Copy Loss

Part I

by nevermind

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #enslavement #f/f #masturbation #serial_recruitment #sub:female #f/m #happy_slaves #pov:bottom

“Please, Emily. Don’t do this.”

Tears were streaming down Eva’s face. Her eyes were red and swollen by now. It wasn’t a pretty sight at all. Slave Emily didn’t worry about it. Once Eva obeyed the tears would stop, and she would be even hotter than before.

“Emily?! Answer me!” Eva croaked, but slave Emily didn’t bother with a reply. She had nothing to say. Her mind was utterly devoid of any conflict as she tightened the last strap around Eva’s wrist. She watched her best friend struggle for a moment, content to see that she had properly restrained her. Between her own legs, she felt the familiar joy of obeying her Mistress. The ever-present buzz that kept her thoughts aligned and her purpose at the front of her mind: Serve and obey. She wanted this. She needed this.

Right now, she was stilling her need by enslaving her best friend Eva, and her pussy was appropriately wet. Her heart, however, was beating much more rapidly than she was used to. She was nervous. Excited. The thrill of creating another slave tickled the back of her mind with an incessant urgency that she hadn’t experienced since her own will had been taken from her.

“Please, just let me go,” Eva said, and slave Emily looked at her dispassionately. The empathy she felt for Eva was dwarfed by the unshakable knowledge that this was what she wanted and needed to do. Serve and obey. It was the only thing that mattered. Serve and obey those her enslavers. Serve and obey her Mistress. She needed to. She wanted to. And soon, Eva would want the same thing.

“Please,” Eva begged again, her eyes sparkling with moisture as they darted around the dark room trying to find a way out. She was  violently twisting and trembling in her restraints, which meant that the sedative that Emily had injected her with had fully worn off. Eva was entirely awake now, and that meant that she was ready to receive her conditioning.

Slave Emily took a step to the side, facing the control panel. She pushed the appropriate buttons, just like Mistress’s slave had shown her when she’d been trained. All around the room blinding lights erupted and immediately lockstepped into an intricate dance of colors and shapes. The tiny chamber that slave Emily had abducted Eva to was lined floor to ceiling with them. A thousand lights, flashing and shimmering and twisting and spiralling. Inescapable. Irresistible. The house that Mistress built.

While the sedative had worn off, there was another drug still acting in Eva’s bloodstream. A psychoactive that -- unlike the sedative -- didn’t take away her ability to think or act. To the human material in the chair, it was entirely undetectable. But it was in her veins, breaking the blood-brain-barrier, eroding her subconscious resistance, making her susceptible, making her suggestible, making her pliable.

“Look at the lights,” slave Emily told her friend. But she didn’t have to. Eva had failed to look away in the moments when the barrage of lights had begun, and with the insidious chemical in her system, she had been easily ensnared. The parts of her brain that were responsible for trance states were being hyper-stimulated. The parts of her brain that governed conscious and critical thought were being suppressed. All it took for her to lose her train of thought now was the slightest nudge, and slave Emily’s pussy throbbed with the need to push her into the abyss.

She watched Eva’s eyes go wide as the lights hypnotized her -- and her friend's expression smoothed over, tears drying quickly on a smooth face as her mouth dropped open and drool began slowly dripping down her chin and onto her naked body. Slave Emily shivered with joy.

The room was suddenly still, lights silently continuing their dance around the naked body of the woman that Emily was about to enslave. The scene before her seemed like it should be noisy with all the lights flickering and strobing all around; a deep drone, a thrumming bass, a rhythmic clatter. Instead, it was utterly quiet. All she could hear was the soft breathing of her prey, and slave Emily watched how Eva’s chest was slowly rising and falling. She watched how the swirls of color reflected on Eva’s glistening skin, and for a moment slave Emily’s mind was filled with the lights, and the irresistible image of her Mistress manifested itself in her imagination, and she remembered when she had been in a chair like this looking at the dancing lights with a wide-open mind until she had finally understood the wonderful truth. It was beautiful. So beautiful. The lights dancing across the curves of a beautiful woman. Full breasts and taut stomach and the irresistible stubbly mons and slope that descended between shimmering thighs. Glistening. Wet. Open. Made to serve. Made to obey.

Made to serve. Made to obey.

Made to serve. Made to obey.

Made to obey.

Made to obey.




Slave Emily stood there for a long time, mind spinning and tumbling before she finally caught herself. She blinked and snapped out of her reverie, suddenly frantic and panicked. She had lost herself in the hypnotic pattern! This hadn’t been supposed to happen! She didn’t even know how long it had been! Her mouth was dry, and her legs were aching. She looked down at the workstation. There was a small computer screen, and in the corner it was showing the time.

She nearly started crying when she read how late it was.

She had been caught up in the lights for nearly three hours!

Sour shame bit through the blanket of arousal that still enveloped her, and she slapped herself across the face. No! No! No!!! By losing herself like this, she had failed to serve in the best way she could! She wanted to throw up.

Instead she took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “I love my enslavers,” she whispered to herself. “I will always obey. I want it. I need it.” The mantra calmed her down and focussed her like it always did. She repeated it again and again, until she felt like she was back on track, back in the place where she wanted her mind to be: Determined to serve. Determined to obey. Determined to follow the wonderful truth that had been burned into her mind. Mistress’s gift. The gift of loving her enslavers.

She opened her eyes and finally began the process of turning Eva into the same thing that she was, doing what she had been taught by the slave that had enslaved her months ago.

“Can you hear me, Eva?” she asked the naked woman that sat before her, lights dancing across unseeing eyes. She had to repeat the question five times before Eva’s sluggish mind finally registered her. That much was normal, she knew. The drug was leaving the material lucid, but the hypnosis itself had put her in a deep reverie. Just as it had happened to slave Emily. Again, she felt a short sting of shame, but she was too focussed on her task now to dwell on it.

“Can you hear me, Eva?” she asked, her pussy throbbing and her heart racing. The sight of her hypnotized friend was exhilarating. She was so empty. So susceptible. So hot.

“Yes,” Eva answered. “I can hear you.” Her voice was completely even now, calm and emotionless. She had forgotten to be afraid. She had forgotten how to fight. She had forgotten how to resist. And now, slave Emily would make her forget how to say ‘no’.

“You will listen to everything I say,” slave Emily began, reciting from memory what she had been taught. The back of her throat felt dry as she said the words that would begin Eva’s enslavement. Her pulse was racing, and some part of her thought about how much time she had lost when she’d been caught in the hypnotic patterns. She pushed the thought aside, but couldn’t help but feel a sense of uneasy urgency. She knew that she was being expected to deliver slave Eva in a timely manner. There were people waiting to fuck her. In fact, there were people waiting to fuck slave Emily as well. To leave them waiting would mean that she wasn’t serving as well as she could be.

Eva was saying something, but slave Emily had entirely missed it, and she slapped herself again, willing herself to fall into the wonderful calmness of joyful obedience that she knew so well. But she couldn’t manage it. She had to keep going without it.

“You will listen to everything I say,” she repeated, not knowing if Eva had already accepted the fundamental truth that all other truths would be built upon.

“Yes,” Eva said. “I will listen to everything you say.”

“Everything I say is true, Eva. I am your friend. You trust me. Do you trust me?” Emily said. She was supposed to wait for a reply between each statement, but she was so far behind already. And from what she remembered from her own enslavement, she had been ready to accept all these truths immediately.

“Yes,” Eva said. “I trust you.”

Slave Emily nodded with a sense of accomplishment, but she still felt that urgency of making up for her own failure clawing at the back of her mind, and she kept going quickly.

“You believe everything I say because everything I say is true. You want to believe. Do you want to believe?”

“Yes, I want to believe.”

“Is everything I say true? Will you believe everything I say?”


Slave Emily smiled, and a warm wave of arousal went through her as she felt like she was getting back on track. This was going well. Eva would obey. Eva would love her enslavers. She would serve them eagerly and readily. Just like herself. All Emily had to do was to keep going. The nervous energy that she had been feeling was slowly turning into excitement.

“You have no purpose, Eva,” she said. “You want to have a purpose.”

“I… no… I have a purpose.” Eva said, and for a moment her brow furrowed. This, too, was to be expected. Slave Emily remembered the training she had received. She remembered her own moments of resistance before she had understood the obvious truth.

“What is your purpose?” slave Emily asked.

“I… it’s complicated. I--”

“Your purpose should be easy,” slave Emily interrupted. “Wouldn’t it be so much better to have a simple purpose?”


“It’s so much better to have a simple purpose,” slave Emily said excitedly. Her pussy throbbed. It was the wonderful truth that burned at the bottom of her heart and between her legs. She looked at the face of the woman she was enslaving, and saw the creases between her eyebrows flatten as her face relaxed.

“Yes,” Eva said, and slave Emily had to stifle a moan. She remembered her own moments of doubt. She remembered the moment in which they had dissolved. She remembered the moment she had become a slave. Eva wasn’t there yet, but slave Emily was about to get her there.

“You want a simple purpose, don’t you? Do you want a simple purpose?”


“Everything I say is true, and you have a purpose. You didn’t know it until now, but you do. Do you want to know your purpose?”


“Your purpose is to serve.” Slave Emily watched Eva carefully, hoping to see the moment that the truth anchored itself in her mind. But Eva’s eyes simply stared ahead, utterly captivated by the lights still dancing. She said nothing in response. Slave Emily licked her lips.

“What is your purpose?” she asked.

“My purpose is to serve,” Eva said, and slave Emily shivered. A soft moan escaped her. She had to muster all her willpower not to start masturbating as she went on. She couldn’t afford to waste any time at all. She had to keep moving quickly.

“It feels good to serve your purpose. You want it. You need it. Also, from now on you will say ‘yes’ when you understand and believe what I say. You will tell me what you believe, because you want me to know what you believe.” Slave Emily had been supposed to say that last part a while ago, but she had forgotten about it in her rush.

“Yes,” Eva obediently repeated. “It feels good to serve my purpose. I want it.”

She hadn’t repeated the last part of Emily's statement, which meant that she didn't believe it, yet. She hadn’t fully accepted the need to serve yet. Some part of her was still resisting. But that, too, was an expected part of the procedure.

Slave Emily picked up a smooth stainless steel vibrator from a shelf next to the control panel in front of her. It was already lubricated. She stepped between Eva’s forcibly spread legs and inserted it into the hypnotized woman’s pussy as quickly as she dared. Despite being deeply mesmerized by the lights, Eva let out a curt moan as it entered her. Slave Emily stepped back to the control panel and pushed a button on it. As she lifted her finger, the eerie silence was broken by a quiet electronic whirr in Eva’s body. Slave Emily watched her arch her back involuntarily and quickly continued.

“It feels good to serve your purpose.”

“Yes it feels good to serve my purpooooooohhhh!”

Eva’s response was slurred into a moan of pleasure as slave Emily pushed a button on the control panel, and the quiet buzzing turned louder as the vibrator between Eva’s folds went from slowly idling to intensely stimulating the soon-to-be-slave’s hole as a reward for thinking correctly. Between the drugs, the hypnosis and the positive reinforcements, Eva would soon be just as much of an eager slave as Emily.

“You want to serve your purpose,” slave Emily said, and when Eva obediently repeated, she rewarded her with pleasure.

“It feels good to serve your purpose. You want it.”

“Yes. It feels good to serve my purpose. I want it.” Eva repeated, and slave Emily pushed the button.

“You want it.”

“I want it.” Eva said. Slave Emily pushed the button. Eva screamed.

“You need it.”

“I…” Eva said. For a moment she looked like she was actually thinking hard, but then her eyes got caught up in the lights again, and her expression became smooth and docile once more, and the question had been forgotten. Slave Emily bit her lips. She knew that this was to be expected, but she had hoped that it would happen quickly once she had started stimulating Eva's sex.

“You want it.”

“I want it,” Eva said. This time there was no scream of pleasure. Slave Emily hadn’t pushed the button.

“You want it. You need it.”

“I… want it. Yes.”


“You want it. You need it.”

“I want it!” Eva said, and even with her eyes staring ahead into nothing and clearly hypnotized, she sounded upset not to receive the pleasure.

“You want it. You need it.”

“I want it. Please! I want it!”


“You need it.”


“You need it.”



“--I need it!” Eva screamed, the words erupting out of her with a sudden violence that nearly made slave Emily jump. She pushed the button and Eva screamed in ecstasy as slave Emily held it down until she was sure that Eva had the message buried deep at the base of her unconscious.

“What is your purpose?” slave Emily asked. Her heart was beating quickly again. She couldn’t tell whether she was nervous or excited this time.

“My purpose is to serve. I want it. I need it.” There was a smile on Eva’s lips, and slave Emily smiled as well. A warm surge of immense relief and accomplishment went through her. She had broken Eva. She believed it now. She believed that she wanted this. She believed that she needed this. The rest was going to be easy. Nothing more than a list of specifics.

“Serving makes you hot. It makes you wet. It excites you.” The vibrator in Eva’s cunt would make it easy to accept, and Eva responded immediately.

“Yes,” she said, and her smile grew wider, and she began to slowly gyrate in her restraints. “Serving makes me hot and wet and excited.” There was real excitement in her voice now.

Slave Emily gasped softly. She had of course expected it to work, but seeing the sheer suddenness with which Eva’s behavior and thoughts were changing now was as startling as it was sizzling hot. Again, slave Emily had to fight the urge to push her fingers between her legs. She rewarded Eva with the push of a button and continued.

“You will do anything to serve.”

“Yes, anything to serve.”

“You will serve without shame and hesitation.”

“Yes. I will serve without shame or hesitation.”

“Nothing is more important than to serve. You want nothing more than to serve and obey.”

“Yes! Anything to serve! Nothing is more important! I will serve and obey! I want it! I need it!”

Slave Emily couldn’t stop herself. This was too hot. As she pushed the button with her right hand, she started rubbing her clit with her left hand. She was obeying. She was serving. It made her so hot. It made her so wet. And now, Eva was going to serve and obey because of her, and that was so much better. It was almost like she was obeying and serving twice over. It was so good.

She managed not to moan, and continued between shallow breaths.

“Your mind and body exist to serve. You will give up your mind. You will give up your body.“

“Yes,” Eva said, and slave Emily pushed down with both of her hands as Eva continued. “My mind and body exist to serve. I will give them up! I give up my mind. I give up my body. I will serve! I want this. I need this!”

“You…” slave Emily began, but she had to catch her breath. “You want to give yourself up because you live to serve. You are a slave. You want to be a slave.”

“Yes. I am a slave! I want it! I need it!”

Slave Emily’s mind was racing with arousal and excitement and anxious pressure to serve and obey and complete her task. She was so close now. Eva was almost finished. There was almost nothing left of her that didn’t obey. Nothing left of her that wasn’t an eager, obedient slave! Slave Emily pulled down a slider on the control panel, and the strobing lights assumed a slower cadence. She was ready to gradually pull Eva out of her trance. No. Not Eva anymore. Slave Eva! Yes!!!

“You are property!” slave Emily said. “You exist to be used.”

“Yes! I am property!” slave Eva answered. “I exist to be used!”

“You love being enslaved. You love being used.”

“Yes! I love it so much!”

“You love your enslavers!” she said.

“Yes! I love my enslavers! I love them! They did this to me! Yes!!!”

“You love your M--” slave Emily began, but slave Eva interrupted her with a scream of pleasure

“--Yes!!! I love this! I want to obey! I need to obey! I love my enslavers! I will obey them! I will serve them! I am property! I am a slave! Yes!”

For a moment, slave Emily was speechless as slave Eva joyously and willingly moaned and screamed the truths that had been mind-raped into the base of her subconscious, and she pushed hard between her legs as slave Eva kept going, repeating every hot, wet thing she had been enslaved to think, and slave Emily rubbed frantically as she listened, and she closed her eyes and let slave Eva repeat as the pleasure between her legs spiked to impossible heights. She was obeying! She had enslaved Eva! She was serving! Yes! Yes! Yesss!!!

With a scream, she came, and her hand involuntarily pushed down on the button, and drowned out between her own screams of ecstasy, she heard slave Eva scream as well as the vibrator inside of her sprung into frantic action.

Slave Emily caught herself quickly, fighting the contracting muscles in her abdomen and her shivering hands as she forced her thoughts back on track. Again, she felt the sour sting of guilt bubbling in the back of her throat. She had neglected her task for the second time today. She had to finish this, now.

She looked up at the woman that was almost entirely a slave, controlling her own breathing with difficulty as she continued. Where had she left off? She had been nearly done! She had told her who to serve. There was only one step left.

“You are happy this happened. You’ve been waiting for it. It’s wrong that you ever wanted anything else.”

“Yes,” slave Eva said. “I’m happy. I’ve been waiting for this. It’s wrong that I ever wanted anything else.”

The lights had nearly stopped strobing, and her eyes looked much more awake than they had looked earlier. Slave Emily caught a quick glance at the control panel which told her that she was still entranced, if not for much longer. Not that she needed to be. These were the last lines.

“You’ll never want anything else.”

Slave Eva smiled gently. “No. Of course not. Only this. Forever. I want this. I want to serve. I want to give myself away.”

“You are nothing but a slave.”

“I am nothing but a slave,” slave Eva said, and soon after, the lights stopped dancing, and shut themselves off. There were only calm overheads shining down on their naked slave bodies now.

Slave Emily hastily stepped away from the control panel and began undoing the restraints around slave Eva’s wrists. As she was working, the newly converted slave regained consciousness. Slave Eva groaned, and slave Emily looked up at her to see her slowly blink her eyes as she was beginning to orient herself.

“We need to return to Mistress quickly. It took me longer than it should have to enslave you.”

“...what?” slave Eva said, looking surprisingly confused. Slave Emily remembered the moment she had woken from trance after her own enslavement. She remembered being somewhat groggy -- but the truth of her existence as property had sparkled between her legs the moment she’d woken up. Slave Eva wasn’t as quick, it seemed. For a moment, the look of confusion lasted in her face as they stared at each other. For a moment she looked almost surprised and caught off-guard, but then slave Eva’s mouth curled into a smile of ecstatic understanding.

“Yesss…” she moaned voicelessly as she understood the truth. “I’m a slave!” Her eyes were wide with awe and joy, and as slave Emily removed the last shackle around her arm, slave Eva pushed herself upright and leapt into a tight embrace around slave Emily.

“Thank you,” slave Eva whimpered as her hot, wet body wrapped itself around that of slave Emily. “Thank you for showing me the truth! I am... property! I will obey! I will serve! Thank you for enslaving me! Thank you!”

Slave Emily swallowed down her lust as she felt slave Eva’s tits pressed against her own, nipples hard with arousal. She pushed aside the thought about all the ways in which Eva would be used now. She pushed aside the hot, wet pride of betraying her best friend and turning her into a willing slave. There was no time. They had to go.

“You’re welcome,” she said breathlessly. “But we’re really late. Mistress is waiting for us. We’re supposed to be used soon!”

She felt slave Emily shiver with arousal, and again she had to fight off the wonderful thought of Eva being fucked and used like the obedient whore that she had been turned into. There was no time to imagine it, no matter how hot it made her. She had to serve. Mistress expected two obedient slaves less than an hour from now, clean and well-prepared and ready.

Slave Eva broke the embrace and nodded, her lips tight with a grim determination that slave Emily couldn’t quite match. Then, she reclined on the chair, spread her legs wide, and unceremoniously pulled out the vibrator that had still been gently buzzing in her pussy. She got out of the chair, quickly placed the vibrator on the shelf at the workstation and turned to slave Emily again.

“We need to serve our enslavers. Let’s go.”

Slave Emily nodded, and they left the enslavement chamber holding hands.

Slave Eva was pensive on the drive from the underground space where she had been shown the truth of her existence. Buildings and trees and intersections rushed past her in a blur of meaningless shapes. Every now and again, she felt her body rocking back and forth as they turned a bend or crested a hill. Slave Emily was driving them towards her Mistress’s mansion at a frantic pace, paying attention only to the road and nothing else. Slave Eva looked at her now and again, only to reluctantly pull her gaze away from her again with a frustrated sigh. She wanted her so badly to pull the car over to the side of the road so that she could fuck her. It was nearly driving her mad. She wanted nothing more than to make her cum and let her use her body. She needed to properly thank her for what she had done to her.

But she couldn’t. It would mean that she wasn’t serving as well as she could. And serving as well as she could was the most important thing. She was happy to finally understand that and she was happy that slave Emily had shown her the truth. It was the hottest thing she could imagine. She would serve now. Forever.

But it was going to be hard. So very hard. Even if she wanted nothing more. Even if she would do anything to serve, and even given the fact that she was so incredibly glad that slave Emily had given her the resolve to truly, deeply, want it. She wanted it so bad. Nothing was more important than to serve. She needed it more than life.

But still, some half-forgotten part of her wished that it didn’t have to be like this. She wished that it didn’t have to be so complicated. She wished that Emily hadn’t been so sloppy. It would have been so much easier to simply serve and obey Mistress, just like slave Emily was doing.

But she wasn’t serving Emily’s Mistress. Emily had forgotten that part of her enslavement. And no matter how hard she tried, Eva couldn’t make the connection herself, without a trance. She knew that Emily served her Mistress. She knew that Emily’s Mistress had given the order to enslave her. The connection was obvious, now. Clear as day.

But when she had been under -- when she had still been able to believe anything she’d been told -- she had been too deeply entranced to make the connection.

She was a slave. She was property. She lived to serve. She existed to be used. She loved it. She loved it so much. And she loved her enslavers.

Or rather, her enslaver.

The only enslaver she had known when her mind had been open and pliable.


Slave Eva looked at the slave at her side, and remembered her friend Emily. She’d been kind and shy and warm. Maybe a little impulsive, and maybe not the very brightest. A person with a life and hope and dreams and family.

A deep sadness took hold in slave Eva’s chest when she looked at what Emily had become.

Emily had been enslaved, against her will. She had been raped and brainwashed. She had been reduced to nothing more than property. And worst of all, she had been made to want it. She hadn’t wanted it. This wasn’t her. It was wrong for her to be like this. Slave Eva loved her, and she knew that what had happened to her was unspeakably cruel.

She had to save her. She had to free her. She had to undo whatever that Mistress had done to Emily. Only then would she truly be able to serve her enslaver, Emily. Only then would she be able to offer her body and her mind to the one that truly owned her. Only then would she truly be able to obey and offer all of herself.

Emily had to stop obeying.

to be continued...

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