My Hypno Mistress

My Hypno Mistress Part 2

by madboy7931

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It was 25 years since John had first encountered Donna Ewin and the Page 3 girls, and while the plan to take over the UK had been abandoned in the end, the legion of young men and woman that had been recruited and hypnotized were still out there, most unaware that anything had actually happened. The Page 3 girls had been very careful to reverse or blank out the fact that they were agents for them. The last thing they needed was a massive story in the papers and police investigations, even if they did have a lot of the press and police under their control. The risk was too great, so all were returned to their normal state.

But a few of the girls had developed their favorites, and were unwilling to completely reverse their work. They had left a trigger word in their mind. It was planted very deep down, and would take a lot of work to dig it out, but once activated, the subject would become the willing slave of girl again. They thought of it as an insurance policy, in case they needed any jobs completed to tidy up after themselves. But time had passed, and all of the girls had moved on with their lives after Page 3. They had all become quite wealthy with all the exploits they had undertaken over the short few years of mind controlling people of influence in government and business.

Donna had invested her money wisely so was very comfortable, but was bored, so had become a black cab driver to have a hobby and to get out and meet people. She had never married or had children so was happy to spend nights out picking up drunk people on nights out. But she still had the thought of one day running into certain people she had brainwashed all those years ago.
One Saturday night, as she was about to finish up her shift, she saw a group coming out of a pub in Covent Garden, with a few worse for ware bodies and one very sober looking man. She decided this as her last fare of the night. They all pilled in and all shouted where they wanted to go, but after the shouting stopped the sober man simply said “Richmond please”
Donna replied “no problem” and started the drive to the desired destination. As they all talked about the night they had just had, Donna listened and looked. She began to try and place the sober person in the group as she felt she knew him. As the group talked she started to remember, remember her favorite slave from decades past. She started to tremble with excitement as she remembered all the times she had hypnotized him, conditioned him, and pleasured him. She began getting sexually excited and all the while, he did not know who was driving the cab. As they got closer to Richmond, she asked through the intercom is everyone was getting out at this stop. Everyone said “YES” in a very loud voice, but the sober man simply asked if she could take him further up to Park Royal to connect with a tube. She just answered “Yes”. This was her chance. He chance to see if the trigger was still in place, 25 years later. As they all got out and said their drunken goodbyes, the last passenger closed the door and sat in the large sofa like seat and relaxed.

“Looks like a tough group to look after” Donna said as she turned in the road and began the next part of the journey.

“You could say that. It’s been a great night but I’m pretty tired, looking forward to bedtime”

“I’m about to finish myself, been a long day. I’m Donna by the way”


Donna’s excitement exploded! It WAS her John! She looked in the rearview mirror and knew. He had grown up to be a very handsome man. But this was her chance. She had always hoped to get someone in her cab to test the training. So much so that she had screens installed in the back part of the cab, which normally ran adverts for chewing gum and condoms, but Donna had a special video on hand for such an event, and now was the perfect time to try it.

“Do you mind if I put on something chilled out as we drive, just need to wind down a little before heading home” She asked not really caring about the answer John would give, but just wanted to keep the dialog going

“Not at all, I could do with something to help chill out my mind after tonight’s mayhem!”
She stopped at a red light and put in the special button combo she programed in. The screens changed from advertising to a subtle pulsing shape, which slowly went in and out, in and out. The pulse also emitted a quiet humming noise which followed the pulse going high, then low, high then low.

“It’s like a meditation video I like to use, very relaxing. Just tell me if it bothers you and I’ll turn it off”

“No no, it’s kinda nice”

John was quite tired anyway so didn’t really have the fight in him to say no. But he watched the screen on and off as the cab continued. Donna seized on the chance to start speaking directly to John.

“It is very relaxing isn’t it?! Just helps me wind down after a long day. I like to just stare at the pulse and try to forget about anyone that annoyed me or anything like that. You should try it John, try staring at the screens and see if you start to relax……”

Her memory was going back in time and using a similar technic to when she first got in to his mind, only this time she would not have her special perfume. But she would still have her breasts. In the video, a subtle image of her topless from her Page 3 days flashed on the screen in a fraction of a second. A different picture appeared and disappeared just as quick. She noticed that John’s eyes were trying to focus on the picture when it appeared, wondering if he just saw what his mind told him he saw.

“Just relax John, it’s so easy to just sit there and relax.” Her words were starting to soak in to his mind.

“Just relax…….”

“That’s right John, just sit back and relax.” John’s eyes could see the pulse and the pictures flashing, and his mind started to put other images in front of him, images of Donna Ewin the Page 3 girl. His cock started to stir in his trousers as he started to remember his favorite Page 3 girl from back long ago. He still wanked to her quite often, as he could find all of her pictures on line, plus he had some saved on his phone in case he ever needed a quicky wank somewhere. But the sound of the voice was also so familiar, so soothing, so relaxing…..
The pictures were starting to stay on screen just a little longer, and they were very much focused on her boobs. He could not take his eyes of the screen now, he had to watch. Donna saw this and knew he was starting to fall into a trance. She keep whispering over the intercom “Very good John, just relax and watch”
She found a side road that was deserted so pulled in. John didn’t seem to notice the cab had stopped moving, he was just focused on the screen. Donna got out of her seat and opened the passenger door on the other side of John’s seat. He did not move his head from the direction of the screen, and didn’t even acknowledge she was in the seat just to the side of him. All his focus was on the screen. Now was her chance to try the implanted trigger phrase. She first wanted to make sure he was not already under that sort of trance.

“John, can you hear me?”

“Huhu, I can hear you…..”

“Do you know who I am?”

“Kind of…..”

“Very good. Now I want you to listen very carefully to what I say. I’m going to say something to you and I want you to reply with the first thing that pops in to your head. OK?”

“Sure, OK…..”

“Page 3 Forever My Slave”

It took a few moments, but John’s face turned from staring at the screen, to looking directly in to Donna’s eyes. He straightened his body as if sitting to attention, and then he spoke.

“Yes Mistress Donna…………”

Donna could not believe it! It worked! Her favorite slave was back!

“Oh John! I’m so glad you are back under my command. It has been too long. Please, report to me how you have been serving me over the years.”

Donna had planted the idea of John always searching for her, no matter how or what format. But this was long before the internet had taken hold as it had done since. But it seemed John’s mission was still being carried out, even if he didn’t know it.

“I have pictures of you saved on my phone. I still wank over your images, I seek out other Page 3 girls pictures I have not seen before, I have joined many Facebook groups dedicated to you and Page 3…..”

“Wow, you have been worshiping me VERY well John. Show me one of these Facebook groups”

John took his phone out of his pocket and loaded Facebook. He showed Donna the main group he followed, called “The Body”. All like minded fans of Donna sharing old pictures and talking about how amazing she was and how they would love to meet her one day. She could not believe the following she still had. And it was not just her, John was following groups for Debee Ashby, Kirsten Imrie, Gail McKenna and a generic Page 3 girl group, where both old school and new girls would have pictures shared and commented on. Donna could not contain her excitement! Even if she could hypnotize a small group through Facebook, she would have herself a small harem of men to fuck and do her bidding again.

“John, do you obey me?”

“Yes Mistress…I obey…..”

“Very good John. I’m so happy to hear it. Now I want you to remember all the way back to when you were my slave the first time. You were so young, so horny, willing to do anything I asked.

“So horny……”

“I want to you go back to that state John. You will obey all my commands, no matter where you are. Now everyone has a mobile phone it will be so easy to command you to obey”

“so easy to obey………”

“Excellent. Now, you will help me set up a special Facebook group that I will use to bring others in to my service. I will use this to command you and other new slave. You will see my message and immediately fall into a trance and obey.”

“fall and obey……”

“Now, lets begin……”

Donna took out her phone and connected to her own Facebook. She handed the phone to John and he setup a Private hidden group called “Donna Ewin’s Special Friends”. As it was hidden, only being directly invited to it would get you in. John also joined her to the main Private group “The Body” but as a false account, so no one would know it was her. She would pick out the people she would like to invite to begin the hypnosis. She was very excited to see all the pictures that were being shared of her and the comments people were leaving.
As it was all happening very quickly, Donna was keen to try out some new hypno techniques with John. But the cab was no longer suitable to continue with.

“John, I’m going to bring you back to my place now. You will continue to watch the video and listen to my voice. We will then carry on setting up our special new group, and you will help me.”

“I will help you Mistress….”

The cab started up and the video begin again. John stared and listened as Donna repeated “Relax and obey your Mistress….you must obey……you are unable to resist….”

The cab pulled up about 20 minutes later to Donna’s house. John was ordered to follow her in and sit down in the main sitting room. He was to go through his Facebook and click on pictures in the Facebook group that he liked. These would be used as test pictures for new followers in the special group to enjoy. Donna then went upstairs and changed into some sexy clothes which barely contained her still large boobs. She wanted to make sure John was as fully enslaved as he was before.
He was still sitting down looking at his phone. Donna could see that his cock was bulging in his jeans from all the evenings excitement. This always made a subject more suggestable and easy to control.

Donna also took out her laptop that she used to make the hypno video in the cab. She could also post these to the new group when she had a few followers to convert. She asked John what he would do to help.

“At the start you can audio call new fans to the group and have a background hypno track playing, which will instruct them to listen and obey. Then chat again the next day and reinforce the programing. You can then use video chat the next day and use your hypno tits to enslave them further. Showing them videos and audio and requesting they always listen to them when traveling to work and at home. They will have no choice but to follow and obey like I do Mistress…..”

Donna could feel her pussy getting wetter as John laid out the plans. He had obviously been thinking of this since he had become a slave all those years ago. Donna always suspected that he had a major hypno fetish even before she had met him, which made him the most perfect subject. She was very keen to get started.

“Now John, lets setup the new group and put in some of your favorite pictures. That way we can get a conversation started. You can be the admin of the group and make sure people know that this is a special invite only group for very special fans, and that you might be able to organize a Facetime call with me, but they must keep it very secret, otherwise they will be taken out of the group. I will then contact them and have a chat, all the while my hypno audio will be playing subtly in the background. If they respond to a key phase at the end of the call, I’ll know they have started to become enslaved. I will then call again then next evening and repeat, but with a more obvious hypno track. If they respond well then the next evening will be a video call, all ready to use my boobs to complete the hypnosis. They will then contact you as the admin with the Page 3 Forever codeword. I’ll then know I can message them with extra videos to watch. Oh John, this is going to be so much fun!”

Donna wanted to get started with inviting 1 person in. John had chatted to someone a few times so picked him to chat with. And of course he was already online. He begin the chat session.

John: Hey there Simon, how’s things?
Simon: Hi, yeah, not too bad. You?
John: Amazing. You will not believe what happened. I was on the group and you’ll never believe who messaged me out of the blue?
Simon: No, who?
John: Only Donna Ewin HERSELF!! And it was not some fake profile or anything, it’s actually her!
Simon: Come on….what would she be doing on Facebook, let alone looking at a group about her!
John: Well it IS her because I had a video call with her! Holy shit man, she is still incredibly hot 😊
Simon: REALLY??? WOW! What did she say?
John: She wants to set up a Private group on here to chat with some old fans, as she is looking to get a book about the Page 3 days written. She wants only very awesome fans, and so she came on here and saw some chats I’ve had. Just lucky I guess that she picked me 😊 So she wants me to get a few of the guys from in this group to jump in to it and chat. But you have to keep it SUPER QUIET, otherwise it will get too much for her and she will leave it. So…..interested?
Simon: SIGN ME UP!!!
John: Great, let me send you an invite and you can jump in. I’m not sure if Donna will be online but if she is she might reach out to you. Don’t be shy either! She knows what we all did while looking at her pics, and actually loves the thought of it!
Simon: OMG, that is awesome. Thanks mate!
John: No worries, will see you in there!

John sent the invite to Simon and no sooner did he send it, Simon appeared up in the new group.

“He has joined Mistress….”

“Very good work John. I enjoyed that little chat. Now I’m going to start my call with him. Go to the other room and see who else we can invite. If they are online then chat to them as you did with Simon”

“Yes Mistress….”

Donna started to chat to Simon and invited him to an audio chat. Of course he jumped at the chance to speak to her. She started to play the first audio music low while chatting to him about writing a book and meeting fans. She also mentioned other Page 3 girls she enjoyed working with to really get him aroused. After about 15 minutes, Donna tried her trigger phrase on him. He replied “Page 3 Forever” without even missing a beat. She smiled as she knew he was ripe for hypnosis. She said that she would love to chat tomorrow again if he was available, which of course he agreed to.
John returned with 2 other new members, and Donna spoke to both of them, and both responded to the trigger perfectly. She arranged to chat with them as well.

“I’m so happy with tonight John. You and some new recruits to my harem of hypnoslaves. It’s more than I could have hoped for!”

“Yes Mistress….we will all obey you…”

“Now, do you need to be anywhere tomorrow? Had you any plans made?”

“No Mistress, no plans”

“Very good. You will stay here tonight and we will continue to plan out how to capture more slaves. But first….I’m very horny after all that chatting and such. Would you like to fuck me?”

“Yes Mistress…more than anything….”

“Of course you do 😊 I’m going to sit on the couch and you are going to lick me out, and we shall see where you go from there!”

“Yes Mistress, I will obey…..”

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