My Hypno Mistress

Chapter 1

by madboy7931

Tags: #dom:female #drones

The year was 1992. John walked on his usual route back from school on a Friday afternoon. It was his last few weeks and his 18 year old eyes were looking at any girl in a short school skirt he could see. The summer was here and all the girls in his class were looking forward to final end of term school disco. And as much as John was looking forward to it, he was also very distracted, as he knew the today was the day that the latest issue of Penthouse magazine was coming out. John loved to see all of the porn magazines on the top shelve of all the newsagents he and his friends would go to. He would always sneak a look to see if any Page 3 girls were on the covers. John loved the Page 3 girls since puberty had kicked in, and girls has become something more than annoying screaming non boys who didn’t like football or Star Wars!

The first time he opened a copy of The Sun and noticed a half naked woman on the third page, and his cock became harder for some unknown reason, he knew he liked it. He still remembered it well. Sue Simmons was the woman. Her perfect body and perky breasts still always had a special place in his heart. But now, and for many years before, his favourite girl was Donna Ewin.

To him, she was the perfect woman. Tall long legs, beautiful face, gorgeous brunette hair, and the most spectacular breasts he had ever seen. He liked others of course, Gail McKenna, Kirsten Imrie, Rachel Garley, but Donna was always the one who got him harder and faster than any of them. He loved coming home and sneaking the copy of The Sun his Dad had bought to his room to check who was in it.

On this Friday, John’s luck was in. He called into a newsagents to check the top shelf and low and behold, there she was. The cover all shiny and inviting, but slightly covered by a copy of Mayfair. But he could also see that Donna Ewin was the cover star! She looked incredible, and John’s heart started racing, like a marathon runner. He looked as long as he dared without getting caught looking by the shop owner. He never bought his magazines here as it was too close to home and didn’t want to get caught. Besides, most of the fun and excitement was going somewhere different to get it.

He left the shop, his heart still running at 100 miles an hour. Everyone he knew from school had left and he continued on his way home. As he was walking, he noticed a large car pulling in slowly to the side. He heard the window open and voice call out.

“Excuse me? Do you have a moment? We seem to be a little lost.”

He looked over and could not really make out the person in the back seat. It was a woman, and John liked her voice, so he walked over to the car. What he saw next took his breath away. He had to refocus his eyes because the person in the car, was Donna Ewin!

“Hello” she said. “I’m trying to find Swiss Cottage. Would you know where that is?”

John stood stunned as he looked into her big brown eyes. But his eyes soon moved to her cleavage. She was wearing a blouse that was showing off just enough of her breasts to make John gaze into them an impolite amount of time. He started to stumble out some words.

“Yes, I know where that is” His eyes now looking at her face.
His cock started to become rock hard faster than it had ever done before. The joy and amazement of seeing his dream woman in the flesh was too much. His head started to become a little dizzy too. John could smell an amazing aroma coming from the car. It could only be Donna’s perfume. Donna saw he was beginning to lose his balance so opened the door and asked,

“Would you like to sit down in here to catch your breath John?”

He did not even have time to answer as she helped him into the back seat. The feelings John were having were amazingly blissful, but also incredible arousing. He sat down in the seat and lay back. The door closed and the car started moving. John began to realize that he had not told Donna his name, but she somehow knew it. But that thought soon vanished as the perfume worked its magic.

“Are you Ok? You look a little flush. Just sit here for a moment and relax….just relax…….”

She started to rub her hand up and down John’s leg, so gentle but his cock became rock hard in seconds.

“Just relax……..Now John, I want you to just listen to me, can you do that?” She continued to stroke his leg.

“ I can do that”

“Do you know who I am?”


“What is my name?”

“You’re name is Donna Ewin….”

“….and where do you know me from?....”

“…..from Page 3…..”

“That’s good John. Very good” A broad smile came over her face. “You see, we have been watching you for quite a while. We know that you buy a copy of Penthouse every month that it has a Page 3 girl in it. Is that true?”

“Yeah, that is true…..” The perfume seemed to have some sort of truth serum effect, as John could not deny answering her.

“Very good. We know this because we monitor all the shops, and when a copy is bought with one of us on it, we are informed who bought it. That way we know who we can recruit. Now, keep listening and relax. I want you to answer me as best as you can. I want you to name as many Page 3 girls as you can remember.”

“OK…. Gail McKenna, Rachel Garley, Gaynor Goodman, Ruth Gordon, Maira Whittaker, Samantha Fox, Kathy Lloyd, Kirsten Imrie, Sandra Jones, Debbe Ashby, Karen Brennan, Jo Guest, Dee Ivens, Angela Lee…..” His years of wanking to the pages of The Sun and Penthouse had served him well.

“Very good John! You have an excellent knowledge of the Page 3 girls, and I cannot wait to introduce you to them all. Now, I want you to do something else for me. I want you to stare at my boobs. I want you to look at them and nothing else. I want you to stare deep…..deep into them. Can you do that for me John?”

“Yes………” He turned his head with his eyes half closed due to the perfume, but as Donna opened her blouse, her huge breasts jumped out, and his eyes opened wider than ever before. He wanted to see as much of them as he could.
He did as instructed, and looked deep at Donna’s boobs. She started to move them back and forth very slowly, and John’s eyes followed them intensely.

“Just watch my boobs go back and forth, back and forth. Watch them closely, and listen. Listen to my voice and only my voice. Do you understand?”


“Just watch them John, and listen to my voice. I want you to fall into a deep trance John. I want you to fall into a hypnotic dream, where my boobs and my voice control your every thought. You will only listen to my voice and obey everything I tell you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand….”

“You are a very good boy. We want you to become a member of our hypnotic slave team. We have big plans for you. Now, just watch my boobs, back and forth, back and forth. From now on, you will call me Mistress, do you understand?”


“I’m going to program you John. You will do whatever I command. Listen carefully. Very soon I am going to drop you out of the car. When I do, and you hear the door close, you will return to your normal horny 18 year old self. You will forget we met. You will not remember getting in this car. But I am going to plant a trigger for you. Whenever you hear a phone box ring that you walk by, you will feel compelled to answer it. You will answer the ringing telephone box and when you hear a female voice say “Page 3 forever”, you will fall into a deep hypnotic trance, just like you are now, and you will obey the voice on the phone. Do you understand?”

“Yes…..Page 3 forever…..obey….”

“Very good. The voice will give you instructions, and you will obey.

“I will obey……”

“Now, soon you will get out of the car and walk back home. You will forget this meeting, you will forget being in this car. What will you do?”

“I will forget….”

“But one day soon, you will hear a phone box ringing. And what will you do?”

“I will answer the phone…..”

“And when the voice says ’Page 3 Forever’, what will you do?”

“I will listen and obey…..”

“Good boy” The car stopped, and Donna put her blouse top back on. She opened the door and asked John to step out. As the door closed behind him, he snapped back to reality. And for some reason he didn’t fully understand, he started to walk to the high street to head back home.

The next day, as he walked to the high street to head to the shops, he thought he heard a phone ringing from a nearby phone box. Normally he would ignore this but for some reason he felt he had to answer it. He got closer to it and the urge to answer it grew. He picked up the receiver and said “Hello?” A female voice with a slight Scottish accent answered.

“Hello, I’m sorry to bother you but can you tell me where this phone box is located?”

“It’s on the high street, near some shops” John replied.

“Thank you…..oh, by the way….Page 3 Forever…….” With that, John’s face turned blank.

“Can you hear me?”

“Yes, I can hear you…..”

“Very good. My name is Kirsten Imrie. You will listen to my voice, and obey”

“Yes Kirsten, I will obey….” Images of Kirsten’s Page 3 pictures flashed into John’s mind.

“Very good. Now, I want you to go to the newsagent near this phone. You will go there and buy the latest copy of Penthouse. You will say to the person at the counter ‘Page 3 forever’ and he will reply the same to you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand….”

“You will then go to the flat next door and ring bell 3. The person will answer and ask your name, and you will answer ‘slave’.” You will then go to flat 3. You will listen and obey”

“I will obey…..”

“Now, put the phone down and complete your task Slave.”

With that, John put the phone down and walked straight into the shop. He looked straight up at the top shelf, saw the copy of Penthouse and picked it straight up. Normally he would wait until no other customers were in the shop so as not to be seen buying a porn magazine. But not today. He brought it to the counter and handed over the money. It was almost like he was on auto pilot. Once it was in a brown bag and handed back, he said “Page 3 forever”.
The shop keeper looked at him, and the same blank look came across his face, and he repeated back “Page 3 forever”. John then walked out and turned next door. He saw the buzzer for flat 3, and pressed.

“Who is it?” the voice on the other side said. ”Slave….”. The door buzzed open and John walked up the stairs to flat 3. The door was already open so John walked straight in. The door closed behind him and once again, he could smell a sweet aroma that was so familiar. Donna appeared in high heels, black bra and panties. John eyes looked straight at her big boobs again. She asked him what was in the bag.

“Penthouse magazine Mistress….”

“and who is on the cover?”

“You are Mistress…..”

“Very good John. Sit down on the sofa. Let’s have a chat.” John sat down and noticed lots of porn magazines of various names, and on a TV, what looked like to be a porn movie. A man and a woman with big tits having sex. John had never seen a porn movie before, except softcore versions on VHS, and a copy of 9 ½ Weeks he got from a friend from school.

“You see John, when a few of us girls at Page 3 got together, we found that men would do anything for us, just by showing our tits in the newspaper. We decided that we could do much more than that. So we trained ourselves in hypnosis and by hypnotising the right people, we could slowly take over London, and after that, the UK. We have already brainwashed half of the male MP’s, and some of the female ones too. Now we are working on people who will be going to college, just like you. You will be able to get more young men to follow and obey us.”

“Yes Mistress….”

“Now, watch this movie and listen to the pleasure the girl is having. Just listen to the moans of the lucky man. Watch and listen….watch her big boobs bounce up and down…up and down.” Donna then stood up and went behind John. She pressed her breasts into the back of his head and used her hands to massage his shoulders.

“Just watch them have the most pleasurable sex. You want that don’t you. You want to have sex with me and the other Page 3 girls don’t you….”

“Yes Mistress…..”

“You dream of having sex with us don’t you?”

“Yes…. Mistress….”

John’s head filled with thoughts of Donna’s tits and all the other Page 3 girls tits as the sound from the porno played out loud as the woman moaned in pleasure, and the bouncing tits on the screen seemed to brainwash him all over again. Donna’s breasts were still pressing into him and almost making his mind explode with desire.

“Very good. Each time you see my boobs, you become more deeply enslaved. You will be mine completely. But when you leave here, you will remember nothing, until you hear a woman say the phrase ‘Page 3 Forever’ and then you will snap back into your trance, and obey”

“Yes…..I will obey…..”

And one day soon I will bring you to meet the other Page 3 girls. Who would you like to meet first?”

“Rachel Garley…..Gail McKenna….Kirsten Imrie…”

“That’s very good John. And they will be so happy to meet you. Maybe we could all treat you. But for now, I want you to do something for me. I want you to forget you were here, you will forget that you met me, you will forget it all, until you hear your trigger phrase. Now repeat it back to me John”

“Page 3 Forever……..”

“Yes John. You will take the copy of Penthouse you bought, go out the door downstairs and close it behind you. As soon as the door closes, you will snap back to your normal self, remembering nothing of what happened here today. Do you understand?”

“Yes…I understand….”

“We will call on you soon John, and then the training can continue” Donna’s face lit up with the thoughts of things to come for her new hypno-slave. “Now, off you go”

John picked up the brown bag with the magazine inside, walked out the front door and then downstairs. He walked out to the street and heard the bang of the main door behind him. With that, he shook his head, as a fog seemed to lift from him. He looked down and saw he had a brown bag in his hand, and his cock was feeling like it had been hard for hours! He looked in the bag and saw the copy of Penthouse inside. He didn’t exactly remember buying it, but as soon as he saw the cover star, all that doubt and confusion vanished, as he could not wait to get home and see what was waiting inside the issue for him.

Once home he ran to his room and slowly took the issue out. He stared at the cover and straight into Donna’s eyes. Images and clouded thoughts came into his head. Things he didn’t quite remember seeing, but he dismissed them and went straight into the magazine. His cock was the hardest it had ever been, so he undid his zip and he started to stoke it. As he read the words beside the pictures of Donna, she had quoted something.

“I love posing for Penthouse so all my fans can see me. But I hope to work in Page 3 forever……” John seemed to drift off into a dream with those words. It would not be the last time he would hear them.

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