Copy Loss

Part II

by nevermind

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #enslavement #f/f #masturbation #serial_recruitment #sub:female #f/m #happy_slaves #pov:bottom

Emily swung the black sedan into the ten-car garage with such reckless speed that slave Eva thought they might lose a mirror. Thankfully, Emily managed to thread the needle and avoid a crash. Slamming the brakes, they came to a violent stop, and for the first time in thirty minutes, Emily looked at slave Eva. Her eyes were wide with stress and she was breathing heavily.

“We’re here,” she said, somewhat superfluously, and slave Eva nodded with a tight smile. Emily was already getting out of the car and some part of slave Eva was glad that they had been caught in such a rush. It had given her some time to think and sort out her brain.

She got out of the car and quickly went after Emily, who was already jogging down a hallway leading out of the garage. The multi-million-dollar mansion that Emily's mistress inhabited was apparently built partially into a hill, and the garage led directly into a basement level. They passed a series of doors that looked like they might lead to servant’s quarters. The hallway was at least 200 feet long. Once they had arrived at the end, after passing a stairway and elevator, Emily turned right, and led both of them into a large communal washroom that smelled pleasantly of scented soap and which was lined with tasteful white tiles, marble sinks and showers in the back. 

“We might still make it,” Emily said. She was already getting out of her clothes again. When they had left the underground enslavement chamber, they had both quickly put on street clothes to avoid suspicion. Slave Eva quickly undressed, following Emily’s example. It felt good to be nude again. Despite all the complications, she was of course still much more comfortable with her slave body on full display. It was her purpose to be used, and being naked pleasantly reminded her of that. A soft shiver went down her spine as she looked at her enslaver. Emily was beautiful. Slave Eva wanted her so bad. She wanted nothing more than to fall on her knees and serve between the smooth legs of her friend.

But she knew she couldn’t. Emily was going to be her own enemy as long as she was enslaved like this. If Emily realized that slave Eva wasn’t thinking of herself as her mistress’s property, she would immediately betray Eva. 

The thought tasted bitter and heavy, and slave Eva had to keep herself from making a noise of discomfort. Instead, she went after Emily and stepped into the showers with her. As the hot water ran down her body, she considered what plan of action she was going to follow. Whatever she did, she was going to have to free Emily. There had to be a way. There simply had to be. She loved her so much. She had to serve her. She had to help her. Otherwise, Emily would never use her like she was supposed to be used. 

As these thoughts meandered through her head, she watched the wonderful body of her enslaved friend, glistening with soapy water. For a moment, she felt captivated by Emily’s smooth skin, her luscious curves. She was deeply in love with her. Anything for her. Emily still wasn’t paying her much attention. She seemed too preoccupied with her own guilt and anxiety. It hurt Eva to be ignored like this after having such a life-shattering revelation, but some part of her also couldn’t help but get off a little from the way she was being treated like nothing more than a package that Emily had to quickly deliver. She squeezed her thighs together. It was so fucking good to be nothing but property.

They didn’t take long to clean themselves. When they were done they quickly stepped out, dried themselves off, and went across the hall. The room they entered reminded slave Eva of the backstage area in a theater. On one wall, there was a row of mirrors and make-up tables, and in a corner, she saw clothes racks on wheels with dresses draped over wire hangers. 

She couldn’t help but be excited by how little fabric the dresses were made of.

Emily had already taken a seat, and was in the process of unscrewing a cream pink lipstick. Eva sat down in the chair to her right. “How does our mistress like her slaves to look?” she asked. The lie didn’t come as difficult as she had anticipated. It was only a small lie. Emily’s mistress might not be hers ‒ but was still a slave. She didn’t have to reach far to act the part. 

Emily didn’t look at her to reply. “Just do yourself like you used to. Mistress wants to own the person we used to be,” she answered, smacking her lips and managing a sly smile and sideways glance in slave Eva’s direction that made slave Eva shiver with excitement. The idea made her so hot. She suddenly realized that if it wasn’t for Emily, she would probably offer herself to Mistress. If she didn’t already have someone to serve and belong to, it would be so hot to be owned that way. But it was out of the question. She needed to serve Emily before anyone else. She nodded, quickly did her make-up, and blow dried her hair along with Emily.

Emily was done before her, and when slave Eva was finished, her friend was already waiting for her, wearing a sheer cream-pink dress made of silk ‒ and an expression of utter excitement. It was contagious. Slave Eva couldn’t help but share the thrill. They were about to be used! They were about to serve! Even if it wasn’t serving Emily, it was the next best thing. It made her so fucking hot.

Emily was holding up another dress in front of her. This one was white, and just as translucent as the one Emily was wearing. Slave Eva took it and put it on excitedly, checking herself out in the mirror, and for a moment she forgot all about the complications she was facing. Looking back at her from the mirror, wrapped in warm incandescent light, was the most fuckable, readily usable slut she had ever seen. There was nothing about her that told of any desire other than to be taken and used. The white dress draped over her body existed only to be pulled off of her. Her tits existed only to be touched. Her legs existed only to be spread. Her mouth existed only to say ‘Yes.’ 

She shivered with quiet joy.

“Thank you, slave Emily,” she whispered. Emily nodded with a satisfied grin, took her hand, and led her upstairs to meet her cruel mistress. For a moment, slave Eva didn’t care. She was going to be used, and right now that was all she wanted.

“You’re late,” were the first words they heard, before they had even properly entered the large office and closed the door behind them. Emily immediately went to her knees on the hardwood floor, and Eva followed her example. She followed Emily’s gaze ‒ and saw her. At the end of the room, next to a sleek desk and with her back turned to them, stood a tall woman wearing a long, slate-grey dress over wide-legged pants of the same color, and a mauve shawl loosely draped around her shoulders. 

Emily’s voice was the smallest thing. “I am sorry, Mistress. I served as best as I could, but I‒”

“‒quiet, slave,” the woman said, and silence fell. After a moment, the woman turned around and looked at them, both of them on both knees, their legs slightly apart. Emily was bowing her head, avoiding her gaze, but slave Eva fully looked at her, barely having to fake the look of wonder and excitement that she imagined she would have if that woman were in fact the new center of her universe. She was stunning. Caramel skin and black hair braided into a ponytail that curled over her right shoulder, the face of Emily’s mistress made Eva truly think of a queen. She looked like she might be in her forties, but she had an ageless beauty and an air of effortless elegance that took Eva’s breath away. If that woman hadn’t done such a terrible thing to Emily it would have been so very easy to melt into her service until there was truly nothing left of what Eva used to be.

“Mistress,” she whispered, eyes wide, and for the shortest of moment, it wasn’t a lie.

The woman met her eyes, and for more reasons than one, Eva could not bear it, and she lowered her gaze to stare at her feet, head bowed in true submission. Whatever she had planned to do suddenly seemed so much more impossible than before. The woman in front of her felt insurmountable. Invincible. Infallible.

But Eva also knew it wasn’t true. Standing there was a woman that had sent a slave on a mission without making sure that she was capable of doing it. Whether out of arrogance, or complacency, or ignorance, there was weakness behind those burning eyes of hers.

The silence was suddenly broken by the soft steps of bare feet as Emily's mistress approached them, coming to a stop an arm’s reach before them.

“Slave Eva,” she said, and Eva trembled. “Stand. Look at me.”

She obeyed, and some part of her hated how good it felt. She rose to her feet, and raised her head. It was like staring into the sun. She felt no love at all, but the sheer authority and dominance radiating from the woman in front of her was burrowing into all of the soft wet places of her mind that screamed to serve. She met her eyes, and she felt her nipples ache as they poked through the fabric of her shameless slave attire. It was so hard not to scream with lust, but she managed.

“I am your Mistress Devanshi Charan. You will address me as Mistress or Mistress Devanshi.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Devanshi mustered Eva intently for a long moment, eyes wandering over her body and face until she seemed satisfied and continued to speak. “Some of your hair is still wet. Fix it and meet slave Laura. Slave Emily will tell you where. Leave.”

“Yes, Mistress,” she said, and turned to leave. It took everything out of her not to steal a glance at Emily as she walked out of the office. Her heart was racing in her chest. As she closed the door behind her, she caught a glimpse through the closing crack of Devanshi looming over her love Emily like a wolf about to devour a rabbit. 

It broke Eva’s heart to abandon her like this and leave her alone with her abuser. It was Eva’s purpose to be used, not Emily’s. She took a deep breath. No. There was nothing she could do yet. Emily didn’t want to be helped. Her mind was too broken for that. Eva would have to play along for now, and bide her time. Wait and see where and how opportunities presented themselves. Find out where her point of attack was going to be. Right now, she still really didn’t know anything about how this whole circus operated. 

She forced herself to step away from the office, and started walking back the way they had ascended earlier, back into the dressing area. Her naked feet made soft pattering noises as she walked down the hallway and into the belly of the enormous mansion. Her thoughts were a tangled mess. On one hand, she couldn’t believe how great it was to be an obedient slave. One the other hand, she felt the crushing burden of being powerless to free Emily from the horrifying thing that had happened to her mind. The only thing that was keeping her from utterly falling into despair was the fact that at least Emily didn’t know it. She was brainwashed into enjoying it. It was terrible, but at least she wasn’t suffering.

Still, the sooner Eva could free her, the better. Then, she would finally be able to let herself be used like the eager and obedient slave that she was.

She rounded the corner and nearly ran into someone. She shrieked in surprise and jolted back.

“Argh! Sorry! Didn’t see you there.”

“No problem.” Standing across from Eva was a young woman wearing a hostess uniform so well-fitting that it had to be tailored. She was tall, almost six feet, and achingly beautiful. Around her neck, almost as tight as a choker, was a thin silver necklace. Eva caught herself staring, and the young woman smiled.

“You’re a fresh fuckslave, aren’t you?” the woman asked, striking a tone no less casual than if she’d been asking about the brand of someone’s handbag.

“Yes,” Eva answered. Strictly speaking, she wasn’t 100% sure, but it seemed quite safe to assume.

“Hi, I’m Mary,” the woman said, and held out her hand. Eva shook it.

“I’m slave Eva,” she said.

“Oh, you can lose the ‘slave’, we all know what we are,” Mary said with a bright smile.

“So you’re…” Eva began, raising her eyebrows.

“Oh, don’t let the outfit fool you, honey. I’m just as brainwashed and willing as you cuties are, just less horny.”

“Oh,” Eva said, “Cool.” For a moment, she felt a pang of confusion, which Mary seemed to notice. 

“I obey because I want nothing more than to serve, just like you. It’s the most rewarding thing in the world to be someone’s property.” She sounded utterly delighted. “It just doesn’t turn me on. It gives me this warm, fuzzy feeling of accomplishment. It’s... singular purpose. Belonging. It’s everything I could ever want.”

Eva looked at the slave in front of her with utter fascination. Her chest was bubbling with emotions. Her enslaved mind ran circles around the wonderful truth: Mary was property. Mary was a slave. She existed only to serve. And unlike Emily, this wasn’t someone Eva lived to obey. Mary wasn’t the one she worshipped and belonged to. There was nothing keeping Eva from enjoying the fact that another woman had been brainwashed and turned into proprty just like she herself had been. She felt her pussy moisten at the thought, and a shiver went through her.


She looked up and saw Mary looking at her curiously. She’d been lost in thought, realizing that other slaves made her hot. She’d have to deal with that particular emotional revelation some other time.

“Sorry,” she said. “I’ve been having quite the day.”

Mary laughed. It sounded bright and joyful and utterly unburdened.

“Haha! I can only imagine. I bet being a fuckslave is a much different kind of ride. Sometimes I wonder how it would feel to just constantly want to be used and fucked.”

“So you really don’t?” Eva asked. Some part of her was almost disappointed. “They didn’t rape you when you were enslaved?”

“No, of course they raped me,” Mary said, her smile as bright as ever. “They just didn’t make it stick once the orgasms had done what they needed to. I still get used for sex sometimes, if a client wants me enough and is willing to pay. But I’m not as ravenous as you girls are. By the way, do you already know when you’re going to be used for the first time?”

Excitement welled up between slave Eva’s thighs as she remembered what she existed for and what she had been commanded to do.

“Pretty soon, I guess. Mistress told me to finish drying my hair and meet slave Laura.”

“Oh shit. Sorry for keeping you, then,” slave Mary said, her voice suddenly sheepish and her eyebrows raised in embarrassment. Without any more ado, she gave a little wave and nimbly trotted off on five-inch heels.

Eva hurriedly did as she had been commanded, making sure that she was as fuckable as possible. Once again alone, her thoughts fell back into the pleasant spiral of her own obsession with being a slave. She existed to be used. She existed to serve. She was going to be used. She was going to serve. She wanted it. She needed it. She would obey. She would serve. 

She returned upstairs and arrived in front of Mistress Devanshi’s office. She hadn’t been told where to meet Emily or slave Laura, and she hadn’t met them on the way. In absence of any other clear direction to obey, she proceeded to wait for either of them to find her, secure in the knowledge that she had obeyed as best as she could. In the back of her mind, she made another notch for the times when Mistress Devanshi had made a mistake.

She didn’t have to wait long. After a minute or two of standing idly, the door behind her opened, and Emily walked out past her, followed by Mistress Devanshi. Eva did a small bow, and some part of her seemed to heat up again in the sudden radiance of Devanshi Charan’s terrible beauty. She swallowed heavily, for a moment not even daring to wonder what had happened between Emily and Mistress Devanshi in her absence.

Mistress eyed her critically for a moment, then nodded. The barest smile appeared on her lips, and slave Eva’s guts twisted with an infuriating joy and pride. Once again she realized just how very close her wonderfully enslaved mind was to losing its grip on her true love, her true enslaver.  For a split second she wished that Emily was gone so that she could give herself up to Mistress Devanshi, to fall at the feet of the goddess in front of her, to serve that cruel and magnificent monster so that she didn’t have to fight anymore ‒ to simply serve and obey. Her loyalty to Emily was absolute, and yet it felt like it was balancing on the point of a needle.

“Very well. Fuckslaves, you may go,” Devanshi said, closed the door to the office, and was gone. 

Slave Eva immediately hated herself. She looked at Emily, who looked slightly shaken. “Are you alright?” she asked, before she could think better of it.

Emily looked at her, her reaction unreadable. “Yes. I… thanks for asking. I… didn’t do well today.” She didn’t look sad, exactly. Eva didn’t know what had happened to her, and she wished that she knew what was going on in her love’s head. She wanted to help her. Be there for her.

“Shut up, Emily,” she said. “You enslaved me! As far as I’m concerned, you can do no wrong!”

Emily smiled, looking slightly confused, but managing the barest of timid smiles. Eva’s throat felt dry. “Did she punish you?” she asked.

“Yes,” Emily said. “She did.”

“But why?” Eva said. “We’re brainwashed property. We want nothing more than to serve. We’re incapable of doing anything but our best to obey. No one can do better than their best.”

She saw Emily shiver, and no matter how fucking hot it was, she hated the fact that her best friend had been brainwashed to be turned on by what she had just said. Emily shrugged, and sighed. Eva laid her hand on her shoulder. “You did amazing,” she said. “You made me obey. You made me serve. You betrayed me and turned me into a willing slave. You raped me and used me and made me want it. You made me love it. I love it so much. I love you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much.”

She embraced her, pulling her in tightly, and she felt Emily embracing her back. She felt her hot body against her own. She wished more than anything that she could tell her how much she belonged to her, how much she was her property and hers alone. But she couldn’t. Not yet.

“Thank you,” she said once again, this time barely more than a whisper into the ear of the woman she would give everything for. She loved her so much.

She felt Emily squeeze her back, and her love whispered back into her ear. “You’re welcome, you fucking slut. You’re nothing but property now. You’re Mistress’s whore. You’re her fuckslave. You’re her’s. Forever.”

“Yesss…” Eva moaned softly. It was barely a lie. She was all of these things, and she loved everything that was true about it. “Let’s serve. Let’s be used. Let’s obey!”

She loosened the embrace and pushed herself away from Emily and saw the rekindled lust and fire in her friend’s eyes, and she knew she had done exactly what she needed to do to give Emily joy. Yes. Anything for that. Anything for her.

“Please tell me that we get free time to fuck,” she said, and Emily’s lips opened into a wide grin.

“Oh, we’re going to fuck so much, slave Eva.”

Eva’s insides tightened and coiled, and for a moment she thought that she might explode with lust. Instead, she let out a voiceless sigh as her thighs squeezed together and a shiver went all the way up her spine. Her fingers were prickling. Oh God, yes!

“Glad to hear it, slave,” she managed to say. 

“We need to get going, though. We got rescheduled to an hour later, so we should be good, but I’m not going to be late ever again. Fuck. If it hadn’t been for me, we would already be offering our holes right now.”

Another spike of arousal went through Eva. She couldn’t wait until she would be finally able to fully enjoy this for how fucking good it was.

Emily sighed and started walking, and Eva followed after her. Together, they walked to another wing of the giant mansion, across a small courtyard harboring a beautiful chinese garden, past the kitchen, and past a gym in which Eva saw quite a few slaves working out. Some of them seemed to be men, but most of them were women. After a minute or two they arrived at their apparent destination at the end of some narrow hallways that gave the impression of being more of a backstage or servant’s area. They entered a not-too-large but comfortable room that contained a series of chaises-longues, a refrigerator with a glass door containing drinks and snacks, and a large cork board on the long wall. Reclining in some of the chairs were more fuckslaves like themselves. As Emily and Eva entered, the present slaves smiled at them, some giving them a friendly wave and nods of greeting.

“Ah, there you are,” said a friendly and alert voice to their left, and Eva turned her head to see a hostess-slave like the one she had met just a couple of minutes ago. She was wearing the same tailored outfit, looking utterly professional and elegant and quite out of place among the barely covered or fully naked fuckslaves that littered the rest of the room. She extended a hand towards Eva, which Eva shook.

“Hi, I’m Laura. You must be Eva.” She shot a sideways glance at Emily. “So good that you’re finally here.” Emily sighed, looking apologetic, accepting the slight against her without talking back. Eva’s stomach tightened with empathy, but she didn’t dare to defend Emily. In everyone else’s mind, she was supposed to have loyalty to Mistress Devanshi and no one else. 

“What happened, honey?” another voice asked. One of the fuckslaves had gotten to her feet and was now approaching them, and despite everything that was happening, the first thought in Eva’s mind was that she could not wait to fuck her. She was breathtaking, and the fact that she only existed to be used and fucked made her even hotter.

“I enslaved Amy as commanded,” Emily mumbled.“But I got caught in the lights and didn’t break out of trance for hours.” 

The beautiful slave laughed mockingly, swiveling her head to meet the eyes of the ones that were still reclining around them. A snicker went around the room. “Oh damn, that’s embarrassing. Why the fuck were you looking at the lights?”

Emily took a step forward. “I wasn’t looking at the damn lights, Vicky,” she said through gritted teeth. “I was looking at fucking reflections in her wet skin. Maybe if you’d told me that it was a potential danger when you trained me, I would have known to avoid it.”

Slave Vicky chuckled. “You were caught up in looking at the material? Wow. I mean, she’s super hot, but… wow.”

“She used to be my best friend.”

The snickering stopped. “Fuck, that’s hot,” one of the reclining slaves said. Slave Vicky tilted her head and took a half step back. For a moment, she seemed to be lost in some fantasy.

“Damn,” she finally said. Then her expression hardened again, and her voice was still harsh and mocking, even if less so than before. “Okay. Fair. Enslaving friends gets you somewhat of a pass, I guess. Can’t say I wouldn’t have lost myself if Mistress had sent me to enslave Cara.”

“Who’s Cara?” one of the slaves in the back asked.

“None of your fucking business, that’s who!” Vicky shouted, raising her finger threateningly. She turned back to Emily, swinging her pointed finger into her face. “Still. Should have sent me. No one gets them wet and willing like me.”

Eva couldn’t take it anymore. “I’m pretty wet and willing,” she blurted, and Vicky gave her a crooked smile. She turned her body and started to slowly and languidly stride in Eva’s direction, her eyes boring into hers, and slave Eva could feel her pussy squirm as she imagined beautiful slave Vicky in that dark room, taking her will instead of Emily. 

“I bet you are, little fuckslave,” Vicky said as she drew closer. “I bet you are.” She was wearing a skintight shoulderless dress that just begged to be undone. Underneath it was a body that existed to be used, a mind that lived to serve, a slave that took pride in creating more brainwashed sluts like Eva and herself. She reminded her of Emily. She had enslaved people. Just like her. She was so hot. She was so close. She was right in front of her now, and Eva could feel her breath on her skin. 

Eva met her eyes. “Emily raped me good,” she said. “She made me perfect. I want it. I need it. I need it more than anything. Anything. Anything for mistress! I live to serve.”

Vicky’s smile grew wider, but somehow more sinister. Her gaze was unwavering. “You’re saying all the right words, but I know the truth, little fuckslut,” she said, and for a moment, Eva’s resolve threatened to give in. A pang of fear shot through her. She didn’t know if Vicky had seen anything. She didn’t think that she’d shown it. If she did, Vicky didn’t react. She simply kept staring at Eva, letting the moment hang in the air, before finally saying: “You’re not quite there.”

Eva swallowed heavily. Then, her expression hardened. “I’m as good as it gets. You think you would have enslaved me better than my best friend? Fuck you. You can’t even teach a willing slave properly.”

Vicky scoffed, missing out on any immediate comeback. “You don’t know what you missed out on,” she finally said, but it came out sounding pretty lame, and Eva had the feeling that she’d just gotten through the worst of it. She let out the breath that she had been holding, and allowed herself to relax. 

“Aaanyway,” said the voice of elegant slave Laura after a moment of awkward silence, and with a warm buzz between her legs Eva’s attention returned to the original reason they had come here. Laura was going to tell them how they were going to be used! Laura was smiling at them as if nothing had happened. She was holding something in her outstretched hand, and Eva realized that she was supposed to take it. She picked it up and realized that it was a tightly woven and rather stiff gold necklace. It was quite flat, about a quarter of an inch wide and much thinner than it was wide.

“Your slave collar,” Laura said with a genteel smile. “This marks you as property.”

Eva put it on immediately. It had a magnetic clasp that made it easy to close around the back of her neck. A shiver of excitement went through her as she lowered her hand and felt it against her throat from all sides, still cold. A collar. Like a dog. Like a bitch. Property. Nothing but property. She lost herself in the sweet thought for a moment.

“And here’s yours back,” slave Laura said, and handed Emily a collar, too. Eva had to force herself to watch how Emily put it on. Again, she had to bear the sight of her love shivering with brainwashed arousal. She reminded herself that Emily didn’t know better. She had no choice but to think that way. Eva would free her soon. She would find a way to free her and serve her.

When Emily was finished, both of their attention returned to Laura, who nodded, satisfied. “Very good. Emily, you know how it goes. Nothing unusual for today except for the reschedule. Two platinum sessions. Kinks and Asks in your room. Have fun being used. Serve and obey.”

Emily smiled, and Eva could see her nipples harden. “Serve and obey,” she said, winked at Eva, and left the room without another word. Eva watched her leave with a heavy heart and turned back to Laura, who was looking at her with an alert smile.

“Slave Eva,” she said. “So happy to see you enslaved and willing. You’ll serve Mistress well.”

Eva couldn’t help but shiver. “Yes,” she said. “Anything for her!”

Laura smiled. “Very good. Here’s how you will serve.”

Slave Eva listened with excited tension churning in her stomach as Laura told her how she would whore herself and give away her body. She was the new slut, so she was getting the clients with less challenging demands. Not much more than spreading her legs and putting her ass in the air to be taken from behind. Laura told her how she would soon be trained how to take it in the ass and how to give good head and handjobs. She would also receive training in pain resistance as well as physical training to be able to satisfy more physically demanding Asks. Of course, she was already more than willing to be used in any way that she was told, but there were slaves better trained available that could satisfy those customers not only better, but with less risks of damaging their mistress’s property.

Laura showed her the room she would be fucked in for the rest of the day, a lovely little chamber with an unsurprisingly massive bed, but also a sex swing and a wall full of whips, paddles, ropes and sex toys of every color. Most of it, she wouldn’t be using for a while. For now, it was just her body. Instead of paying for kinks, her clients would be paying a premium for breaking in the new slave. There was also a small tablet that she could use to brief herself on the next client between sessions. The session interval was one hour, with forty-five minutes of being used, and fifteen minutes for cleaning herself up and hydrating in-between. 

When Laura had shown her all there was to show about her room, they returned to the backstage lounge with ten minutes to go before it was Eva’s turn to be finally used. If she’d had a more demanding client like the one Emily was serving, she would have spent the remaining time in her room preparing. However, with things being as they were with her being nothing but a vanilla fucktoy for today, she was free to spend the remaining time here.

“Thank you,” Eva said, and Laura nodded approvingly.

“You’ll serve well,” Laura said, and excused herself, explaining that she had a front desk to attend to. Somewhere down the hall, clients were getting ready to use them.

She looked around the room. Some of the slaves that she had seen earlier had left in the meantime. In their place, others had filed in. It seemed that not all of them were being used in the same intervals. Some of the newcomers nodded her way in greeting. Two even got up to embrace her and welcome her. Most slaves, however, were occupied with themselves. Eva could see that more than one slave was fingering themselves in anticipation of soon being used, and for a moment, she considered doing the same thing. Her hot thoughts were interrupted by slave Vicky, however.

“Slave Eva?” she asked. Her tone still carried that sickening air of arrogance that seemed so very out of place in someone that was supposed to be nothing but an eager slave.

Eva looked at her. “Yes?”

“Ready to get fucked?”

Slave Eva’s pussy squirmed. It was as if slave Vicky’s words had started an avalanche of arousal in her mind. She was on the edge. This was what she had been waiting for. Almost. Not quite. But almost. 

She was going to be used. She was going to serve. She was going to give her body. She wanted it. She needed it. She needed it so badly. She moaned softly, and felt her body shiver, and without her noticing, her hand had crept between her legs, gently massaging her dripping cunt. She was so ready for this. She wanted it so much. This was so good. 

She looked at slave Vicky, and she could muster no more bravado, no more resistance, no more fight. “Yessss!” she whimpered. She sounded like a desperate whore, which was exactly what she was. 

Vicky smiled.

“That’s all I wanted to hear,” she said. There was still the barest glimmer of apprehension in her eyes, but the thing that Eva saw most when she met the gaze of her fellow fuckslave was pure and utter lust. 

Eva’s lips were trembling as she looked into the burning eyes of her fellow slave. As she looked at her, seeing her smile, Eva realized that Vicky had gotten exactly the reaction that she wanted out of her. She had made Eva quiver, and moan. She had made her show weakness. She had made her submit. And if it wasn’t for Emily, Eva would have let herself lose.

Emily. Anything to protect her.

“You want me,” Eva said, her voice cool and dispassionate. The words hung in the air like a physical thing and for a moment, Vicky said nothing. Her expression remained unmoved. The moment stretched and stretched.

“Of course I fucking want you” Vicky scoffed finally. 

Eva was trembling. “Well, the only way you can have me is if Mistress makes me,” she said, and it took everything out of her to say it. So much of her wanted nothing more than to let herself be used by Vicky, to give herself to her.

Vicky took a step forward, and Eva almost winced. Vicky’s brow was furrowed deeply, her eyes were narrow as she spoke through gritted teeth. “Do you think you’re better than me, slut? You’re not special. You are property. You love to be used. You love to fuck. You love your enslavers!”

Eva met her stare, and she smiled. “True. But I’m not your property. And you’re not my enslaver. My enslaver is... Mistress Devanshi Charan, by the hands of slave Emily.”

Vicky was staring daggers, visibly biting down on the need to lash out.

“Emily enslaved me well. So what if she fell into trance? What counts is how she fucked my mind once she woke up again. And she fucked me good. She fucked me so incredibly good. Maybe you would have fucked me better ‒ we’ll never know. No do-overs. You only get enslaved once.”

Slave Vicky grimaced with distaste. “Oh get fucked, Eva.”

Slave Eva smiled. She couldn’t have asked for a better set-up. “Oh, I will,” she said. “By anyone... except you.”

Vicky rolled her eyes and turned away in disgust, and Eva began to walk away to her room. It was time to finally be used. She was just about to reach for the door handle when she heard Vicky’s voice again. To Eva’s surprise, Vicky sounded more confused than angry.

“And what the fuck do you mean, you only get enslaved once? How do you think your advanced training is going to happen? Who do you think is going to be the one doing it?”

Eva’s mouth stood open for a moment, unable to formulate any sort of response. Vicky’s smile was sickening to see. “Can’t wait to see you all tranced up and open, honey,” Vicky said. “Maybe I’ll even give you a little bit of extra training. Make sure you’re less of a stuck-up, belligerent troublemaker. Be a little more appreciative. Seems I missed my chance when it was my turn to train Emily. I won’t make that mistake twice.”

Eva turned around and nearly stormed out the lounge, heart racing and thoughts tumbling. This was bad. Really bad. 

Vicky was definitely going to erase any sort of loyalty to Emily, even if she didn’t know what had truly happened to her. And without that loyalty, she knew that her mind would easily fall into utter obedience to Mistress Devanshi. She would be her eager servant, glad to see Emily kneel at her feet, glad to see her brainwashed and enslaved. The thought made her dizzy. It made her sick. It couldn’t happen. Mustn’t happen. Emily was her friend. Her love. Her enslaver. She had to be free. She had to be in command.

It was all fucked. She was fucked. What was she going to do now? How was she going to free‒?

Wait a minute. If there was a way to hypnotize slaves in this place like Vicky had said, she could use it, too. She could use it to free Emily. Maybe even use it to turn the other slaves against Mistress Devanshi ‒ make them think just like she was thinking. 

Maybe. Maybe! 

She quickly stepped into her room, and checked her schedule on her tablet. She had two days of being broken in, and five days of regular training after that. After that, advanced training. 

Seven days.

She had seven days to find out how to save her best friend. She would have to‒

‒a bell chimed and the lights around her automatically dimmed. With a flutter of her heart she realized what was happening. It was time. It was finally time. She whimpered as her abdomen contracted with excitement and lust. She put the tablet on the bedside table and draped herself across the bed, spreading her legs in anticipation. She heard steps approaching outside the door. Her breathing was going heavy. Her chest felt tight with nervous tension. She was so fucking wet.

This was it. Slave Eva gently squeezed her breast and closed her eyes as arousal washed over her and swallowed up everything else. She thought nothing else. She knew nothing else. There was only the wonderful, glorious, obvious truth: She was a slave. She was property. She wanted this. She needed this. 

The door opened, and slave Eva was ready to serve.

to be continued...

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