult?

Whatever she was going to do, she wasn’t doing it tonight. She had to do what she had been told. She had to obey. Go home, and rest, and start undoing her old life. Tomorrow, there might be time to figure more stuff out before it was finally time for her to be used again. She was looking forward to spreading her legs and offering her body. But maybe before she was due to serve she’d be able to get a better lay of the land of Mistress Devanshi’s mansion.

She entered the garage and found her car, looking out of place in her new life. She got in and scanned the map in the glove box. Then, she started driving. Down the driveway, out the automatic gate, through town, until forty minutes later, she was home in her apartment.

She unlocked the door and walked down the hall and into her bedroom like she was visiting a haunted house. It was surreal to be back here. Her couch. Her IKEA shelves. Her bed. Her wardrobe. She sat down on it and pulled off her clothes to get a little bit of normalcy back. Naked, she turned on her phone and read the messages she had missed. A couple of group chats, a handful of direct messages from one of her work friends, one from her mom, and one from Mike (Tinder). She started with the latter, telling him that it wasn’t going to work out, and blocking him. The rest, she left for tomorrow. She was tired. It had been a long day.

She brushed her teeth and went to bed. As she lay there in the darkness with closed eyes, she thought about how when she had woken up today, she’d had no idea that it would be the best day of her life. Coffee with Emily, and maybe some grocery shopping after that. But she’d been enslaved! Emily had enslaved her! She was property now. She was nothing but a hot, willing slave that wanted to be used.

Her hand crept between her legs and she started masturbating. She moaned when her fingers found her aching cunt. She was so fucking wet already.

“Mhhhhmmmm, yessss,” she groaned, to horny to keep it in. She remembered all the men she had fucked today. She remembered the joy of being their whore. She had been so willing! She had been so eager! She had been such an obedient piece of property! She pushed her fingers down her hot wet slave pussy and thought about how good it was that her cunt had become such an easily available fuckhole. She wanted it to be spread and used and fucked. She wanted it full of cum. She rubbed her clit, and waves of sizzling pleasure rolled up her spine. She pulled her knees up to her chest as she continued fucking herself, and imagined being watched, imagined being fucked, imagined being used.

She imagined Emily between her legs, and let out a whimpering moan. Yes!!! She was hers! Emily had enslaved her! Emily had turned her into this! Emily had raped her and used her and brainwashed her!

She wanted her so bad. She was hers. Hers alone. She wanted this. She needed this. Because Emily had made her. Because Emily had shown her the truth. Because she was Emily’s whore. She was her slave. She was her property!

Eva’s trembling hands rubbed frantically against the building ecstasy, and her breath caught, and she whimpered voicelessly, and her body trembled and twitched as the pleasure peaked, plateaued, and finally crashed in an explosion of wonderful release. She screamed as orgasm shook her body with pure primal joy.

She smiled and pulled her blanket up over herself. Already, she could feel her thoughts begin to drift. Wonderful images of naked slaves danced half-seen across her mind among warm thoughts of obedience and pleasure. She was happy. She was good. Everything was going to be good. She would obey. She would serve. The warmest and most comfortable thought of all. She would serve. She would serve. She would… serve.

And with that, she fell asleep.

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