A Goddess' Replacement

Ambrosial Summer

by lamiaprincess

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #brainwashing #dom:female #f/f #fantasy #personality_change #sub:female #daughterification #hypnotic_pollen #milfs #yandere

This chapter took a little bit longer for me to complete, I had some issues with my job and ran into a very weird writing block for the last couple of days. I hope you enjoy it! We're approaching the climax now!

A sharp gasp, followed by a low, sultry moan escaped Persephone’s room. Persephone was lying on her bed, her blankets rolled up at the bottom and sitting on the soft sheets as she rubbed her clit with one hand and desperately clawed at her breast with the other. Her body was a roiling maelstrom of lust and desire as she worked towards getting some kind of release. Her button lit up as she gently pinched it with her fingers, and a long, ragged gasp came out of her. Persephone would shudder and her legs would kick out as she continued to play with herself on the bed, shaking with pleasure as she rode wave after wave.

‘What’s going on…I’ve never been this turned on before in my life…my pussy is so hot, its aching so bad…I need to get off, I need to cum, so fucking bad!’ Persephone’s thoughts were turned to mush at how horny she felt and how she struggled to get off. Her pleasure would begin to peak, and she could feel her muscles tense as they prepared to orgasm, only for it not to come. Persephone would feel herself coming down, disappointed but still so horny she continued to work herself.

‘Why can’t I get off…I never used to take this long…every time I get close…and why do I keep seeing Mommy when I…’ Persephone had tried masturbating to the thoughts and fantasies she had before. The young men from the village, taking her and making love to her on their bed in their new home. It was a soft, romantic fantasy, and Persephone wasn’t getting off to it. No matter how much she tried. But every time she felt a sudden spasm of pleasure, and every time she wanted to cry out from how good it felt, she could see a familiar face.

Persephone would see her Mommy, dressed in her usual robes hanging over her, just like when she would lay in her laps and stare up at her. But now she wasn’t thinking about how serene and happy Mommy looked as she petted her head. Her mind’s eye was focused on how soft and perky Mommy’s tits looked from below. How she would get occasional glances at them when Mommy would get up or move around. How Mommy had held her face right to her breasts earlier in the day, and how that had made her blush without realizing. Persephone felt herself getting hornier, and wet, thinking about her Mommy’s breasts, and took her hand off of her breast and slowly inserted a finger into her pussy.

Persephone was wet and needy enough that she quickly inserted a second finger, rubbing them back and forth until she found that one spot that would make her feel really good as she stimulated her clit with her other hand. Images of Mommy flashed through her mind as she did so. Now that her brain had gotten stuck, she was helpless to do anything but masturbate to the thought of her Mommy.

‘Gods what if she were to touch me here…she is a goddess, she has to have been around for a long time…she must be sooo good…and she must look amazing naked…Mommy…’ Persephone moaned loudly as she fantasized about what she wanted her Mommy to do. Fondle her breasts, rub her pussy, kiss her on the lips and all over, slowly slide her fingers in…and every different fantasy was causing her body to light up even further. She was sweating a lot now, and her pussy was wet enough to make a small damp spot on her sheets. The room was filled with the noises of Persephone quickly pumping her fingers back and forth, and the gasps and moans as her body enjoyed pleasure.

Persephone could feel an orgasm coming on, but this time it felt different. She wasn’t slowly rising up a peak like before. It almost felt like the orgasm was going to come crashing down on her, and as her pace quickened, she could feel her body as intense pleasure coursed through it. She shuddered again as the orgasm hit her, crying out loudly as her body hit its peak and this time didn’t go down. She moaned and panted as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her and left her body feeling weak and useless.

“Mommy…Mommy…Mommy…” Persephone weakly whispered as she came down from her orgasm.She could barely think, only wanting her lewd fantasy to come true. She wanted her Mommy to come into the room and take her, and make her feel even better than she had. Persephone looked down at the sheets and noticed a larger puddle, and made a half-hearted groan. It was hard to take it seriously when she was still panting and her hand had made its way back up to grope her breast. She wasn’t going to get up to change the sheets.

Her mind was a haze as she still felt a dull heat between her legs. Every time she would think about her Mommy, she felt a familiar twitch in between her legs and a sudden rush of heat. A finger ran over her slit, rubbing her puffy lips softly as she gasped and let out a moan. She was even more sensitive after cumming hard, and it felt even more amazing than before. Persephone couldn’t help herself as she once again started masturbating, pinching her nipple and rubbing her hand over her clit.

‘Gods…Mommy…I need you…please…I’m so hot…’ Persephone’s thoughts became a running track of wanton lust for Demeter. Her fantasies were becoming more vivid: Demeter dominating her, forcing her to beg for Mommy for release; Demeters fingers pumping in and out of her while Persephone squirmed and shuddered from the pleasure; being tied up and blindfolded while Demeter teased and tortured her breasts and pussy. She wasn’t sure where these fantasies were coming from, and why they were turning her on so badly, but her hips thrusted up a bit and a loud, unbridled moan came out of her as she imagined them.

Her body was slick with sweat, her breathing was coming in ragged gasps and soft wheezes, and she was no longer trying to hold back her moans. She was quickly rising toward her second orgasm of the night, and her fingers were moving very quickly as she worked to stimulate the part of her pussy that felt amazing. Her mind was hyper focused with no other thoughts except what she wanted.

‘Need to cum so bad…cum to Mommy…so pretty…so hot…I need her so bad…need to cum…need Mommy…I love Mommy…I love you I love you I love youuuuuu’ Persephone came again, soaking her hand in her cum as she practically screamed from the pleasure. Her arm slumped to the side as she felt a wave of exhaustion wash over her. She hadn’t masturbated like that ever before in her life, and wasn’t prepared for how tired that effort was making her.

Her arm weakly reached out to try and pull the blanket over her, and she pulled it languidly up over herself, not bothering to make it comfortable. It was just barely covering her breasts as she stopped and felt the colder fabric on her breasts and legs, and hummed happily. The cool sensation of the blanket on her hot, worked up body made her relax, the tension in her muscles releasing as she sighed. Nothing was going through her head at this point; just feelings and urges, stimuli and responses. She squirmed under the blanket before resting her head on the pillow, and allowing sleep to quickly overcome her.

Persephone stood in front of the dresser with a puzzled and slightly distressed look on her face. A couple of outfits were strewn out on the bed behind her, and she took another dress out of one one of the drawers and held it up to her. There was some consideration before she tossed the dress behind her, unsatisfied with it. She closed the drawer and sighed, holding her head in her right hand.

‘I don’t know why but I don’t want to wear any of this. There has to be something nicer for me to wear. Something nicer…something more…fitting for me. Yeah…fitting, that sounds better. These were the clothes I wore when I first came here…but I’m Mommy’s daughter now, so I need to wear something different.’ Persephone’s brain rationalized her newfound feelings. She looked around and realized that she had never really taken note of the fact there was a closet in her room. She opened the closet, and was a little shocked to find not just clothes, but even better ones.

Persephone took one of the dresses out of the closet and held it up to herself, letting out a happy sigh as she looked at it. It was a dress that was a combination of deep purple and black fabrics, and even she could tell the materials used to make it were of an incredibly high quality and craftsmanship. She quickly got to putting the dress on, wanting to put it on as quickly as possible while also avoiding the possibility of accidentally tearing the fabric or damaging it in some way. When she was done she closed her eyes tightly, excitedly preparing herself before opening them.

The dress fit almost perfectly, and Persephone cooed as she spun around a bit. She looked gorgeous in the dress, and it felt right on her. She was supposed to be wearing something like this. The only part about the dress that gave her pause was the neckline. It plunged down in order to give ample view of her cleavage, but her breasts also felt just a little too big and fit very snug inside of it. It wasn’t big enough to damage the dress, but while she was wearing it, the dress was definitely going to emphasize her chest.

‘If I bounce around too much…my breasts are gonna pop out huh? But this dress feels so right on me! It’s so much better than the clothes I was wearing before! It’s like…’ Persephone’s thoughts stopped briefly, before she realized something. A thought came into her mind as she looked at herself in the mirror.

‘They’re clothes fit for a Goddess.’ Persephone blinked and smiled, twirling in her dress a bit. The thought had sounded like her, so it made sense. They were clothes fit for a Goddess, it was pretty obvious. ‘I’m wearing them too…I’m wearing clothes that belong on a Goddess…’ Persephone went back to fussing over the way the dress hugged her breasts for a bit, before realizing it didn’t really matter. She needed to wear this dress, and if it made her look a bit sexier than before, there was no harm in that.

‘Mommy might like my breasts in this dress too…and I want to impress…no Persephone don’t think about that. You’re just confused.’ Persephone shook her head and walked up to the flower, like she did every morning. Her mind cleared as she smelled the wonderful scent coming from the flower, making her forget her unease and whatever she was thinking about that made her uncomfortable.

“My name is Persephone. I am a Goddess made mortal. I want to reclaim my divinity. My old life no longer matters.”

Demeter was tending to her greenhouse, making sure that all the plants she was taking care of were growing properly. It was easy enough with her powers as a goddess, but occasionally something would catch her by surprise with the plants she wasn’t as familiar with. Sometimes they needed a specific kind of insect in order to thrive properly, and many of the flowers and orchids she had gotten from more humid climates had struggled without their typical hosts. Demeter sometimes questioned why Gaia had made so many orchids.

Demeter turned her head as she heard Persephone slowly make her way over to her, taking special care to keep her dress out of the dirt. Demeter’s eyes hooded a bit as she recognized the dress that Persephone was wearing, and how her larger bust size ended up making the dress look even more erotic than before. Persephone stood next to her as she was trying to look at whatever plant Demeter was tending to, before Demeter pulled her into a hug.

“Good morning my daughter! How did you sleep dear?” Demeter said, keeping Persephone nice and close to her. Persephone seemed more than content to just stay in a hug like this.

“I-It was good, Mommy. I slept well…” Persephone blushed as memories of what happened the night before came into her mind. She tried to push them away and not think about them, but being so close to her Mommy, she could feel that her pussy was starting to get wet. She squirmed a bit to try and get free, but Demeter had her pretty firmly in her grasp.

“That’s wonderful, Persephone. It would be really bad if you didn’t get enough sleep. You need to always look your best after all~.” Demeter finally let her go, an almost knowing grin on her face as Persephone squirmed and adjusted herself. “I had wondered if you were here Mommy when I noticed that breakfast wasn’t ready. Although, I have been thinking about it a bit…” Persephone trailed off, causing Demeter to raise an eyebrow.

“Thinking about what? Do tell me! I like knowing that your mind is active and engaged. Maybe I should see about teaching you how to read.” Persephone blinked, the idea of being able to read interrupting her thought process before she remembered what she was about to ask.

“Where are we, Mommy? I had been thinking this was the temple we met in, but that temple wasn’t big enough to hold this beautiful greenhouse. The trees alone are much taller than the temple…so I think we’re somewhere else? But I don’t know how Mommy.” Demeter smiled and laughed. There was a mirth to her that Persephone hadn’t quite seen before. She seemed…very happy that Persephone had asked that question.

“You are so smart. I’m very glad I chose you. Anyways, to answer your question, you are right that we are not in that temple anymore. This is actually a space that I have created using my powers as a goddess. To say where it is, Mt. Olympus wouldn’t quite be right, but it wouldn’t really be wrong either.” Persephone’s eyes widened in shock. Mt. Olympus was the home of the gods, and for her, a…

what was she exactly again? She suddenly had a really fuzzy moment where she couldn’t quite remember what she was. Her concern probably wasn’t that important anyways. She shook her head and the fuzziness quickly faded from her mind. Demeter had a concerned look on her face, before smiling and shrugging it off.

“Being a goddess gives you a lot of power. I can move from this space into any one of my temples if I so wished, and that doesn’t just mean from space either. With some effort, I can even move through time if I so desire, although…” Demeter paused for a bit.

“Although what, Mommy?” Persephone asked, encouraging her on.

“There aren’t many temples past a certain point in time, and there’s not a lot of devotion or worship either. It makes it a bit hard to maintain my power for longer stays. The world of the future…stinks as well. There’s a stench to it, even if it does make it very easy to get plants from all over the world.” Persephone briefly wondered if she could see such a world, but the idea held little appeal to her. If her Mommy didn’t seem to like the future all that much, then there wasn’t much reason for her to see it.

“It seems like being a goddess gives you a lot of power Mommy. I never would have dreamed that you could create a space that is yours to live in and change.”

“You do get a lot out of it. The power that comes with being divine lets you do all kinds of things, but it also tends to come with responsibilities. Something that I have become painfully aware of as of late.” Demeter rubbed her fingers on her forehead, causing Persephone some alarm.

“Is something wrong, Mommy?” she asked, her concern clearly evident in her voice.

“Nothing is wrong, dear Persephone. It’s just now that I am allowing the plant life to grow again, my…family members and peers are now all wanting audiences. Some of them are probably just to check on how I’m doing but there are certainly others who want to berate me for secluding myself away in this space or are going to need me to do something. I do not want to bother with them, really. I just want to spend time with you for the time being.”

Persephone practically glowed with a wide smile as she rushed forwards and hugged Demeter, giggling a bit as she nestled in. Demeter wrapped her arms around Persephone and softly petted her head, causing Persephone to hum and sigh.

“Thank you Mommy…” Persephone said as she nestled in a little bit more, and just stayed there with Demeter until Demeter broke the hug.

“Come on, we should eat breakfast. I’ll go make you something right away.”

Demeter was standing in the kitchen, preparing some sweet pastries for breakfast yet again. This time however, she made sure that Persephone wasn’t going to be in the kitchen. She opened up a cabinet under the sink with a special key, and took out a small jar from it. Taking the lid off of the jar, Demeter took in a deep smell to make sure what was still inside was good. It had a heavy, rich, sweet aroma, almost heady in its intensity.

Demeter knew that Lyra wasn’t really a goddess who had been forced to become a mortal. Those happened rarely, but she had hoped that the suggestion wouldn’t clash with anything Lyra might have heard. Giving her divinity was going to be a slow process.

“Too quickly and I’ll lose control of her. But I don’t want to move too slowly either. I need her to feel her divinity coming back, but if I take too long it could clash with her conditioning.” Demeter muttered to herself, trying to be careful not to raise her voice too much. The kitchen was far enough away from the main room that it wasn’t likely for Persephone to hear. She slowly poured the golden liquid, whose consistency was like that of a thick honey, into the filling of the pastries she was making.

“There’s no way she won’t notice the difference in taste, but I doubt she’s going to figure out what I’m putting in. Not until the conditioning takes root I imagine. Then she’ll probably take the absence of ambrosia personally.” Demeter mixed in the ambrosia, being very exact about how much she was using. This wasn’t her first time using the food in order to grant divinity, but it was never a bad idea to be too careful about it. She spread the filing into the already cooked dough, putting in just enough before finishing up and taking the pastries out to Persephone.

Persephone quickly grabbed a pastry and put it in her mouth, her eyes widening as she took her first bite. She quickly crammed the rest of it in her mouth, moaning as she savored the taste and took her time chewing the pastry, all the while reaching out to grab another one. It was, without a doubt, the most delicious food that she had ever eaten in her entire life. Describing the taste was almost impossible for her to do.

“Gods it’s like…it’s like honey but if it tasted of every good flavor imaginable…it’s so good all I want is more…” Persephone was talking with her mouth full, showing no signs of any kind of etiquette around Demeter. She swallowed the last remnants of the pastry before immediately biting at the second one she had grabbed, taking a little bit more time with this one as she was starting to get a little more acclimated to the flavor.

“It’s a special ingredient of mine, although I do want to keep it a secret. When you’re a goddess of the harvest it gives you a lot of time to think about how to best maximize everything you use. Getting the most flavor, the biggest fruits, the most food out of something is a careful balancing act.” Demeter continued to smile as Persephone continued eating, almost ignoring what she was saying, only nodding on occasion. Demeter could very faintly sense something coming from Persephone now, which made her smile widen and her eyes hood slightly.

“Thanks for breakfast Mommy! It tastes so amazing! I don’t think I want to stop eating these!” Persephone beamed with gratitude.

“Of course~. I’ll make sure to make as much as I can for you. You deserve the best darling~.”

Persephone sat in the large common room with a book in front of her. She was squinting her eyes and making a frowning face as she tried to read it. She flipped over the pages, slowly, quietly saying the words out loud as she read them. It was slow going, as she struggled with many of the words and often had to stop herself to think about the meaning of what she had just read. Demeter had been making an effort to teach her how to read and write, something that she considered essential for Persephone to be able to do.

‘I’m picking it up way faster than I thought I was going to but this is…still really hard.’ What Persephone didn’t realize was that the book she was reading was a book about Demeter that had been translated into Greek, and would have been a fairly intermediate book to start with. She had picked up this skill almost supernaturally fast, and it was due to the fact that with the ambrosia she was eating, she was gradually becoming more and more divine. Like the rest of the gradual changes, she basically didn’t notice it. Her hair now was completely a dark purple shade, and even had some lighter purple highlights towards the end, similar to Demeter’s hair.

Her hair was now part of her new reality she found easier and easier to casually accept. Just like how her wardrobe now was coming completely out of the closet in her room. She had found the clothes she had been wearing to the temple one morning but didn’t recognize them and quickly threw them out without a second thought. The food she was eating was gradually becoming more and more normal too. It still tasted amazing, but it was now something that she regularly ate, and there was a growing sense that she deserved to eat food that was as high quality as this.

‘My life has been so different since coming here. Mommy has just been the kindest mother in the world to me. I can barely remember what it was like before I came here…why does that bother me?’ Persephone rubbed her head before shifting tracks. ’At least Thea came by and told me everything is going great. If everything is going great then I probably don’t need to worry about it anymore. Although, there is something from when she visited that confused me…

…why did she not say my name?’ Persephone wondered about this until suddenly a figure bolted into the room. Persephone blinked before realizing there was a man with bright orange hair standing in front of her. He was of medium build, although it was more correct to say he had the build of someone who did a lot of running rather than the build of someone who was naturally very muscular. He also looked fairly young, and Persephone wondered if he could be any older than thirty with his looks.

“I’m sorry if I’ve frightened you. I am the god Hermes, the messenger of the gods, and in particular I’m looking for Demeter. I was told she seems to finally be coming back to her senses and I had an important message to deliver but…” Hermes looked at her with some confusion. He had certainly sensed a divine presence in Demeter’s space, and he figured that it was Demeter, but he hadn’t expected whoever was inside.

“Mommy had to walk out briefly, um, h-honorable god Hermes…” Persephone froze as two different instincts suddenly stirred inside of her. She wanted to bow and to prostrate herself, because there was a god standing in front of her and she really did not want to show him any disrespect. But there was also a part of her which resisted that. There was a part of her that said loudly and clearly:

“You’re a goddess yourself. There is no need for you to prostrate yourself. You aren’t a lowly mortal anymore.”

So she sat down, frozen for a few seconds before taking the option of lowering her head briefly. Hermes scratched a bit on the backside of his head before clearing his throat.

“That’s fine, I can wait here. The message is pretty important after all. I really wasn’t expecting Demeter to have a…guest…” Hermes trailed off as he continued to examine Persephone. He was now able to sense the divine energy inside of her, and it gave him a considerable amount of pause.

“What is your name? A guest of Demeter in these times must be a good one.”

“My name is Persephone, and I’m not Mommy’s guest. I’m her daughter. She’s been taking care of me for over a month now. I’m sorry you didn’t know.”

Hermes stood there, too stunned to say anything. The first thought that crossed his mind was whether or not she was being directly blasphemous. But she seemed too sincere about it to be faking it. Which then left Hermes with many more questions than he had answers. Just as he was about to say something, suddenly a voice rose up behind him.

“Hermes. For what reason could you possibly be here, without my permission or my invitation? Why have you barged into my space like this!?” The voice was growing increasingly shrill as Hermes turned around, now looking at Demeter. She glared at Hermes, her hands rolled up into tight fists and her face twitching as it was evident just how angry she was.

“I’m very sorry, Demeter, but I had a very important message to pass to you from Hades, and he requested I get it to you no matter what.”

“I don’t want to hear anything from him. Zeus may have been the one at fault but it was Hades who profited from his foolishness. I don’t even care if he wants to grovel at my feet and beg for forgiveness for what he’s done. I want nothing to do with him. Now leave. You may be able to enter my domain without my permission but you won’t be able to stop me from forcibly making you leave it.” Demeter was shaking at this point, raising her voice. Hermes simply nodded in response.

“Of course Demeter. I don’t mean to cause any offense. Well wishes and all.” Hermes suddenly disappeared, and the shaking Demeter sighed as she let the tension leave her muscles. She finally noticed Persephone, who was sitting down in front of the book Demeter had given her to read, staring at the goddess and looking like a scared rabbit who was about to bolt. Her face was pale and her eyes had seemingly grown as she looked at Demeter. Demeter, realizing what had happened, immediately went over and hugged Persephone, holding Persephone close to her.

“Don’t worry dear, it’s okay. It’s okay.” Demeter said as she softly pet Persephone’s hair, who clung tightly to her.

“Is everything okay Mommy? I haven’t seen you this mad before.” Persephone whimpered out, but Demeter just held her a little bit closer.

“Shhhh, don’t worry Persephone. It’s nothing you need to worry about. Mommy lost her temper, but it has nothing to do with you. You’ve been so good my dear Persephone, Mommy could never be mad at you.” Persephone sniffled a bit as she buried her face in her Mommy’s chest. She took a couple of deep breaths to try and calm herself down.

‘I’ve never seen Mommy that angry before…but Mommy is saying it’s nothing for me to worry about…and I don’t understand what it was about so she’s probably right. If she wanted me to know she would have told me.’ Persephone calmed down, and loosened her grip on Demeter. She looked up, a small tear in her eye as she gazed into Demeter’s face. Demeter kissed her on the forehead, making Persephone blush before she kissed her back quickly on the lips. She wasn’t entirely sure why she had done that, but when she realized what she had done, she felt a flash of heat pass through her body.

“How about today, we can do whatever you want, Persephone? I don’t want you to ever be too scared to be around Mommy, all right?” Demeter smiled, and Persephone relaxed a bit more.

‘Whatever I want? I don’t know if I really have wanted to do much of anything while I was here. Maybe I should though? I usually like talking to Mommy…maybe I can ask her what is going on with me right now. I…feel like I’ve forgotten something really important.’

“Mommy…will it be okay if I ask you a question? A sort of serious one?” Persephone asked, her voice a little quieter than before. Demeter nodded a couple of times, before petting Persephone’s hair some more.

“Everything in my life feels so foggy right now Mommy…I feel like I’m two different people sometimes, although I can’t remember the other person that well. Who…am I? Do you know Mommy?” Demeter couldn’t help herself as she smiled very widely, her face becoming a little sinister as a result. She held Persephone a little closer, her eyes closing as she took a deep breath. Persephone took this as Demeter preparing herself, when in reality, it was because Demeter was suddenly very excited.

“Oh my daughter…I’ve waited a while for you to ask me that. I had wondered if you were going to realize it yourself, but that’s okay. I know this must be so confusing for you. I had to do so much work in order to get you here. The truth is Persephone…you really are my daughter. That was why I appeared to you in the temple. My own daughter, who had been cruelly taken away from me and turned into a mortal woman, came home to me, and now you’re home again.” Demeter started to cry a bit, wiping away tears from her eyes. Something about this didn’t seem quite right to Persephone…but she was struggling to remember a lot lately. She faintly remembered something about a deal she had made…but couldn’t remember what it was about. Those memories just weren’t important, so there was no need to really remember them.

“I…I needed to get you back my Persephone. So I had to bring you here, put you back in the room you once slept in, the clothes you once wore, the food you once ate, and it worked! Surely you can feel it now, if you focus enough.” Persephone wasn’t sure what Demeter meant, but she nodded and closed her eyes. She focused on herself, before suddenly feeling something flowing through her. It wasn’t the strongest feeling in the world…but it was power, flowing through her. Some wellspring of power inside of her, moving through her body, amplifying her senses, making her fingers buzz as it felt like little sparks were jumping between them.

“This is…the power of a goddess?” Persephone asked. She was still focused on experiencing it, trying her best to manipulate the flow of energy inside of her. “That’s right, Persephone. It’s your power as a goddess. That’s who you are. You have this power because you’re a goddess, you’re divine. You’re my daughter. I had to be careful at first to not overwhelm your mortal body, but you’re different now. Can you feel it? Can you feel how…different your body is than before?”

Persephone definitely could. Demeter let go of her so that Persephone could stand up and move her body around. She felt so much more in control of herself than before. Her arms felt stronger, faster, and more flexible. Her reactions felt a little bit quicker. She could almost perfectly balance herself no matter how she tried to topple herself over. The divine power flowing through her also felt easier to move as time went on, as if it needed to reawaken long lost roads to travel on. She concentrated as much of it as possible into the palm of her hand and watched as a glowing orb manifested in her hand. It was a swirling ball of purple and black energy, and Persephone gasped in awe as she watched it.

She couldn’t stop watching it. The patterns that the orb would take were so mesmerizing to watch. She could feel herself gradually forgetting to care about anything else as her jaw slackened and her other arm fell limply. It just felt so easy to let the rest of the world melt away when this was so much more interesting.

“Persephone? Are you okay? Hello?” Demeter looked worried, waving her hand in front of her face before looking at the orb. She could instantly feel its pull, trying desperately to draw in her attention. It wasn’t going to work on her like this though, as she was a goddess and could easily resist it, but it made it suddenly clear what was going on. The orb then vanished and Persephone felt everything come back to her in clear focus. Demeter was smiling at her, a smile that was warm and full of pride, but made almost sadistic by the way her eyes had hooded.

“See? You’re a goddess Persephone. Now that you’re aware, I don’t think we need to go slowly anymore. I can get you the rest of the way there. You can reclaim your lost divinity, and we can go back to the way things were. You can just…abandon your old life forever and live eternally with me.” Demeter said as she moved around Persephone and started to hold her from behind.

Persephone thought about it. Everything was starting to make sense with what her Mommy was saying. Her newfound power, the confusion about who she really was and what her life was like, and how everything just seemed to fit better now.

‘Of course…those clothes fit me because they were my clothes. The food was good for me to eat because it was food I was always eating. I have this power because it was always mine and always meant to be mine…it makes sense that I’m a goddess.’

But Thea’s face appeared in Persephone’s mind. The memory of when she came to visit was still strong enough that Persephone could remember details. Thea calling her by the name Lyra. Hearing about how well the village was doing now that the crops had come back. Asking about her…the people she lived with. The joy she had with reuniting with a past friend.

‘I don’t know if I can just…throw that all away. It’s still faint but…Thea’s my friend. I still care for her.’

“I’m sorry Mommy but…I think I need more time to think about it. I just…don’t know if I can just abandon the village and Thea like that. They didn’t know I was a goddess but they were still so…kind to me. I think.” Demeter frowned as she listened. It wasn’t the answer she was expecting to hear.

“That’s okay dear. You can have all the time in the world to think about it. Why don’t you show me what you were doing before? I want to see it again. I’m so proud of my daughter and what she can do after all.” Persephone nodded as she once again concentrated power in her hand, causing the swirling ball to reappear. She didn’t realize what it was doing to her though, as her entire body started to go limp in Demeter’s arms. Demeter held her firmly, leaning over to her ear. Persephone didn’t consciously understand what Demeter was whispering, but her subconscious did. If she was a little stronger, maybe she would have been able to resist her own powers.

But she wasn’t a goddess. Yet.

Thank you for reading! I wanna take a moment to again thank the wonderful people who had been supporting me while writing this. Especially Madam Kistulot, who has given me just a whole bunch of confidence lately in my abilities as a writer. I might just make this a more consistent thing now!

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