A Beautiful Light

Chapter 2: Miranda

by lamiaprincess

Tags: #cw:noncon #exhibitionism #f/f #scifi #sub:female

Shawna continued fingering herself, quickening in pace as she imagined her friend succumbing to the light as she did. Sure she didn’t want to fuck him...or really show any interest in him ever again, but being part of the light was a good thing. A happy thing. A very enjoyable thing. She just had to wait for the light to enter Mike. She hardly paid attention to him when he walked up to the towel, first excitedly and then confusingly. “Shawna...what on Earth are you doing? I mean, if you wanted to get my attention there are...less extreme ways to do that.” Mike said, looking confused and maybe a little concerned. For as long as he knew Shawna, he knew she wasn’t the type to behave like this, and that something was wrong. Shawna looked at him briefly before looking away, deciding not to pay attention to him. 

    It was then that Mike realized something was up. Her eyes looked...lighter somehow. Like there was something shining behind them. He really didn’t know what was going on exactly, but he could tell something was up. He backed away from Shawna, before looking to walk up the beach. If someone was wrong with Shawna, Mike knew that he had to go grab Denise and go get help. As he started to walk away, suddenly a bright shining light filled his vision and sat in front of him. His thoughts started to slow down, and he suddenly forgot all about Shawna. He really didn’t know what he wanted to do, but suddenly the light was there, and that was really more important than anything else he had planned. He stared at the light, his jaw slacking, his body becoming more and more relaxed as all of a sudden the light moved closer to him.

    The one thought Mike was able to conjure up is maybe he should be scared of this light. But there was nothing left in his head to process the emotion called “fear”. The light entered inside of him, and he began to glow faintly, just like Shawna’s eyes. He could feel the light in his head, and he smiled. Like Shawna, he didn’t need to know what the light was doing to him. It felt so good and right being inside of his head that he simply accepted it. The light freely changed his thoughts and motivations without him realizing, and just as quick as before, the ball of light left him and flew somewhere else on the beach, leaving a small portion of itself in his head to shine bright and warm. 

    Mike quickly too off his bathing suit, pulling the shorts down and tossing them somewhere on the beach. He didn’t care where, it’s not like clothes were something he cared about anymore. He was at full erection, and of course he would be. He got to see his good friend fucking herself on the beach! She was so brave and so sexy, and he should follow her lead. He started stroking his cock on the beach, kneeling in the warm sand. Every stroke felt amazing to him. He knew it was the light that was making him feel like this. Making him feel amazing for masturbating in public just like Shawna. She was such a good slut, he should be like her. 

    He came very quickly, which was surprising as he didn’t remember being such a quick shot. His body shuddered and he let out a gaspy moan as his semen hit the sand, and the light shined brightly in his head. A reward for a good job. Now he just had to do it more, like Shawna. Just grab his dick again, and stroke for another orgasm. But his dick wouldn’t become hard, and every attempt he made at trying to pleasure himself again felt almost painful at how sensitive his cock was. The light shined a bit dimmer. Mike knew that he was doing something wrong. He should be masturbating, and cumming, again. But he couldn’t. His dick wasn’t cooperating. 

    The large ball of light came back around, and Mike stared at it. He didn’t know what was going on, but the large ball of light would brighten and dim, followed by the light in his going bright and dim. Are they talking to each other somehow? he thought, but it was quickly passed aside. He needed to keep making the light happy. What if the light left him? The thought scared him. Sensing Mike’s fear, the light shined brightly. Mike smiled widely and relaxed. His heart became calm. The light wouldn’t leave him, he knew that now. He just needed to be fixed. He didn’t know what the light meant by that, or how it told him, but it didn’t matter. If he needed to be fixed, he would be fixed.

    The big ball of light shined brightly and entered inside of him once again. This time it wasn’t in his head, it was in his entire body. He could feel it spread throughout his arms and legs, filling every inch and crevice of his entire being. It felt completely amazing, like everything he could ever want was being fulfilled right then and there. His body shone brightly, distracting Shawna from her second orgasm. She smiled widely. Mike was accepting the light. She was so happy he was going to do the right thing and serve the light!

    The light knew what the problem with Mike was. It was the limitations of his body that prevented him from continuing to make the light happy. He was just to be made like the other hosts. He could feel his body start to get slimmer and slimmer, as the muscle he carefully tended to during his gym breaks became lean and strong. His masculine frame started to change, becoming daintier, smaller, and more petite. His face started to morph and change, his strong masculine features smoothing out and becoming very feminine. His chest began to burn very pleasurably; the only thing keeping Mike from rubbing his chest was that the light was inside of him and that he couldn’t move. His chest began to fill up and expand, and before his eyes Mike could see that he was growing a pair of large, very full breasts. He smiled as the last working brain cell could understand what was happening. The light wanted him to be a woman. She smiled, knowing that the light was right about her. 

    Suddenly, Mike could feel herself cumming repeatedly, over and over. The stimulation rippled through her like a raging tidal wave, but the light assured her it was okay by shining brightly. The light was making her a woman. So that thing would need to go along with all the other physical problems. She could feel her penis cumming over and over again, becoming smaller and smaller as her balls shrunk down and disappeared back inside of her. She smiled at how right this was feeling. She knew that she was being fixed, and it made her happy. Soon the light moved her hand down and cupped her crotch. She could feel it, feel her warm, empty, wet snatch. It was so right. The light knew it was better for her to be like this. 

    There was only a little left to do afterwards. Her hips widened to make her look truly curvy, and her thighs thickened out. There was going to be no thigh gap anymore, just a pair of very sexy thick thighs that a girl could drool over. Her hair lengthened, and her short, natural blond hair became waist length locks of golden perfection. Her lips thickened a little more and became a bit more sensitive. Perfect for kissing! she thought. Finally her ass expanded, going from a boring flat ass that she had before into a nice, juicy peach, a real bubble butt. She was complete. She smiled widely, looking like a silly bimbo. The light left her body, and the light in her head shined brightly. She was so happy to be transformed into a girl.

    The light shined brightly, almostly blindingly in her head, and Miranda giggled. She was always a girl. There never was a point in her entire life where felt like she was a boy. She was always so confident in her femininity and her sexiness, and what better way of showing that confidence than by strutting completely naked when she could~? Sure, she wasn’t a grade A student like her friends, but who needed to be? Her father was rich and she could live life comfortably without ever getting a job. Which means she could focus on her real passion. She turned around and hungrily looked at Shawna. Miranda was going to fuck her best friend senseless, it was her favorite past time for sure, and she knew Shawna was the perfect kind of slut for her~

    Miranda walked over to the towel and laid down next to Shawna, pressing up against her. Shawna looked over and saw a woman she had never se-the light shined. It was Miranda, her best friend, and one of the girls whose beautiful tits filled her nighttime fantasies, and now the light was in her. She smiled at Miranda, who grinned back and slid a hand over to Shawna’s pussy. “The light is so amazing isn’t it Shawna~?” Miranda slipped a finger into the very wet and accepting pussy. Shawna moaned loudly. “Like yeah Miranda, it’s so good. So happy to make it happy!” Shawna rolled a bit over and put her mouth over one of Miranda’s massive jugs. She was never jealous at how stacked her best friend was, especially since now that she met the light she was going to grope and fuck them to her heart’s content. “Aww you’re so cute Shawna~ Why don’t we put on a show for the other girls~?” Shawna looked up and saw the other girls looking on from across the beach, and felt a strong wave of arousal. “God yes, let’s like make it the best fuck they’ll ever see!” Shawna and Miranda giggled. The lights shined brightly. 

    Shawna sat up and started to hump her bestie’s hand, moaning as the fingers slid in and out, reaching for the spot that would make her leak and her knees buckle. Shawna’s perky tits bounced up and down, and Miranda smiled at how sexy her friend looked letting her inhibitions go. How sexy Shawna looked as a shameless slut like her. It was the perfect look for Shawna, just like her. She used her other hand to grope one of Shawna’s tits and play with her nipple, causing a sharp gasp and an adorable squeak. Shawna humped more enthusiastically as Miranda started to lightly pinch her nipples between her fingers. The light shined brightly, and Shawna felt so happy that fucking her best friend was pleasing the light. 

    Shawna couldn’t keep herself from cumming as hard as she could even if she wanted to. Her juices flowed out of her pussy as she moaned at the top of her lungs, Miranda grinning wildly as her friend rocked and shook on her hand. She pulled her fingers out and brought her hand to her lips, and started to suck on her fingers. Shawna moaned as she saw Miranda tasting her, before Miranda petted her head. Shawna moaned softly at the touch, before Miranda gently pushed Shawna towards her legs. “I know you’ve always been a submissive slut Shawna, so why don’t you show me how like, useful you are and eat me out~?” 

    Shawna’s heart beat faster from the excitement of being ordered around. Yes, she had to be useful to Miranda, and to the light, and being a submissive slut was useful and good. She nestled her head between Miranda’s godly thighs and felt herself becoming horny again, giggling and thinking to herself about how she was probably going to be cumming all day long. Celebrating her service to the light. She started to lick Miranda’s pussy gently and tenderly, before she felt Miranda’s legs gently squeeze her. Encouraging her to go further. Shawna felt heat from her pussy. She had never-the light shined again.

    She had eaten girls out before. Sure she had to look straight in public, but she definitely remembered skulking around the lesbian bars, using fake IDs to get in late Saturday and Sunday nights, when she knew no one was going to be there she could recognize. The strong, butch lesbians who would take her to the side and demand to see her real ID, before kissing her deeply and pinning her down to a sofa or a bench, exploring her body. She loved it. She loved being taught the joy of being submissive, of letting a strong dom take from her. She spent many nights in a strange woman’s bedroom after a lot of rough lovemaking. Maybe Miranda would be rough with her, she loved that. Maybe Shawna would leave a hint or two, maybe show off how lovely her ass looked after a good spanking…

    While Shawna was thinking about enticing Miranda to take more control, Denise stood halfway down the beach with her jaw hanging open in shock. She knew Shawna was straighter than any girl she had ever met, and Denise was watching her best friend eat out some blond woman she had never met, in public! Denise looked around the beach trying to find Mike, but couldn’t find him anywhere. 

    “What the absolute fuck is going on?” she said, still in shock. She didn’t know if she should approach and say anything or just walk away and come back later. What she didn’t want to think about was the definite feeling of arousal she was having. She couldn’t be getting aroused at watching her best friend fuck another woman. The best friend who she knew for years being a secret lesbian apparently. Especially not when she felt so guilty at wanting to touch herself to Shawna. She had to push these unclean thoughts to the side. 

    She didn’t notice the light approaching her, but that was okay. The light didn’t mind. She would notice soon enough.


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