A Goddess' Replacement

Chapter 7: Orchard Come to Bloom

by lamiaprincess

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #brainwashing #dom:female #f/f #fantasy #personality_change #sub:female #daughterification #hypnotic_pollen #milfs #yandere

Demeter and Persephone approached the portal that connected the outside world with Demeter’s temple. The crystal at the top of the portal was still glowing a bright purple light, being powered by Persephone’s divine power. Demeter put her palm against the crystal, causing the energy inside of it to harmlessly dissipate out, before allowing her own divine power to flow into the crystal. The crystal glowed with a green light, and Demeter nodded.

“Mommy, does the power in the crystal ever diminish? I’m still learning all of this and I’m not really sure how these portals work.” Persephone looked at the portal with curiosity in her eyes. The portal was still connected to the same temple as before, and Persephone touched the crystal with her finger, feeling a small amount of Demeter’s power in the crystal.

“No, it doesn’t. This portal can remain active indefinitely as long as you don’t drain the crystal of its power. There’s basically no reason for either of us to do so, and it’s very hard to enter through the portal unless you are attuned to the crystal. Even while we sleep there’s no reason to turn the portal off.” Persephone paused for a bit, taken a bit aback by the response. She didn’t really know why though. Something about that answer puzzled her.

‘Maybe it was something about the nightmare I had last night? I don’t really remember all that much about it but…I remember seeing the portal turned off.’ Persephone shook her head. ‘No, that doesn’t really matter. I shouldn’t bother Mommy with my bad dreams. She’s a very busy goddess.’ Persephone beamed at Demeter, who smiled back.

“Don’t feel bad for asking questions about this, okay? It’s going to be a whole learning experience, getting used to being a goddess again. Fortunately, you have a great mother who is going to help you remember everything you need to know. You’ll be a natural at everything you need to do in due time.” Demeter’s smile was genuinely warm, and Persephone felt how strongly she loved her mother in that moment.

‘She’s doing all of this for me! I have the best mother in the whole world!’ The portal sat up straight against the wall as Demeter moved through it, and Persephone quickly followed her. They were back at the temple, and Persephone looked around. Nothing had really changed about it since she was last in it, although she couldn’t really remember why she was here. Demeter had told her she had a bad dream and had gotten lost, so that was probably it.

“I’ve been thinking, Persephone. Now that you are fully maturing into your divine power and are becoming a true goddess, it is time to start worship of you. It’s only proper for goddesses to have a cult surrounding them. It is so that the humans who we will lend our power to will show proper gratitude to us.” Persephone nodded. A kind of nervous excitement bubbled up inside of her. This was a really big and really important step for her. For some reason it also felt really strange for her to be worshiped, but she shook that feeling away. It was just nervousness.

“Now…we have to discuss your domain, Persephone. We need to establish your domain. What will worshippers be coming to you for? For myself, I am a goddess of plant life and the harvest, and so I am very widely worshiped. Zeus is the king of the entire realm. Poseidon is the god of the seas. For your Persephone…your domain seems much more precise.” Demeter held out her hand and a small orb of power formed almost effortlessly inside of it. It was a swirling green ball of energy, and small leaves would occasionally fly out of it and settle onto the ground, before Demeter made the orb disappear quickly.

“Go on Persephone. Do the same.” Demeter said firmly as Persephone nodded, focusing her divine power into her hand like she had done before. This time, it did not take long for a modest orb of energy to form in her hand, and she opened her eyes to look at it. It was the same purple and black swirling ball of energy, but this time, she could only vaguely feel it tugging away at her mind. She could look into the ball without getting effortlessly hypnotized. But there was something more to it, Persephone realized, as she let the ball drop on a whim. The ball hit the stone floor of the temple, and the energy dramatically changed the stone in a small radius into shining purple gemstone.

“Fascinating…it must be because of your changes into becoming a mortal and then becoming divine again, but it appears transformation is your domain. Your skill at it seems much stronger than the other gods…” Demeter was basically muttering to herself, and Persephone looked at her in confusion. Demeter almost looked distressed as she muttered to herself a bit more.

“Is everything okay Mommy? Is this a bad domain to have…?” Persephone asked, causing Demeter to snap out of it.

“No, not at all. It’s just…surprising. Previously when I had seen you do this I was just so happy you were able to manipulate your divine power that I didn’t think about it any further. I’m just surprised at how strongly you align with this.” Persephone nodded. This whole experience felt new and exciting to her. She supposed a Goddess of transformation was a bit of a weird title.

“There will undoubtedly be people in need of your services though. The ability to transform not only the physical but also the mental will attract people, and it will be your role as a goddess to decide who is worthy and who isn’t.” Persephone nodded, and Demeter smiled.

“But for now, you are going to need to actually start your cult. This temple is closest to my Sacred Grove, but it is remote enough that it should be a good place for you to start. It only makes sense that your cult should start off so close to me. You are my daughter after all. But in order to begin…you’ll need someone to offer prayers and offerings on behalf of others. You’ll need a priestess to do such things, and I happen to have someone who would be perfect for it.”

Persephone smiled as Demeter wandered off into the back of the temple. Her mother had been so thoughtful about making sure she had everything she ever needed. It was perfect, Demeter really was an incredible Mommy, and she felt like she should do everything she could to be thankful about it. Persephone could feel herself getting a little warm as she began to fantasize about the things she could do in order to repay her…she giggled softly as her mind turned to lewd and lurid fantasies about what she could do.

Persephone thought about the way Demeter’s breasts would feel in her hands, about how soft her Mommy’s skin must feel, and about all the different ways she could give her pleasure. Her hands, her mouth, her tits, every part of Persephone felt like it wanted to be used in order to make Demeter pleasured and happy. She could feel a moistness developing between her legs, and thought about how well her mother would be able to fuck her and make her cry out in pleasure. She had been around for such a long time after all that she must have known all kinds of tricks to make Persephone feel like a simple toy in her hands. She would do her best as well to make Demeter happy, and she wanted to learn all she could about how to make another woman feel amazing.

She was lost in her daydreams as Demeter pulled along a very dazed redhead from the back of the temple, a girl who seemingly was just coming to. Demeter chuckled as she saw her daughter lost in fantasy, gently touching herself through the fabric of her dress, and gently grabbed her hand.

“Now now dear, there will be plenty of time for that. But first, we need you to have a high priestess, and look what a special woman I’ve brought to you.” Persephone blinked rapidly as she came back to, blushing heavily as she looked down at the woman on her knees who Demeter had brought to her. Something about the woman seemed almost familiar to Persephone, although she had no idea why. Maybe it was because the woman seemed very beautiful to her, with her gorgeous long locks of bright red hair, or maybe it was because of the incredible curves and proportions that she had. Her breasts were almost as big as Persephones, but in the pose she was currently in, they hung off of her in a way that made them look much larger. That was ignoring how wide her hips and how big her ass was as well. Persephone couldn’t help but blush further when she saw the woman. It was like she had grown up into an amazingly attractive woman.

She wanted her as her priestess, without a doubt. She probably wasn’t going to get much traffic anyways, and she was sure that her Mommy wasn’t going to mind if she took the occasional trip to the temple to fuck her silly. Something about that felt right to her. She was a goddess, and that woman was going to be her priestess, and she should feel honored that she was attractive enough for a goddess to want to fuck her like crazy. While Persephone licked her lips and her eyes hooded, giving her a sadistic look to her that would have felt just as home with Demeter, the woman finally came back to consciousness, and stared up at Persephone.

“Lyra? Lyra is that yo-” the woman said, before realizing that Demeter had a hold of her. She yelled and tried to yank herself away, but to no avail. Demeter was much stronger than her and her grip didn’t yield.

“Lyra! Get away from her! She’s completely crazy! Just run!” the woman yelled, making Persephone tilt her head in confusion.

“Who is Lyra? Do you have me mistaken for someone else? I’m the goddess Persephone you know, you should treat me with the proper respect.” Persephone said, making the woman stop struggling for a moment as she looked at Persephone in shock.

“Lyra, Lyra, it’s me. It’s Thea. Your best friend. Do you remember the village? Your parents, my grandmother?” Thea was almost begging her friend to remember.

“I don’t know what you are talking about. I’m so sorry that you’re this confused mortal…but I’m a goddess. Now please, stop calling me Lyra. It’s rude.” Persephone’s face started to grow cold, as she looked down at the woman, but she continued to struggle.

“I don’t know what that bitch has done to you, but I know you! Your hair might be different and you might be wearing different clothes, but you’re still Lyra! This isn’t you!” Thea yelled, and Persephone’s eyes closed as she felt anger building up inside of her.

“I’ve been very patient with your distress, mortal. But if you continue to insist that I am not a goddess, and that I must be some mortal woman you’ve once known, I am going to get seriously angry. That is blasphemy, and I’m sure punishment for that will not be gentle. Stop that at once.” Persephone’s voice was harsh and firm, and Thea finally quieted as tears came to her eyes and a small noise left her throat. She had never known Lyra to ever be that cold and mean to anyone, and the shock of it hurt her heart as she crawled back a bit to get away from her.

“Now Persephone, there’s no need to be quite so harsh with the mortal. She’s just in shock. She’s lost a lot recently, not just Lyra. I brought her here because I thought with your power you should be able to ease her suffering.” Thea didn’t quite grasp what Demeter was saying, and she continued to try and get away. There was no way Demeter was going to let her go, but now she felt a primal fear start to sit in her stomach.

“Oh, of course Mommy. I’m very sorry, dear Thea. I was not aware of how much you had suffered so. I’m very sorry for the loss of your friend. But I’m going to make it better okay? You’re not going to need to feel that pain anymore.” Thea glared at Persephone.

“Don’t…say things like that. Don’t say my name. Don’t apologize over her. You’ll just make it hurt worse.” Persephone frowned at the response, but nodded.

“Fine, then I won’t. I had intended to simply help you to move on, but perhaps it will be better if none of that mattered from this point forward. After all, you’re going to be my priestess and you’re going to be serving a goddess faithfully. There mustn’t be a better honor for you after all.” Persephone moved quickly and put her hand on Thea’s forehead, preparing to push her divine power into her brain, before pausing.

“Mommy, I don’t believe I’ve done this before…should I take this slow? I don’t want to hurt her.” Persephone asked, before Demeter shook her head.

“I don’t think you’ll hurt her. It will do her better if you don’t delay it. Go on, Persephone.” Persephone nodded as Thea gave her one last look, one last attempt to make Lyra come back. Her eyes had widened and her pupils were completely dilated, sweat rolled down Thea’s face. She was clearly terrified.

“Don’t be scared. This won’t hurt.”

Thea went limp as Persephone pushed her power inside of her. Persephone suddenly felt very aware of everything that had made Thea, Thea. Her ideals, her morals, her memories, her dreams, her hopes, the people that were important to her. It was almost physical, like Persephone could reach out and grab it. She took a minute to just navigate the woman’s head, looking to make sure that she could do the job completely. She found a memory from several weeks ago, a memory of the woman named Lyra.

‘She really does look a lot like me. What a coincidence. And so kind too, giving what little food she had to make sure her grandmother could eat. I can see why she was so distraught about losing her. I’m sorry, but I can’t be her for you, mortal. Let’s ease your suffering.’ The memory disappeared in her grasp. Persephone had willed it away, and the memory vanished. She went after every memory in Thea’s head about Lyra, and erased them all. One by one they vanished, fading away as a result of Persephone’s divine power.

‘Now she doesn’t have to feel that pain anymore. I’m going to make her better. Let’s keep going.’ Persephone hummed to herself as she worked further in Thea’s brain. She started to erase memories Thea had about her village, and about her family. Those didn’t seem particularly important to Persephone. Her dreams and hopes were gently twisted around to wanting to be a priestess for her goddess. It was easy for Persephone to do so, marveling at just how pliable the woman’s mind was.

‘This really is my domain, isn’t it. She’s like putty in my hands. I can shape her, and mold her, and force her however I want. That’s so exciting. Gods I’m so wet, this is amazing.’ Persephone smiled widely as she continued to take glee in the domination she was able to perform now. Thea’s body would randomly twitch and drool fell out of her mouth as her mind was played with and changed around. She wasn’t responsive to anything that Persephone was doing, and that only made the situation even hotter to Persephone.

Soon, Persephone lifted her hand from Thea’s forehead, and smiled. She had finished her work, she felt, as Thea opened her eyes and looked at her. Immediately, she got on her knees and bowed in prayer in front of Persephone, immediately submitting in fealty.

“Rise, mortal, and tell me who you are.” Persephone commanded, and Thea quickly got up, straightening out her outfit, before smiling wildly.

“I am the priestess of our great goddess Persephone, handpicked by her. I have devoted my life fully to her, and to sustain her worship.” Persephone grinned as she ran her fingers over what scraps of the priestess’ clothes remained.

“Do you have a name, priestess?” Persephone asked, causing the priestess to shake her head.

“I gave up my name when I became your priestess Persephone.” Persephone grinned again, cupping one of the priestess’ breasts. The priestess let out a shameless moan, her knees buckling a bit at the touch.

“That’s good. I think that it may be how it should be. You wanted me to stop saying your name, so now I think there’s no need for it.” The priestess looked a little confused, but she didn’t have it in her to voice any disagreement. Not in front of her goddess. Persephone grasped one of the scraps of fabric in her hand, before grimacing.

“Forgive me for not noticing the poor state of your dress, priestess. Allow me to fix that.” Persephone willed her divine power into the scraps on clothes, and they suddenly began to transform and expand themselves. A bead of sweat fell down Persephone as she imagined what would be ideal clothes for her priestess. They needed to at least provide some sense of modesty but not fail to show off all of her priestess’ lovely curves, and…

‘They need to allow me easy access. I should be able to easily cast them aside so I can fuck her.’ With those thoughts in her mind, and the heat between her legs that was becoming harder and harder to ignore, her power worked to create the clothes her priestess would wear. Large purple, black, and gold fabric pieces extended and covered her priestess’ breasts, but did little to keep them in place. Her stomach and waist were wrapped tightly, pushing up her breasts and giving her more of an hourglass figure, while her crotch and ass were covered in a similar manner to her breasts. Long purple gloves covered her hands and her legs, and her legs were covered in a similar material. Persephone blinked as she saw her priestess dressed in her new outfit, and wondered where in the world she had come up with it.

“What a wonderful gift Persephone…thank you for taking pity on your servant!” The priestess bowed, immediately causing the fabric to detach from her breasts and swing forward. Persephone blushed and could feel just how wet she was becoming, before she heard Demeter clear her throat.

“You make for such a wonderful priestess, just as I expected. Persephone and I need to return back for some important matters, but rest assured we will be here to ensure you are sufficient in…all duties possible.” Even Demeter couldn’t help herself to check out the priestess, and the priestess merely bowed again and thanked them for blessing her with their presence. Persephone didn’t have much time to think as Demeter grabbed her wrist, and suddenly they were back in Demeter’s personal temple.

“Did I…do something wrong Mommy? I didn’t mess up, did I?” Persephone asked, worried about the suddenness of how they came back home. Instead of replying, Demeter forcefully pushed Persephone up against the wall, but not hard enough to hurt her. Just enough to catch her by surprise. She slid a hand under Persephone’s dress and slowly rubbed her hand over Persephone’s slit through the panties that she was wearing. Persephone moaned indecently, overwhelmed by the rush of a bunch of surprise feelings to think straight.

“Oh no sweetie, you did wonderfully. Really exceeded my expectations with your new priestess. But there was no way I couldn’t notice how hot and bothered she had gotten you and I got a little jealous of that. I don’t mind if you fuck your priestess darling but…” Demeter’s smile darkened her face and her eyes hooded as she took her other hand and hooked the hem of Persephone’s dress, pulling it down over her tits, causing them to shake and bounce a little.

“I want you first. I want you to know that you’re mine.” Demeter forcefully kissed Persephone on the lips, and the goddess responded by moaning into her mother’s mouth. Persephone’s body felt like it was quickly catching fire as Demeter roughly grabbed one of her breasts and rubbed her slut through her panties faster. It was everything she had ever wanted: she had touched herself to the idea of Demeter taking her, owning her, dominating her in such a strong and absolute way. She could barely stand if it wasn’t for Demeter pressing her against the wall.

Demeter herself found herself loving what she was doing. Sex had been a part of her life before, but as she took and took and took more from her daughter, she was excited in a way she hadn’t felt in a long time. There was something about the act of dominance that thrilled her, as if she had flipped a switch she had never done before. She harshly squeezed Persephone’s breast, causing her daughter to moan loudly, and Demeter’s eyes hooded. Her breath came out ragged and hot, and she felt her pussy getting very wet as she pressed up against Persephone. Her daughter was hers, and she was going to fuck her so hard that her daugther was never going to forget that.

They quickly made their way to the bedroom, a flurry of kisses and groping as Demeter sat down on the bed. Persephone blushed and slowly took off her clothes, savoring the feeling of having her mother’s eyes look her up and down as she slowly revealed more and more. There was something about the way her mother was looking at her, eyes hooded enough they almost appeared closed and the smile on her face that was almost wicked that made her so wet. She couldn’t think to cover herself up in front of her Mommy. Her Mommy deserved to see her daughter naked, because she was her Mommy’s before anything else.

They really were made for each other.

Demeter spread her legs and pulled up her robe, revealing her own pussy, bordered with light green hair. Persephone couldn’t take her eyes off of it, subconsciously, slowly moving closer and closer. Demeter smiled and beckoned her forward with her hand.

“Come on sweetie. Get on your knees and worship Mommy.”

Persephone felt the strength leave her legs on command as she knelt down, unable to stand in front of her Mommy. She crawled forward, her breath started to come out in ragged pants from the excitement of it. Her face was so close to Demeter’s pussy, and the thought hit Persephone that she had never done this with a woman before. Demeter was going to be her first time eating a woman out. She shuddered a bit before gently licking up Demeter’s slit, causing Demeter to Persephone hummed, almost purring in delight as she continued licking, taking extra special care to tease and play with Demeter’s quickly stiffening budd as her Mommy’s breathing grew quick and soft little moans squeaked out of her.

Persephone felt Demeter’s hand grip the back of her head, holding her hair in place, before gently pushing her forwards. She stuck her tongue out more, burying her face into Demeter’s pussy as Demeter let out a loud moan. Persephone couldn’t get enough of the taste as she buried her tongue in, pushing it past Demeter’s folds and going as deep as she possibly could. Demeter’s other hand traveled down, softly rubbing her clit as she panted and moaned from Persephone’s attention. Demeter’s legs wrapped around Persephone and locked her in, keeping her in place as she continued to eat Demeter out. Every moan and every time Demeter’s breath got caught in her throat made Persephone happy. She knew that she was doing a good job, and that she was making her Mommy feel good.

Her tongue began to move in a more targeted way, quickly moving over spots that made Demeter react more. It was a fun game for Persephone to see just how much she could make her Mommy squirm, or dig her heels harder into her back from what she was doing. She rubbed her tongue over a certain spot, and Demeter let out a small yelp, tensing up and squeezing her legs tighter, pushing Persephone’s face in more as she kept licking and pleasuring the spot with her tongue.

“Yes, yes, yes, right there Persephone right there! Keep going!” Demeter cried out, her voice shaky from the pleasure she was feeling, and Persephone immediately obeyed, rubbing and teasing Demeter with her tongue. Demeter started to moan louder, her right arm slamming into the bed as she felt her pleasure rising, before going back to rubbing her clit. She gripped Persephone’s head harder, starting to hurt Persephone a little bit. The pain didn’t stop her though, as she continued to eat Demeter out, going faster in response to her demonstrations.

“Ohhhhh yes gods fuck…fuck!!!” Demeter moaned loudly, almost yelling as she came hard, fem cum streaming out and covering Persephone’s face. Persephone licked it up as best as she could, before Demeter let her come out from between her legs and wipe off what remained on her face. Demeter was still sitting on the bed, panting and moaning softly as Persephone crawled up onto the bed, laying next to Demeter as she smiled softly. Demeter’s arm weakly reached out and grabbed one of Persephone’s breasts, causing Persephone to softly moan a bit.

“You did wonderfully Persephone. I might need a minute but…I am going to give you the best fucking of your life.” Persephone clung to Demeter as Demeter smiled widely, slowly petting her daughter’s hair. Her body hummed as the pleasure from her orgasm slowly faded, allowing her to slowly regain control of herself and sit up in the bed, taking off her robe and throwing it off to the side. Persephone stared up at her Mommy’s breasts, and couldn’t rip her eyes away from them. They weren’t as perky as her Priestess’ breasts, and they weren’t quite as large as her own, but she didn’t care. They were the most perfect pair of breasts Persephone saw, and she could feel herself getting increasingly wet looking at them.

Demeter crawled over Persephone, pinning down her arms as Demeter started to kiss and gently bite Persephone’s neck. Persephone gasped and shivered under Demeter’s grasp, causing Demeter to chuckle as she continued to tease and play with Persephone’s neck. Demeter’s leg slowly moved between Persephone’s thighs and rested right up against her pussy, causing Persephone to start to squirm and grind against Demeter’s leg, gasping and moaning as she did so.

“Someone is needy. You need Mommy to get you off dear~?” Demeter spoke with an obvious sadistic glee. She enjoyed what she was doing as Persephone squirmed and nodded furiously. Demeter pressed her leg up a little bit more firmly, causing Persephone to let out a moan.

“Come on sweetie. Beg Mommy nicely to get you off. Use your words.” Persephone nodded and blushed a beet red, closing her eyes.

“Please Mommy. Please get me off. Please make me cum I need to cum so bad!” Persephone squeaked out as Demeter reached down with one of her hands and started to rub Persephone’s clit. Persephone cried out in pleasure as she squirmed even harder than before, her body shuddering from how good Demeter’s fingers felt. Demeter then focused on Persephone’s slit, pushing her fingers inside and moving them in and out of Persephone as she continued to moan and shake.

“Wow, I knew you needed to come sweetie but you’re so sensitive I think you’re about to cum right now. It must be how weak you are to Mommy, right? You are Mommy’s special little girl after all. Why don’t you say it for me? Say it for me and I’ll make you cum dear~.” Demeter’s voice was almost sing-songy as she teased Persephone, and Persephone wasted precious little time in responding.

“I’m so weak to you Mommy. I’m your little girl, I need you, I love you, I always lose to Mommy please please please let me cummmmm” Persephone whined desperately as her body was on fire. Demeter’s fingers hadn’t stopped their slow pumping in and out of her that was getting her riled up but not letting her get over the edge. She desperately needed to cum, and Demeter chuckled before picking up the pace.

“Okay, you can cum~! Such a good girl.” Persephone’s back arched as Demeter fucked her harder and faster with her fingers. She was barely able to breathe in between the loud moans that she was making as pleasure barreled over her. She couldn’t think anymore, and just chased the climax that was surely coming. Her vision turned white as the pleasure peaked and she almost yelled from how good it felt, before plopping back down on the bed, exhausted. Demeter crawled up next to her and gave her a kiss, Persephone barely registering it as she recovered, breathing shallowly.

“I got it all out now~ Thank you for being so obliging~”

Persephone drifted off soon after, thinking to herself that this was the happiest she had ever felt in her life.

Author’s Note: Hello again everyone! I’m super sorry about the delay for this chapter. I’ve had a fair amount of emotional issues cropping up recently and I spent a couple of weeks visiting my girlfriend in Seattle. But now that I’m back I’ll be able to spend more time writing! The story of Persephone is almost at an end too, with only a couple of chapters remaining. If you want to give feedback on the story or just tell me how much you love it, feel free to email me at grimbolt.game@gmail.com, although I’m pretty shy so I might not get back to you quickly! In addition, if you would like to help support me to write even more erotic fiction in the future, please consider backing my Patreon campaign! This will allow you to keep up to date on any future releases of this story and future stories! There will be an exciting new story planned after this one!


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